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  1. Dani251

    Manly meet up

    Hi guys, I would be up for that! I'm 29, new to Manly and just getting settled in
  2. Worth a try, Chardy! It seems to be a very good deal, but I've got to do much more research....
  3. Hi guys, I am looking at buying my first home in WA - I've been living in Perth since March 2012. My question is, does anybody have experience dealing with Keystart? I'm very new to the game so would appreciate all and any input. A secondary question: is there a Keystart equivalent in NSW or is it unique to WA? Thanks
  4. Dani251

    176 lodged December 2011

    Whahaaay! Congratulations Millie! So happy for you!
  5. Dani251

    176 lodged December 2011

    Ah Milly, fantastic news! I have everything crossed for you. - what a long road xx
  6. Dani251

    176 lodged December 2011

    Hi and congratulations, To answer your question: you don't need any documents to prove anything - it is all electronically linked to your passport. You have until the entry date given to you. Just make sure you arrive before that date. Good luck
  7. Dani251

    Partner question for 457 visa

    I came on a 176 in the end - I wouldn't imagine it's an issue. Your partner can't always travel the same time you can. They expect this to be the case for many applicants. As long as your defacto is declared on your application and you continue your relationship during the period when you're waiting for their arrival it's fine. My partner arrives in June. Hope this helps
  8. Dani251

    Good Morning From Perth:-)

    Welcome to Perth! If you need any info at all just ask - I've been here since March 9. Feels like home already although I do avoid the 4-dollar soft drinks!
  9. Dani251

    176 lodged December 2011

    Fingers crossed for you Millie - I really hope this comes through for you x
  10. Dani251

    176 lodged December 2011

    Hiya, you can arrive in Australia on or before your first entry date - which in your case, as you say, is Jan 10, 2013. Best of luck
  11. Dani251

    176 lodged December 2011

    We're hoping for you Millie...D and H xx
  12. Dani251

    Geraldton WA, two weeks in!

    Your story just made my heart melt! I needed that! (we're sooooo stressing right now with the big move - chaos!lol)... It sounds amazing! Enjoy every minute! Can't wait to see it too! :jiggy: Dx
  13. Let us know how you get on..wishing you a speedy resolution to this mate x
  14. FWIW I paid in 3 installments - to a total of £2700..
  15. Are they Mara registered? If so, document everything and consider making a complaint. I would use caution when deciding to drop them - but yours is a stressful situation...I really hope you get somewhere with this agent...Complain at them until you get results...