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  1. There was a high profile story here in QLD of someone who returned here from Italy with her kids and the children were forcibly put on a plane to Italy (teenage children literally kicking and screaming to try and stay with their mum). If you stayed on holiday, and your ex made a complaint to police, the children would be repatriated from any country signatory to the Hague Convention. If you returned you would almost certainly face charges if the other parent pursued it. You also have to get permission for the holiday in the first place form the other parent, or else apply for permission through the courts if that is not forthcoming.
  2. whopperdaisy

    If you were Aussie PM....

    As PM I would: 1. Strengthen domestic violence laws and get tougher on perpetrators. Ditto for sexual offences. 2. Introduce age discrimination laws. 3. Strengthen and make more workable the existing race and gender discrimination laws (maybe including making it illegal for politicians and media to drive hatred of migrants by using the term "illegal" incorrectly). 4. Take away driving licences from people who have not mastered the skill of merging (Brisbane people will know what I mean). 5. Incentives to employers to offer flexible working conditions. 6. Invest in clean energy sources. 7. Increase ability (and probability) to seize assets of criminals to pay for courts, legal help, victim compensation and jail. 8. A midwinter Christmas public holiday.
  3. whopperdaisy

    Women ONLY Thread

    Anyone heard form Tink? Hope you're OK wherever you are. Somehow it is getting close to Christmas again, seems it is sneaking up on me. I should probably make some plans of what we'll do but don't feel that motivated to do more than drool at recipes. Meantime, the 25th of Nov is another day close to my heart, White Ribbon Day. For those unaware, this is an initiative around the world to speak out about violence against women.
  4. Yep, my TAFE couse is being finished so my study will not lead to the planned qualification. I'm still trying to figure out what comes next. A lot of contact orders now do not allow for full time 9-5 type work as you have to be in a certain place at a certain time to transition your child - during the working day. More encouragement to employers to offer flexible work practices (and part time jobs that are not just entry level or menial) would help. Judges recognising that parents may want to work a regular job may also help. I am fortunate to have a skill that can potentially lead to self employment, setting my own hours to some extent. When it comes to it, nobody thinks their relationship will be one of the statistics when things are going well but things change. The heartbreak of a failed relationship is a minor part of the story when you end up stranded and unable to visit your family. If you choose to migrate, at least be aware of that possibility.
  5. whopperdaisy

    Women ONLY Thread

    Hmm, the crows here just make a loud screeching noise and a strange clicking noise... starting around 4am in summer! It is funny, I don't mind the screeching cockatoos at all. A question for any of you ladies more green fingered than I am... any suggestions to stop plants from dying if I am not able to water them for a few days? Having managed to keep some alive for longer than my usual efforts, it would be a shame to kill them off.
  6. whopperdaisy

    Good Deeds - do you do them?

    I have been trying to teach my little one about helping others so I try to set the right example, as my mum did for me. I feel good when I see little one help others. Recently I found an old man fallen in his driveway and managed to get him into shelter and called an ambulance, did some basic first aid (which is all my skills are up to). After waiting with him 90 mins I managed to get details of his daughter (who it turned out I had met) and call her to come and wait with him. It caused me some problems being so late but I would choose the same any time. We have after all received some amazing kindness from strangers at times and I believe every time we do something kind, it makes the world a little bit better.
  7. whopperdaisy

    Women ONLY Thread

    Wow ladies, you've been quiet lately.... everybody busy preparing for summer/winter? This time of year there are flowers on the native tree by our lounge room window and the birds flock to it, it is better than TV. A couple of days ago, though, there was a crow making an awful noise - turned out to be attacking a possum that was stuck there. I chased away the crow and watched the possum for ages. It had gone later that day so hopefully it found somewhere safe. Very cute.
  8. whopperdaisy

    You go girl.

    I think its astounding the level (and disgusting nature) of some of the sexism directed at the PM. Surely even if you disagree with someone's political decisions, there are plenty of ways to disagree without the foul, nasty language? If you're not aware of the extent of it, try reading this speech by Anne Summers.
  9. Stuck in Oz but wishing I could go back to UK.
  10. whopperdaisy

    Julia Gillard has fallen over!

    When we fall on our face, most of us get to look around and check if anyone noticed - and chances are, it is quickly forgotten. I wouldn't fancy having it repeated over and over on tv, youtube etc. She was pretty cool about it, probably much to the relief of her hosts. As for what Tony would say... probably that she's physiologically unsuited to being in power.
  11. whopperdaisy

    Women ONLY Thread

    Had a lovely day with little one today, just a few chores, some sewing, some books and checking out some farm animals, We seem to spend so much of life trying to fit too much in it seems, I love these days that we just potter around doing whatever crops up, I think we need to have more of them. Fr the other ladies with kids, what things do you do together with your kids that make you feel most connected? For us I think it is the quiet times cuddling together with a book or the times that we just get a case of the sillies together.
  12. whopperdaisy

    Women ONLY Thread

    Well, that was a whole lot less unpleasant than my previous time, barely hurt at all... the test was done by a lovely English lady, down to earth and definitely had a calming effect... my fears were unfounded.
  13. whopperdaisy

    USA elections...who do you prefer.

    Romney was not a good governor of Mass and I think he would be enormously damaging as president. Some of the republican senate candidates are pretty shocking too, like Akin (the legitimate r ape guy). I think there's pretty much always been a big divide in US cultures, sometimes it comes more to the fore. In spite of the many failings, I do love the US though and would be happy to be back there.
  14. whopperdaisy

    If there was one song...

    We tend to get one song on repeat in the car. I'm glad that it is no longer the Wiggles and we have moved on. Current must have songs for little one are We Will Rock You by Queen followed by Walk This Way (Aerosmith/Run DMC). Both still make me smile after more than a month of repeats.
  15. whopperdaisy

    Women ONLY Thread

    Hi ladies, hope you all had a good weekend. I'm feeling a bit nervous as I have a mammagram booked this week and I'm not all that good with pain. Any tips on how to deal with having the girls flattened in a vice? I assume bloked don't get similar tests for testicular cancer or we'd all hear about it. Maybe that's what I'll think of while I'm there. Nerves aside, it is worth doing - so I'll remind you all (if you're in the right age group) to book yourselves in.