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  1. Has anybody any ideas what service gives the best rate for transferring money from £ to $ currently, and comes recommended? Thanks in advance.
  2. Wellers and Whitehead

    Definite Dilemma!!

    I don't believe you should be prioritising your family over his, you should prioritise your relationship if that's worth fighting for. Any with regards to the engagement ring, that means very little ..he obviously takes getting engaged seriously and that's how it should be..until all the 'issues' are sorted out he doesn't want to commit ...wise!! Just do it..go for it..what have you got to loose?
  3. Wellers and Whitehead

    Labor to turn back the boats

    are you for real? You offend me EVERYTIME you write incorrect information about asylum seekers...surely by now..you should have read about and gained some insight..separated fact from fiction? Seems not..still on the same round about that you were moons ago!
  4. Wellers and Whitehead

    Visa expiry query

    Just a query! so we got our visa a few years ago, I stayed in oz for 18months, my OH 2years, he's been back working since for 3 months..on our visa it states it expires in 2016. Is this the case even though we stayed for the time we did? So my OH only recently come back after a three month stint working, does it still expire in 2016? can we come and go to oz after the expiry date of 2016?
  5. Wellers and Whitehead

    Dustman wanting a change

    somebody will ill correct me if I'm wrong, but being sponsored has to be done in conjunction with your job being on a list...which list I have no idea..but just sister sponsoring isn't enough.
  6. Wellers and Whitehead

    Advice on getting work!

    I would contact the hospitals directly maybe in Sydney? Check seek and other job sites..they will probably ask for a covering letter so maybe start to put one. Together?
  7. Wellers and Whitehead

    Advice on getting work!

    I would if I were you, it took me three months to get a basic earn a few pennies job..longer to get a semi ok job..other half got a chef job quite quickly, rubbish one but better than nothing!
  8. Wellers and Whitehead

    Help and Advice... Bonjour from the UK

    Sorry..alot to read but the obstacle that stuck out for me, is your boyfriend having a disability..have you discussed your case with a registered migration agent, because if he is going to be on your visa application you would need to find out the likeliness of him passing the medical, they look to see if applicants would cost the oz government a lot of money in health care, it would be worth checking your case with a migration agent.
  9. Wellers and Whitehead

    Unhappy and trapped

    I think you have to sit him down..and tell him how you feel..extended stays or looks like your marriage could be in trouble.
  10. Wellers and Whitehead

    Advice on getting work!

    I would apply for midwifey jobs..it may be you that works initially until your husband finds work..and him to settle the kids in?
  11. Wellers and Whitehead

    Finding work

    As long as you aren't fussy about the type of work you do you will be fine...
  12. Wellers and Whitehead

    Finding work

    On your WHV you work to play...you do whatever then go out and have a laugh..don't focus on the type of job..but what you can do and see while in oz!
  13. Wellers and Whitehead

    Finding work

    I think you just need to book a return flight..open ended? And do it..nobody can tell you about work...if you are on a WHV people usually do anything and enjoy it...don't waste years planning it..just do it! What's the worst that can happen!?
  14. Wellers and Whitehead

    Timescales for bond return, service cancellation etc

    They were trying to avoid giving ours back, so I went to NSW fair trading and put in my claim with them ..got it back soon after..goggle it. Did you get a copy of the signed document to say there were no issues on leaving the property?
  15. No matter of holidays/WHV can fully prepare you for actually living in oz..I had been about 7times since I was six..you just have to do it..good luck! Enjoy!