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  1. Told my partner earlier this afternoon. We got lost and my directions were rubbish so was my fault. We had a row and then started laughing and told each other.
  2. TheOptimist

    Geelong Suburbs

    So spent the day in Geelong. Lovely place. The beautiful weather today may have enhanced things mind you. We explored many of the suburbs mentioned in this thread, and by far our favourite was Geelong West, followed by Rippleside. So now to weigh things up and do some serious thinking.
  3. TheOptimist

    Geelong Suburbs

    Sadly, that commute may be a stretch too far. But if I could get a reasonable job there I would be there in a flash!
  4. TheOptimist

    Geelong Suburbs

    A loo and everything! :jiggy:
  5. TheOptimist

    Geelong Suburbs

    Last minute platform dash. That sounds familiar! Have also heard they may be increasing the frequency of Vline services, but it might be for outside peak times. Not sure. Least with commuting there is time to read (or in my case get extra kip)
  6. TheOptimist

    Geelong Suburbs

    On paper the vline train takes same time as my metro train, only diffetence would be needing to get to Hawthorn from Southern Cross rather than Flinders Street which is a bit of a faff. Though realise on paper and in reality are very different sometimes. Do you find the Vline reliable? We're heading to Geelong at the weekend to check out some of the places you guys have suggested so cheers for the advice - appreciated.
  7. TheOptimist

    Geelong Suburbs

    It isn't a decision made. Just a possibility. We are unable to live where we would like and are priced out of the market in 'nice' suburbs in Melbourne, so decided that Geelong was worth seriously considering. Especially on discovering that on paper my conmute to work would be no further than it is now from outer Melbourne.
  8. TheOptimist

    Yorkshire Tea, anyone???

    Well since my original post a few years ago, It is indeed true that you can now buy Yorkshire Tea in most major supermarkets, and very reasonably too. So life is almost complete. Almost. Now just need to source sausage rolls which in any way come close to those from Morrisons. Thanks for all your replies,and Naomi from Manchester - awesome that you are clearly so serious about the quality of your Yorkshire Tea that you wrote to them. Ha! Love it.
  9. TheOptimist

    It's been ages. How is everyone?

    Thanks, I think. :err:
  10. TheOptimist

    It's been ages. How is everyone?

    Hello stranger :laugh:. Thanks! life has had its ups and downs, but as my user name suggests, I lean towards optimism. Failing that I drink vodka :daydreaming:.
  11. TheOptimist

    Happy Birthday Pablo

    Happy belated birthday - hope you had a blinder :wubclub:
  12. TheOptimist

    Geelong Suburbs

    Thanks, that's good advice. I work in Hawthorn. Its a bit of a killer isn't it!
  13. TheOptimist

    Geelong Suburbs

    \ Glad to hear. And I can handle sleepy, just not extinct like the suburb I live in at the moment! Seems to be a healthy stock of houses on the market in the suburbs you suggested- and the prices are very good compared with Melbourne. Now just need to get my head around an epic commute to Melbourne eastern inner suburbs, and if I can convince myself its possible it could be an option. Take care
  14. TheOptimist

    Geelong Suburbs

    That's great, thanks for the heads up.
  15. TheOptimist

    Geelong Suburbs

    Hi to you too stranger! That is exceptionally helpful, thank you. How is life treating you in Geelong?