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Found 23 results

  1. https://www.border.gov.au/ReportsandPublications/Documents/budget/visa-price-increase-fact-sheet-2017-18.pdf Details of the increased Visa Application Charges from 1 July 2017 are here. Best regards.
  2. Cerberus1

    New Visa Application Charges

    Visa Application Charges – 1 July 2017 As part of the 2017-18 Budget, the Government announced a number of changes to existing Visa Application Charges (VACs) including the introduction of a number of new products as detailed below. The VACs will be updated in the “Fees and charges for visas” section of the Department’s website (https://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Visa/Fees) from 1 July 2017. VAC pricing changes to existing visa products Indexation of visa application charges From 1 July 2017 all current VACs will be indexed annually in line with the forecast Consumer Price Index (CPI) and rounded to the nearest $5. – The indexation only applies to the 1st installment component of the VAC. – Indexation does not apply to 2 nd instalment VACs. – The indexation of 1st instalment VACs applies to both primary and secondary applicants. – Table A below provides the revised VAC pricing (with indexation applied) effective 1 July 2017 VAC pricing for new visa products New visa products that will not have indexation applied in July 2017 are as follows: – Better targeting skilled visas: (effective March 2018) – Community Support Programme - establishment: (effective 1 July 2017) – Temporary sponsored parent visa – establishment: (effective November 2017) Other changes – Skilling Australians Fund levy - introduction: (effective March 2018) – This measure is not considered a 1st instalment VAC and therefore will not be subject to annual indexation. – Table B below provides the pricing for new all new products for 2017-18.
  3. kys7

    VAC2 payment

    Hello all! I am Kayes from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I'm quite getting closer to the end of my migration processing. Following is a summary: Skilled Nominated (subclass 190, NSW) EOI submitted: 14/07/2012 SkillSelect invitation: 17/07/2013 DIAC Lodgement: 10/09/2013 CO assigned: 25/10/2013 Police clearance/ medical submitted: 20/11/2013 I am now willing to apply for the VAC2 (English Education Charge) payment for my wife. I'd like to know how long it takes to be sent the payment invoice. And after VAC2 payment, how long it takes to be granted visa. Thanks in advance. Cheers!
  4. http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/new-visa-charges-1july2013/ This also confirms the introduction of a new per applicant component to the amount to be paid to the Department of Immigration. This charge will be paid by each additional applicant included in or added to a combined visa application (unless an exemption applies). The amount varies according to the age of the applicant and the visa subclass, and is added to the base application charge. For subclass 189 and 190 visa applicants the Additional Applicant Charge (AAC) for those aged 18 or over is 50% of the base charge. The amount for those aged under 18 the AAC is 25% of the base charge. The proposed visa pricing details from 1st of July 2013 are here: http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/new-visa-charges-1july2013/_pdf/visa-pricing-table.pdf Best regards.
  5. Hello my dears, I am sponsoring my wife for a partner Visa and want to pay her VAC in Australia preferrably via a Credit Card. Can anyone please tell me how to pay VAC for an overseas applicant by a credit card online? Thank you Regards
  6. Hi everyone, Has anyone managed to get a refund out of DIAC yet, I followed the instructions of a post that was "Stickied" (although it isnt there now) about emailed them and then waiting for the reply which should be a no and then complaining to the ombudsman. I had a reply on 17 Oct, saying my request would be expected to be dealt with within 10 days, I've not heard anything since! I agree with the reasons behind changing the immigration criteria to best suit Australia, after all that's one of the reasons we wanted to go, however I'm totally disgusted with the service they have provided to people who now have little (NO) hope of now getting a visa and refusing to refund VAC. I'm going to email them again today and complain that they have even failed to deal with my complaint within their guidelines and I'm not a happy bunny! Rob
  7. Guest

    Payment Method for VAC?????

    Salaam & Hi everybody, just received the request to submit 2nd VAC........... Curious about payment method; as I am not using any credit card these days. So, I'll need to send a bank draft to pay the amount probably. I think this draft will be in name of immigration department but I am not sure about the address to send it. Can anybody share his/her experience. I don't want to introduce unnecessary delays in the process therefore I need to be 100% sure that I am making the payment to the right department..... Thanks for the help. Kind Regard
  8. Guest

    How much is the 2nd VAC Fees?

    Salaam and Hi everybody, Would anybody please tell me how much is 2nd VAC installment for those applicants who applied in 2009? Thanks Kind Regards
  9. thinking of buying a new dyson one, but dont want to spend alot if we cant bring it to australia in a few years? any advice would be great thanks
  10. The DIAC refund the VAC for invalid applications and ceased applications. Acceptance of a 'cap and cease' VAC refund offer would constitute a withdrawal of the visa application and would create an estoppel. Affected parties might want to Consult a Top Gun migration lawyer. The Ombudsman (paper tiger) has no powers and can only make suggestions. If an issue has not attracted the attention of the press, as in: deporting Australian citizens, imprisoning permanent residents of Asian appearance and children, there are unlikely to be any suggestions to the DIAC. The Ombudsman can do nothing about a ministerial decision, notwithstanding that the minister is not mentioned in a complaint.
  11. Guest

    Withdrawl & Refund VAC?

    Hello, Has anyone or does anyone know someone who has successfully received a REFUND on a Visa Application Charge? This is our situation & reasons for seeking a REFUND: I submitted my GSM 175 in February 2009. I am a bricklayer. At this time my application was in the priority processing category. (CSL) When the processing priorities changed we looked at other options. Our only option as we wanted to move to regional QLD was to apply for State sponsorship for QLD & submit another visa application this being GSM 475. We eventually gained State Sponsorship for Regional QLD on the 25th August 2009 after a 16 week wait & submitted our GSM 475 application on the 1st September 2009. This putting us back to priority processing once again. Sadly for us & many others, the changes of 23rd September put a stop to this again. With the SMP coming out & it looking like there will be no hope whatsoever for the 475 Application. It has been a non starter from day 1 with the 475!!!! Currently, my partner has a nomination approved for ENS 856 but with the GSM 175 looking like it MAY be processed we have not submitted the 856 Application due to the cost of another visa application charge. I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW IS IF ANYONE THINKS WE MAY HAVE GROUNDS FOR A REFUND or a fee transfer to the 856? Many Thanks.
  12. Dear Pre September 2007 applicants, I have asked DIAC to stop processing my VAC refund on the Cap n Cease bill. I request all pre September applicants who have asked for a refund to write a email and also send your request by registered post as well. This advise was rendered to me by a migration agent and also by a Accredited Migration Lawyer. So, please come together. The bill of Cap and Cease has been lapsed in the parliament. Cheers
  13. Acceptance of a 'cap and cease' VAC refund offer would constitute a withdrawal of the visa application and would create an estoppel. Affected parties might want to Consult a Top Gun migration lawyer.
  14. Help im newbie here My CO asked IELTS for my spouse (dependant applicant). But the problem is my wife never take ielts test. If we plan to choose pay second installment charge, how to let it know my CO ?:chatterbox: Do we really need to provide ielts before pay 2nd charge? As doc checklist for my wife ielts still required now,everything already met.
  15. Just incase you guys don't know yet. Australian Immigration - Legislation Change Update
  16. Guest

    2nd VAC requested

    Good morning, I'm a Non CSL 475 applicant. Last Wednesday, DIAC requested me to pay for the 2nd VAC and my agent provided credit card details. They haven't taken the money yet. Is it a sure sign of visa grant? If yes, will I have to wait weeks? Brds, RYAN
  17. Guest

    2nd VAC and AOS

    Hi, I just wanted to say that my assurer had an appointment yesterday morning with Centrleink was trold to lodge the bond straight away and then MY CO emailed me the 2nd Vac email that afternoon , CVant beleive it happened so fast but I am not complaining !! So i have emailed my CO my credit card details , does anyone know how long then it takes to grant the visa after this ? So excited !! Thanks
  18. George Lombard

    VAC Refunds - Second Applications

    I'm aware that a number of GSM applicants have been forced to lodge second applications in order to obtain priority for their processing, in some cases converting from one assessed occupation to another with MODL or CSL status, or in others converting from family sponsored to state sponsored 475 applications. Just a short note to say that in some cases such applicants may be eligible for refunds according to the law as it stands, however there will be a change on Monday which restricts that possibility, meaning that anyone who thinks they might be eligible for a refund should think about sending in a relevant request, in writing, signed and scanned and sent to the relevant team in the ASPC. Fax to +61 - 8 7421 7653 is a viable alternative. I'm not sure that a request lodged now will be treated as coming within the current refund legislation, but I am very sure that a request made on Monday will not, hence the urgency. The important change in the refund legislation is the addition of "at time it is made" to 2.12F(2)(a) .. "the application is unnecessary at the time it is made". The way this is being interpreted, I understand, is that if an application becomes unnecessary after it was made, say for example by the grant of another visa, it won't meet the requirement above. See Legislation Changes for 9 November 2009 for details of the amendment and timing. Cheers, George Lombard
  19. Guest

    2nd VAC payment----help !!!!

    Hi All, Hope someone can help------it was all going so well too !!!!! I have had the request for the 2nd VAC payment as follows " To make this payment, please pay by credit card or bank cheque. Bank cheques should be drawn on an Australian Bank or drawn on a bank with representation in Australia." I do not have enough loading on a credit card and I do not have an Australian bank account nor have I been given details of an account in Australia so that I could send a BACS. I have telephoned the Australian High Commission in London but they were unable to help, I have also sent an e-mail to immigration in Perth but thought that maybe someone out there has had the same prob and that I would have clarifiation a lot quicker. :mask: p.s. The visa is for the CPV (contributory parent visa )
  20. Dugong

    JML Vac Packs

    Hi, My OH and I leave on the 24th November and are in the process of packing our things. We haven't got a great deal of things to transport-mostly clothes, books, photos so looking forward to starting a fresh. Would people recommend packing their clothes in the JML vac packs as cheezily advertised on TV?! Thinking it would reduce space and stop the creepies getting in. Thanks:notworthy: Dugong
  21. Guest

    Second VAC requested yippeeee

    I m Smiley grandma's daughter-in-law, also acting on her behalf with immi, great news we just received an email requesting 2nd installment, it asks for payment within the next 28 days with a view to granting the visa after july 1st. It also says she has to enter Australia by 31st january 09, i presume thats when the meds expire. Believe it or not can't get hold of mum to let her know, i think she's gone shopping, she will b so excited when i tell her, I will have to wait up till she gets back.,( im in oz) so who ever reads this in the next couple of hours will know before mum does. all the best to all who are waiting.
  22. Has anybody ever vacuum packed their clothes in their suitcases. We have decided to travel light and just take our suitcases for now, but the problem I've got is that I've been suffering from 'panic buying syndrome'!!. :shocked: Any advice anybody....?? I thought that I could vac pack most of the stuff and leave some items out so that I'm not wearing stinky clothes until I find a vacuum!! Thanks Debs x
  23. :?: Have received request for 2nd VAC and this to be paid by 18th October - could someone advise me please - we need to make payment by a bank cheque drawn on an Australian Bank or drawn on a bank that has representation in Australia. Please can someone verify that we can have a bank draft drawn up from our a/c at Barclays Bank as they are linked with Westpac in Oz? Our local bank seem a bit vague although my OH has spoken to someone by phone at Barclays who said it would be o.k.???? :roll: