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  1. Hi, Try www.ozhouserental.com. I know of a few people who have used them with no complaints. Becky
  2. Bexy71

    Easter eggs and dairy allergies

    Hi, my lil one has dairy and egg allergies too.She's only 3 and has never liked dairy free dark chocolate. This year i've found a dairy free egg online (UK) that claims to be 'milk' chocolate so hoping this will appeal to her. It won't taste like Cadburys to me but she has never tasted proper chocolate!! x
  3. Bexy71

    Dumped, stuck in WA

    Just wanted to say I'm thinking of you. And try not to make any rash decisions. You've got time on your side and it's very early days. I know it will be hard with child care but things may work out! Been on my own with a kiddie and it isn't easy anywhere!! Bex x
  4. Bexy71

    What book are you currently reading?

    BIll Bryson A walk in the woods on my Kindle. Don't know how i've missed reading it before as i love his books! I loved Down Under and i've had a couple of embarassing snorty moments in the coffee room at work laughing while reading this one! :-)
  5. Bexy71

    Work experience requirement

    Hi 2by2, Had to go back 8 years with the payslips and bank statements and i think P60's will do the job. I didn't supply enough initially so our CO requested the additional info they needed. I had an employer ref stating i'd been employed for 21 years but still needed proof!! We applied for a 176 sponsored by WA. Becky
  6. Bexy71

    Work experience requirement

    Hi 2by2, I didn't go through TRA skills assessment, mine was done through the professional body for medical scientists. However, both they and DIAC didn't question my claim for work experience and i needed the points for 8/10 years work experience. I specifically mentioned that the payslips/bank statements i uploaded to prove employment had gaps because i was on unpaid maternity leave and I now have my visa-so I guess it was OK! Good luck with your application! Becky :biggrin:
  7. Bexy71

    Whats involved in babies medical?

    Hi Spencer, Our 176 visa was granted 5 days after our medicals, and there was a weekend inbetween! The whole process moved a lot faster than i thought it would!! Becky
  8. Bexy71

    Whats involved in babies medical?

    Hi, We had medicals in December including our 2 year old and 14 month old. All the doctor did was listen to their hearts and chest and just a very basic physical check. The little ones head was measured and he asked a few questions but i think they saw enough just from watching them play. There didn't seem to be a formal assessment of any milestones and especially with your very little babies they are all different anyway. Don't worry, it will be very simple! Becky
  9. Hi We just scanned the bank statements and uploaded them. If our CO wanted to run a scam i think he had enough info to go on anyway ie birth certs, passports, addresses and utility bills! He gave us a visa though :biggrin: But i don't know what anyone else did. Beck x
  10. If you fancy Zumba there seems to be plenty of classes in the area, try zumba.com to search for Rockingham. I'm not there yet but keen to keep it up if we move!! Bex
  11. Bexy71

    176's lodged October 2011

    Congrats FB, we got ours too! What an amazing feeling! Been to work today trying not to smile like a loon too much! Our timeline is below. Bex
  12. Bexy71

    176's lodged October 2011

    Bingo: We live on the Isle of Man and Manchester is our nearest panel doc so had to be the plane (which is slightly better than the boat!). Shame you are both still waiting, you could have had a great weekend celebrating! We'd like to head to WA, haven't got a definite area, it will probably depend on job offers but we like the sound of Rockingham or Mandurah and if we could get work somewhere further south like Bunbury looks nice too. We will have to do a bit more research on schools/activities if we get the visa granted. How about you Helene? Bex x
  13. Bexy71

    176's lodged October 2011

    Hiya, What a day!! We were up at 4.45am, bounced around on a plane with two littlies and a teen , had our meds done and then bounced back home again this evening and we're still standing! You were right Helene and Bingo, they were fine. I thought they would be much more involved so hopefully everything will be fine. We will wait and see what happens now, you two must be any day now!! :biggrin: Bexy
  14. Bexy71

    176's lodged October 2011

    Helene73, Aw hon, it must be frustrating for you now. Did you email to see if everything was in order? We have our meds tomorrow and then we'll be waiting too. Lodged 26/9/11 so you're still ahead of us!!
  15. Bexy71

    886/176/475 State Sponsored :September 2011 Gang

    Thanks bingo, I'll make sure I remember those passports! We need them for ID on the flight anyway. Glad to hear you're getting sorted, you should hear by Christmas now. Any chance of a refund from your agent seeing as they weren't very good? even a partial one as a goodwill gesture? Bex