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  1. Missus B

    fixed penalty notice -police check

    It will not show up. I had same issue with me ex, when we were applying. He didn't declare it and it didn't show up.
  2. Missus B

    Paramedic and Territories Qs

    Hello! I'm taking it one day at a time. My time is Oz feels like a distant dream now but I still have a pull to go back. I don't know where that came from but I wouldn't rule out going back in the future. But I'm still enjoying life here when I'm not working. It's nice to be back on this forum. It might help me with my pangs to move back.x
  3. Missus B

    Paramedic and Territories Qs

    I was sponsored as a Paramedic by the Queensland Ambulance Service in 2012 for a permanent visa. I understand now, they are still sponsoring but you are expected to pay the fees for the visa. I think St Johns in WA are sponsoring and possibly doing overseas skype interviews. Best of luck and give me a shout if you need to know anything.
  4. I haven't logged on here for quite some time as I felt my Aussie life was behind me and I didn't want any reminders.... The last time I was on here, my head was all over the place. My ex was tugging at my heart strings and I felt I wanted to move back to the UK and give it another shot with him. I wanted my cats back. I had great ideas about seeing my family more and doing lots of amazing things with my friends that I had missed so much. I even missed my old job! I romanticized about travelling all over Europe and having a proper Christmas again. I wanted to explore the Northumberland Countryside more than I had in the past and all was going to be well in Alison's world again..... So here is the reality of what has happened..... I landed in London at the end of May last year, and I remember boarding that flight back to the UK, feeling like a weight had been lifted! Then boom! I came crashing down to earth with a bang. The day I landed, Lee Rigby had been brutally murdered on the streets of London. My family picked me up from the airport and instead of feeling happy to see each other, we were strangely sullen, even though we didn't know this young man. The whole of London was in grief. So was the rest of the country. We spent the rest of the day watching Sky News in disbelief. The following day, I took myself into Croydon to do some shopping and take my mind of the feeling I had made a big mistake, coming back to a country where such a horrible thing could happen. I snapped myself out of it and told myself it was jetlag and I would feel better once I went back to Newcastle. I returned to Newcastle a week later and I remember feeling elated at coming home. Some of you will know, I'm from Ireland originally but moved to Newcastle in 2004 so I considered it home. It was fantastic seeing my friends again and the sun was shining so it didn't feel like I had left the weather behind. I met up with my ex and I in my head, it was going to be the answer to all of my problems. We would settle down again, start a family and live happily ever after. But we met and I felt empty. He wasn't the same guy and I could see the resentment in his eyes, despite saying to me in over email when I was in Oz, that he thought I had done the right thing by ending things in the first place and following my dreams. I realized I didn't love him anymore and probably never would again. So I cut him loose and I haven't seen him since. I know he is happily settled now with a nice girl and is going to be a Dad at the end of the year. It's funny how things change in such a short period of time. I focused on having a great Summer before returning to work and spent lots of good times with my friends. My Dad was going to be away a lot so I didn't go back to Ireland. I returned to my old job and I still had that niggling feeling I had made a mistake. Morale was at it's lowest in the Ambulance Service and the job had changed a lot in the last 12 months. There was a restructure which has crippled the Emergency Services. There were staff cuts and increased demand and it wasn't long before I started to feel burnt out. I went for a promotion and I got it, moving me into management. That is where I am at now and morally, I'm not 100% comfortable with the inside view and I don't know if my future lies within the NHS. But for now, I've got a job and I know I'm pretty lucky. I'm renting a lovely little flat and it feels like home. I've been keen to meet someone and settle down but it's just not happening for me. I've been on a few dates but no chemistry. So I've been working non stop. I've gotten back into the same cycle I was in before I went to Australia. I continue to see friends when I can. I had a lovely Christmas and saw my family and I'm looking forward to a great Summer again. But lately my thoughts keep drifting back to my life in Oz. It was an extremely complicated move when I went. I cancelled my wedding, left someone I had been with for 8 years, rehomed my cats, sold my house, left my job, friends and family. I had to process all of these decisions on my own in Brisbane and I think it was too much. I felt I had to return to the UK to have a safety net once again. I missed my old life. But what you romanticize about in your head when you're away from home, isn't always what it's going to be like when you come back. I have no work/personal life balance and I persistently work long hours, feel exhausted and I still feel lonely at times. Something needs to give but I don't know what that is yet. On the whole, I'm happier about being home. about to sign a lease for another 12 months on my flat. But I'm not ruling out going back to Australia. But if I do, it won't be because I'm running away from anything and I won't be leaving unfinished business behind. I never ever thought I would consider a move back. I wanted to shut the door on Australia and forget it ever happened. But it's a bloody great place to live, provided you're in the right frame of mind. And I miss it. The grass is seldom greener......But for now, I'm just getting on with life. But watch this space.:wink:
  5. I paid approx $1200 for a shared container for 90cft coming over 6 months ago with a well known British company. I am ow using Wridgeways to go back, at a cost of $1350. This includes the original 90cft, plus a king bed, 2 lockers, 2 large lamps, chest of drawers and a tall book shelf. They were the cheapest quote I got and I can't fault them so far. Shipment was packed up and taken on Friday.
  6. Missus B

    I'm going home!!!

    Sigh....read it again. I think he was agreeing with you. He also said there was no right or wrong, which means he's neutral, therefore, not starting an argument.:eek:
  7. Missus B

    ambulance services

    That's what they're saying at the moment, but as I've found out with a few different things here, nothing happens quickly. Lots of Para's here are against it, despite it being there to protect them and their patient's. They do not want to have to work autonomously. They are used to being told what to do by a medical director. It seems like a lifetime ago when registered became mandatory in the UK.
  8. Missus B

    ambulance services

    Never fear, Missus B is here! Mullers, I'm afraid you're out of luck as an EMT. All Paramedics will become registered here in the next 2 years. As an EMT, you wouldn't be up to the same level of qualification as a Paramedic and they do not offer refresher courses, as you are not practicing as a Paramedic and they will only sponsor Paramedics as per DIAC Employer sponsorship. You also need to have 5 years post qualification experience. They would take into account your EMT experience bu you would ultimately have to train as a Paramedic which, in the UK, will take you 2-3 years now as it's all Diploma based. HDS and PTS will not get you sponsorship as it's not a recognized skill over here. Your husband could try one of the mining companies. The mining industry is going through a lull at the moment but I'm sure they would be your best bet at the moment.
  9. I think a lot has got to do with your age and your circumstances. I'm 35 and have been here on my own since October. I'm going home in May. I don't want to be in a strange city, homesick, single and unhappy. The single bit doesn't bother me but the rest does. I was single for a few months in the UK and perfectly happy, as I had my people around me. I think if I was still in my 20's I'd stick it out for a couple of years. But this whole ''sticking it out'' business, in some cases to get Citizenship. What's the point? If you're not happy, why would you stick it out to get a stamp on your passport, saying you can come and go as you please? I like Australia but I won't be back once I leave. I also used to think it was easier for people with families. Sometimes it is, but I have spoken to a few people lately who are considering moving back without their partner, who wants to ''stick it out''. A move to Oz can make or break your relationship!
  10. Most.Entertaining.Thread.Ever:biglaugh:
  11. Missus B

    Medicals done-will we get through with Arthritis?

    I have had RA since I was 13 and I got through the medicals with no problems or delays. You should be fine.
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jOliu0yCMI0:twitcy:
  13. Missus B

    Flights are booked...............

    Congrats Kerry!! Bet you can't wait now!!xx
  14. Missus B

    Rise in UK Suicides Blamed on Recession

    You perceive it as challenging and confrontational. I perceive it as a healthy debate.
  15. Missus B

    Rise in UK Suicides Blamed on Recession

    I am a Paramedic and have been one for 14 years. These statistics are based on chemistry and science and years of research. And they add weight to the theory that suicides are as a result of a break down in mental health. What these statistics say is that in the cases, where there were no warning signs, there has been a catastrophic break down, in both the chemical make up of the frontal lobe and the cognitive skills. In my experience, that is exactly what has happened in sudden and unexpected suicides. Most cases? I would have said all, but I'm not walking in their shoes, therefore I cannot comment. So you only think financially related suicide is selfish? The others have your empathy? Nobody goes unaffected by this, no matter what the circumstances are. Yes, because they have a wish to live, despite their illness. Some people just want to die. And that includes terminally ill people. Sometimes emotional pain can be worse than physical pain. Anyone who's had their heart broken might agree with this. Don't misunderstand please. This is not a personal vendetta. I simply do not agree with your opinion. It is at times contradictory to itself. This is a debate. Not everyone, including you will agree with my opinion. I encourage you to pick it apart. Nobody is right or wrong in this topic, including the suicide victims. But it is healthy to talk about and debate it. Don't be afraid of that.