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Found 52 results

  1. Increases in the Visa Application Charges for parent applications, effective for applications lodged from 1 July 2023: Subclass 143 - A$4,765 for main applicant, plus A$1,605 for a secondary applicant aged 18+ (currently A$4,355 and A$1,465) Subclass 864 - A$4,765 for main applicant, plus A$2,380 for a secondary applicant aged 18+ (currently A$4,355 and A$2,175) Subclass 804 - A$4,990 for main applicant, plus A$2,495 for a secondary applicant aged 18+ (currently A$4,560 and A$2,280) Subclass 870 - A$1,145 for each applicant as a 1st Visa Application Charge (currently A$1,050), plus A$10,325 per applicant for a 5 year visa; A$4,590 for a for a 3 year visa (currently A$9,430 and A$4,190) No changes have been announced yet to the 2nd VACs for permanent parent visa applications. Best regards.
  2. Increase in the Visa Application Charge for offshore partner visa applications, effective for applications lodged from 1 July 2023: A$8,850 for main applicant, plus (currently A$8,085) A$4,430 for a secondary applicant aged 18+ (currently A$4,045) A$2,215 for a secondary applicant aged under 18 (currently A$2,025) Best regards.
  3. https://www.border.gov.au/ReportsandPublications/Documents/budget/visa-price-increase-fact-sheet-2017-18.pdf Details of the increased Visa Application Charges from 1 July 2017 are here. Best regards.
  4. Hi what would people say the best bank is to go with over here? i signed up with ANZ but they charge me a monthly fee for having the account and have just charged me for transferring money from the UK when ive already paid fees to my UK bank for the transfer. I find this appalling.
  5. I am coming to Australia in September from the UK on a Working Holiday Visa. The latest I can book my return flight is 10 months after the outbound flight (so July 2014) but need it for September 2014. I understand you can change the date but will i be able to change it to 2 months later? How much do the companies usually charge? Which companies charge the least? All advice welcome, Thanks!:biggrin:
  6. Mr Fabricator

    DIAC to increase charges

    Sorry if its been posted , Got a mail from my agent , as follows " Dear Lee, I’m writing to advise you that the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) has indicated that they plan to increase the visa application charge for some Skilled Migrant Applications from the 1<sup>st</sup> of January 2012. More information is available here. Unfortunately, they have not yet indicated which Skilled Migrant visas will be affected so we are unable to determine if this increase will apply to you. However, if the change does apply the DIAC have stated this will increase by 5 – 15%. If you are in a position to lodge your visa application before the 1<sup>st</sup> of January we recommend you do so. If you are unsure of what is expected of you at this stage or if you would like further information/assistance please contact your Migration Case Worker." So yet again the process becomes a little more painfull in the wallet region . lee
  7. Jowill

    Charges HIKE!

    http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/pdf/vpt-fact-sheet.pdf Which visa classes will change in January 2012? The VAC for student visas will decrease by five per cent from 1 January 2012. The VAC for a small number of visa classes will be increased between five to fifteen per cent. Wonder if this would include migration visas?
  8. Eclipse

    Pension Transfer charges

    I was just wondering what people have paid to get their pension transferred, we have been quoted 4% for transferring pensions over from UK to Oz but they also want: "1% PA OF THE ACCOUNT BALANCE" is this normal? :mad: Thanks in advance x
  9. We arrived in Oz a month or so ago and out container has just arrived. The removal agent informed us that quarantine found a Santa with an unidentified vine attached and we needed to pay £125 to destroy it or £460 to keep it. We paid to have it destroyed however after speaking with others in similar shoes they were not charged to destroy items. I think we have been ripped off, can anyone confirm this? I would call quarantine myself only it's the weekend!
  10. The Pom Queen

    Grandfather on child abuse charges

    Not sure if anyone has heard this story, I heard a snippet on the radio today that a grandfather has been charged with abuse for making his overweight grandchildren walk 30km with no food or water. Just wondered if anyone heard what happened.
  11. Hi all, We're half way through packing all of our stuff ready for the move to Aus and because our cargo guy speaks very lite English, it's difficult to get an answer for anything so I was hoping you guys could help? We have about 250kgs of stuff all packed into two metal chests and two Wooden boxes (just TVs in the wooden boxes) and the value is probably near $20k. About 4 items are less then 12m old (so I know we'll be charged GST on the $2k value for those. What charges are we going to incur when the cargo arrives in Melbourne? Gov website is confusing and hard to read on an iPhone (no other internet access!). I understand we'll need a Customs Clearance which costs and unclear amount. The shipper says he pays nothing other than the cost to GET the stuff to Aus - nothing else. Will we need an inspection or is that based on what our inventory looks like? There's no untreated wood or things of dubious origin. Any other costs? I don't want the stuff to rock up and we get asked to fork out $1000+. The shipping company we use is being imposed upon us for various reasons so changing shipper isn't an option :-( Any help would be really appreciated! Thanks, Stuart
  12. Hi, has anyone based in Oz had any work carried out on their homes by a Carpenter / joiner and if you don't mind sharing, how much did it cost? Looking for an idea as I will be attempting to ply my trade in Australia. Perth we are thinking at the moment. Just an idea. For example. Door fitting, kitchen fitting, laminate / hardwood flooring. decking etc. I have been online and have a cost on some materials although I realise like here in the UK I will have to face to face to get better deals but I have to start somewhere. Ideally I would like to gain employment but need to prep on becoming self employed should I see a market for it. I hope I am not being too intrusive and I fully understand if you do not wish to share. Many thanks :embarrassed:
  13. The Pom Queen

    Pensioners Losing on Bank Charges

    Expat pensioners using bank-to-bank transfer facilities could be losing out on their retirement income due to the higher fees charged for such services, suggests new data from the UK's Post Office. Of the 1,038,600 pensioners living abroad the majority are transferring their sterling pensions into local currency deposited into an overseas bank account. But the Post Office warns that making regular bank-to-bank transfers to move a pension exposes expat pensioners to repeated bank charges which are significantly eating into retirement income. Some banks are charging as much as £42.50 per transaction, warns the Post Office, which calculates that such quarterly transfers will incur charges of £170 over a year - that's the equivalent of almost a fortnight’s worth of the current State Pension allowance. The Post Office advises pensioners to shop around to make sure they’re not wasting money on bank transfer fees by always checking the small print for any transfer service they use. It points out that it's own International Payments service doesn’t charge a fee at all, and also offers a regular payment facility so customers don’t have to make repeat transactions. The service also allows customers to fix their exchange rate for up to a year to avoid being caught out by fluctuating rates. Sarah Munro, Head of Money Transfers at the Post Office, says, “It’s a real shame that at a time when they should be enjoying life, so many pensioners may be having their income eaten up by high bank charges, when sending cash overseas.
  14. Just havin a little panic, now we're due to fly out on Sunday, ( one way ) We're approx 2kg per suitcase ( x5 ) overweight, and was wondering if anyone had got away with paying the charges. Not sure how much Quantas would charge us if we were pulled on it. Would be gratefull for anyones experiences regarding this. Chris x
  15. Guest

    Subclass 801 Visa Charges?

    Hey, I'm trying to arrange my wedding to my Australian Fiancé but I'm struggling to understand all the visa charges because obviously there are some pretty huge extremes! I'm currently on the 417 working visa and I'm looking at going straight to the Subclass 801 as we intend to get married before my visa runs out. I'm looking for the cheapest option as I'm trying to take her to Hawaii to tie the knot but that's not going to be too easy if I have to pay the highest charge of $2575? Is it cheaper if I go for the Fiance visa first then pay for the 801? Or does my visa entitle me to pay $300 for the 801? Thank you
  16. Hi, Can anyone tell me if they have found a bank or building society in the UK that does NOT charge a receiving fee when transfering AUD to GBP through Moneycorp? Thanks
  17. Reported today on news.com.au http://www.news.com.au/travel/news/qantas-passengers-hit-with-seat-booking-fee/story-e6frfq80-1226038530742 Qantas passengers hit with seat booking fee THE next time you want to book a seat next to your partner or children on an international Qantas flight be prepared to pay up for the privilege. The airline has begun charging economy passengers $20 per person per leg of the journey to select a seat via its website. Those who want to avoid the fee will have to request a seat upon arriving at the airport, taking the risk that there may not be enough free seats left to be able sit beside loved ones. The airline's Advance Seat Selection option can be used for exit row seats but will attract a fee of up to $160 for long haul international flights. Those travelling on domestic flight or in first, business and premium economy cabins will avoid the seat selection fee. Frequent flyers and members of their loyalty scheme will not be charged. A Qantas spokesperson said that the new initiative will benefit passengers. “Advance Seat Selection complements Qantas’ pre-boarding services designed to make the pre-boarding experience quick and onboard experience comfortable,” the spokesperson said. “It is another initiative enabling Qantas customers to have greater choice with their travel experience. “Should customers not select their seat directly after they have booked their flight, they can continue to select their seat during online check-in free of charge.” The Advance Seat Selection was previously available to frequent flyers with Platinum, Gold or Silver status. Qantas is not the first airline to introduce such a charge. British Airways launched a fee for advance seat selection in 2009, charging passengers around $25 for the privilege. Qantas has carried out a series of domestic and international fuel surcharge hikes this year, with further increases flagged. Last month the airline announced that domestic fares will rise up to $10 a flight from the end of the month, on top of the five per cent hike in February. The airline also announced a range of cost-cutting moves last month in a bid to combat rising fuel costs and the economic impact of recent natural disasters. This included cutting jobs and flights on routes such as Japan, Melbourne and New Zealand, as well as downsizing some aircraft.
  18. Hi all, We move out of our house into a relatives at the end of April hopefully, and am trying to decide wether to ship our container over to Aus, and pay storage charges dockside, or pay for storage of the container while we are still over here, whichever works out cheaper. Does anyone know how much they charge per day over there? Thanks Chris x
  19. Hello The end is in sight for our sub class 143 visa. We have just got our CO and medicals booked for next week. I wonder if anyone can explain how much you have to pay for prescriptions on Medicare. I am 71 my wife is 65 I am on medication for high blood pressure (rising by the day ) my wife needs prescriptions for coeliac condition. Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks Hazo
  20. Hi again! has anyone had to pay fumigation charges when their goods arrive in Oz? I'm panicking about stuff and worried I'll end up with a huge fumigation bill, do they charge per item or what? Will they fumigate my feather duvets? Also how much is the quarantine fee? Thanks!
  21. Guest

    Toll Charges near Canberra

    We are planning to travel from Blue Mountains to Canberra and our Sat Nav is saying that there are toll charges on this route. Can anybody help by telling us where they are and how much they cost ? Many thanks.
  22. Hi, I have been reading the list of restricted items and the list of 'items of concern'. I have searched PIO and found advice on what to take/not to take and lots of mention of fumigation charges for individual items.......but I'm still not clear if there's a maximum charge for a container needing treatment or if it's per item? What sorts of fees have people paid before? My dilemma is 99% of what I want to take is on the 'items of concern' list. Obviously I will clean it thoroughly but if it's all likely to be charged individually for treatment I'll have to admit defeat that it's just not worth bothering with any shipping at all. If there's say a max $1000 bill for fumigating a 20ft container then I can just budget for that. Is there a sticky I'm missing with all this on? Examples of items I want to take are.... Dog toys Dogs plastic beds Dog crate Floor cushions Kitchenware Towels and bedding Wetsuits Diving Equipment Freezer Wooden Bed (untreated bare wood from ikea) Mattress Wooden Bookshelf (laminated board so should be ok) Wooden TV cabinet (ditto above) I'm acutely aware that my inventory isn't going to read as 1 box of animal stuff amongst a families other belongings in a whole container but likely half the inventory is boxes of 'suspect' items :arghh:
  23. Filling out our visa application 47ES now and i got to the payment part so i went to the immigration pages but im not sure which one we are My husband is transferring from the Royal Navy to the Royal australian navy but i cant find one listed for that Any help would be brill :arghh:
  24. Hi, Our furniture is to be shipped this week but does anyone know how much customs charges are at the other end if they decide to 'strip' our stuff? We have asked our shippers and they have emailed Australia and are waiting for a reply. But aparently this a charge made by customs if the decide to strip the consignment. The shippers have said its not usual for customs to strip it but they sometimes do and we have to be aware of this. Our stuff has been packed by our shippers not us. We are using Pickfords. Anyone else got any experience with this. Just dont want to get there and have to pay a lot of money the other end.
  25. George Lombard

    New Visa Application Charges announced

    VACs (visa application charges) for July now announced, these are the major ones: Old New $2 525 $2 575 $3 510 $3 575 $1 705 $1 735 $230 $235 $13 730 $15 185 $12 430 $13 745 $1 485 $1 640 $34 330 $37 965 Cheers, George Lombard