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  1. I had no family in the Uk.....me my Aussie husband and 3 children moved to Australia to be with his family, yet we still returned to the uk. We miss our Australian family very much and speak a lot but we prefer the U.K. By a mile. My husband had lived in the uk over 20 years when we went back to Australia so I guess he had just become too British. We went back to Australia for a visit last year after being back in the U.K. For 6 years.....if we didn't have family there we probably wouldn't visit again.
  2. Conniebygaslight

    Moving back to the UK in February

    It's a while since I've been on this site but saw this post and felt that I would offer my two penneth.....my Australian husband and I along with our 3 kids moved to oz because we were desperate to be with the family that we all missed very much (none in the uk), it didn't take us too long to realise that we missed the uk dreadfully and even the love of our Australian family couldn't make up for us wanting to be elsewhere. We moved back to the uk and haven't regretted it one bit. My point is if you love Australia as much as you seem to do I wonder if moving back for family is enough. Good luck to you, it's such a hard call.
  3. Conniebygaslight

    Visiting Oz with British passport when Australian passport expired

    Looks like that is what we have to do...it's a pain and costly process.
  4. Hello all, we we are returning to Oz at Easter to visit family, our 3 children have expired Australian passports and I'm wondering if they can enter on their uk passports if they take their citizenship certificates and expired Australian passports with them, just desperately trying to keep costs down tbh. I've asked the Australian high commission and they've said they would not be able to get a visa in their uk passports but I'm sure others have been in this situation. Before we go to the trouble of having to renew 3 Australian passports and a trip to London, I wondered if anyone could help. Many thanks
  5. still her, still loving it.....back 5 years and not one single regret. X
  6. Hope you make the right decision Greg....best of luck xx
  7. Conniebygaslight

    Have a feel day........please join

    https://www.facebook.com/events/781838665248188/ heres the link xx
  8. Conniebygaslight

    Have a feel day........please join

  9. Conniebygaslight

    Have a feel day........please join

    My wonderful friend is fighting stage 3 breast cancer....she has started a Facebook campaign called 'have a feel day' it's just to remind us all to check ourselves....the date coincides with her 2nd round of chemotherapy 18th may....please search 'have a feel Day' on Facebook and join the campaign....it doesn't matter where you are or when you check yourself ( male & female) what does matter is that you do and seek help immediately if you notice anything different. Please, join the campaign and share with your friends......cancer affects us all...early diagnosis is vital....go on 'have a feel day' thanks for your time xxx
  10. Conniebygaslight

    Reverse Culture Shock?

    We slotted straight back in as you know and we have never looked back. However conversely for my Aussie husband returning to Australia to live after being away over 25 years he felt like an alien in his own country. The pull of family for him and his memories are still there but he really struggled trying to adjust back in Australia. For or us we moved to Australia for the family there but returned to the uk for the country and how it makes us feel. I appreciate this is the opposite way around Greg but I think it answers your question. Hope you are doing ok x
  11. Conniebygaslight

    Not many moving back?

    We moved back within the year and had to completely start again...we even bought a house online from Australia and picked up the keys when we returned. It was a wreck that needed renovating, as it was all we could afford after the cost of the move. We had 3 children under 8 and my husband is Australian. That was 4 years ago and we have never looked back. We have no family here as they are all in Australia and we miss them but we simply love the UK.
  12. Conniebygaslight

    Going back to UK for no reason

    Lovely part of Yorkshire....fairly close to York which is just fabulous IMO
  13. Conniebygaslight

    Going back to UK for no reason

    I didn't realise he'd gone back to oz...lol. I find it very strange someone choosing lifestyle over their children but then again I find lots of things strange....
  14. Conniebygaslight

    how I feel about being back in the UK

    We've been back 4 years and My Aussie husband and I are both still blown away by how much we love the UK.
  15. Conniebygaslight

    Things you love about Australia!

    Our family that live there, we miss them incredibly so..... The amazing sky at night.