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Found 36 results

  1. Hi, I entered my parents as non-accompanying members and after submitting realised they should have been "other family members". Is this a major problem? Is there any way to rectify it? Further since they are entered as non-accompanying members, they appear in my list for uploading documents. Though no documents are requested of them, do I need to provide any details? I came to know of someone who made the same mistake, but they didn't have a problem getting their visa. Just checking if anything needs to be done or if I can leave it as it is? Thank you
  2. RobinPickett88

    Rejected 407 Training visa implications

    Hello people, I would like to know if anyone can tell me what the implications are for having a 407 training visa rejected? Does this prevent you from re-entering the country on a tourist visa, or for re-applying for other visas? Would it be worth making an appeal even though it takes 1yr and a half? I would be grateful for any advice or shared experiences on this matter, Many thanks!
  3. I didn't put any work experience in the EOI and I've received an invitation for 190 visa. I was asked to fill up the employment history in the visa application "Have you employed for the past 10 years". If I put my 10 years experience in the application, will there be any problem or my visa denied ? ( i have only non-skilled 10 years experience and it doesn't have any points). Please any expert please please help me. Thanks in advance.
  4. So I am claiming points for 9 years work experience - the last 7 years should be ok as I have references form the Principal and my contract - the first two years all I have so far is a reference from the school with the details of when I worked there I have asked the HMRC for the P60 for the last 9 years Does anybody know if this is sufficient evidence for the 189 or 190 visa application?? between this and the Form 80 I am thinking of hiring a migration agent to help - other than this i think i would be ok on my own because its a pretty straight forward set of circumstrances
  5. https://www.border.gov.au/ReportsandPublications/Documents/budget/visa-price-increase-fact-sheet-2017-18.pdf Details of the increased Visa Application Charges from 1 July 2017 are here. Best regards.
  6. Looking to submit a CPV 143 but need straight answers to a few Qs - I have read on the UK site also but read & heard contradictory info so any advice from anyone with experience of successfully applying for a CPV would be grateful. 1. Who can certify copies of documents - Heard and read a few different answers. Most will cost so where's best & cheapest. 2. I am visiting Australia soon could they be signed there by a JP and the visa posted there or does it need to be out of the country? 3. Am I correct that the Application needs to be posted to Australia and the Phase 1 cost paid in AUD. 4. What is the approx. total visa cost - There will be 2 adults + 1 child. 5. Approx. how long for visa to be granted.
  7. Joachim

    Help - Ready to Lodge 189

    Hi All I got my invitation to apply for the 189 visa this morning and I want to apply straight away (I'm not using an agent) but I have some queries as follows and was hoping somebody would be able to help me..... 1. Once I submit the application, do I then have to wait for it to be processed before I submit all my necessary documentation? I didn't find anywhere on the application where I am required to do so 2. When do I make the payment for the visa? 3. Can I go ahead and have the medical completed so that it doesn't delay me further down the line? I'm aware that this is all I need for the medical? (a medical examination, a chest x-ray and (if aged 11 years or older or considered appropriate on clinical grounds), an HIV test (if aged 15 years or older or considered appropriate on clinical grounds)) I'm really confused on this question Does the applicant have any dependent family members not travelling to Australia who are not Australian citizens or Australian permanent residents? My boyfriend is currently in Australia on a 457 visa and I've already stated on the application that we're defacto as well as the date the relationship started as requested, I'm not currently adding him to my visa application (although that may change later) I would really appreciate it if anyone has any experience of any of the above and could shed some light on it for me Thanks in advance
  8. Hi...me, my husband & our 2 year old daughter are planning on moving to Brisbane in 2015. We had initially looked into migration agents to assist with our 189 visa application however, we are now wondering if we could do this ourselves (to help save some cash for the big move!). Wondering if anyone is willing to share their experiences of applying themselves without an agent & how you found the whole process?? Thanks x
  9. Stacy Cooper

    Where to begin

    Where do you start if you are doing the visa yourself? What website do you go on? Thanks
  10. Ayman Hossam

    Doing Changes to VISA App After Lodging

    Dear all, I wonder if someone can help me with this case I am invited to apply for VISA 189 and I have a wife and 3 young boys. My wife' passport will take some time to get renewed and will probably get a new passport number. I want to know if I lodged the VISA application, will I be able to do changes (any changes, and one of which is my wife's passport details) to the VISA application after lodging and before assigning a CO? Many thanks, AH
  11. I am being talked into going to work in Australia for a year by a friend who has just returned from there. what he doesn't know is i have a sexual offence caution from 2008. its augured that you cannot have a caution for sexual offences but im the rare case! (arresting officer knew i didn't mean any harm and tried to let me walk. his boss wanted results which meant i had to take the lightest thing he could get me - a caution. This was from an incident from when i was 15-16, and is too embarrassing to tell my friend and ask him... would this caution stop me from applying for my Visa? as not yet ready to go and nothing is set in stone im not ready to apply for a working visa and just thought i'd ask here as i can stop worrying about it and maybe start planning. if anyone can help that would be great!
  12. spangley

    What is a "Certified copy" ?

    Does anyone out there get their Police Criminal Check and Health Check documents certified by a notary, as well as their Skills Assessment before uploading? What I don't get is that an uploaded PDF is already a copy of a certified copy, which could be compromised. Thanks in advance.
  13. Hi, I have an 18 year old dependant child who is in full time education but works part time Is this going to cause an issue adding her as a dependant ? she is contracted for 16 hours per week at weekends and is at college full time during the week. I still buy all her food, pay the bills, pay for her driving lessons, clothes etc. the money she earns is just her going out and buying herself extras... She definitely could not live independently on her wage but I keep reading that a dependant having a job of any sort may cause issue... Does anyone have any experience or knowledge of this situation??? Any advice would be fab Thanks Gayle
  14. johnnyjohn

    Student visa online application

    For online visa applications: "If you have a Australian visa grant number, please enter the visa grant number" -Is this for previous expired visas? Is this number indicated on the visa label? "If you have a current visa label in your current or previous passport, please enter the visa number" -Is this also for old expired visas?
  15. Hello I used ASA to handle my visa application. I submitted all required paperwork and forms and had passed the IELTS and got a positive response from the Australian Computer Society for the occupation I was applying under. I was told my occupation was removed from the MODL and my application priority had been lowered. When I use the application progress checker on the australian goverment website, it shows 07/05/2009 Application Received - processing commenced 07/05/2009 Application fee received 01/10/2009 Application being processed further Then lists my family members on my application. If I click the document checklist it shows a list but ALL of the documents still show as required even though I have submitted them to ASA eg birth cert, IELTS results, etc etc. ASA tell me this wont change until I am assigned a case officer but I have lost faith in them as they now tell me I need to change my application to get state sponsorship and change my nominated occupation and get that accepted by the ACS which I can't see how I can do that if I have already been accepted by the ACS for my occupation. Are ASA correct in the document checklist results or have they not submitted my documents to the immigration dept? thanks in advance for any help. Paul
  16. [h=2]Thinking of migration to Australia? Are you looking for 457 Visa sponsorship? Working with an Australian employer that has excellent opportunities for qualified Panel Beaters and Spray Painters!! Expect highly competitive salaries, great team environments, and excellent career development. Please send your resume – detailing your experiences and qualifications to info@thamesmigration.com [/h]We have 15 positions to fill across Australia for Panel Beaters. Locations include: Adelaide Sydney; Perth; Melbourne; and ACT. Applicants must be qualified and have three to five years experience in the trade. View our website at: www.thamesmigration.com
  17. Hi, Thanks in Advance I thought of Seeking experts advise on my peculiar case... Let me give more clarity about my situation so that you can advise me... I have Submitted my Diploma, work experience and other industry standard certificate(related to my work) to ACS and it got cleared June 2011. I did this to apply along with state sponsorship, Unfortunately the state closed the requirement for the occupation 263111 at the time. When EOI thing was opened i asked my agent to apply along with my Degree (Which i did in correspondence) he agreed and told me my point was just 60 you wont get EOI approval. But November 16, 2012 i got Approval. Now he is telling that you will not get visa as your not meeting the 60 points, His explanation is below Diploma 10points, 8 years experience 15points and for my age 30 points, so i will get only 55 Points. with Degree (correspondence) 15 points, Since its correspondence my experience will be calculated after the completion date, I.e. 5+ years 10 Points and for Age 30 points. so i will get 55 points Mean while applying the EOI i mentioned about my degree (degree has been verified by vetasses ), Diploma and all my job experience details completion dates and everything. At this stage his advise to me is not to apply for visa, If i apply my application will be refused, Please provide your expert advise... Meanwhile, I wanted to highlight that i have cleared my MBA systems (correspondence )this may be value add for my case...
  18. connaust

    Student Visas

    Word of warning to non residents planning immigration via study, be careful or at least aware that DIAC "in theory" is applying the Genuine Temporary Entrant test to student visa applicants. In theory, if they suspect that you are using study as pathway to immigration they can "in theory" reject your application...... even though it is quite legal to apply for Job Ready Test and then PR......:confused: Plus, I suspect a few enquirers have emailed me directly for Oz study and visa advice from Poms in Oz, all good, but in future we can only give advice to those who declare us as agent, at no cost to you.....
  19. Application Status Application 457 Business Long Stay Primary 16/09/2012 Application received - processing commenced 16/09/2012 Application fee received 19/09/2012 Application being processed further View your receipt details Person 1 (me a nurse) 26/09/2012 Health requirements finalised 25/09/2012 Further medical results received 20/09/2012 Further medical results received 20/09/2012 Further medical results received 25/09/2012 HIV blood test received 25/09/2012 Hepatitis B antigen blood test received 25/09/2012 Hepatitis C antibody blood test received Is it usual for such a delay in approval for a 457 where there are no clear indications of referral or requests for further information (visa medical doctor said there were no issues at medical). We are all Irish passport holders and have lived in the UK (Northern Ireland for at least 20 years) so none of us from a HR country. I am getting concerned now that there is something wrong, any opinions?
  20. Earlier this month the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) announced that it had sent out its first round of SkillSelect invitations to intending migrants to apply for an Australia skilled visa. In total 100 invitations were sent, 90 for skilled independent visas and 10 for skilled regional family-sponsored visas. Amongst the 100 invitations sent in the first round by DIAC, doctors, dentists, nurses, engineers, accountants and IT workers received the lion share, all of which were the highest scoring candidates from the initial expressions of interest (EOI). Interestingly, the lowest points score invited was 75 points, significantly higher than the 60 point pass mark required for an EOI. According to DIAC, the highest score across the two subclasses was 85 points. These numbers demonstrate DIAC’s selection methods and suggest that settling for only 60 points when submitting an EOI could mean long waiting periods for an invitation, if you receive one at all. The next invitation round conducted by DIAC is expected sometime in September, with a larger portion of invitations due to be sent, however with more than 10,000 EOIs submitted since 1 July it’s clear that there will be significant competition for invitations. So what does this mean for you? It means that you need to carefully assess whether you are putting forward your best possible EOI against the DIAC criteria, keeping in mind that if you get an invitation, you need to be able to deliver an application that reflects your EOI! It’s all about understanding the criteria, and we can assist with that optimization process. Australian Migration & Visa Lawyers can assist you with your SkillSelect EOI and visa application, contact us to arrange an appointment. Our team of friendly and professional Registered Migration Agents specialise in all visa categories and are here to help.
  21. Hi All, My situation is this: My employer has sponsored me in applying for a 856(subclass 121) PR visa from a 457 working visa. Everything has been lodged and paid for but has not yet been approved. I am wondering what happens if i am made redundant before it is approved. Apparently there is another 5-6 weeks before it is approved, and if s#*t hits the fan i might be out of the job in 2 weeks. The questions i have are: - Is the application still valid and will it be approved if i am made redundant? - If the company is declared bankrupt in the mean time will it be approved? - If i am seeing out a notice period will it be approved? - If i take unpaid leave will it be approved? I hope someone can help with these questions. Cheers, Darren
  22. Hi all, I have recently applied for a 6 month tourist visa and since I filed my initial application, immigration have asked me to supply a lot of documentation: bank statements, letter of invitations, declarations, intentions in Australia, travel plans etc! Has anyone else had to do this? Did you have any problems once you sent off the extra documents? Thanks
  23. Guest

    Visa application and pregnancy

    Hi, I hope there is someone out there that can help. My wife and I have completed a 176 visa application, we have state sponsorship from WA and recently passed the medicals and police checks. We are therefore just waiting to see if/when we get a visa. We would like to start a family and are loathed to wait because it would appear achieving either goals is unpredictable! Can anybody shed any light on this subject ie how long it might take to get a visa... not how long it might take to get pregnant ;-) or what happens if the visa comes first, pregnancy second and we want to have the baby in the UK. All help appreciated. Cheers, Francis.
  24. Hello all, Just preparing my visa application now as I just received my RCB from Perth yesterday (Applied 10/05/12) I was just wondering, in terms of the visa application and it appearance can anybody tell me if what I am doing is ok? I put all documents into plastic sheet protectors and inserted into a ring binder. I have split the docs up with dividers and an index. I have included both the nomination and the visa application in this binder. Is this a bit too...organised?!! Would I be better with just a big lump of paper, with no frills etc?! I know I'm being a bit detailed here! Thanks a lot for any opinions in advance (Planning to courier on Monday) :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: