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Found 120 results

  1. Captain Roberto

    Visa application - submitted vs Lodged

    Visa application - submitted vs Lodged We submitted our application on the 15th september and uploaded all our documents on the same day. the only thing to follow was the medicals which were done late October. Our status always said 'submitted' - and since our EOI time expired (the 60 dates from invitation time has elapsed), it now says 'lodged'. Is this normal? did we lodge when we submitted/paid and uploaded all our docs, or is it only lodged now? I wasn't sure how it worked. I thought submitted and lodged meant the same thing maybe? has anyone else who has done their own application had this? Thanks The Roberts family.
  2. Hi, I'm new here. My names Tony and I just wanted to log my progress and follow up on any other applicants' processing times. I lodged my 309 Partner Visa on 21st February 2014 online, our CO contacted us in March, all documentation was completed in May, Medical and Police checks were completed at the end of June. I always like a bit of wishful thinking and have flights booked (but can be changed) in November (81/2 months after lodging my visa). I'd love to hear about other applicants around this date. On another note, I recently emailed my case officer for confirmation of my medical checks and I obviously asked for an approximate time frame for my visa to be granted but I didn't get a reply from my case officer, instead I got a reply from a guy named Luis who informed me that if all documentaton is submitted then I should just wait. I thought I had my case officer until my visa is granted and i have purposefully only emailed her twice as to not be annoying. I'm a little annoyed that because I've been a bit more of an "easy customer" that she can't even be bothered to reply to me.
  3. Chardy

    176 lodged June 2011 Gang

    In the same light as the May variant, I thought this would be useful to track the applications for June 2011. We lodged ours last night so we would be 1st June in Oz. :wink: Here are the gang under their lodge dates ! 27th May SUZY - WA has CO............VISA GRANTED 14-7-11.........!! 31st May irishdancing - WA..........VISA GRANTED 5-9-11............IN PERTH SINCE 15TH MARCH 2012 LOVING IT!!! 1st June Chardy - WA has CO !.............................................................................VISA GRANTED 31-10-11.......!! :spinny::v_SPIN: artetaneville - FAMILY mandi1971 - WA has CO..........VISA GRANTED 1-8-11.........!! 2and3 - has CO..........VISA GRANTED !! John_newland - WA has CO.........VISA GRANTED 4-8-11.........!! 2nd June Yachtmaster - SA has CO bambio - WA has CO 3rd June Woodster - VIC has CO..........VISA GRANTED 13-9-11.........!! waltzing_matilda - WA has CO.........VISA GRANTED 5-8-11.........!! dazsfa - WA has CO...............VISA GRANTED 17-8-11.........!! Luckyc2000 - VIC has CO.......VISA GRANTED 22-7-11 ......!! 4th June Pixie10 - SA has CO............VISA GRANTED 1-8-11.........!! sam_and_craig - WA has CO .......VISA GRANTED 26-7-11 ......!! Lisa83 - FAMILY 5th June jimithechew - FAMILY saz71 - VIC has CO.........................VISA GRANTED 08-11-11.......!! eweasel - WA has CO...................VISA GRANTED 5-8-11 ......!! fossda - VIC has CO.......VISA GRANTED 3-8-11 ......!! 6th June derek1979 - SA has CO.......VISA GRANTED 1-8-11 ......!! SineadMurphy - VIC has CO.......VISA GRANTED 14-7-11 ......!! gcathya - ...............VISA GRANTED 17-8-11.........!! 7th June sarab - WA has CO...................VISA GRANTED 12-8-11 ......!! bungeeman - has CO TH82 - INDEPENDANT Si T - WA has CO....................VISA GRANTED 4-8-11 ......!! 8th June Deep - VIC has CO...............VISA GRANTED 1-9-11 ......!! MM79 - has CO 9th June b3njam1n0 /alix1412 - WA has CO....................VISA GRANTED 5-8-11 ......!! johnosmad - SA has CO...................VISA GRANTED 28-7-11 ......!! harrison_clan - WA has CO............VISA GRANTED 14-7-11.........THE FIRST OF THE GANG !! bsbs - FAMILY 11th June matimage - FAMILY 13th June woody123 - FAMILY jeffjen0626 - VIC laurab1987 - has CO.................VISA GRANTED 22-8-11 ......!! 14th June maity - VIC has CO.................VISA GRANTED 12-10-11 ......!! 15th June SineadFoley - WA has CO.......VISA GRANTED 3-8-11 ......!! Lucysdream - WA has CO.................VISA GRANTED 27-9-11 ......!! Crosby_family - WA has CO ......VISA GRANTED 28-7-11 ......!! len - WA has CO 16th June jenpen87 - FAMILY mdeejacks - WA has CO...............VISA GRANTED 17-8-11.........!! Doc Googles - FAMILY has CO 17th June the_waltons - WA has CO..................VISA GRANTED 15-8-11 ......!! 0113_danny - WA Farlz - WA 18th June fivetogo - NSWhas CO..................VISA GRANTED 6-9-11 ......!! 19th June canadiantooz - TAS has CO sakthikumar - WA has CO...............VISA GRANTED 4-10-11 ......!! 20th June clarkymint - WA has CO......VISA GRANTED 29-8-11 ......!! NorthernSoul - VIC has CO......VISA GRANTED 11-8-11 ......!! lindamck - WA has CO..........VISA GRANTED 05-9-11 ......!! 21st June Tommyg - FAMILY Luckyc2000 - VIC JKB - firefly-VIC 22nd June armandra - VIC has CO......VISA GRANTED 11-8-11 ......!! 23rd June diadaline - WA has CO.......visa refused :-( thornhilla - WA Fate_will_decide - VIC has CO ......VISA GRANTED 25-7-11 ......!! lesleybruck - WA has CO loulou1872 - WA has CO.....VISA GRANTED 7-9-11 ......!! AE101 - WA has CO...........VISA GRANTED 26-8-11 ......! thekelbos - WA has CO.......VISA GRANTED 22-7-11 ......!! RobnLinda - ACT has CO.......VISA GRANTED 26-7-11 ......!! 25th June monmonroy - NSWhas CO.............VISA GRANTED 27-10-11 ......!! gobikrishnan - WA has CO.............VISA GRANTED 1-9-11 ......!! 27th June HighPeakJulie - cpm - VIC has COhas CO......VISA GRANTED 18-8-11 ......!! 28th June Breezer - ACT has CO.................VISA GRANTED 22-8-11 ......!! 29th June sken - VIC Baazighar - NSW Nikko - VIChas CO.................VISA GRANTED 31-8-11 ......!! admalik - FAMILY jaffarms - VIC has CO.......VISA GRANTED 3-8-11 ......!! 30th June tdk43 - WA has CO.......VISA GRANTED 10-10-11 ......!! smiley - VIC has CO.......VISA GRANTED 22-9-11 ......!! Jambos - FAMILY Robgarner - VIC has CO.......VISA GRANTED 19-9-11 ......!! And that was June and goodbye old points system.. !
  4. jacb

    176 lodged December 2011

    Hi all we have finally just submitted our 176 visa!!! Is there anyone else out there that has submitted in December so far? Just a quick question. I have uploaded all documents required on the checklist but now when I go into the visa application using the TRN number to check the application it doesn't indicate that they have actually been uploaded and there is nowhere to upload anything else. Is this normal? :laugh:
  5. Guest

    176 visas lodged November 2011

    Hi there, Just was wondering if many/anybody who lodged their 176 state sponsored visa applications in November had been assigned a CO yet? I lodged on 11 November and am still waiting to hear from DIAC.
  6. Mizzmp

    176 lodged May 2011 Gang

    I just thought, there are a million posts on here with people lodging at diff times. Why don't all of use that lodged our 176 visa this may post our timeline on here and see how we progress? It should help us to see when we may get our answers! Bricklayer, VETASSESS Feb 2011, WA SS approved 03.05.11, 176 lodged online 14.05.11 (but only uploaded docs wk after). Awaiting CO.:jiggy:
  7. helene73

    176's lodged October 2011

    Hi guys we have just lodged out 176 on the 7/10/2011. Any others out there? We can all keep each other from going mad while we wait
  8. Hi all, I'm a recent (Aug 2010) 175 applicant patiently waiting in Cat 3. Being a bit impatient nevertheless, I applied for VIC SS under the new SMP and got a positive outcome last week. Now, according to the new DIAC rules, I have to lodge a new application, because my 175 has been lodged after Jul 1st 2010. The problem is that the DIAC electronic visa system doesn't allow me to do so! I've spoken with an operator at Adelade processing centre this morning, and she told me that I might need to lodge a paper application because of this. Did anyone lodge a new 176 application while having his/her 175 already lodged? What was your experience with this? Thanks!
  9. Bpremji

    175 June 2011 Lodged Gang..

    Hi all, Following on from the success of the 176 lodged threads, I thought it might be good to start a similar thread for the 175's... I appreciate it will be a lot slower and the updates wont be as quick but would be good to keep them all in one place... My time line is below...feel free to add yours...and....GOOD LUCK!!!!!
  10. Hey guys Hope someone can help?My employer has lodged the nomination part of my 457 visa last week, generally speaking how long until a TRN is issued? Itching to lodge my part but can't until receive TRN!:jiggy:
  11. Myself and my partner lodged our 176 family sponsored visa in Jan 2010, and have not heard anything, and does not look likely that we will in the near future. Starting to lose hope now...anyone got any suggestions?? I lodged as a Hotel Motel Manager which is my degree, but my experience is as a pastry cook/chef. Since Hotel Motel Manager is no longer on the SOL list, I believe that we are at the bottom of the pile and unlikely to ever get near the top. Is this correct? Our agent has advised that the best option is to try to find an employer willing to sponsor me, and go that way....however I am finding that impossible, as although I have qualifications in Hotel Management, I dont have much experience in that field, so employers are not interested. And where I am experienced ( as a pastry cook/ coffee shop manager) I cant apply for jobs as my skills assessment is not in that job. Does anyone have any advice or suggestions of what we can do? or are we destined to never get out to Australia.
  12. Can anyone provide any insight, I lodged a 176 sponsored by a family relative application a year ago to receive "Notification of invalid application" email. This is the relevant part of the response from DIAC: This application was made as an Internet application on 5 September 2010. Form 1277 was provided on 13 September 2010 however the sponsorship was entered into on Form 1277 after the day in which the application was made. As the applicant has not met the sub item requirement by providing Form 1277 at time the application was made, this application is invalid under Item 1135(3)(ca)
  13. Guest

    176 lodged feb 2011 group

    I've noticed other threads for groups that have lodged their 176 in the same month and its a great idea! We lodged our 176 visa in feb 2011, if anyone else lodged theirs in feb and would like to chat or track our progress pls feel welcome to post here... :v_SPIN:
  14. Hi, PROSPECTIVE MARRIAGE VISA LODGED/ WHAT MAY THE TOURIST VISA REQUIREMENTS BE?) Madly in love with my aus fiance - we met in Scotland (my land)in March 11 and fell pregnant within that month. We lived together for 3 months until we made the decision to move back to Oz to live and raise a family. My fiance had taken a year career break over here and has now moved back to her excellent job in the Australian Government - i plan to join her in a month. It is now September and we have not yet lodged the prospective marriage visa. But when we do in a week, I am hoping we can get a CO asap and advise them of my intention on heading over early for the arrival of our baby. Q1. Does anyone know if you still need to meet the tourist visa criterion i.e $3000 for 3 months and $6000 for 6 months etc or as she has a job with maternity pay, they may waiver the criterion a little due to her income supporting me? I am a chef but there is no work in scotland so we have found the last 4 months hard trying to save for PMV and flights along with bills being executed over here. Thank you for reading my post. Q2? Can you call up and get a CO immediately for a PMV?
  15. Guest

    176 lodged July 2011 Gang

    Hi all, I was waiting for some one to start this thread for 2 weeks now :laugh:. I lodged my 176 on 18th-July-2011. WA sent 1100 to DIAC on 19th-July-2011. Now I am waiting for a CO after uploading all the documents. Wish me good luck. :biggrin: ps: According to the auto reply from gsm.processing@immi.gov.au, state sponsored 176 visa are assigned a CO with in 2 weeks. However, I haven't been yet and it is 9 working days. :huh:
  16. Guest

    457 Nomination Lodged!

    Hi all Had an email from my new company to say that the nomination has now been lodged, and giving me my TRN for the visa application :biggrin: So now I have to start getting everything together for my visa application. Do I need to apply now or wait for the nomination to be approved? Also, with regards to the documentation - I have copies of all my certificates, plus passport scans, marriage certificate, birth certificates etc, which I will attach to the application. Will I need to provide an employer reference and police certificate when the application is lodged, or can they be attached at a later date? We're on holiday abroad at the moment so won't be able to start the ball rolling with these until we are back next week :sad: Pleased that a milestone has been passed, but still feels like I've crossed the foothills and have the mountain to climb! Noel
  17. Hello, I am about to apply for the 175 visa but I have also put in for a number of jobs which fit my requirements of where I wish to live, job role and salary. I would prefer to have been sponsored ideally by now and time has come to stop waiting for a sponsor which meets my requirements and get on with the 175 application. If I submitted by 175 visa but was offered (& accepted) a role on a 457 visa for example, when my 175 visa came through what would happen? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks, Stephen
  18. Tea4two

    176 lodged AFTER 1 July 2011?

    Hello! Just wondering if there are many people who have lodged an application AFTER 1 July who have been assigned a CO yet? The new guidelines for processing times say 12-24 months but I read about someone who had a CO two weeks after submitting so wondering if it's just a way to ensure they meet their targets. Can't face another winter in the UK but don't want to go to NZ if there is a chance that it could be only a few months till we get our visa. I know that no-one can answer this for me but am just looking for examples Thanks!:biggrin:
  19. mansukhpatel

    176 lodged August 2011 Gang

    Hi, Due to the changes in July, large volumes of the applications were submitted in Apr/June hence not much activity in July. Hopefully things will start looking up for everyone. We lodge our application today Allocation date for GSM Applications http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/estimated-allocation-times.htm 02/08/2011 mansukhpatel - SA
  20. HI! We submitted our defacto visa in Perth on 25th January 2011, around June 15th we got a call from Immigration recommending us to submit our Police Clearances and Medicals. We have finally got the medicals all completed and submitted them and clearances there last wednesday (13th July 2011). How long now should we have to wait for a final answer now? The fact that my partner hasn't worked now for 9 months is putting our financial situation in a pretty bad way, is it worth applying for financial hardship working rights? and how soon can they be approved if we go into immigration ourselves with all the info? Any info/advice would be extremely helpful :arghh:
  21. Hello Im hoping for some advice, a good friend of mine recently had her visa declined, it was for a regional sponsorship Migration Scheme BW 857. She paid a migration expert $2000 for the application and this was because herself or her boss wanted to ensure it was done correctly and her boss had never sponsorsed someone before. After recieiving the news it was declined she has found out its because she was nominated as a grade 4 (waitress) rather than grade 7 (manageress) her migration expert has acknowledge she failed to see this when she put through the application and should have been more vigilant. This is causing alot of upset and hassle for my friend because had it been checked properly her visa would not have been declined she has been told she can appeal and this is her only option can she overturn this any other way since it was clearly an error on the form and should the agent be liable for this? Thanks Helen
  22. oliman

    175 lodged June 2011 Gang

    Please join this thread if you have lodged 175 visa on June 2011. Include your details on the first post for reference purpose. Best of luck with you VISA Visa Type : 175 Skilled Independent Date Applied : 4th of June 2011 IELTS : L 7.5 R 8.0 W 7.0 S 7.0 Assessment : ACS ( Software Engineer )
  23. thanks to all the help we had off here, we were able to complete our defacto visa and lodge it ourselves without the help of an expensive migrant agent! I feel the pressure lifting slowly off the shoulders now that its all paid for and out of our hands... We front loaded the lot, police checks, medical and form 80 and lodged it this morning!, so hopefully we should get the visa approved by the 27th Oct if the DIAC do their job and get it done within the 5 months! Wish us luck and we will let know our progress! :jiggy:
  24. Hi Just wondering what would happen to our 176 visa application if hubby gets a job offer on a 457? Can we have both visa's? By the sounds of things the company in question would want him to relocate asap on a 457 but we have spent time & money on 176 visa to just give it up. Any help would be great Thanks in advance :biggrin: