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  1. Well done to you very stormy I hope it all goes well .we are from the midlands like yourselves. We might be your new nelghbours soon Sent from my iPad using PomsinOz
  2. Sent using Poms in Oz mobile app
  3. Hi there, all that brilliant information is very welcome but the one thing you have no control over is the one thing that matters the most . The waiting time ? So over 18 months down the line and looking at a total cost of nearly 60 grand (English money ) I'm beginning to think the Australian government are having a laff Sent from my iPad using PomsinOz
  4. Application already in over 18 months ago just because there are a large number already paying doesn't make it right to wait as long as we are expected to Sent from my iPad using PomsinOz
  5. Almost 60 grand ( in real English money ) for a couple on a 143 and about a 3 year wait ! Are these taking the Micheal or wot. Sent from my iPad using PomsinOz
  6. Thanks for the support,it may be fixable with a visitors visa but the big stumbling block is the fact that we are unable to work and earn money while we are in oz and it's surprising how quickly your savings disappear Sent from my iPad using PomsinOz
  7. We have to leave after 12 months on our 600 visa for 6 months but things avnt exactly gone to plan in oz Sent from my iPad using PomsinOz
  8. Beware of the time . We lodged in December 2015 and were told the process takes 12 to 18 months to receive our 143 visa .So a year down the line we get a 600 visa thinking that will cover us to live on oz until we get the 143 . We sell our home and most of the contents the rest we ship to oz . We jack in our jobs and go for it ! Big Big Big mistake We go back to the U K in a couple of months to no home no jobs no car and several thousand pound out of pocket So please don't make the same mistakes we made. ( but we had a great time while it lasted. ) . Sent using Poms in Oz mobile app
  9. Hi, we lodged in December 2016 & new to this forum and would like to know if anyone has been notified of a case worker yet?