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  1. Ian Ireland

    Returning on a BVB

    Hi all. Does anyone know what box on the landing card I should tick when returning for the first time on BVB? Am I a visitor or am I relocating permanently? I am awaiting 804. My hunch is I’m a visitor. Are you there, Mr Collett??
  2. POM. Derogatory term referring to the complexion of British people. Pomegranate, I’m told.
  3. I agree wholeheartedly about exchange rate. It’s making the whole experience into an even worse nightmare. Goodness only knows where it’s all headed this time. Sterling seems to be the punch bag of the traders. 1.75 at time of writing after a real hammering yesterday. The cause was Italy with Brexit thrown in for good measure. The financial journals are predicting a rough June but it’s knowing what to do that’s the problem. If only we knew where it was headed and how low. I’m tempted to stick some more over at 1.75 or thereabouts.
  4. Thanks everyone. I eventually got sorted out. GoWalkabout were fantastic. They have a separate department dealing with the medical screening. They adjudicate that and charge the excess, providing a reference number for the policy before putting you back to the main site. I got 5 days one way insurance onto which the medical policy was bolted. Brilliant service. Highly recommend
  5. Help please! Does anybody have a link for one way insurance to cover travel to OZ. I need a policy for my wife who has had investigations. It is kind of urgent! Every company I’ve looked at wants return trips.
  6. Thanks for the good report on PSS. We are waiting to do a video survey. That will be interesting!
  7. Thanks for the replies. It will probably be PSS we use. They are really nice to speak to. They want to do a video tour of the house so they can give a detailed estimate. We have a car to sell when we which should help with the removal.
  8. Anybody able to give us ideas of costs for removal to E coast from UK? May vary from firm to firm and of course depends on volume. Always meant to ask this very important question!
  9. If you scroll up, Alan Collett is one such expert who has experience of both systems.
  10. Point noted! It’s good to know help is at hand.
  11. Ah, I see. That way there’s no way anyone will slip through the net with the Oz tax office. They’ll know about you at once because you can’t get HMRC to stop deducting until you’ve registered in Oz. You will continue to have UK tax deducted till that happens and because of the dual arrangements there will be no Oz tax till you have a number. The nightmare scenario I suppose is unintentional overlap with both deducting tax
  12. Do you have to provide notarised copy of address in Oz or of visa letter? They surely want evidence before unshackling!
  13. On the subject of form filling, is the form for letting HMRC know we are leaving a simple procedure? The form p85 is downloadable I believe. Is it straightforward dealing with the Revenue? What is required? People who have moved can perhaps relate their experiences.
  14. I don’t think it has changed for a while. I checked it last week and it hasn’t changed since we filled it in and saved it.
  15. We had them typed and saved from two years ago. That was my concern. I had a look at the latest version online and there is no difference from when we saved them. It says version 2014-2017. Our daughter has printed versions ready to send. We have signed them and they just have to be dated before sending off. My passport will have changed so that will need altered too. It sure is a pain that form.