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Found 26 results

  1. I have searched the forum for where to watch Premier League matches and could not find anything so I thought I would start one with a couple of places I know of. - Add more that you know of. Pig & Whistle Brisbane (Eagle Street Pier one as there are a few) The Imperial Hotel Melbourne CBD Cheers Bar Sydney. Herbie
  2. Liverpool30

    Manly meet up

    Hey everyone, Just putting the feelers out to see if anyone fancies a meet up in a few weeks in Manly? Was thinking of a casual pub crawl maybe. What is best for people Friday or Saturday? We are both 30. Cheers Ruth & Gaz
  3. hi all, wondering if anyone has advice for me. ive been in the pub game for 12 years , got all qualifications needed to run pubs in uk , but when ive looked into migrating to australia this trade isnt recoginsed?
  4. If that's how some fellas behave with Heinekin,what would they be like in a Camra joint!:confused::wink:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1ZZreXEqSY
  5. I'm not going to gloat because it could have gone either way but it is nice not to expect to lose when we play them. Going to a pub where you can watch your team play is a brilliant way of socialising. One of the couples I know there brought another couple with them (not Spurs fans) and they said they had the best time since they arrived in January! Nearly 5.30 time to get to bed!
  6. Harpersgirl

    Pub in the hills?

    Can anyone tell me what the pub out toward the hills is called that they have a first Sunday of the month jamming session at? Swear I saw something on a thread a few months ago but can't find it now for the life of me! Not a lot to go on I know but I have faith in you knowledgeable people...:notworthy:
  7. whichway

    pub etiquette

    So last night I was in a bar (for the first time in friggin years and it was fab but that is beside the point) and this guy started to talking to me and because I am polite I talked back. We were talking for less than 5 minutes maybe three sentences and then he says "you single?" and I said "no" and he said "what the f*** are you doing speaking to me then?" and turned away. Now I was pretty shocked cos a) I wasn't flirting b) it's not like I had spent all night chatting to him making him think he might be in with a chance c) apart from anything else it was pretty rude I said to my boyfriend the next day and he said "what happened to the days when you could just speak to someone of the opposite sex without it meaning you had to have a root?" and I reckoned he is right. I know this guy is probably a one off, but surely it's ok to be polite and speak to someone new in a pub or whatever. Or, are you expected as soon as someone starts chatting to you to say "sorry mate you can't talk to me I'm attached" cos I think that's a bit presumptious really.
  8. whichway

    I want to go to a pub

    Ok, I am posting again because I am getting a bit homesick once again. To some it will sound trivial but I really want to go to a pub. I want to walk there and have a few drinks, maybe a band or a quiz, maybe a dance, walk home maybe a 15 minute walk, anything up to half an hour would do. I said to the Mr I'd even go myself if there was one near (I have a friend now and she is THE BEST I would love to go with her but she lives far away and has comitments and we are going out in a few weeks, it will be the first time in about 4 years for me). Anyway, I know it's a small thing but in a way it encompasses all that I miss. I want to live somewhere that has a community feel about it, where you know your neighbours (not too close but enough that they would spit on you if you were on fire). I want to be able to pop round to someone's house. I want to meet someone in the street or supermarket and have a chat about how long it's been since I saw them, what have they been up to. Things are starting to really look up for me now in terms of being here but every now and then this stuff creeps up and I get sad. I am so grateful though that I have finally met a friend:biggrin: I have such small dreams, I have a career and a family and now my dreams are so small but so important. I am just getting this out of my head for perhaps some relief. Any thoughts on the matter would be good.
  9. Well i was 15 years old when i first went into a pub and bought my first drink, i'm a big guy and i probably looked a tad older, but i recall going into my local pub with 12 and a half pence and asked for a half pint of Falstaff bitter, which tasted horrible. The barman looked at me and said ............ are you sure your 18 and i mumbled .............. YES. I was shaking as i said it, but from that moment on i was IN and it was a fantastic new world, drinking beer and playing pool with my mates and i saved every penny up to go there every weekend. How old were you when you started drinking regular in pubs?:wub:
  10. Hi there, we came to Australia last year on working holiday visas and have just been granted 4 years sponsorship! :cute: We recently moved to Secret Harbour and would just like to meet some new friends for going to the pub, having bbqs etc.! we're 25 & 27 and enjoy surfing, running, going to the pub and just general socialising. It would be great to meet other young couples around the Secret Harbour area in a similar situation. Please get in touch, email lucyreader@hotmail.com.au Cheers!
  11. FREE ENTRY (Robina): Qld Flood Appeal [Gold Coast United vs Newcastle] In support of the Premier's Flood Appeal for Qld, Gold Coast United are opening the gates FREE ENTRY for tonights game [sat 22nd Jan 2011] against Newcastle Jets (Skilled Park at Robina). Kick Off is at 8.15pm. If you fancy a drink beforehand come along to RQ's in Robina (Free bus transfer to and from the game) - I will have "Pompey74" on the back of my shirt; come and say hi! Details on the website: Gold Coast United ** | Official Website of the Gold Coast United Football Club Tickets at: Ticketek Australia Please "purchase" online (or at any ticketek outlet; ie. the Titans store in Robina shopping centre) before the game; queues expected to be substantial at the ground. Seats are going fast. There will be people collecting toys for kids affected by the disaster and raffle tickets being sold outside the ground. 100% of proceeds will be going to the flood appeal; all prizes were donated. Hope to see you there >>> :biggrin:
  12. Guest

    Pub Guide

    Apart from working twice as hard for half the money ,property prices going through the roof, interest rates rises, barefoot weirdos with mullets the greatest disappointment to me has been the lack of decent watering holes so I have unselfishly made it my mission to seek out good pubs and let you lot know about them. I can only do this in my own manor so I have started this thread so others can post their own reviews of pubs in their own locale. Here's what i know about the area around Springwood, Daisy Hill, Logandale, Redland Bay, Beenleigh: Chatswood Tavern (Chatswood Hills): Pros: good beer. Cons: Sterile, no atmosphere, unfriendly patrons and staff, Totty Rating 1/5 Barra Bar (Springwood) Pros: Good Beer. Cons: Sterile, no atmosphere, unfriendly patrons and staff. Totty Rating 2/5 Sundowner (Beenliegh) Pros: Nice staff (young female), good beer, friendly regulars, friday "Tradies Day" lingerie promotion girls and staff. Cons: A bit out of the way. Totty Rating 4/5 Redland Bay Tavern (Redland Bay) Pros: Good family pub with enclosed play area (lock em in), friendly staff, good beer, live music, nice location, Totty Rating 4/5 I have more to come but need to go back and re-evaluate.
  13. Englishlover

    Where is nice English pub in Sydney?

    My friend will come from oversea soon. We would like to experience a nice English pub in Sydney. I do not go out much so I am not sure where I should take her to. Can you give me some ideas? Thanks in advance.
  14. Hi 47 yrs male seeks drink buddy for "last hour" or so on fridays at local pub (Whistling Kite -Secret Harbour) Likes all sports, UK sports, music, humour, good conversation, live music -the usual stuff. Dave S Harbour
  15. Hi there, I've been in Melbourne around 5 years now, and I really wanna meet up with some British people to watch the world cup games with. I've got Aussie mates, but none of them are really into Football, and I miss the British humour...dying for a good laugh with a few British people. So if anyone wants someone to watch the World Cup games with...please lets arrange a time and a place. I know Bridie O'Reillys on Chapel Street will be showing the matches as well as Copacabana on Smith Street...I'm sure there's heaps of other options as well. Happy to go anywhere in Melbourne to watch them. So let me know if you fancy it. Cheers, Shaz xo
  16. For all those who stay in Perth or have been whats your favourite pub and where is it North or South , just a curios Scots man:jiggy:cheers stevie.
  17. Hubs and I eat out a lot and seem to be doing it more and more at the moment, mainly because we are camping out in an unfurnished rental and are coping with just a wok and a panini press :laugh: So I thought it would be an idea to share our eating out experiences so that people know where to try and where to avoid. Please join in and post you foodie reviews here! Thanks Emma x
  18. Anyone been here? I was just doing some searches on timothy taylor ale and this place came up as a stockest. Hubs is a huge TT fan so i would love to be able to take him somewhere that sells it on his birthday or maybe just as a surprise. The menu looks really nice too. Has anyone tried it? Many thanks Emma x
  19. Hi all, I run an English pub in Main Ridge. It's not quite the same as our good old boozers in London (from where I emigrated 2 years ago with my Aussie wife), but it's getting there! I'd like to get more expats in to let me know what they think, and to have a free pint on me if they mention this site! I'd love to have some pom friends over here (have none unfortunately!) so come on over. Billy Pig and Whistle 365 Purves Road Main Ridge
  20. Hi everyone, I am new to this site,and was hoping for some feedback and suggestions. My partner and I moved from North London to Brisbane in 2006 with our daughter who is now 7. I am originally from Brisbane however most of my friends have moved on as I was in the UK for 11 years. My partner was a "pub man" in London and really misses the laughs he used to have with his mates there, however prefers the lifestyle here and for our daughter. It's quite difficult to make friends here as that pub culture of meeting people just doesn't exist. Is anyone else finding this, is there any meet ups on the northside of Bribane?? Any help I would be grateful!! Kylie
  21. Just got back from trip to Queensland love it and went up tamborine mountain...turned a corner and there was an english pub FOX AND HOUNDS so we pulled in and there was a tetleys umbrella so we had a drink and spoke to the landlord ( top bloke )he is from kent and brought the pub out here when a pb closed down in Kent about 18 months ago......If you live in Queensland near gold coast I would highyl recommend a visit , everyone prob already knows about this but hey !!!!
  22. Hey there. Just to brief we are in the process of gatering documents ect to emigrate to Perth, its a long (and boring) process and after a morning of paperwork ect I now need a drink. Anyone care to join??
  23. Hi all, arranging a pub crawl for Saturday 30th, meet at the Marlborough Hotel 8pm, which is close to MacDonaldtown train station, very close to CBD, we want to be in kellys bar by midnight.... but quite flexible Lots of great pubs.. PM me and Ill give you my mobile so you can check where we are, prob be in The Marlborough till atleast 9pm, Hope to see you all there!!:tongue: Jackie
  24. Guest

    Miss your pommy pub?

    You can enjoy a pommy pub in QLD!! We have a replica english pub with authentic atmosphere at our B & B at Mount Mee, 1 hour from Brisbane.Windermere Manor Mountain Escape -- look us up on the web. We love to meet English people. We are only adoptee poms as we lived over there in the eighties. we loved it, but had to come back to oz for the good weather & cheaper real estate! We would love to look after you for a weekend. Come for a night & enjoy drinks & dinner in our English pub. Hope to see you soon. Sheree Rich. ph 54 982364
  25. Guest

    english pub the real deal!!!!

    Hiya Just a quick note, has anyone been to the Fox & Hounds at the bottom of Tamborine Mountain, we found it on Saturday, it opened last week we got talking to the landlord who said he brought over all the fixtures & fittings etc from the UK and has had them in storage since 84!! anyway great pub in a great location check it out. Thursday night is Indian night where the chef is from the UK so should be a good night, I am deffo going back. Hubby has gone to work with all the details, I will add them later. Sarah x