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  1. Si T

    Should I stay or should I go now........

    I am probably in the minority of people but the education thing isn't as big a deal to me. If you really think about it what difference would an extra couple of years before graduating make? Due to time spent in the Royal Navy I didn't start Uni until I was 22 and have ended up with a pretty decent accountancy career where I now own my own consulting business. I am not trying to demean education as a factor, but am trying to point out that over the course of a whole lifetime a couple of years doesn't really add up to much. If you were to get citizenship and then go back your son could always wait until he meets residency before going to university. He would still graduate before he was 25 and have 45 years working life left. Just my two cents. Good luck Si
  2. 26th June is the 28th anniversary of my joining the Royal Navy. Still remember getting on the train at Swansea Station.
  3. Si T

    Whats your hidden gem?

    Gower Peninsular. Pretty much all of it but particularly like going all the way down to Port Eynon. Never went often enough before I moved to Oz.
  4. Not murder for me as it wasn't premeditated. Without knowing all of the facts I am also struggling with manslaughter unless he has deliberately set out to injure the person and it has gone too far. If he has genuinely acted to restrain/remove from his home an intruder who has no right being there then self defence and reasonable force come into it as far as I am concerned. The fact the guy died from a broken neck, however, puts reasonable force into doubt but I have no idea of any pre-existing injuries the person had before breaking into someone's home. I find it difficult to believe he was trying to do any more than restrain/remove though, being that he was in contact with the police while doing so. However, I will caveat my opinion with the comment that I wasn't there and am not privy to what his intentions were.
  5. Si T

    Kids Football Soccer Clubs

    If he is looking at playing at as high a standard as possible then there are a few options open to him. Perth Glory trials start around October/November but it is always worth looking at the NPL clubs who trial around the same time. There are a number of NPL clubs south of the river but the strongest junior clubs, in my experience, tend to be north. ECU Joondalup, Perth SC, Sorrento seem to be the clubs at or around the top of the tables year on year in juniors. Other clubs do get there or thereabouts but those three seem to consistently do it. Cockburn would be an established club south of the river, as would Armadale. New NPL Junior clubs would be Fremantle, Mandurah, Rockingham, Bunbury (South West Phoenix) and Melville.
  6. Si T

    Kids Football Soccer Clubs

    Rockingham, Port Kennedy and Mandurah are all good clubs for Juniors. Rockingham and Mandurah have both joined the NPL this season for their kids teams so from U12's they will be playing the junior teams from the National Premier League such as Bayswater, ECU Joondalup and Perth SC. They have brought those clubs, plus a few others into the junior NPL to try and give the kids in those areas access to a higher level of coaching as they have to be at least a C license to coach a junior NPL team. I have personally played against all three of those clubs at Vets level and both Rockingham and Mandurah have an excellent set up. I personally prefer Rockingham as I felt that the facilities were first class when I played down there last year. As a club, we are looking forward to heading down there this season as we received a pretty good welcome from them. That says a lot about a club for me. I can't comment on Port Kennedy's set up as we played them at home so I didn't get to see their facilities. There are other clubs down there as well such as Cockburn (who are one of the established NPL teams) but I would imagine that Rockingham may be a good place to start for you. Just bear in mind that you will be arriving half way through the season and so most clubs will have their squads established. It may be an idea to try and contact the clubs any time from now to see if they may have any spaces. Some of the clubs have community sides in addition to the NPL/State League and so you may have to slot them in there for this season. My son will also be playing against them this year for ECU and it will be interesting to see if there is much difference between the new clubs and the established NPL kids.
  7. Quite simple reasons for me. I live here, I like it here, I'm eligible and you never quite know what the future holds. At almost 44 it is highly unlikely I will ever feel "Aussie" and will always be Welsh first and foremost but my current situation means that obtaining citizenship makes sense.
  8. Si T

    Almost a month in Perth - story so far

    I think we feel the same way Cal. Both the kids are settled, I'm settled and Trude is pretty much there or thereabouts even though she has her days when she still gets homesick.
  9. Si T

    Almost a month in Perth - story so far

    Hi all Just realised that it is now four years today since we arrived. We have our citizenship test on Friday (the four years started when we flew over for WDU which was six months before). And I still have the Megane. The last twelve months have been proper up and down with retrenchment back in April 2015 leading to a tough six months but which has culminated in me establishing my own business consultancy for SME's for the last six months which is doing well so far. I've picked up a few clients and have been able to stabilise everything and will be looking to grow over the coming months. There seems to be a bit of doom and gloom around WA at the moment due to the downturn in the resources sector but I see it as the industry leaving the investment phase and moving into a production phase. The drop in resource prices has meant that the hit has been harder than it should have been but there are sectors out there which are experiencing growth such as Aged Care and Healthcare. Not a lot of help to resources guys who have found themselves out of work but it means that money is still flowing in the area. One thing the last twelve months has underlined for me is the importance of keeping the outgoings down and not getting sucked into the materialistic side of things. It means a lot less pressure on you financially if the s**t hits the fan. I was also thinking about the whole Perth being expensive thing this morning and when I compare things to what I was paying at home, while there are areas such as housing where it is pretty expensive, I find it much of a muchness. Items such as our weekly shop, utilities etc. I find to be on a par with what we paid at home overall. There are certain things which are more expensive but some things which are cheaper. Shopping outside of the duopoly is a help in that regard. Things like petrol, car insurance etc. I find to be cheaper here. I would also say that as long as you are looking to be reasonable about the car you buy they are similar or slightly higher. The trade off is that they tend to hold their value better than the UK. This means that the upfront payment may be more but the net cost after you sell it could possibly be less. I have held onto my Megane for now and will probably do so for the next couple of years. It is running pretty well and the paint work is okay so I have decided not to create another finance payment for us to have to meet every month for now. If the business goes well over the next couple of years I may look to replace it but only once I can at least put a substantial deposit down. Trudy is a lot more settled now that she has the chance to get back to the UK once a year. She went last year for a wedding and to see her family and came back a lot happier. She is off again in July to visit friends and family and is looking forward to it. Jakey and I had to fly back a few weeks ago and upon our return have no real urge to head back any time soon. It was good to see friends and family but we both feel that we have a better life here and that it suits us both to be here. That obviously isn't going to be the same for everyone and it is certainly a case of each to their own. We have also been in the house we were building for almost two years and feel settled on that score. Just little things like being able to put up pictures when and where we like makes a big difference. We have noticed that there are a lot of empty rentals in the area where people have looked to build investment properties which have then been impacted by the reduction in people looking to rent. For me that has been the biggest impact of the resources issue, the number of available rentals. The value of properties also seems to have at least stabilised which I don't think is a bad thing. That will mean that the value of ours won't increase as much as we first thought it may but we like the house and if the worst thing that happens is that we live in it for twenty years then that is hardly the end of the world, especially as the estate develops over the next 3-5 years. I have noticed that a number of people seem to be heading back to the UK and I wish them luck. Their reasons for going back are just as valid as my reasons for staying and I get really frustrated when I see people from both sides of the issue trying to belittle the thought processes and decisions of people they don't even really know just because it doesn't fit with their own point of view. It's too easy to sit behind a keyboard and put people down without any recourse. Get a grip people. All in all, things are still pretty positive for us but I think that has a lot to do with understanding from day one we were going to have to work hard to make it a success. Sometimes even that isn't enough and outside factors will determine how things work out no matter what you do but I feel we have been lucky on that score. I am a big believer that you make your own luck but am also aware that things come out of left field that you can't possibly prepare for and can make your decision for you. Cheers Si
  10. Si T

    Gang Culture Australia

    Two experts. And I too hope they're wrong. But again, this is not hard evidence but the opinions of two criminologists without any statistical data to support it. As Lean Six Sigma practitioners like to say, Show Me The Evidence. Your link is simply a newspaper article referencing the opinions of two people. Where is the reference to the 16 bikie gang members who are supposedly awaiting deportation due to their links to organised crime via their gang membership? Surely that counteracts the argument that gangs are getting worse, or at least shows that steps are being taken to deal with them. I say supposedly as I have no hard evidence, just an article I read in the paper similar to yours.
  11. Si T

    Gang Culture Australia

    Without the benefit of any statistical data I would suggest that it is no better or worse than most other first world countries. Although happy to be proved otherwise if the information is available.
  12. Si T

    Baby Boomers v Younger Generation

    Exactly what my brothers and I told our parents to do with any money they may have. What they gave us was an ability to work hard and forge careers for ourselves which we have done. Now that it is just my mum, not that she has much but any inheritance that she had planned for the three of us we have asked that she put it in the names of our children in case they need a leg up. Hopefully it won't be for another 20-30 years by which time the values they gave us we will have passed onto our kids and they will be in the middle of good careers themselves. My daughter is 24 this month and has finally admitted that the way I have made her work for what she wants instead of giving her handouts has made her value what she gets as she has earned it. My son will be treated exactly the same way once he is old enough but that is a long way off yet. There is nothing wrong with parents giving the kids a leg up every now and again but not at the expense of learning the value of going after what you want and getting it.
  13. I remember your original post and so am very glad that you have managed to straighten things out. My wife and I have agreed that she goes back to Swansea once per year in order to see her friends and family and it has made a massive difference to her mindset here in Australia. My son and I have to head back tomorrow night for 8 days and while the circumstances of our trip aren't the best we are both looking forward to being able to catch up with family & friends for the first time since we moved here four years ago. It will be interesting to see where we see home as a result. Good luck for the future Si
  14. Si T

    Baby Boomers v Younger Generation

    Decided to delete what I wrote, just simply wasn't worth it to feed somebody's sense of entitlement and umbrage.
  15. Hi Ndoyle The market at the more senior level is pretty quiet and has been for the last 18 months. The FC/CFO level doesn't currently see a great deal of movement but it will turn at some point. The more junior $90k-$120k level seems a bit more buoyant so if you are happy to take that salary level for a while then you may be okay. Just bear in mind that there are a number of more senior people waiting for the market to turn in order to get roles at the level they are used to and they could be deemed to be more desirable to their experience in the local market when things get better so you may be in a lower paid role than you would normally expect. If you would like me to give you the details of some good recruiters I work with here drop me a PM and I will reply with their names and numbers. Let them know that I gave you their details and at the very least they will have an honest conversation with you. I will give you my full name when I send you their details. One comment made to me by one of them last year was that they were willing to register new applicants from out of state but weren't able to do much for them due to the numbers of local accountants vying for the roles which are coming up. If you have any more specific questions please feel free to pm me. The market isn't brilliant at the moment but if you are intent on heading over I would ensure that you have a pretty decent financial buffer, be prepared to start in a lower role than you are qualified/experienced for and be flexible on location / be willing to commute. Good luck Si