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Found 51 results

  1. Guest

    December 190 Visa Lodge

    Hi guys, Me and my partner had our 190 visa lodged today!,:biggrin: Just wanted to to start a thread of members lodging in December so we can track each other's progress! Cheers Gary
  2. melthemelon


    How long would people reccomend booking a first (well researched, popular, GOOD) hostel for? Coming out in December (high season, hard to extend booking?) and unsure how long to book for... On the one hand, moving hostels is such a hassle, but if you hate your hostel and youre stuck there, it can be miserable So.... - 1 week and hope you get a house share sorted? - 2 weeks and just enjoy just aclimatising and sorting out a job first?
  3. Angela2012

    Dec 2012 189 visa lodged

    Hi everyone, Just wondering if anyone, who has lodged a 189 visa application in December 2012 has actually been allocated a CO or have had any updates since ? Thanks.
  4. Hi all we have finally just submitted our 176 visa!!! Is there anyone else out there that has submitted in December so far? Just a quick question. I have uploaded all documents required on the checklist but now when I go into the visa application using the TRN number to check the application it doesn't indicate that they have actually been uploaded and there is nowhere to upload anything else. Is this normal? :laugh:
  5. Hello All, I am very new to this forum and the reason I am here is because I am relocating to Melbourne. I am a banking Consultant and have got a new Job in Melbourne. My employer has sponsored my 457 application. I am very newly married. I have some questions, and If someone can answer them, It will be really helpful for me: 1). What is the average cost of renting a house in a apartment with good security, close to city( My office is in Queen Street) ? I will be okie with a 1 or 2 BHK house with fuly furnished facilities. 2). Can we get International TV Channels in Melbourne and if yes, What is the procedure and charges for them? Apart from this, 3). I am also planning to rent a car. Can anyone tell me what is the average rent for a decent car( does not have to be an SUV or a BENZ ! ). 4). We are currently moving on a 457 VISA and plan to apply for a PR. If anyone has done it in the past, please provide me any suggestions or recommendations to hire a immigration consultant. Your answers to the above quesstions will really help me in planning ahead for the move. Thanks in advance.
  6. Sporty

    Ielts 3rd December

    Hey, Anyone out there sitting their ilets on 3rd Dec? This is the 3rd attempt, sitting this one in Rugby, failed others on the reading :arghh: anyone got any helpful tips? Sporty
  7. Hi Guys This is a follow on from the other thread meet up for November. As we can't make that one thought it might be an idea to start a new thread for others that can't make it and for those who can make both!! :biggrin: DETAILS: Meet at the Chase in Baldivis from 4.30pm - 5.00p.m. onwards Saturday 3rd December.
  8. Just a wee update almost 9 months down the line ..... The nights are fair drawing in .. :biggrin: .... its almost dark at 4pm. The street lights are sporting light up bells, santas and reindeers... it feels magical already! I will be having a houseful guests (family and friends :biggrin:) on Christmas Day. I am thoroughly enjoying cosying up in the evening, planning the Christmas season, looking at my Delia Christmas book and am excited about taking the children to their first Christmas Panto..... so I will raise my glass of Baileys (half price at Tesco's) and thank the Universe that we are HOME! All the very best to you all who are planning the big trip back to the UK...... If you want it bad enough... you will make it happen. :yes: and it's worth it.
  9. Hello:biggrin: Hope some can help us, we are looking for 3bed 2bath and 2 car garage, in the Mandurah region. We don't have any pets. Regards Julie
  10. mapster

    Ielts 3rd December 3rd time

    Got my 3rd Ielts test on the 3rd December....................:mad: Having 1:1 tution this week from the college.........fingers crossed this helps me get the extra .5 in each section I need....:rolleyes: We seem to of hit a brick wall and unless I can get 8's in all sections the dream will be over:mad: The college have told me there are Techniques to learn to help with the test. Hope this extra cost is worth it in the end..............
  11. Hi guys, I'm heading over to Sydney in a few weeks (first week of December) on a working holida visa. I was just wondering how easy/hard it would be to find work this time of the year? Some of my friends, who are out there have told me to sign up to Hayes and RSP recruitment agency before I arrive? Can anyone suggest any other good recruitment agencies? Is going through agencies the correct approach with this, or should I be taking my cv to potential employers directly? Thanks ps - I'm happy to and would consider working in any sector in all honesty.
  12. Guest

    Moving to Canberra in December!

    Hello all, I have just added a post in the Welcome section, so will try not to repeat myself too much on here. I am currently in the UK, awaiting my visa so I can move to Australia to be with my Australian fiancee (Liz) who works at the AIS. I'm hoping to get my letter in October, with a November arrival date (which is how I think it works??) Anyway, I did visit Canberra in July...a the weather was pretty cold and awful, and I must be honest and say that I didn't quite take to Canberra (and they don't even have a good rugby league team to follow). However, I've been told that Canberra can be as good as you make it, so hope to meet some new Canberran friends on here and hopefully get some good advice and ideas of what to expect when I move there! Paul
  13. Hello everyone. We are moving to Perth in December 2011. We are looking forward to being part of the community.
  14. I am in the process of emigrating (once my visa is processed!!!) and planning a recce/job search/holiday to Sydney for December 2011. Looking for a house swap. 2 bedroom needed in/near central Sydney. I can offer a few options to swap with: Family home (+car) in Ascot, UK (must be simultaneous swap) 2 Bed Apartment nr Windsor, UK 2 Bed Holiday Apartment in North Spain (approx 1hr drive North of Barcelona)
  15. Hey everyone!!! My name is Emily, I'm having to move back to the UK pretty soon, as I've injured my knee and am unable to work...... so I'm leaving my awesome flatmate Abby behind in a beautiful 3 bedroom place in Hove. Abby is a full time, pom nurse, 26..... We have 1 - 2 double rooms available in our modern house, this is the link to our gumtree ad: 2 bedrooms available in awesome houseshare (Hove) | House & Flat Share | Gumtree Hove Looking for like-minded housemate/ new friends to enjoy the goodlife in Adelaide!!! I'm also selling my car too!! So if anyone's arriving for a new life in adelaide.... I have a ready made house waiting for you!!! If your interested let me know, mzibob@hotmail.com
  16. The December 2010 Quarter Clarius Skills Index to learn more about the latest labour demand and supply in Australia. following are top 10: 1. Metal Tradespersons 2. Chefs 3. Automotive Tradespersons 4. Hairdressers 5. Food Tradespersons 6. Wood Tradespersons 7. Construction Tradespersons 8. Computing Professionals 9. Building and Engineering Professionals 10. Auditors
  17. UPDATED 6 December 2010 (below note) New Skilled Occupations Lists for General Skilled Migration commenced on 5 December 2010.Below are the new Skilled Occupation Lists (SOLs), schedules 1-4 as per Legislative instrument IMMI 10/079 [F2010L03154] for General Skilled Migration Skilled Occupation Lists (SOL). You must have a nominated occupation which is on the SOL applicable to your circumstances at the time you apply (you can contact us for a consultation - You must meet the relevant legislative criteria and criteria in the relevant schedule (not the schedules listed below) at the time of the application and also at the time of the decision - Australian Migration Process is complex and confusing at times): Useful Links IMPORTANT 05/12/2010: changes: Legislative instrument IMMI 10/079 [F2010L03154] specifies occupations, points, skilled occupations and countries for General Skilled Migration.It replaces Legislative Instrument IMMI 10/026 (which commenced on I July 2010, and takes effect from 5 December 2010.The changes to the Skilled Occupation Lists are noted under the relevant heading below. Schedule 2 SOL 1. Building and Engineering Technicians nec - 312999 - Engineers Australia has been added to Vetassess as an Assessing Authority. 2. Vetassess has been removed, and TRA is now the only Assessing Authority for the following occupations: Motor Mechanic (General) - 321211 Diesel Motor Mechanic – 321212 Motorcycle Mechanic – 321213 Electrician (General) – 341111 Airconditioning and Refrigeration Mechanic – 342111 Electrical Linesworker – 342211 Technical Cable Jointer – 342212 Carpenter and Joiner – 331211 Carpenter – 331212 Joiner – 331213 Bricklayer – 331111 Plumber (General) – 334111 Schedule 3 SOL Vetassess has been removed, and TRA is now the only Assessing Authority for the following occupations: Motor mechanic (general) – 321211 Diesel Motor Mechanic – 321212 Motorcycle Mechanic – 321213 Small engine mechanic – 321214 Bricklayer – 331111 Carpenter and Joiner – 331211 Carpenter – 331212 Joiner – 331213 Plumber (General) – 334111 Electrician (General) – 341111 Airconditioning and Refrigeration Mechanic – 342111 Electrical Linesworker – 342211 Technical Cable Jointer – 342212 Schedule 4 SOL Occupations added: Chief Executive or Managing Director – 111111 [AIM 60 points] Advertising and Public Relations Manager – 131111 [AIM 60 points] Art Administrator or Manager – 139911 [VETASSESS – 50 points] Conference and Event Organiser – 149311 [VETASSESS – 50 points] Liaison Officer – 224912 [VETASSESS – 50 points] Jewellery Designer – 232313 [VETASSESS – 50 points] Web Designer – 232414 [VETASSESS – 50 points] Food Technologist – 234212 [VETASSESS – 50 points] Biotechnologist – 234514 [VETASSESS – 50 points] Education Reviewer – 249112 [VETASSESS – 50 points] Network Administrator – 263112 [ACS – 60 points] ICT Systems Test Engineer – 263213 [ACS 60 points] Fisheries Inspector – 311311 [VETASSESS – 50 points] Primary Products Inspector nec – 311399 [VETASSESS – 50 points] Fitter and Turner – 323212 [TRA – 60 points] Snowsport Instructor – 452314 [VETASSESS – 50 points] Occupation removed: :Medical Technicians nec – 311299 [Engineers Australia – 40 points] Vetassess has been removed, and TRA is now the only Assessing Authority for the following occupations: Motor mechanic (general) – 321211 Diesel Motor Mechanic – 321212 Motorcycle Mechanic – 321213 Small engine mechanic – 321214 Bricklayer – 331111 Carpenter and Joiner – 331211 Carpenter – 331212 Joiner – 331213 Plumber (General) – 334111 Electrician (General) – 341111 Airconditioning and Refrigeration Mechanic – 342111 Electrical Linesworker – 342211 Technical Cable Jointer – 342212 New ENS Occupation List – Subclasses 121 and 856 Legislative Instrument IMMI 10/089 [F2010L03158] specifies the occupations, locations (in this case Australia), salaries and assessing authorities for ENS applications. This takes effect from 5 December 2010 Occupations added: Advertising Manager – 131113 [AIM] Art Administrator or Manager – 139911 [VETASSESS] Biotechnologist – 234514 [VETASSESS ] Chief Executive of Managing Director – 111111 [AIM] Conference and Event Organiser – 149311 [VETASSESS] Construction Estimator – 312114 [VETASSESS] Education Reviewer – 249112 [VETASSESS] Fisheries Inspector – 311311 [VETASSESS] Fitter and Turner – 323212 [TRA] Food Technologist – 234212 [VETASSESS] ICT Systems Test Engineer – 263213 [ACS] Jewellery Designer – 232313 [VETASSESS] Liaison Officer – 224912 [VETASSESS] Network Administrator – 263112 [ACS] Primary Products Inspector nec – 311399 [VETASSSES] Snowsport Instructor – 452314 [VETASSESS] Web Designer – 232414 [VETASSESS] Occupation removed: Medical Technicians nec – 311299 [Engineers Australia] Australian Visa Priority Processing State Migration Plans Australia ANZSCO (Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations) Due to the way information is noted by DIAC many get confused and based their decisions on incorrect information. This has increased emails and telephone calls we receive from people all over the world and also from Migration Agents who are confused. As a professional practice we do not depend on web site information but depend on the actual legislative instruments and policy advice manual. For clients to choose the correct list we have put a explanatory note in each list. Australian Visa Processing Priority for Decision Ready Visa Applications Processing Priority for Decision Ready Visa Applications -In order to speed up the processing of visa applications, GSM Brisbane (GSMB) has a system whereby we as your lawyers can sign a declaration that we are lodging a complete application (ie, each and every required document has been lodged). In this process the time for allocation to a case officer is 10 working days.Please also note that this does not mean that the decision will be made in 10 working days. Once the case officer is allocated the case, the processing time depends on each particular case.This scheme will be used ONLY if the file is absolutely COMPLETE. If any documentation is outstanding this scheme is not applicable. We are requested by many to make submissions to DIAC and for certification Decision ready and to submit Checklists (DRCs). We undertake this task for client who lodge applications via us and only if the application meets the criteria for Decision Ready. We can only undertake this task from new clients who has all ready lodged the application only if we can verify if the application is a decision ready application and only after we are satisfied that all documents are in order and lodged. Skilled Occupation List (SOL) – Schedule 1 Explanatory note: This list includes SOL occupations (in ASCO) that apply to all General Skilled Migration visa applications that were not finally determined (in the pipeline) as at 1 July 2010. This SOL in existence prior to 1 July 2010 in ASCO code (schedule 1) – applies only to General Skilled Migration (GSM) applicants who lodged their application prior to 1 July 2010. Skilled Occupation List (SOL) – Schedule 2. Explanatory note: This list applies to applications made on or before 31 December 2012 for a Subclass 885 (Skilled-Independent), 886 (Skilled – Sponsored), or Subclass 487 (Skilled – Regional Sponsored) visa by an applicant who held a Subclass 485 visa on 8 February 2010 or had applied for a Subclass 485 visa that was not finally determined on 8 February 2010, and may nominate an occupation on the current SOL or the new SOL that commences from 1 July 2010. This list also applies to applicants who held a student visa in subclasses 572, 573 and 574 on 8 February 2010 and who apply for subclass 485 visa on or before 31 December 2012. Applicants can only nominate an ANZSCO occupation from 1 July 2010. The ASCO codes correlated to ANZSCO occupations provide DIAC-endorsed policy guidance for the purposes of acceptable skills assessments. An applicant with a relevant valid skills assessment in an ASCO occupation should map it to the relevant ANZSCO occupation. This SOL in existence prior to 1 July 2010 in ANZSCO code (schedule 2) – applies to GSM applicants who are eligible for transitional arrangements and who lodge their application before 1 January 2013.
  18. Hi, I was assigned a ACS Assessment 2231-79 ( Not Else Where Classified) and i applied for immigration in march 2010 but later the policy changed and my occupation was not on the SOL. But now in 13th December DIAC has asked the person with Computing Professional - NEC to get a review from ACS. but there are some question which are in my mind. 1. Should i send a revalidation application or a new appplication to ACS 2. If i send a new application to ACS ,then do i need to submit a new application with DIAC as well. Regards
  19. Hi folks, ACT SMP occupation list has been updated. :shocked: I have found it out by chance when I opened the file on Business and Industry Development - Skilled Migration. The webpage shows "November 2010" but the title of the file is SMP_Occupation_List_Dec_2010.doc and something has actually changed in the list. Better keep an eye on it, just in case it turns out to be updated monthly. It could make a hell of a difference for some of us....
  20. 17th December 2010 Happy 60th birthday Mum. Have a fantastic day. Enjoy your `get together` tomorrow night. I want to hear about the restaurant after you eat there on Saturday too. Lots of Love. Joanne and Mark x x x
  21. Hi all Oops - didn't notice the thread below - I need more coffee! :cool: Cheers S
  22. Sunny Jodie

    U2 Tickets 8th December 2010

    Hey, We have 2 spare U2 tickets for the 8th December at the Brisbane Suncorp stadium. They are general admission standing tickets. Tickets are $100 each. If interested drop us a pm cheers Jodie & James Clark
  23. Sunny Jodie

    U2 Tickets 8th december 2010

    Hey, We have 2 spare tickets for the U2 360 tour concert in Brisbane on the 8th December. They are general admission standing tickets at the Suncorp stadium. Price $100 each. If you are interested please pm me Jodie & James Clark
  24. George Lombard

    ACT SMP Update December 2010

    The ACT government has announced the following changes to its State Migration Program: Closed – no further applications will be accepted for the following occupations: · Engineering Managers 1332 · Journalists 2124 · Architects 2321 · Greenkeeper 3623 ACT employment in the nominated occupation is required for the following occupations: · Urban Planner 2326 · Civil Engineers 2332 · Electrical Engineers 2333 · Mechanical Engineers 2335 · Other building and Eng 2339 · Pharmacists 2515 · Dentist 2523 · Psychologists 2723 · Other Social Professionals 2724 · Social Worker 2725 · Cook 3514 The requirement for Australian registration for all Financial / insurance occupations has been removed. Applicants are now required to have their skills / experience recognised by a relevant industry body Cheers, George Lombard
  25. Hello from the Dodds'! We are new to PIO and just saying hello:biggrin: Husband got a job in Oz a month ago & starts end of January! We have sent off our 457 visa application today, & packers are coming a week on monday to collect our belongings ready to ship, so all being well we will arrive in Perth December!!! Yippee!!!!!!! We have three daughters 12, 7 & 1, so hoping to find some info on schools, areas to rent etc....... and hopefully make some friends:biggrin: PIO has been a great source of info in the last couple of weeks, thanks everyone & looking forward to seeing you soon! XxXxX