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Found 1,109 results

  1. Please can anyone help I don't know what to do. I just realized I might have made a silly mistake on our application for our 176. With all the talk of form 80 I wrongly assumed I had already filled it in as part of our application as I remembered filling in details of my OH siblings. It was only when I pulled out the form today to have a look I realized I may have totally misread a heading. It says NON MIGRATING DEPENDENTS OTHER FAMILY MEMBERS. I added all my OH'S family members ie: brothers sisters mum and dad only thing is none of them are dependent on us OMG I FEEL SOOOO STUPID How the hell did I miss the word DEPENDENT. I have sent them an e mail to explain dont know what else to do should I ring them later? Has anyone else had a smiler experience. Feeling a bit sick now.
  2. I started this thread because there are so many people who talk about Skilled Sponsored 176 and they are referring to State Sponsored Skilled which is not the same as Family sponsored which is rock bottom in priority processing thus I have started this thread for those who have applied for and are still waiting for a case officer with respect to the GSM 176 Family Sponsored Offshore Priority 5 classification or for anyone with any insight to when if at all do you think these will ever get processed. The website shows an allocation date of January 2008 which is the time DIAC put a halt to the processing. I also keep reading onshore gets processed ahead of offshore based on application date. What does that mean? Finish all onshore before they ever get to offshore? Well...that may never happen since people continue to apply. We applied in April 2009 offshore for the Family Sponsored 176 visa and are in Priority 5. Please provide your thoughts and insight for this particular visa situation. I know I am not the only one.
  3. Hi there. I am a newbie here. I found this forum to be very helpful. Reading through this tread... http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/migration-issues/78714-176-visa-obligations-unemployment.html I was able to understand that not being able to fulfill the obligation to live in the sponsoring state for 2 years does not have any legal implications. Here is my dilemma... My family and I have been an Australian PR since Nov 2009. However, I have been working in the Middle East and have not relocated to Australia yet. My visa category is Visa 176 with South Australia State Sponsorship. I thought that it'll be a better idea to secure a job offer prior our arrival. But when we learned that my wife is pregnant for our 2nd child, we had to plan much faster because we want to be there months before she gives birth. After months of searching for a job, finally, I was able to get 2 job offers. One is in Adelaide and one is in Melbourne. The job offer in Adelaide I would say is attractive and acceptable. On the other hand, the offer in Melbourne offers a better salary package that also comes with a relocation package. The company in Melbourne is also a global organization so this is something that is difficult to say NO to. I am now considering choosing the job offer in Melbourne over Adelaide. Aside from the better job offer, we've got friends in Melbourne who has offered their assistance to look after my first child by the time my wife gives birth. Their assistance would be very helpful because we've got no relatives in Australia. Here are my questions. 1. I know that I am not legally required to live in Adelaide. My migration agent said that I still have a choice and since I don't intend to live there anyway, I might as well not contact the South Australia government. What can you say about this approach? What implication will this approach make in the near future? 2. Will I encounter any issues with Victoria when we apply for Centrelink, Medicare etc..? 3. Will this be an issue if we apply for citizenship? 4. Will this be an issue if we apply for visas for our relatives if they would have to come visit us for short period of time? I am also considering consulting another migration agent regarding this matter but I thought that maybe some of you guys here can provide some answers too. TIA
  4. Calling all family sponsored 176ers there are not many of us, and we are a dying breed, also we wont be seeing any more after July 1st (as being sponsored by a family member gives you no points,) There are a lot of other threads i.e SS ones cat 2, 3 and monthly lodged gangs, But really need to see how everyone one is doing in their family sponsore app, we lodged the other day and have uploaded all docs, my sister is just finishing off stuff her end, Looking to move over to Perth (Freo) after the Olympics next year and I would like to think it should be tied up by then, hopfully, Would be good to hear how you are all doing in your timelines. It would also be good to hear those who have recently got their visas and how long it took them. Cheers JTC
  5. In the same light as the May variant, I thought this would be useful to track the applications for June 2011. We lodged ours last night so we would be 1st June in Oz. :wink: Here are the gang under their lodge dates ! 27th May SUZY - WA has CO............VISA GRANTED 14-7-11.........!! 31st May irishdancing - WA..........VISA GRANTED 5-9-11............IN PERTH SINCE 15TH MARCH 2012 LOVING IT!!! 1st June Chardy - WA has CO !.............................................................................VISA GRANTED 31-10-11.......!! :spinny::v_SPIN: artetaneville - FAMILY mandi1971 - WA has CO..........VISA GRANTED 1-8-11.........!! 2and3 - has CO..........VISA GRANTED !! John_newland - WA has CO.........VISA GRANTED 4-8-11.........!! 2nd June Yachtmaster - SA has CO bambio - WA has CO 3rd June Woodster - VIC has CO..........VISA GRANTED 13-9-11.........!! waltzing_matilda - WA has CO.........VISA GRANTED 5-8-11.........!! dazsfa - WA has CO...............VISA GRANTED 17-8-11.........!! Luckyc2000 - VIC has CO.......VISA GRANTED 22-7-11 ......!! 4th June Pixie10 - SA has CO............VISA GRANTED 1-8-11.........!! sam_and_craig - WA has CO .......VISA GRANTED 26-7-11 ......!! Lisa83 - FAMILY 5th June jimithechew - FAMILY saz71 - VIC has CO.........................VISA GRANTED 08-11-11.......!! eweasel - WA has CO...................VISA GRANTED 5-8-11 ......!! fossda - VIC has CO.......VISA GRANTED 3-8-11 ......!! 6th June derek1979 - SA has CO.......VISA GRANTED 1-8-11 ......!! SineadMurphy - VIC has CO.......VISA GRANTED 14-7-11 ......!! gcathya - ...............VISA GRANTED 17-8-11.........!! 7th June sarab - WA has CO...................VISA GRANTED 12-8-11 ......!! bungeeman - has CO TH82 - INDEPENDANT Si T - WA has CO....................VISA GRANTED 4-8-11 ......!! 8th June Deep - VIC has CO...............VISA GRANTED 1-9-11 ......!! MM79 - has CO 9th June b3njam1n0 /alix1412 - WA has CO....................VISA GRANTED 5-8-11 ......!! johnosmad - SA has CO...................VISA GRANTED 28-7-11 ......!! harrison_clan - WA has CO............VISA GRANTED 14-7-11.........THE FIRST OF THE GANG !! bsbs - FAMILY 11th June matimage - FAMILY 13th June woody123 - FAMILY jeffjen0626 - VIC laurab1987 - has CO.................VISA GRANTED 22-8-11 ......!! 14th June maity - VIC has CO.................VISA GRANTED 12-10-11 ......!! 15th June SineadFoley - WA has CO.......VISA GRANTED 3-8-11 ......!! Lucysdream - WA has CO.................VISA GRANTED 27-9-11 ......!! Crosby_family - WA has CO ......VISA GRANTED 28-7-11 ......!! len - WA has CO 16th June jenpen87 - FAMILY mdeejacks - WA has CO...............VISA GRANTED 17-8-11.........!! Doc Googles - FAMILY has CO 17th June the_waltons - WA has CO..................VISA GRANTED 15-8-11 ......!! 0113_danny - WA Farlz - WA 18th June fivetogo - NSWhas CO..................VISA GRANTED 6-9-11 ......!! 19th June canadiantooz - TAS has CO sakthikumar - WA has CO...............VISA GRANTED 4-10-11 ......!! 20th June clarkymint - WA has CO......VISA GRANTED 29-8-11 ......!! NorthernSoul - VIC has CO......VISA GRANTED 11-8-11 ......!! lindamck - WA has CO..........VISA GRANTED 05-9-11 ......!! 21st June Tommyg - FAMILY Luckyc2000 - VIC JKB - firefly-VIC 22nd June armandra - VIC has CO......VISA GRANTED 11-8-11 ......!! 23rd June diadaline - WA has CO.......visa refused :-( thornhilla - WA Fate_will_decide - VIC has CO ......VISA GRANTED 25-7-11 ......!! lesleybruck - WA has CO loulou1872 - WA has CO.....VISA GRANTED 7-9-11 ......!! AE101 - WA has CO...........VISA GRANTED 26-8-11 ......! thekelbos - WA has CO.......VISA GRANTED 22-7-11 ......!! RobnLinda - ACT has CO.......VISA GRANTED 26-7-11 ......!! 25th June monmonroy - NSWhas CO.............VISA GRANTED 27-10-11 ......!! gobikrishnan - WA has CO.............VISA GRANTED 1-9-11 ......!! 27th June HighPeakJulie - cpm - VIC has COhas CO......VISA GRANTED 18-8-11 ......!! 28th June Breezer - ACT has CO.................VISA GRANTED 22-8-11 ......!! 29th June sken - VIC Baazighar - NSW Nikko - VIChas CO.................VISA GRANTED 31-8-11 ......!! admalik - FAMILY jaffarms - VIC has CO.......VISA GRANTED 3-8-11 ......!! 30th June tdk43 - WA has CO.......VISA GRANTED 10-10-11 ......!! smiley - VIC has CO.......VISA GRANTED 22-9-11 ......!! Jambos - FAMILY Robgarner - VIC has CO.......VISA GRANTED 19-9-11 ......!! And that was June and goodbye old points system.. !
  6. Hi everybody. I am new to the forum and want to find out how to prove the years of experience while applying for 175 or 176 GSM visa? My brother has applied for a RPL from ACS and is expecting a positive assessment soon, based on the correspondence till date. The RPL requires 6 years of experience. His total experience is 9 yrs+. In order to obtain the 15 points for overseas work experience, he needs to prove his relevant work experience to be more than 8 years. We believe ACS will certify that he has more than 6 years of experience based on the RPL reports. What is the way to establish the balance years if ACS does not mention that in the assessment result? Any suggestion/opinion will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance becky
  7. Hi all we have finally just submitted our 176 visa!!! Is there anyone else out there that has submitted in December so far? Just a quick question. I have uploaded all documents required on the checklist but now when I go into the visa application using the TRN number to check the application it doesn't indicate that they have actually been uploaded and there is nowhere to upload anything else. Is this normal? :laugh:
  8. Since 176 FS Quota is significantly decreased I wounder how many waiting for finalization. I applied in May-2011 and my application is still under routine processing. Please share yours... ​Thanks.
  9. Hi. My son in law and family are in Oz on the perm 176 state sponsored visa. He has lost his job and is struggling to find work as a rooftiler/slater (his profession for TRA etc). I just wondered if he has to work as part of his visa obligations and if he does HAVE to work must it be rooftiling/slating or any job on the thingy list or can he get any work as long as he is employed. Thanks in advance Pez.
  10. Guest

    Child visa 101 help

    Hi guys, been a very long time since I have posted but I have been backwards and forwards for info! ok so we got our PR 176(or175 state sponsored one lol) In 2011 just me and hubby. We activated in sept 2011 while I was pregnant with our little boy (found out about pregnancy after visa granted). so we are having to apply for a child visa for the little man, which I have started now. My question is ththis do we have to activate his child visa within a certain period like we did ours or can we get his visa and go when we are ready? to be honest we are going the end of the summer with any luck so might not make a difference but just incase don't want to have to enter by xxxx date and can't so lose baby's visa. hope that makes sense? hope someone can help cheers guys dan x
  11. Umar Sharif

    Citizenship residence requirement

    Hi, I got my immigration on visa class 176. Need clarification on the points below As this is a SA state sponsor visa so if i get a job in any other state how this will impact my citizenship requirement My first entry to australia was in June 2012 and stayed for almost 1 month. Now to complete my 4 years for citizen ship for how long can i stay outside australia. I read somewhere that i can stay maximum of 12 months in the first 3 years and maximum of 90 days in the last year. How this 12 months duration for the first 3 years is counted? My clock already started from my first entry? Last question is if i cannot complete my 4 years during my first 5 years visa which i have now then after i get extension of visa the time i have spent in australia during the first 5 years visa will be added or i have to start the clock again regards
  12. Hi everyone, its a long time since I last posted, so long I've forgotten my account details and the email address I was using! Anyway I'd almost given up hope of ever getting a visa or getting our money back after applying back in August 2008, but yesterday I received an email from DIAC - probably a lot of people did as it was pretty generic but it basically directed me to the SMP program. Since I haven't kept up to date with all the changes since late 2009, I had no idea what is was or the options available but on investigation it appears my job - ANZSCO 262113 is on the SMP list for NSW! So the question is, is this a valid route i.e. apply for sponsorship, change visa to 176, move to cat 3 and get a visa within 12 months? or is it risky, its another $300 and since they had $2100 four years ago, then changed the rules and kept the money, is it possible they could do the same thing again? If you successfully get sponsorship do they have to change the 175 to a 176? Is it possible they will change the rules for 176 processing or are they trying to get through the backlog so they can move on the new Skill Select system? I know nobody can give definitive answers but has anyone any experience of doing this recently? Thanks Rob
  13. Hi all I am confused about the length of time we get once the visa has been approved. I have been told this is the next stage, but can someone outline the time to use the Visa as I thought I had 5 years. Your entry expiry date is related to your medicals and police clearances, 12 months from whichever is done earlier. So once my visa is approved what are my time frames?? 12 months to get it validated in Australia or is the Embassy in London a possiblity? Then once validated do I then get a further 3 years to make the move? Any help appreciated. :biggrin: Dean
  14. PityTheFool

    A BIG Thank-You to PomsinOz!!!

    I rolled over at 6.30 this morning and turned off the dreaded alarm, once I had managed to peel my eyes open I checked the emails on my phone (which has been a daily routine ever since starting out on this never ending visa road) only to find a 'VISA GRANT NOTIFICATION' !!! :biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh: We are over the moon - even though it hasn't quite sunken in yet! We just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank-you to all of you PIO users that have passed on their mass of knowledge - without you we truely believe this would not have been possible!!! We have managed to overcome many a hurdle, without any assistance from a migration agent, aided by this excellent forum; Not directly meeting the requirements of my past or current occupation (and having to do an Engnieers Australia CDR) The dreaded IELTS Me having a (minor) criminal record Not being married and having to prove our relationship Our son's medical being referred due to reocurring ear infections Yet here we are almost 18 months and £4k later - Holders of an Australian Permenant Residency Visa :biggrin: THANK YOU POMSINOZ !!!
  15. Guest

    child benefits on visa 176

    Hi, we are moving to Perth in June on a 176. we are a family of 5 (3 kids aged 6,4,2) and have been doing some "homework" regarding child benefits, medicals exct. according to the documentation we have received, you qualify for child benefits after 2 years of residence. is there any way of receiving these benefits sooner? thanks Renette
  16. Hi folks, Me and my wife are going to arrive to OZ in Jan 13 with our 176 PR visas sponsored by WA. The thing is that we'd like to visit some other cities before we head to Perth, just to get an impression of their lifestyles and feel. I don't know how much time I want for this travel but rough estimation will be few months. My concern is not arriving straight to the nominated state. I'm afraid that this might get us into a trouble lately if we don't register immediately after our arrival? After taking a look at my State Sponsorship Agreement, I've found the following: 1. You remain living and working in Western Australia for a period of two years after obtaining your visa. 2. You keep the Wester Australia Government informed of your contact details after your arrival. Now I see that in both cases they state "After", but no specific time limit is specified. So it makes me think that our trip won't be a problem.. Even if it'll take some more time..? To say more, all this agreement doesn't seem too serious. I mean there are no dates, no specific requirements, it's not so clear how should I contact the Western Australia Government. I don't know.. This document just seems a bit odd to me.. What do you think? Thanks in advance!
  17. Proview220

    Proview got his 176 visa grant

    Hello Guys Im so happy to say after my Epic journey we have our Visa grant, must not enter no later than 2/5/2012 :biglaugh: Proview
  18. Hi fellow PIO people I have a question (or three) about NSW state sponsorship. I want to apply for state sponsorship as an accountant as I have a positive skills assessment from the ICAA in that occupation. My questions are: Has anyone here recently applied for state sponsorship with NSW? Do they reply within their 3 to 4 week timeframe? How strict are they? I meet their requirements in that I am a Chartered Accountant at the time of application with 3+ years experience at a big four firm in external audit - but from the sounds of things, for example, VIC is incredibly strict and rejects people left and right? Did you get a grant? Specifically, did you get a grant as an accountant? If you did, what was your work experience background? I'd really appreciate some feedback on the above as I am stressing a bit. I have to wait until January to apply for NSW SS because I don't yet meet the 3 year minimum experience requirement in my occupation. Thank you!
  19. sh3p69

    Question about the medicals...

    Hi there Guys, im a bit confused about the medicals. We were going to front load the meds by trying to book it for the 23 of this month even that we dont have a CO yet... I know that there is 2 different types of meds one been £330 with the hepatitis and the other been £260 with out the hepatitis... My partner is a nurse and read that she needed to do the £330 one and me the cheaper one. But when we rang medmigration and gave them our TRN Number they told us that she only needs to do the £260 one and not the other with the hepatitis,They said that they cant just do the £330 one as there would be no were to upload the hepatitis result. But she is a nurse and will be working as a nurse when we eventually arrive in Australia... Does any one know which is the right one to do as we dont have a CO yet... We are applying for the 176 Visa and she is the main applicant... THanKs GUyS...
  20. Dear all, I would really appreciate any advice on this: I have received WA SS 2 days ago. It's time to apply now but I have some doubts what is the better option. If I apply for 176 visa, we'll get it in 1-2 months, almost no risks but we'll stick to the WA state. I like Perth, but somehow planned to get Master degree in Sydney first and maybe then settle in a smaller town. If I apply for visa 175, I won't have to stay in any state, we'll be independent in all matters and can study in Sydey. However, what bothers me the most is what happens with 1st July on our doorstep? I am an accountant and the profession is on the risk-list and maybe excluded on 1st of July from SOL. As soon as I have launched the visa before 01/07 they will have no right not to consider the application but they may downgrade the visa to Priority Group 5 and we will wait for ages. Is my understanding correct? Please help. Can't find anything saying what happens to those who have applied before new rules in place.
  21. IMPORTANT MESSAGE TO ALL THOSE YET TO LODGE THEIR 176 VISA WITH WA SS Hi all, please see the following message I received from my agent today who are preparing our visa application; 'We heard from Western Australia today saying that they require all signed agreements to be with them before the 21st of June. We cannot send the signed agreement to them until the application is lodged. As this is the case I would strongly recommend having all documentation into me by the 15th of June so that we can lodge the application and have the agreement sent on before the 21st. Hope this is of help. Thanks, Lucy.
  22. Hi to those out there Unsure if anyone can give me a steer on how to move forward from experiences out there: My husband and I are desperate to move to Australia. We met and traveled in 2004 and have had returned visits. I have a step-aunt based in Adelaide willing to assist however she can and we have savings which I am unsure aside re costs to move and visa if other alternatives are available we were once told and I quote "no you dont make the criteria however, if you have 20k you can buy a visa, do you have a spare 20k?" this was at an emigration fair and were moved on and out of the queue! to say we were annoyed and upset is obvious. I am a PMO manager. I have looked into company transfer but this is not an option. I have only one formal qualification which I took after following advise which in hindsight I do not thing will pass with VETASSESS. I have a BTEC Diploma in Project Management which I took Part Time over 2 years - This I do not think now will equate to a AQF diploma from the information I have read. From the SOL list I understand that the most relevant code would be 511112, Program or Project Administrator however VETASSESS will not accept only my experience. I am unsure if another code would be best I have been looking but I cannot see. I am 30, female, great heath, English. I have been working in the project arena since approx 2002 and have 8.5 years in total experience (not inc WHV GAP years etc). My husband went back to university (one of us to work the other to study) to gain a degree which he did last June within BSC Web Development, he has very little work experience however and current seeking employment in this field. He is 36 and as myself great health and native English speaker. We are aware we could emigrate to NZ however I have really held off on this option as Australia is where my heart is and NZ would only be taken into account if I truly know that Australia is a no-go. As above my step-aunt is MORE than willing to assist. I think a 176 family sponsored would be best but unsure with the VETASSESS status if I can actually go any further forward. Apologies again if I haven't followed protocol - your steer / advice or where I should put this data for assistance would be very appreciated. We started this 7 years ago and have had bad advice throughout :mad:we are wanting to settle sooner rather than later and Oz is where we want to be :biggrin:
  23. Hi! I am new to the forum. Hope anyone can shed some light to my question. I am applying for 176 visa and would need the points for my partner's skills. I am applying as a secondary school teacher which is in SOL 1. Must my wife's nominated occupation be from SOL 1 as well? She is a university lecturer which is in SOL 2. A second question: I have been a university lecturer the last 15 years, does that qualify as a closely related occupation to a secondary school teacher? I know some secondary school teachers applicants have used their primary school teaching as their closely related occupation. Thanks in advance for all your replies.
  24. flissjane

    175 or 176?!

    Hi, can anyone help? My partner and I are in the process of applying, we are going via the skilled migration with my partners occupation and I will be a secondary applicant. Hopefully the skills assessment should be sent off in the next few days and we realise we are cutting it very fine to meet the 1 July 12 deadline...! that being said, we're not sure which visa is the best option with changes looming. Originally we were going with 175 - skilled independent, but now were wondering if we should go for 176 - skilled sponsored as my partners sister moved to oz last year on a 175 visa and would be able to sponsor us. Whats peoples thoughts on this and what differences would it make other than getting the extra points? Hope somebody can help!