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  1. Dead brave???....this is an Internet forum, if you don't like my opinions, stick me on block...I won't lose any sleep over it
  2. Yeah that's me.....just like you with the least risky procurement option...
  3. No, nothing, I answered you....no I'm just going to flat out refuse to answer you now for the sake of it Top right corner.....'Search' learn to use it.
  4. Oh ok, some random on the internet has an opinion of me....don't know how I'll get through my day tomorrow..... I answered your question....why would I say I had if I hadn't when you could just do a search and prove me right...or wrong You either you missed it, or you didn't like it...either way I don't give a .....! But I won't be drawn into your games and do things your way, You want my answer again, go and find it
  5. Yeah, you really sound like you do.... I answered the ones I wanted to...if you missed them, that's your problem, not mine, I'm not playing your stupid games
  6. Im not the one doing the name calling....but I guess that's acceptable isn't it?
  7. Yeah anytime you want to name a procurement method....and if we can get to the one with the LEAST risk tonight.... you probably don't even know the types, you're on the end of a chain, you just go on site and put the walls up after all the decisions have been made Yeah ok, I'll do what someone on the Internet told me to do....pathetic!
  8. "Public/gvnmt or bank borrowing would be best,especially at present low interest rates" That is not a procurement method....try again... I don't need you to tell me what to...I'll make my own mind up...
  9. Ok then....which procurement method offers the least risk and least cost to the client...ie the Government....you seem to have a grasp on public spending and economics...so come on then which one is it? Squirm??? oh you have tried to intimidate me on an Internet forum....let me just get those details you asked for...:laugh: I'll have whatever opinion I like...thanks, I don't need or want your permission, I'll make my own mind up...regardless of what some random thinks of me
  10. You can try and pick me up all you like, doesn't change the fact that PFI schemes offer the least risk to the client, ie the Government, they are a minimal cost to the Government....but only if properly managed Do you understand risk apportionment ???? PFI offers the 'least risk'.... Like I've already said, I've researched them, so I have an opinion on them, I've made that clear, or do you want to go round in circles some more?.....if you still don't understand what I have said I can draw you a picture Oh you want me to give out my personal information to some random on the Internet....why didn't you say....you could have at least offered me some haribo and showed me some puppies in your van... Again, you have interpreted my posts and come to your own conclusion...DILLIGAF what conclusion you come to, that's up to you...I don't have to justify myself to you. Do a search, you'll find my answer to your question...if you think I'm jumping through hoops and playing your games, you've got another thing coming. Glad you got it then....
  11. Still haven't got a grasp on technology have you....never mind, I'll reply here then What are you trying to do? Change my mind on PFI schemes? i have only ever said PFI schemes work, when they are properly managed, with a robust contract....poor management = poor PFI scheme....I could take your word for them being no good or I could take the teachings of an Economics professor, Oh, and funny how you believe the reports you have read but not the ones I have..... hmmmm a taking the opinion of some brickie or an economics professor on an economics matter....it really is a tough call....tell you what Pab, I'll go with you on this after all, who could possibly know more than you? some random on the internet. I said I agreed with some policies, not all, right-to-buy for example....and if I implied something, that's YOUR interpretation on what I said, not what I actually said...two very different things....are you capable of understanding that? Just because someone gets certain things right, doesn't mean I think they are great....again YOUR interpretation. I'll think you'll find I DID answer your question, if you didn't read me answer, couldn't understand my answer, or don't like my answer...again, YOUR problem, I couldn't care less what you think...do a search for it. Finally, it wasn't meant to be 'cutting', it was meant to be within forum guidelines, even you, could probably translate what I meant...PM me if you don't and I'll be happy to explain
  12. They do it in WA at Caversham Wildlife Park and in QLD at Australia Zoo Due to NSW government regulations holding Koalas is not permitted in NSW
  13. Really? You don't see how an 'innocent' text message asking what school you go to is not giving out information...let's say you are at school and answer the question Reply:.....I go to ABC School in Sydney..... Analysis...I now know the phone is active, I know what area you are from, what school you go to, what age range you are, and where you'll be Monday to Friday between 9 and 3 I have opened up a dialogue with you and knowing you have replied to that message and given out more information than you realise, it's almost certain that you will reply to more questions.... Harsh reality is, these texts could be from someone trying to groom you (or your kids)
  14. StevieF8

    Thatcher Dead

    Same answer as last time.....Unless you have run these statistics through a Chi-squared test to determine the significance of them, then you can't possibly comment on whether the sample size is too small or not to draw any real conclusions from... and just becasue she 'claims' that was the response, doesn't mean it was Again you would have to analayse a sample to determine the significance of them, before drawing a conclusion
  15. What about Blair? Or don't you rate him?