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    <p><p>Hi Jacb,Glad to know that you received your visa for australia.I would be very grateful to you if you can provide me some information about CDRsample.com website since you used their services.</p></p>

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  2. jacb

    176 lodged December 2011

    That's fantastic Millie! You should be in Aus before you know it! x
  3. jacb

    176 lodged December 2011

    Hi slch79 Congratulations on your visa! Yes unfortunately I'm pretty sure you need to enter before September this year but maybe they would let you away with getting another PCC, you could always contact them to ask? jacx
  4. Thank you both - our income isn't Australian and we won't become residents until we land on the 9th of May. I take it when we fill in a tax return (does everyone need to do this) in October we will just declare income gained from the 9th of May. I take it we will only pay tax on the interest we receive rather than the money actually in the bank account? Its only pay from February, March and April this year and will be our start up funds.
  5. Thank you Ken, I did think it would be a bit unfair to be paying tax on income we earned before entering but thought I would double check. That's a huge relief :biggrin:
  6. I hope someone can help me with this. We have been granted a permanent visa for Australia and plan to move to Perth on the 9th of May this year. We opened an Australian bank account at the beginning of the year and for the last 2 months my husband's overseas income has been paid directly into this bank account. I'm now suddenly panicked that we will be liable to pay Australian income tax on this income. Please tell me this is not the case! Thank you.
  7. jacb

    176 lodged December 2011

    Good luck Millie, I really hope that they grant it for you. x
  8. jacb

    Engineers Australia, process and costs???????

    Just a point to note - are you applying to be a manufacturing systems engineer? My oh was applying to be an electrical engineer and his BEng course in Electronics and Electrical engineering was covered under the Washington Accord however EA only credited him as an Electronics Engineer as they decided that his course didn't have enough Electrical components. All his work experience was as an Electrical Engineer so he had to then submit an application for the CDR.
  9. jacb

    Engineers Australia, process and costs???????

    Hi Pebble I believe that if your course is accredited by the UK Engineering Council then it will also be Washington Accord accredited. You could always double check this with the Washington Accord or EA directly but I'm almost 100% sure this is the case. Jac
  10. We got our short term rental from Oz house rentals. It was recommended by someone on here. http://www.ozhouserental.com/
  11. Shenton Park is beside Subiaco which is just above Kings Park so pretty central. We don't have any children yet so we don't need to worry about schools. We're hoping to stay as central as we can afford but we also like Fremantle. Are your areas on the coast? We're both very excited, just counting down the days left at work here. The shippers come next Thursday so we're hoping our stuff will arrive roughly the same time as us. Stuart is an engineer and I am a data analyst so hoping to find equivalent jobs in Perth. I'm interested in one at Curtin University and most of Stuart's companies seem to be in central Perth. Hopefully the jobs will all come together nicely when we arrive. Have you managed to secure a nursing job from over here or will you wait until you arrive? Jacx
  12. Hey Nic We arrive on the 9th of May and have booked a 4 week rental in Shenton Park. After that we're pretty clueless!! We don't have jobs yet so where we live will probably be dependant on that. Have you any idea where you would like to live yet? Jac
  13. jacb

    176 lodged December 2011

    Congratulations on your visa Ashash, enjoy getting everything organised and planning your new life! Millie - I'm sorry to hear your progress is halted at the moment, I really hope you are able to sort out your visa problems. jacx
  14. We had quotes from Anglo, Crown and several others. We asked them to quote us all on the same cubic feet (for us only around 200) so we could get a like for like price comparison. Most of them came in at around the same price. We went for Anglo as we were impressed with the sales rep that came out to visit and they also negotiated on the cost of insurance.
  15. jacb

    176 lodged December 2011

    Hi Millie That's good you have managed to get everything together. No wonder it took so long, they asked for so much! School coursework sounds like a nightmare on top of all your visa paperwork!!! I'll keep everything crossed that they accept it and grant your visa soon :smile: Jacx