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WA Police UK recruitment- I got through!


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First post, so here goes:chatterbox:

I've just received my conditional offer of employment with WAPol.

I took part in their latest recruitment drive over in London.

Its now time for Visa applications!

Just wondered if anyone else on here is at this stage or has recently made the move who could offer me some advice.

Main things I'm looking at;

Rentals, where to rent? Should I rent near the academy?

How much money is advised to bring over as a minimum?

Pension Transfer


Any general advice?


Thanks in advance x

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I believe the academy is in Joondalup so I would look at a rental there for e length of time you are going to be at the academy.


Beyond that it will depend on where you are posted to. WA is a big state and you could be anywhere from esperance to the far north - a distance greater than London to Istanbul. Even if you are posted to the city, you would not want to be still living in Joondalup if you are working in the south.


Everything though is going to depend on budget. Have a look at realestate.com.au for prices in the area.

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I would rent somewhere near the academy in Joondalup. It's getting better all the time round that area with a decent town centre, pubs, clubs, nice new apartments and houses. Everything round there is fairly new, Joondalup was bushland only a few years ago. Good luck, you'll meet plenty of police who've done the same thing as you and I'm sure they'll be passing on a few tips.

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Congratulations on getting through. Just curious, how much uk service do you have and is it all frontline policing. I ask because my husband was unsuccessful at last recruitment drive, he has 17 years service, some CID. Just interested to know if they took on anyone you know of with CID skills, long service etc. Wish you all the best in your new role.

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