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  1. Happy Lass

    Shipping from UK to Tas

    I used Britannia in 2010. Local delivery was handled by a combination of King & Wilson and a local removal firm whose name I can't recall now but they were also good. Mine also took about 12 weeks door-to-door.
  2. Happy Lass

    What do you miss about the UK?

    The shopping - especially when it comes to furniture. And I do miss being able to shop in John Lewis. There are some lovely British varieties of cheese that I miss but otherwise I've been able to find equivalents (or better) for most of my favourite foods over here.
  3. Happy Lass

    Any computer people..?

    I wouldn't touch a Windows 8 machine but 8.1 is great. I use it for work as well as home. I looked at the Chromebook earlier this year and decided against it because I want to be able to install anything I want and save it to the machine itself. If all you want is Google docs, Gmail, Web browsing and other Google services then I think it's a really good option but if you want to be able to use Microsoft Office and install things that you wouldn't typically find in the Cloud, you'd be better off with a laptop and these days, 8.1 is the best option as far as Windows goes if ​you get one with a touch-screen.
  4. Happy Lass

    Any experts on insulation out there?

    Once you've got the place insulated and double-glazed, under-floor heating + the ceiling fan may be all you need to get through the winter. Mine is fairly well insulated in that half of it is very well insulated and the other half is like you described. The well insulated half has under-floor heating and it's lovely and warm but I can't say yet whether it is economical to run because this is my first winter in the house.
  5. Happy Lass

    Any computer people..?

    I never thought I'd say this but I love my Windows 8 laptop. Once you update it to Windows 8.1 and combine it with a touch screen, it's really pretty good and I don't miss Windows 7 at all. I've been using mine for months and wouldn't go back to 7 now that I have it set up the way I like it. You could always look at the laptop/tablet hybrids like the Surface Pro to get you over the line. They're easy to dock and connect up to a full-sized monitor and as portable as an iPad.
  6. Happy Lass

    Do you need fly screens in Hobart

    Fly screens are also great for keeping the moths out of the house on those hot summer evenings we have here.
  7. Happy Lass

    Sunset/sunrise Photos

    That's lovely, Bob. The sky was beautiful here this morning and almost caused me to be late for work.
  8. Happy Lass


    I found Bellerive to be a really nice area to live (the views are terrific) but I found the light from the Oval overwhelming during the evening especially if you enjoy the night sky. I would recommend renting there for a while just to see how you get on with it.
  9. Happy Lass

    Must see films....before you die

    I love all of the films already mentioned plus these: 12 Angry Men 7 pounds Atonement Casablanca Dambusters Failsafe Forbidden Planet Gran Torino Meet Joe Black Mississippi Burning Pale Rider Pan's Labyrinth Stand by me To Kill a Mockingbird Unforgiven Village of the Damned (1960).
  10. Happy Lass

    If you sold up....

    The size of the house is just right but the layout doesn't allow for any meaningful storage space. I like where we live but would move to a house with a better layout if one came up nearby.
  11. Happy Lass

    Texting ettiquette

    I once heard a woman come into the ladies loo at work chatting away on her phone, then er.. well... went to the loo with splashes and everything going on and still talking away to the poor soul on the other end of the line as I walked out the door. :huh:
  12. I've met a few people I clicked since I moved here but haven't been very good at staying in touch (husband + work + in-laws takes up most of my time). My husband is my best friend in any country; I get on well with most of his mates some of whom are becoming friends of mine too but do miss having good friends of my own. Dom's post about his wife spending much of her time listening to her friends struck a chord with me because I spend most of the time just listening when we go out and rarely get to talk to kindred spirit other than my husband. Being an introvert doesn't help matters either.
  13. Happy Lass


    I get that but then there's couples like us: I saved up like mad to be able to afford 12 months holiday over here so that we could make the 12 months needed to fulfil the criteria needed for the de facto visa. We ended up getting married because that was what my husband and I wanted but that was after I'd arrived here and gone through all the months of saving up, resigning my job, applying for the tourist visa and making sure I wouldn't be a financial burden on anyone whilst we racked up the time needed to show that we were serious. I do wonder at the register thing when it comes to straight couples who have it so much easier than same-sex couples but only because I remember a poster on here who seemed to be using it to blag a visa for a boyfriend she wasn't even living with. Doubt I would've given it a second thought otherwise.
  14. Happy Lass

    Black Sabbath.

    The comment you made about calling Ghostbusters made me burst out laughing. I'd never thought of their music that way but I can see how some might! Very funny. I like Black Sabbath; was lucky enough to see them live at the NEC on the Reunion tour in 2003. I felt really young at that gig but ooooh was it ever worth it. They were great live; would've loved to have seen them with Van Halen as the support act. :notworthy: