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Found 26 results

  1. Guest

    huntsman spider

    came across our first huntsman yesterday. . . oh my god, what a disappointment! This one really was nothing much to worry about - small little body and all skinny legs! I was expecting something much bigger and certainly hairier! What did I do about this little fella? Just gave him a good shoeing. he disintergrated very easily and quickly with one swift belt of my shoe. My youngest daughter is terrified of daddy long legs, and I was worried how she would react. She too had a good laugh at this supposedly 'huge' spider. (Although she did not want to get near it) She was very relieved to see it was really not so bad after all! seen no snakes, spiders not scary, and just as I am beginning to relax, up sneaks a BIG.... who know what!
  2. The Pom Queen

    Spider Identification

    Any idea what spider this is?
  3. Cashew

    What type of spider?

    Just wondering what type of spider this might be? Sorry about the picture, you might have to zoom in for a better look.
  4. I think this is a Huntsman? On the wall of my unit in Surry Hills. Is he/she missing a leg?
  5. kasper5

    Spider phobics

    Im about to embark on a months tour of Sydney and Melbourne. I am dreading running into a huntsman spider. The funnelwebs are rare but are hazard to watch out for. Am I likely to find a huntsman in my bedroom when I get out to the house Im staying at? Would I find one every week in the shower? Am I likely to have one crawling up my leg if I root through the garage!! Im not scared of rebacks or whitetails but anything 15cm long is scary
  6. Hi there, We have just found a hatched spider nest outside the garage - the worrying thing is these spiders are black with red bottoms. I have a photo if anybody can help? ! The only thing I can find on the internet is Redback spiders which is worrying! I destroyed the nest and the baby spiders to be on the safe side as we have young children. Am just wondering about the mother and whether we need to do anything else?? Any advice would be much appreciated!! Thanks James
  7. sebahat

    Spider and snake bites

    Hi all, How can I teach a 13 month old daughter not to touch insects? We are arriving in Mandurah in 5 days and the closer we get to that day the more freaked out I become. We are currently visiting my in-laws in South Africa and the other day m daughter picked up a massive(about 4cm long) bug and thought it was funny. I almost had a heart attack as those buggers bite very painfully. Luckuily she was not bitten but what if.... Now, what if she picks up a spider in Oz and the creature bites her? I won`t even know what it was as she won`t be able to tell me. I`m really getting paranoid now to a degree that I have nightmares lol. Please, any advise. Has anyone of you been bitten by a spider? Thank you Alex
  8. LKC

    White spider?

    Yesterday when I went out to my car which is parked outside, there was a spider on the back window. It was a creamy-white colour, its body was about 5-6mm in diameter and it was the shape of a redback (sort of bulbous abdomen). Unfortunately, due to having to separate two squabbling toddlers, I forgot about it until I had driven away and it had fallen off somewhere so I never got a photo. I have googled and can't find any results for a white spider (except for a white-tip), so I was thinking was this a baby redback? It seemed bigger than I would expect a baby to be. Any ideas? I'm in NSW with lots of bush round the house.
  9. One thing that most people seem to panic about when moving to Oz are those little 8 legged critters who like to lurk under the loo seat and scare last night's dinner right on out of you! This quick and painless test will see if you have what it takes to survive living in a place where they like to take a nap in your sun visors, showers and shoes ..... Rachel :biggrin:
  10. PommyPaul

    What kind of spider is this?

    KlZNv-bnJ8o had three of these running around the house today and also went into a shed on the farm, picked up a container and walked about ten meters, felt something tickling my arm and there was a spider easily bigger than that one on my arm. yes i screamed haha
  11. Hey, My 6 year old Sam was rolling around on the garage sofa and then he just started screaming. Hubbu & I ran in thinking maybe his little sister clocked him one ( which she often does LOL) anyway, he lifted his shirt still yelping in terrible pain & we saw a huge welt on his lower back. We thought maybe a bull ant. For anybody still in uk, bull ants are a total bigger LOL they are ferocious ants, & I swear they must have teeth. Well, when I stood him up underneath him was a mama redback. So I, with the nicely squashed evidence, darted to the ED. They took him straight through & sated they would observe him to start to see if any venom entered. After about 4 hours, Sam started being sick & twitching & when the doc stood him up to walk, Sam ran into the wall. Doc decided he needed antivenin as venom had most definately entered. They put a canular in & he vomited for hours, which they said he would as the antivenin makes you quite sick. We were there for 2 days. He's fine now. Everyone at school made a huge fuss. All the teachers chuckled to me & said he is the first person in this school to have got bitten LOL trust the poms who've been here 16 months to get bit LOL Anyway, the jist is, redbacks won't kill you, but they will make you really crook. Funnel webs are the bugger. Bought some sleeping bags in off the line & one had fallen off the line, shook em in the house & out flew a funnel web LOL they can't climb so I just put it in a small jar & had a good look then dropped it off at our local reptile park which gets the venom out to make antivenin. Sorry for the loooooong post :-)
  12. Guest


    Oh my God!!!!! A spider just ran across my floor (about the size of my little finger nail) So........... i grabbed my can of Mortein spray and gave it a blast and as I did, it shook itself and dumped about 50 tiny spiders (about the size of a pin head) who started to run around so they also got a blast. I have never seen anything like that before so can someone please let me know what that was and why it does that. Help - god knows what would have happened had I not blasted the babies as well Caz Scared Stiff of Spiders
  13. From: Spider plague at nursing home Redback spiders have infested an aged care centre in the southwest Queensland town of Charleville. The Waroona Aged Care Centre has moved 43 of its residents to the Charleville Hospital temporarily while it fumigates parts of the centre on Wednesday. South West Health Service District chief executive officer Maree Geraghty said the infestation was rare and puzzling. "We may need to do a full evacuation to allow for further treatment from tomorrow (Thursday), depending on the extent of the infestation," Ms Geraghty said.
  14. Woke up yesterday morning with a huge hard lump on my ankle. Thought it was just another mozzie bite to start with (I've been bitten heaps by them since I've been here and that's with using repelant!) Well it got bigger, redder & started oozing, so this morning I nipped down to the pharmacy....and they've told me it's a spider bite as they could see the 2 puncture marks! When i looked more closely I could see what they ment. (I'm not as flexable as I used to be & looking at my ankle up close ain't that easy! lol!) It's not that painfull, just itchy & annoying! They gave me antihistamines & say it should be much better in a weeks time. We've had 4 redbacks in our outdoor sitting area so far...have sprayed, squashed & fully treated the area now! The pharmasist said that if it was a redback it's only gonna kill you if you're a baby or toddler, and that I would only be likely to feel rather unwell for a few days! Relief! I feel fine, so don't think it was one of those! I reckon the spider must have bit me in my bed, so I'm off to strip the bed & wash the bedding again....which I'm doing once or twice a week already! To think I had a massive spider phobia a couple of years back, now I'm living with them, and even sharing my bed with them! Mags x
  15. Spider bite puts woman in hospital - Yahoo! News UK thought I should warn those heading to the UK!!!!!!!!!
  16. This is a new known spider, so please take note. Has been found all over Eastern Aust and heading to WA. Looks similar to a huntsman. This spider is in all states so watchout in fact it looks a bit like a huntsman Not a good look!! Please take note of this spider - it is very dangerous. Please warn kids and send to every one you know to alert them as well! This spider is breeding at a rate of speed and is found in more and more houses!!!! You gotta love Australia.
  17. Guest

    spider eats bird in cairns

    Photos from west of cairns. eddie
  18. Guest

    Spider, What spider.

    Giant bird-eating spider goes global
  19. Guest

    Spider attacks

    I don't know if any of you saw the breckie TV today, but there was a feature on spiders and the way they attack their pray. It's also in the Courier mail today. So just tale a look at this Giant golden orb spider eats bird in Queensland backyard | The Courier-Mail Vicious spiders I'm told they will attack anything. Got to go now I'm off to buy a ticket for my Mother in law to visit. Also just wondering does anyone know where I can get one of these spiders???? REDDERS
  20. Guest

    Huntsmam spider funny story

    Just thought i would share this with you all i found it funny hope you do too Dave I’ve got a few stories about snakes and spiders. A couple of years ago I was bitten by a snake. In suburbia, in my front yard, while moving my sprinkler. I grew up in the outback, and I don’t get bitten till I move into the city. It was too dark to identify it, there was no poison detected at the site, but it was probably a tree snake. But protocol said they had to keep my in the IC unit over night sticking me with needles every few hours. Did you know that if you hold your breath in the IC unit, alarms go off on the machines hooked up to you? I’m back out of town now. Last week I was I stood up from putting my shoes on and my wife said, “Don’t move! You’ve got a spider on your back”. So I did what any person would do, started to dance around trying to slap my back. “Stop it!”, she screamed, “It’s really big!” So now I’m standing there and she creeps up on me with a tea towel and makes these shooing motions at my back. This bloody great huntsman comes charging over my shoulder and dives down the front of my shirt. Great. Not only have I seen how how big it is, but I can feel how big it is in all it’s hairyness on my chest. So I did what any man would do. Started grappling at my shirt and screaming like a little girl. My wife joins in trying to pull my shirt off, but the damn thing is tucked in tight. So we both start fumbling around trying to undo my belt and jeans, while this bloody great ball of hair, fangs and legs does laps around my middle. My wife manages to rip my shirt off throws it onto the front lawn, where surprisingly it doesn’t run off into bush. So yes, they are not poisoness, but that still didn’t stop me from dancing half naked all over my shirt.:biglaugh: lol Dave
  21. Guest

    spider worry

    My family and i r considering mirgrating 2 oz but r worried about the spiders r they a real problem how often do u c them?
  22. minlady

    What a lovely SPIDER!!!!!

    Well… here is the story… OH left his car on the slope in our drive rather than driving up under the car port as he had to go back out. Two hours later at 9pm he went to the car and flashed the lock… on his car the lights come on automatically and it’s a good thing they do as in the 2 hours since he had returned a spider had spun a web stretching 12 foot from one bush on one side of the drive to another on the other side of the drive…. The web was fantastic and so was the spider: [ATTACH]483[/ATTACH] It apparently is known as a ‘GARDEN ORB WEAVER’ and is harmless… but big!!!… their webs apparently are strong enough to catch bats… although they don’t eat them!! Morel to this story: Always put a light on to go outside in the dark!!! The web was at directly chest height… Neil would have walked right through it and would have been driving happily along when a BIG spider would have crawled up!!! Min x
  23. On Monday night a large spider was in the hallway. I could see it from where I was sitting at the computer talking to someone on the phone. When I looked again it had gone. I decided to wear my shoes everywhere so that I would not step on it accidentally. Also it is easier to run a long way away with shoes on. On Tuesday night, the enormous spider was inside the bedroom near the door. I got the broom and nudged it out of the bedroom back into the hallway. This involved squealing, dancing and the expulsion of swear words, commonly known as the heebie jeebies. The spider was not too keen on the activities either and spent considerable time going up and down the wall AND TOWARDS ME rather than back out of the bedroom. I put a towel in front of the gap at the bottom of the door so that the spider would not get into the bedroom and opened the garage door so that it could leave easily. When I next went to the to the bedroom the spider had disappeared. Last night I spent my time peering round the floor and wall for the spider and keeping the lights on at all times so that the spider could not leap out at me in the dark. At approximately 3.15 am I went to the toilet, switching on the bedroom and bathroom light before doing so. There was the humongous spider on the wall just above and slightly to the right of the toilet. I went to the other bathroom to use the facilities. Then in an uncharacteristic show of bravery, I went to the kitchen and got the can of insect spray. Returning to the bathroom, I ignored the directions and sprayed half a can of bug killer onto the spider. Eventually it fell off the wall into the bathroom wastebasket where it lumbered around a bit and got another quarter of a can of spray. Then I (and I am still amazed at my valour) picked up the bin, went through the house, out of the patio door, gingerly pulled the plastic bag out of the bin and deposited it in the wheelie bin. Today I am going to spray the garage and especially around the door from the garage into the house as I believe this is where creatures enter the house. Problem solved. PS Do you think humans can die from inhaling a can of insect killer? PPS It was a very big black spider with thick legs and a six pack.

    Danger ! Cardinal Spider Alert

    Well I haven't even started the administration side of things yet never mind actually being in Australia but here we go already and we are only in Warrington, England ! Sat downstairs tonight (Friday) on the computer tidying up a few loose ends before getting my things together to go in for the nightshift. Suddenly there's a stampede and a couple of loud shrieks and screams from upstairs. I thought it was the kids messing about but then the thunder of my son coming down the stairs to alert me to a Cardinal Spider in the bedroom upstairs. Now anyone that doesn't know what a Cardinal spider is well that's the type that have the big bodies with the long legs. The one's that come out in September in their droves. The one's that live behind that bag of rubbish you haven't moved from the garden wall for about 20 years. That Cardinal spider. All they do is eat, breathe, sleep and mate and that's it ! Anyway Spiderman leaps into action with a glass, onwards and upwards to the bedroom. There I find my wife stood on the bed, my daughter in histerics and this poor old 5cm Cardinal Spider frozen rigid to the floor pondering what to do now. So carefully collected spider into the glass, frantically the little bugger tries climbing the glass to escape, I turn around and there's all 3 of them, wife, daughter and son, all stood on the bed in fear. So one did their best to try and explain that these little critters don't do any harm and upon sticking my fingers into the glass to touch the spider to show that they don't do any harm out come the shrieks and screams from my daughter, the "don't do it dad" from my son and "no Al no" from my wife. Now my question is that if this is what they are like for one of these harmless, mind your own business spiders, what sort of life am I going to have watching the pantomime unfold for a Funnel Web or Red Back :biglaugh: . So released back into nature, outside, was this Cardinal knowing that it was only going to make its way back via the garage. And I was thinking, I wonder if I could get a visa for a Spider Catcher. I probably could do that. There must be a market for it somewhere, could start a business here based on people's fear. :twitcy: Put a smile on my face just before going into work tonight, it was so funny, well for me not for them. Anyway I know three others who won't be getting much sleep. Spent the time just before I left searching the house:biglaugh: . I suppose I'm going to have to fight for a place in the bed in the morning now. :SLEEP:
  25. Guest

    OMG Caught a spider

    OMG have to share with someone, OH has just caught a big spider outside - thought it was dead but its not - its about 3 inches long with body about an inch long - I feel ill - I don't recommend hanging around in dark outside - have only been here about a month but have had about 4 spiders close to house :arghh: :arghh: Has anyone else encountered many???