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  1. Delaneym

    Do you save money?

    I save around $1400 a fortnight because I can... Having helped out with sons wedding both of my sons and partners coming on work visas in a couple of months so might need some help..I might work towards buying something like a unit/house..I might give it to them I might go travelling dunno... I might relocate in another country the possibilities are endless...all I know is I only have me here in Australia and I depend on me so I enjoy my earnings the way I choose too...
  2. Delaneym

    UK driving Licence is it valid in Australia ??

    I showed my uk one, filled in the form and had an eye test of sorts...
  3. Delaneym

    UK driving Licence is it valid in Australia ??

    I was using my uk driving licence and when I got my permenant visa I was given 12 weeks to get a nsw driving licence or I would have been driving illegally . Hope this helps
  4. My mother had breast cancer and continuously fobbed off after surgery that she might have it back.. No tests no follow up continuously implied she was just depressed she died of secondary stomach cancer..9 years later I wonder if older people are treated any better ...
  5. I worked in the NHS and it's as good as the service you find you recieve... Did I enjoy it? That's a big question...At times was burnt out..over worked.. No matter which government was in .. I liked the patients that's why I did it.. And because I could I was good at my job.. Was the pay good..yes in my opinion... And here's a surprise it's no different in Australia......
  6. Delaneym

    457 to pr cost

    I paid around $3150 for application, $500 for medicals and $150 police/children checks $180 uk police check
  7. Delaneym

    CO asking for divorce and separation papers

    I had to give my marriage certificate and my divorce papers ..the originals certified
  8. Delaneym

    Cost of a holiday

    come and stay with me in cronulla... I be working but I'm near the beach and a train into city..
  9. Delaneym

    457 to 186

    Mine was 12 weeks for a co then three days after that ( they wanted me yo change a form and get national police check) I had medical completed when I lodged
  10. Delaneym

    Qld Health and shifts

    You get paid for years post qualified, ie you take a job and if you are 8 years post qualified you go top of the grade..I was an8A in uk and a cne here I wouldn't do shifts again .. Just about to take a cnc job in community so better pay again. I think pay awards are good with shift work.im in nsw so not too sure about other states. Good luck!
  11. Delaneym

    Cost of Living expectations

    I earn a reasonable amount (around $95k) I live well and save hard.. I earnt around same in uk and was poorer... I don't live outside my means and don't have things on credit.. Same ad uk to be honest...my kids are in uk and I'm here alone so for me personally all good no complaints!
  12. There is a group us meeting on the 21st 12 noon at opera bar if you interested pm me for contact number, thanks Marion
  13. Delaneym

    would you take a racist into your home?

    They wouldn't want to stay my family are a real mix of different races....
  14. Delaneym

    Had 2 Bulgarians fit my carpet to day.

    I am from a polish background there's no Jewlery to be had here....
  15. Delaneym

    Had 2 Bulgarians fit my carpet to day.

    Had a man fix my bathroom tap whilst I was at work he got the key from my real estate manager. He did a great job...