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  1. sykestykes

    Women ONLY Thread

    Hugs all round for those of us studying...:hug: The first part of my Community Services Diploma arrived this week. It's enormous and there are 17 more units to go after that...:cry: I hid it in a drawer when it came, where it is currently laughing at me for being such a wuss :laugh:
  2. sykestykes

    Do your homework-Australia is very expensive!

    Alcohol is expensive here Stevie, pack up the demi-johns and start up 'Stevies Home Bru' :yes:
  3. sykestykes

    Do your homework-Australia is very expensive!

    I've been away from the UK for almost 2 years now and during that time we have had 4 sets of UK visitors who all tell me that shopping in Oz is expensive and that UK prices have reduced drastically in the time we have been away. As someone who, until recently, was feeding a family of 4 on one wage and a frequent visitor to both the roadside fruit barn and the reduced counter, I am deeply offended by your referring to this as 'pikeying around'. We are not all awash with money unfortunately.
  4. In addition to Eera's brilliant post I would also add this: Don't send a standard CV off for every job. Tailor your CV to specifically fit the job you are applying for. Read the job advert carefully and make sure your skills match what the employer is looking for. Use spell check and make sure it looks easy on the eye. Don't waffle or use unnecessarily complicated words - set out clearly what your skills are. This - and keeping it relevant and concise - worked for me. Sue x
  5. sykestykes

    10 days in -- Sunshine Coast Qld

    Great to hear you are settling in Nicki - the area you have chosen is indeed stunning...long may you continue to enjoy it! Sue x
  6. sykestykes

    Still want to go back home ...

    Stovies, your two eldest are a similar age to the ages mine were when they came to Oz - my daughter had just turned 11 and my son was a couple of weeks away from his 13th birthday (we had a very small party for him that year - just the 4 of us!) England was all they had ever known and yet it really surprised me how easily they settled away from everything they knew. As far as I know, Aspergers is well-supported in schools in the UK (two of my friends are specialist learning support assistants there, and they're always being put forward for further training, so it seems to be taken very seriously). I think it gets harder to move children as they move further into their mid-teens though so you may want to think about making the move sooner rather than later if that is what you decide. They have proved they can made friends at school and if you think they'll cope okay with the move, I don't think they're too old to move them back if that is the right thing for you as a family. No one could tell you that you haven't given it your best shot after 11 years and if your homeland is calling you louder and louder as the years roll by, maybe now is the time to answer that call. All the very best Sue xx
  7. sykestykes

    Women ONLY Thread

    Completely understand :wubclub: If you're looking in Sister Sunny, we all miss you. :hug:
  8. sykestykes

    Pre-Emptive Public Apology to the Spelling Police

    I hope you appreciate just how long it took me to typr a rsply noe look what u made me do Geiffrdy :mad::biglaugh:
  9. sykestykes

    Pre-Emptive Public Apology to the Spelling Police

    Not me Geoffrey! Only on my own posts, my love :laugh:
  10. sykestykes

    Women ONLY Thread

    Please tell me where Sunny has gone! She hasn't left has she? :cry::frown:
  11. I see this man on my way to work most mornings. He makes me laugh even though I've never yet had time to listen to his jokes. Just thought I'd share :cute:
  12. sykestykes

    Treasury warning on home price 'bubble.

    This is really interesting Andrew. Thank you for posting.
  13. sykestykes

    Women ONLY Thread

    Poor lass I don't blame her, you were still on here dancing a Scottish reel at 1.30 this morning!! :biglaugh:
  14. Just to let you know I have just come back from having gel nails put on. So if I sudddenly start typing in Latvian, it means I have been typing too fast with my new nails on and I haven't got used to them yet.:embarrassed: Sue x PS It took me 30 mins to type this much...flaming heck :cry:
  15. sykestykes

    Staying in the cold !

    Huge congratulations Micky and Mrs B!! Your little man obviously had plans to meet his family in the UK before you all head off to Oz! Such a lovely story, hope mum and baby are doing brilliantly :wubclub: Sue x