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  1. brideycollette

    How much do you love Perth?

    How much do I love perth ? Love Perth ...it has been home to my family for 19 months :wink: and we are staying ! Love the people , the places( yes there are lots of places to see , I don't mean shops or bars lol ) Nature at its best . I love how my children call this their home now , Perth has so much to offer , in business, family time, so much to do if you open your eyes !

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    <p><p>Hey Brides</p></p>

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    <p><p>Hope you, hubs and the family are all settling well?</p></p>

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    <p><p>Judging by one of your previous posts there is a chance you were actually on the same flight as us into Perth. We arrived with Singapore on the afternoon of the 15th March. It's been a bit of a rollercoaster over the last ten weeks or so but it feels like we are starting to settle now.</p></p>

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    <p><p>We have moved into a house in Mindarie after staying with family in Iluka for eight weeks. It doesn't feel like home yet but is getting there slowly.</p></p>

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    <p><p>If you all are ever up in the northern suburbs give me a shout and maybe we can arrange a family meet up.</p></p>

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  3. brideycollette

    Is it still raining where you are?

    :dull:rainin in Perth still , woke up to a frog hoppin round the house this morn :chatterbox: let it out an saw loads outside just staring at me :laugh: Then went into the garage had frogs in there too. The neighbour was in fits watching me shoooooing the frogs out of the garage pmsl
  4. brideycollette

    Arrived in Perth 7 weeks ago :) this is how we roll

    Hi my daughter is 12 and is at settlers primary ( she loves it ) my son is 4 and today we have found out he will be starting pre primary at makybe rise primary on the 14h May .We love baldivis , it is quiet , the area is lovely . how exciting not long now ! Brides x
  5. brideycollette

    Arrived in Perth 7 weeks ago :) this is how we roll

    ok remember im new here and still trying to drive round perth lol so this is part of my weeks shopping list , remember i said i can roughly get my shopping for $150 a week at the mo thats 2 adults 2 children . I do balance meals and cook most meals from scratch :tongue: won't advertise the shop ( not sure if im allowed to but its the local tattie :dull:Shed . Baby corn tray x 2 bacon & ham stripes ( crisps small bag ) Pasta 500g Banannas 6 Jellies ( crystals) x 2 Broccoilli 4 ( trees as my son calls them ) 5oog Yoghurt 5kg Carrots ( special ) Cauliflower x 2 250g cherry toms 8 pack choi ( hubbies uses that in his noodle soup for work ) Mulitgrain bread german salami 375g 160g natural popcorn buttered ( daughter has this for school lunches in individual zippy bags ) 2 litre of milk 6 kiwi fruits tin of toms 400g Mini fries 1kg 200g mushrooms 2kg onions 4kg white pots 1kg gala apples 3 baked beans 200g snowpeas salt sticks 2kg of maryland chicken ( ie its chicken thighs ) 1 kg chick breast nuggets (special ) stir fry chicken strips ( basically its 2 large chicken breast sliced ) Swede 1kg of fresh tomatoes 4 large zucchini 6 packs of noodles 2 packs of dumpling mix Bag of sweets fo the kids ( oh me too lol ) Total $86.19 I still have loo rolls, coffee,more milk , more meat to get ( remember i have a full larder too with bottles juice and chop veggies up and put them in the freezer and have a huge cabbage in the fridge lol ) i also stocked up with cereal when they were on special
  6. brideycollette

    Arrived in Perth 7 weeks ago :) this is how we roll

    Not yet was hoping to go with the hubby when he gets a day off ( not likely for a while lol) I have heard its great though ! Brides x
  7. brideycollette

    Were They What Was 'Expected'?

    :daydreaming:Well i have met a few Ladies since i have been here and hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm:tongue: they are lovely people , i didn't really expect any differant ...... to be sure to sure @ Ali lol Brides x
  8. <p><p>So glad you are settling in... good to hear hubby working.. excellent post... glad you are mastering the driving lol... keep in touch</p></p>

  9. brideycollette

    Demerit points

    One thing im dreading , i have only been drivin for a short while , so when i change my license to an aussie one i have to have the P sign in my car if i get 4 points i have my license taken away from me and would have to resit for my license too :eek: same for the hubby :dull: so if you you are behind a real slow car in Perth its me lol
  10. brideycollette

    Arrived in Perth 7 weeks ago :) this is how we roll

    Funny you should say that a pioer reg txt today saying they have a tree full of lemons all ready for the taking :happy_face_cowboy_wmay nip up there tonight and sell them on the black market lol
  11. brideycollette

    Arrived in Perth 7 weeks ago :) this is how we roll

    Hi we took our one from the Uk but paid to get the Australia map , we also got one in oz too from dicks smiths it was half price and paid $90 ( i don't like that one becuase it has a electronic voice lol )
  12. brideycollette

    Arrived in Perth 7 weeks ago :) this is how we roll

    Hi , Spudshed was a godsend lol all veggies from there and also meat and tinned toms ( we eat alot of spicey food and use toms as a base ) :rolleyes: wish i kept my receipts now ,i will next week . :huh:oh and tin's of beans from there are cheaper . Also i have found chickens in the fresh sections are tiny ! so i have found chickens in the freezer coles 2.8 kg has no hormones added etc that can get a few meals out of it . :huh: I also grab anything thats half price etc like from coles huge bag of basmati half price . My hubby makes his own tamyam soap noodles for lunch to take to work . Another thing i do is i don't buy the kids cartons drinks to buy ( seems alot of people do ) i buy the the natural co cordial ( with no sugar added ) and that makes 9 litres and the kids drink that in their own bottles . Same as crisp i buy the big bags and i separate in to small zips bags ( oh gawd i sound like a scrooge lol im not i was like this in the uk lol ) :biggrin: Dried beans too ( as a family we love them ) , i will say steak etc we have cut down on the red meat alot here , bulk out with more veggies but thats not a bad thing . I'll try to remember to keep the receipt next time i go x
  13. brideycollette

    Arrived in Perth 7 weeks ago :) this is how we roll

    Im with Virgin , we got the phone from their shop in the cbd
  14. brideycollette

    Arrived in Perth 7 weeks ago :) this is how we roll

    Hi Sharon , The area is very quiet , alot of building work going on though ( its getting bigger everyday ) the shopping centre has a coles in but they are building more shops for the area, its alovely place with parks everywhere , for things to do you can just get in your car and drive for about 20mins and find lots more shops . we love it here and their is an array of differant size houses around :biggrin: as im typing i have 2 parrots in my garden and a kookaburra has just flown past chuckling away Brides x
  15. <p><p>:biggrin: Hello sorry i haven't got back to you , internet was a bit slow lol we are all good , we settled in Sor in Baldivis , chat soon i hope x</p></p>