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Found 380 results

  1. i saw in the latest update that state spnsored application visa subclass 475 (offshore applications) will get their case officers allocated by may end 2012. is this true?
  2. Hi there. Need a bit of advice please. My daughter is on a 475 state sponsored skilled visa and is about to apply for the 887 permanent visa. The issue is she is going back to the UK for a holiday once she has applied. Does she need a bridging visa to allow her back in? Her 475 will not have expired but does it cancel out as soon as she applies? The website is so confusing! Thanks any help appreciated.
  3. Dobbsy

    Regional 475 to PR

    JUST WANTED TO TELL THE WORLD..... AFTER 5 YEARS (2 IN THE UK & 3 IN WA) WE NOW HAVE PR !!!! hee hee! Yes 5 years ago we started the migration process. We couldn't get a PR visa as they didn't recognise my GTP Teacher Training qualification. I worked as a Food Technology & Hospitality secondary school teacher in Derby, UK. Anyway after a lot of hard work from Maryanne at TRUE BLUE MIGRATION we managed to get a regional sponsored 475 visa in WA and we came across as a Vocational Teacher (adult education). Our visa conditions meant we had to live for 2 years and work regional, which was fine as we were only 1 postcode away from where we wanted to settle anyway. It was really tough for the first 18 months, finding the right employment. Literally taking a huge backwards step to make ends meet. But hey ho.... waitressing for a living wasn't that bad, not when the dolphins swam up to the boardwalk most days. My husband hasn't got a trade, so he too found it hard to get a job that could support all 4 of us. He was never really out of work, just took a while to get a better paid job. Our daughter was 13 at the time, and to say she struggled to settle would have been an understatement. She didn't want to move in the first place, so for a long time we had a black cloud over our adventure. So, with limited money, having to work many unsociable hours, an old banger of a car, getting to grips with our new way of life and a drama queen teenager you may ask us was it all worth it? My husband and I had a good life in the UK, lots of loving family and friends and I had a good secure career. It was when my husband got made redundant we decided to take the risk... and boy what a risk. But we wanted to 'live', no regrets, experience a bit more of the world, and most importantly give our children the opportunity to grow in so many more ways. Nearly 3 years on in this beautiful country, with many good and not so good bits (just like anywhere in the world) we have embraced Australia and its people and even though we have often questioned 'when will it all fall in to place for us?' we have never once said..... "lets move back'. I miss my friends and my family so much at times, I cry myself to sleep, and they will never be replaced. But we have met some lovely people along our Journey who are now 'proper friends' who we can relax with and enjoy good times. So for all of you guys out there who want to follow your dream, don't give up. It may take a while for it to happen... but then the best things in life are worth waiting for !!!!! and YES its worth it....... I feel alive ! (and thank you to all the members who have given me advice on this site over the last 5 years! :wink:) Timeline: 100,000 years ago - August 2011 granted temp 475 visa, moved to WA Oct 2011 absolutely skint on a shoe string, Applied March 2014 for PR (very straight forward on line application and $724), Case Officer August 19th 2014 - Visa Granted Sept 1st 2014 !!!!!!!!!
  4. We have met the one year regional work requirement on our visa. Whilst we are waiting to fulfill the two year regional living condition are we allowed to live regionally (i.e Mandurah) but work in Perth?
  5. Hello all 475 applicants can post their details and I will add them to this front page timeline to know our status.. All are entered in date order, So we can all follow easily where everyone is...:jiggy:I will be adding dates for visa grants too :v_SPIN: Thanks :notworthy: ____________________________________________________________ 2007 Pre September Applicants: Name: Virtual Bajwa Occupation: Public Relations Officer Visa applied on: 30/08/07 CO allocated: Yes (20/10/2009) Visa Granted: still waiting Heading to Vic ------------------------------------------------------------------- ____________________________________________________________ 2008 Applicants: Name: Jupiter123 Occupation: Management Consultant Visa applied on: ??/05/2008 (State sponsored) CO allocated: yes (July'10) Visa Granted: Sep'10 Heading to SA ----------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Manal Occupation: System Manager (2231-11) Visa applied on: 17/09/2008 (Family sponsored) CO allocated: No Visa Granted: Heading to Vic ----------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Kirubha Occupation: Business and Information Professional Visa applied on: 09/10/2008 (Family sponsored) CO allocated: No Visa Granted: Heading to Vic ------------------------------------------------------------------ Name: Kazzarazza's daughter Occupation: Marketing Specialist Visa applied on: 16/10/2008 (Family sponsored) CO allocated: No Visa Granted: Heading to SA ------------------------------------------------------------------ Name: VANDM Occupation: Business and IT professional (Non CSL) Visa applied on: 03/11/2008 (Family sponsored) CO allocated: No Visa Granted: Heading to Vic ------------------------------------------------------------------ Name: Raja Occupation: Internal Auditor Visa applied on: ??/11/2008 (Family sponsored) CO allocated: No Visa Granted: Heading to Vic ------------------------------------------------------------------ Name: Nitsy Occupation: Insurance Broker Visa applied on: 30/11/2008 (Family sponsored) CO allocated: No Visa Granted: Heading to Vic ------------------------------------------------------------------ ____________________________________________________________ 2009 Applicants: Name: Jebin Occupation: Welfare Worker Visa applied on: 26/03/2009 CO allocated: No Visa Granted: Heading to SA ------------------------------------------------------------------ Name: Jimmy Occupation: Vocational Teacher Visa applied on: 04/04/2009 CO allocated: No Visa Granted: Heading to NSW ------------------------------------------------------------------ Name: Southerncross Occupation: Sales & Marketing Manager (1231-11) Visa applied on:20/04/2009 CO allocated: 02/02/2011 Visa Granted:15/04/2011 Heading to SA ---------------------------------------------------------------- [/font][/size]Name: Atul Occupation: Valuer Visa applied on: 24/06/2009 CO allocated: No Visa Granted: Heading to SA ---------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Dream Occupation: Botanist Visa applied on: 30/06/09 CO allocated: Yes (??/08/2009) Visa Granted: still waiting Heading to SA ------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Jackd Occupation: ????? Visa applied on: ??/06/09 CO allocated: Yes (??/08/2009),job verified Visa Granted: still waiting Heading to ?? ------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Jamtart Occupation: Disabilities Service Officer ( not on new SOL) Visa Applied: 30/06/09 (family sponsored) Co Allocated: NO Visa Granted: Heading to: QLD ----------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Aituhin Occupation: Marketing Specialist Visa applied on: 19/08/09 CO allocated: No Visa Granted: Heading to NSW ---------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Ozamatic Occupation:Real Estate Sales Person Visa applied on: 27/08/2009 (State Sponsored) CO allocated: No Visa Granted: Heading to SA ---------------------------------------------------------------- Name: LeeBaker3 Occupation: IT Manager (Project Manager) Visa applied on: 28/08/2009 CO allocated: No Visa Granted: Heading to QLD ---------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Mark&Robyn Occupation: Bricklayer Visa applied on: 01/09/2009 CO allocated: No Visa Granted: Heading to QLD --------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Team Rennolds Occupation: Office Manager Visa applied on: 04/09/2009 (state sponsored) CO allocated: No Visa Granted: Heading to SA --------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Manpreet Singh Occupation: Civil Engineer Associate (family sponsored) Visa applied on: 09/09/09 CO allocated: No Visa Granted: Heading to Vic --------------------------------------------------------------- Name: MLSDQ Occupation: Graphic Designer Visa applied on: 09/09/09 CO allocated: No Visa Granted: Heading to SA --------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Aivaan Occupation: Production Manager(Manufacturing)(Not found in new SOL) Visa applied on: 17/9/2009 CO allocated: No Visa Granted: Heading to SA -------------------------------------------------------------- Name:Padayachee Occupation: IT Manager Visa applied on:18/09/2009 CO allocated: 02/02/2011 Visa Granted:17/03/2011 Heading to SA -------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Choksy Occupation: S & M Manager Visa applied on: 22/09/2009 (State Sponsored) CO allocated: No Visa Granted: Heading to SA --------------------------------------------------------------- Name: 3jps Occupation: Marine Biologist Visa applied on: 16/10/2009 (State Sponsored) CO allocated: No Visa Granted: Heading to SA --------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Michelle & John Occupation: Project/Programme Administrator Visa applied on: 27/11/2009 CO allocated: No Visa Granted: Heading to WA ---------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Grada Occupation: Pre Primary School Teacher Visa applied on: 30/12/2009(State Sponsored) CO allocated: No Visa Granted: Heading to QLD ---------------------------------------------------------------- _______________________________________________ 2010 Applicants: Name: ADAM & LYNDA Occupation: Building Associate (Non CSL) Visa applied on: 12/02/10 CO allocated: No Visa Granted: Heading to SA --------------------------------------------------------------- Name:Ramseh Occupation: Marine biologist Visa applied on: 23/03/2010 (State sponsored) CO allocated: No Visa Granted: ?? Heading to SA --------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Rebejes3 Occupation: Counsellor (nec) Visa applied on: 23/07/10 (State sponsored) CO allocated: No Visa Granted: Heading to WA --------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Lobsters Occupation: Air con & Refrigeration Mechanic Visa applied on: 13/12/10 (State sponsored) CO allocated: No Visa Granted: Heading to NSW (Murray Region) ---------------------------------------------------------------
  6. Dear all, I am the main visa holder on a 475 visa which we hope to convert to an 887 visa in 2 years. Can anyone recommend a good migration agent that is experienced in this type of visa please? Also, our UK agent advised that although I am the main visa holder, it could be either myself or partner who fulfils the work requirement. I am hearing advice to the contrary but the application form for the 887 visa does seem to indicate that my partner could be the main applicant for that visa. I would be very interested to hear from anyone that has been in a similar situation. I have consulted immigration and am waiting to hear back from them. Many thanks, Vickie
  7. For those considering a State Sponsorsed skilled visa, here are the number of available State Sponsorships for the year to 30/06/2013, and the number of Sponsorships actually issued as at 10 days ago: WA - 3,850/1,283 VIC - 3,700/414 NSW - 2,600/228 SA - 2,400/750 QLD - 1,850/36 ACT - 1,100/178 NT - 600/66 TAS - 150/16 TOTAL - 16,250/2,971 Clearly the rate at which Sponsorships are issued is going to have to accelerate significantly over the next 6 months. As an aside, has anyone who has a trade occupation received an invitation to lodge a subclass 189 visa yet? It seems to me that only Accountants, Engineers, IT occupations, teachers, and medicos have received invitations thus far => those with trade skills really ought be progressing State Sponsorship applications if they want comfort as to a positive visa outcome. I have the numbers for the new business innovation visas too - anyone who is interested should send an email to me. Best regards.
  8. Hi Guys wanted to share my experience with anyone looking at 475 visa - now renamed 489 regional sponsorship. I made contact with Queensland government regarding the areas I would like to live and work and they informed me that they are in the process of looking at and revising the approved list of regional areas. I queried area 4551 in particular (this is Caloundra / Sunshine Coast) and she said that this was one of the areas they were considering taking off the list. In essence, I think they plan to reduce the regional list for the Sunshine Coast. She told me not to worry because they have been in discussions about the area list for 3 years and nothing has changed yet. For the moment though, it would seem that 4551 and similar postcodes are allowed for the purposes of meeting permanent residency criteria. Millie x
  9. Etienne

    Medicare on 475

    Hi, I am just about to leave for Australia on a visa subclass 475 (provisional). Becaause Australia has a reciprocal agreement with the UK my wife and I have limuted health cover. But we are thinking of getting provate health insurance nonetheless. Can anyone give some advise on this? Such as: Which types of plans are out there Do they cover health and dental What is ambulance insurance And then also can someone explain the process to register for medicare?
  10. littlem

    Self employed on a 475

    Hi dont know if anyone can help on this. If we went to Oz on a 475 regional visa and started a businness (consultancy type) would we be allowed to work with clients in the metro area. The visa stipulates living and working regional areas, however i am thinking if the office was based regional we lived regional, some of our clients would obviously be regional but also some in the city, could that work. Would that be allowed under the working regional rules. As a business we would be mad to turn work down on the basis of the companies location but would that jepodise a conversion to a permanent visa? I am not sure where the best place is to ask this question would it be DIAC? Any ideas, expereince on the above would be appreciated. Thanks Michelle
  11. grada

    475 QLD Cat 5 New Applicants

    Hi, We have been trying to get a visa since 2005. We have had deal with to the constantly shifting skills lists and eligibility criteria which has affected our progress. To cut a long story short we now have State Sponsorship with QLD for the 475 Regional Visa that arrived the other day, for occupation not on the CSL (Pre-Primary Teacher) which puts us in Cat 5. It took us so long to get the sponsorship (applied in May), and very pleased we now have it, but after reading all the recent news about processing those on the CSL, then looking on DIAC's timeline that for new non CSL applicants, we could be waiting until after 2012 (3 yrs) for applications received after Sept 09 changes (the visa itself only lasts 3 yrs!). I have also heard that they are scrapping the CSL list, but does this mean that they will not be using it as a priority processing tool after Jan 2010? If so where does that leave new category 5 applicants, and does that same timeline apply? The visa charge is $2,525 which we need to pay, and we have got this far, so we are keen to progress as it has been our goal for such a long time. I am just confused as to whether to submit the application, pay up and see, or are we just in for another long wait, as if we will not get looked at until 2012, that will be 7 yrs of dealing with migration, having already had to adjust to the changing goal posts just to get halfway! Is anybody else in a similar conundrum?:wacko:
  12. Guest

    Calling all those on a 475

    Hi there I am wondering if anyone can help - I have received my grant letter for my 475, the wording on my grant letter is "this visa is valid for a period of 3 years after the date of first entry" however on the visa entitlement page on the online system it states: visa grant date: 12th jan 2010 visa expiry date : 12th jan 2013 enter before date : 12th nov 2010 entries allowed: mutliple entries to and from Australia during the validity of your visa must not enter after: 12th jan 2013 period of stay : 03 years stay on each arrival my thoughts were that I could do a validation trip later this year and then do the move summer 2011 and have 3 years from summer 2011 - is that correct as it doean't appear to be the case if I read the grant letter??? Help pleaseeeee!!
  13. Hi everyone! I have a question about primary school education in Western Australia, hopefully someone'll know! We have been granted State Sponsorship but have to apply for the 475 temp visa as we fell just short of points for PR visa. We have a 6 year old daughter. I understand we're not entitled to any benefits when we get there, but what about school fees? I'm reading conflicting information online and I am confused and concerned! We will most definitely be struggling for a bit when we get there, all things considered, and need to account for everything we need to be thinking of financially. We are under no illusion that it's a cheap place to live, we just want to make sure our daughter gets a good education! Any info would be great! ps.. we're going on the regional sponsored programme so won't be in Perth. Cheers!
  14. Hi, I received a sponsorship letter from the South Aus (SA) gov in Sept 2008. I realised that their rules changed on 1 Jan 2009, but they confirmed that I still fall under their old rules (6 months to lodge an appl with DIAC as opposed to 60 days). I therfore completed my DIAC application last night online, and where given a TRN as soon as I made the credit card payment. I was taken to a screen with a document checklist, a function to attach scanned documents, and a function to create a password. I had a look at the document checklist (and realised that I had MOST of the required documents), so the next step would have been to scan the documents this week and attach them) I wrote down my TRN (as I am supposed to fax it through to the SA gov) I created a password (the function required it be entered twice) MY PROBLEM: When I tried to access the attaching of scanned documents to applications function afterwards, it kept on refusing my password. This worries me as I would like to get the documents attached to my application as soon as possible. I am not sure why my password being refused, but the DIAC site is quite vague on what my alternatives are. It states that "Applications lodged on or after 1 September 2007...If you lodged a paper application or you are unable to attach documents to the application online through the eVisa system they can be emailed to the department...adelaide.gsm.documents@immi.gov.au...When your application has been assessed you will be advised of a further email address to use in providing documents. Please only send documents to that address" ???? - I am now 100% confused, do I email the documents (such as passport bio page, sponsorship letter, etc) to the email address stated, or do I wait for them to ask for ANY documents??? The SA gov letter states that I must "FAX a copy of the full Notification document with the TRN number from DIAC together with a copy of this letter to Immigration SA on +61 8 8204 9244" - my online application did not supply a full Notification document, but did supply a TRN. It did however supply a full copy of my application which states the TRN. What exactly am I supposed to fax and is there any way I can make sure they received it and are dealing with it? Any advise greatly appreaciated. Et
  15. tigrisbd

    Multiple application at DIAC

    Hi All, I lodged my 475 visa application under State Sponsorship from South Australia on 21 Jun 2012. However, recently DIAC has reduced the pass mark to 60 which triggers my possibility to apply for 190 Permanent Visa again under state sponsorship. Now I have two questions in my mind: 1. Will South Australia still be interested to sponsor me for Permanent visa (subclass 190) for the year 2012-2013 considering the fact that they already sponsored me for Temporary visa (subclass 475) for the year 2011-2012? 2. Is there any restriction/bad-affect at DIAC for lodging multiple visa for same applicant? Although the applications are for DIFFERENT program year and for different category i.e. temporary 475 and permanent 190? If somebody comes forward, will be helpful for me.
  16. Hi today Jun 21, 2012 I have lodged my 475 visa at DIAC. I heard before that documents need not be certified for online applications. Original documents just can be scanned and uploaded/attached at DIAC. However today when I am uploading the documents, THE MESSAGE next to EVIDENCE OF AGE (for example) reads that, it should be certified. I am confused now, whether all my documents/certificates need to be certified or not? Someone please advise.
  17. Hi all, it is going to be very much appreciated if anyone can give us any kind of information on our case: I had my offer letter from University of Melbourne for a 1 year long master by coursework program and I will apply for 573 student visa in a few days. However we are in the middle of a very big dilema. My husband - ICT business analyst- had his skills assesed from ACS, passed IELTS and got qualified for regional state sponsorship skilled migrant visa and he is planning to apply 475 visa offshore right after he gets the dependent student visa. Does this create any problem regarding GTE (genuine temporary entrant). What do you suggest us to do? We have 2 small kids and we want to spend these 2 years of processing time in Australia. We have enough funds to support ourselves because we sold our home. We don't want to mess up the longterm goal of 475 and then 887. After 1 year when my masters finish, I will apply to another 1 year-long program. But then it can be oficially known that my husband applied for skilled migrant program and so does this constitute a problem regarding a new student visa? I am afraid they may refuse my visa because we also applied to immigrate. I am really confused. Any input is desperately needed, please share your experiences. Kindest regards
  18. We have been awarded a 475 regional provisional visa sponsored by Western Australia. Due to lack of job offers etc we have not been able to emigrate and our visa expires in July 2010 if it's not activated. Can we go over for a holiday just to activate it and return home after a couple of weeks? Will it remain active for the three years it's supposed whilst we're in the UK, for us to return to Oz when possible? Is it possible to change visa categories without starting the whole process again? Our circumstances have changed and I think we would qualify for an independent migrant (subclass 175) visa. Thanks dazarooni
  19. WeegieDave

    WA 475 Visa Regional Area's?

    Hi everyone, Just wondering if anyone can tell me the regional areas for a Western Australian state sponsorship 475 visa? Many Thanks David
  20. Are there any 475 cat 04 family sponsor applicants?. If so, please share your time lines and other queries..... :idea: Thanks Samk6
  21. After 5 months of waiting and waiting, here we are !!! :wub: Our entry date is before PCC expiry date. Now we need lots of info about WA regional areas. Many thanks to everybody who shared their info in this fantastic forum :notworthy: Best of luck to all of you!!!! Valerie and William
  22. Hi Guys, So I have some questions that i'm going to keep in the one post if that's ok. If anyone can shed any light for me I would be hugely appreciative! So i'm a 26 year old carpenter from the UK. I've been to Oz on a WHV and came back to this "country" 6 months ago. I am now desperate to go back. I have no paper qualification- time served. I have a Grandfather in Perth that will sponsor me on a 475. On the current points system I have 30 for my age, 10 for my IELTS (8.0), 10 for my grandad sponsoring me, 5 for working year in Oz 5 for working 3 or more years in UK So 60 points at the moment. Now the questions: On my IELTS I received a score of 8.0-(7.5,7.0,8.5,8.5), Does this definitely mean I will only get classed as a level 7 having not cleared 8 in all 4 areas? If so then I will re-take and providing I pass this will give me my 70 points. Just rather not do it again! Alternatively (and I may still do this regardless) there is a very short course for time-served tradies such as myself that I could complete- It is an NVQ- would this be recognised as a trade qualification for 10 points? I need to have my skills assessed by I believe the TRA? Does anyone know who does this in the UK (I am based in London-although will obviously travel anywhere), how much this generally costs and potentially most important- how long this takes in terms of booking it now and completing? Where all the applications are changing on July 1st I really need to book a test in between now and then- does anyone know what the wait time is on this kind of thing? Would I be able to start the visa process without this in place first- providing it will be completed shortly after application? Are points given if you complete this assessment? How difficult is this course? If they chuck up something i've not done loads of how harsh will they be? Do I get a chance to re-take? I have my girlfriend that I would like to place on the visa also- does this cost extra? She is French, has an IELTS of 7.5 and we have been together for long enough and can get the evidence to prove etc. How difficult a process is it to add her? If she did not qualify for any reason would it affect my visa application? Or would they just minus hers off? One other option that I would like to know about is State sponsorship. I know it make no difference in terms of points but is this easier in any way to get? Do they have to place you in their own specified area? For instance WA has itself completely as a designated area but if I go state sponsorship with them will they still allow me to choose where to go within WA? Help on any of the above would be greatly appreciated as I really don't want to go into this EOI thing they're doing now! Many thanks. Terry
  23. Hi welcomeWe have that question, my wife is pregnant , how we can inform immi about it?:wink:scanned MATB1, or a specific form ,Visa already granted,(475) , still living in uk, movin to Oz before childbirthregards D@A
  24. md8008

    475 visa timeline

    Hi all, This thread is for people with lodged 475 visa. Please share your timeline as below to know about future better: Sponsored state: Lodge date: Acknowledge date: CO date: Form 80 request date: Form 80 upload date: Medical: PCC: Any additional docs: Grant letter:
  25. garethl

    475 visa question

    Good day everybody, I have a question regarding a 475 visa. Is it possible for me to apply for this visa while i am here in australia with my visitors visa? My parents have permanent residence here and is willing to sponsor me, my wife and child. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated Thank you in advance Regards Garreth