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Found 119 results

  1. Hi All Can anyone recommend any good recruitment agencies in Melbourne specialising in Retail Industry? Currently, working Head of Division with prestigious retailer in the UK. Also, would it be be beneficial to have my resume done by services in Australia? If so, any suggested companies to use? Any feedback or suggestions greatly appreciated.
  2. Deano Nicholson

    Job Agencies - Sydney

    Hi all, I am Relocating to Sydney from the UK in Mid-December and was looking for any recruitment companies I could start submitting Resumes to, to help me get some interviews as soon as possible after I land. I am a Senior Planner/Scheduler. I have already started applying directly for Jobs but was advised employers would not be interested until I was physically in the country. Any help or pointers in the right direction would be much appreciated!! Thanks Dean
  3. We urgently require qualified (experienced) Glaziers for ongoing work. Preferably experienced in commercial glazing and aluminium framing is very much an advantage. For more information and to apply online click the link http://www.irp.net.au/job-search/job-details.php?Glazier/in/Fremantle+and+Southern+Suburbs/5887311
  4. Kindly share the Best Job search websites & Best Recruitment Agencies/Consultants of Australia.
  5. Hi, I work for a Rockingham (WA) based recruitment agency and we are looking for an Auto Electrician for our client who is based near Mandurah. As they have had some difficulty finding a good auto electrician with strong diagnostic skills, they are now considering sponsoring someone on a 457 visa which is why I have extended our job ad to come post on here. I'm copying and pasting our add which is also on numerous facebook groups as well as our own page and gumtree. If you are an auto electrician who is ideally already over here we would love to hear from you. Please note we CANNOT (due to the urgency of filling this position) offer sponsorship to candidates not already here. We also do not normally offer 457 sponsorship... this is strictly a one off deal due to the rarity of Auto Electricians!!! For more job postings like us on Facebook or if you are an employer looking for good candidates give us a call on 08 9529 1700 Seek Support are looking for an Auto Electrician for a fast paced workshop based near Mandurah, The job requires a good knowledge on a variety of small and large vehicles including some plant equipment. You will need to be a strong team player and have the ability to use your initiative. The hours are Monday to Friday 8am until 5.30pm, and along with great rates of pay, an excellent workingenvironment it also comes with a vehicle and mobile phone for the right candidate. Our client may consider taking over the sponsorship of 457 visa holders ALREADY in WA and looking for a new sponsor. Candidates who are not already in Australia will not be considered for this role unfortunately. Apply to Tracy jobs@seeksupport.com.au
  6. Hi, First post, so here goes:chatterbox: I've just received my conditional offer of employment with WAPol. I took part in their latest recruitment drive over in London. Its now time for Visa applications! Just wondered if anyone else on here is at this stage or has recently made the move who could offer me some advice. Main things I'm looking at; Rentals, where to rent? Should I rent near the academy? How much money is advised to bring over as a minimum? Pension Transfer Shipping Any general advice? Thanks in advance x
  7. This was posted on one of our sister forums. I thought it very interesting. The job these candidates are applying for may not even exist. WE'VE all missed out on scoring a dream job, but have you considered that wise, helpful recruitment agent might be lying to your face? Or pumping you for information about what's happening at your work? News.com.au spoke to a former recruiter who worked at three different agencies about what life is really like in the cut throat industry. On the recruitment game The former agent - who didn't want to be identified - said recruiters make their money filling positions in exchange for a commission from the company and the business is all about the bottom line. "You are just dollar signs. Often you know they're not the best person for the job and they'll get into the role and quit in two weeks. But all you care about is invoicing the client before they do. "It's an awful lot of resume flicking and luck. Sometimes you find other recruiters represent the same candidate. If you find out the other company has put them forward, you try to convince them they're your client, otherwise they get the $20,000. "It's hard because sometimes I've had four or five jobs on the go and you have 500 messages. Often there is no way to get through them all so you're just deleting them." "It's awful, I used to feel sorry for them. Some people are so lovely and you're lying to their face." On how much they make "It's anywhere from 15 to 30 per cent of the salary. Let's say a business development role is $60,000 base, if there is a car included it's usually 20-25 per cent of that whole package, so we're talking $10-13,000 for one placement and of course the consultant gets a piece of that depending on how well you are performing. "It's a lot of money for what is sometimes just resume flicking … you're thinking 'oh my god I just billed $15,000 from this candidate I've never met who happened to email me'. On creating fake jobs to drum up business "Often when it's quiet and you don't have much going, you'll put a fake job online to get candidates in," the former recruiter said. "Let's say I was working on a marketing job, I would put up a generic ad saying a company is looking for business development manager with five years' experience blah blah blah. "You'd get resumes, call up candidates and say 'you've got good experience,' when what you're trying to do is work out where they're going for interviews so you can ring up that company and say 'oh I heard you're looking for staff' then you pitch other candidates in." The fake position is never filled and the people that applied are none the wiser. "Sales people are always full of BS, they say 'oh the roles been filled or the client has pulled the role. Smart candidates can generally see a fake job and they're very wary. Particularly in IT where they do it all the time." On how they're really just pumping you for information The recruiter said once they have someone in an interview, they can find out "whatever you want" about their workplace. "You try and find out who their managers are so you can call them a week later and say 'oh I heard you're the IT manager at XXX here's my card'. A lot of the time you're just trying to get information out of the candidates about the place. They might dish the dirt on 'five people are leaving' and that's great because that's five roles you can fill. Often it's a fact finding mission. "It's harder over the phone but usually in the interview, because they want the job, there's so much trust in their recruiter and you don't know what they're thinking. Half the time they're thinking 'I hate you'." ‘I think I’m worth $50 an hour.’ ‘How about I pay you $25?’ Picture: Thinkstock. On fleecing people out of their pay "Let's say you have a temp candidate that wants $50 an hour. The client will often say we're going to pay you $80 so they pay us and we pay the candidate. So we say fair enough and you get your candidate in. "The candidate knows their worth $50 an hour but you say to them 'oh this client is on a really tight budget' you don't tell them who the client is at this point. You say 'look, they can only afford $25 or $30' whereas really you could pay them $40 and still make a profit margin." "Another thing we did is really screw down the temps, particularly if they're new. You have a lot of people that come from overseas, so they wouldn't know much about the market so you would try and hook them in on a six-month contract where they were being grossly underpaid. "A lot of the time people are desperate ... you can just say whatever you want and the candidate will often take it and you think 'wow I'm going to make commission this month.'" On advice for job hunters The recruiter said he eventually got out of the game and is now retraining for a different career. "I always say don't go to recruiters, go direct to the company. They've got an internal recruitment team and they don't care about making budget, they care about filling the role. I always tell people to stuff recruiters unless they can prove to you they've got this ongoing relationship with company. "If you're going to a recruiter for a temp job, don't believe their BS about 'they can only afford this much' really put your foot down and see what you can get."
  8. Liat Gould

    457 help!

    I am currently on a 417 working holiday visa and have almost finished my 6 months with my company and they just told me they cant sponsor me! I am in the recruitment industry and hope to find a new job soon which will sponsor me however, I have been told that companies like CXC will externally sponsor your 457 visa and you go on their payroll.. Does any one know more about this? I am happy to pay my sponsorship fees etc. Just don't want time to run out and it be too late. Also is there any way to apply without sponsorship without being on the skilled list? Any advise would be AMAZING! Thanks!
  9. The 2013 first quarter Clarius Group skills indicator, or occupation employment demand and skill shortages has been released.http://clarius.com.au/page/knowledge/clarius-skills-indicator/
  10. Hi All, I wanted to have some good pieces of advice from you... As far as I have seen in the SMP's, there are 2 states (WA & SA) AND 1 Teritorry (NT) that are sponsoring recruitment conusultant (Not sure whther occupation remains till the time my sister applies for it )... My Question is that what do you people think which state in terms of JOB VACANCIES and SALARY is the best for this occupation...For the sake of a quick decision for my sister...She can not decide as we donot know what the salary packages of diff states are and where my sister can find a job abit easily then the other.... Please donot give me links to different websites coz ive altrady seen them and they cannot giv a good idea abt actual real situation there... Thanks all................. Hoping for answers here
  11. RandC

    Wapol 2013

    Hey everyone I have recently submitted my application for the WAPOL. I was wondering if anyone else is currently going through the process or has recently been through it and could give me some inside information? Take it easy R
  12. Hi there, will appreciate if anyone could share the contact details a recruitment agent, someone who can provide a rather personalized/value added services from resume writing, interview prep and ofcourse placement service. Thanks.
  13. Hello everyone! Please refer to this old thread in relation to what I am talking about.. -- http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/jobs-careers/170232-417-visa-canberra-what-do.html Well i have relocated to Canberra, and it seems that all my suspicions where correct about the economics here.. (Vastly Public Sector, State or Federal) and the private sector is extremely limited in employment opportunities given the fact that I have a 417 visa. So what has happened now? Like i said in my previous thread, my background passion and experience is definitely H.R and Recruitment. I have gone to a few interviews that were open to the idea of 457 sponsorship. I am awaiting to hear back from 1 company for an answer (did interview on Tuesday.. today is friday, find out today, monday or tuesday according to them). However I do not have any backup options.. why? The temporary job market only exists realistically in the Public Sector - which I am not eligible to apply for The private sector does not have any temporary jobs that are willing to take on a 457 as it's temp to perm The private sector does not have any temporary jobs that are sponsorial regardless I do NOT want to go into the temp side of things - I am thinking long term in Australia, and i would like to get sponsored in the H.R and Recruitment side of things (obviously they are 2 very different things, but I have experienced in both). There is options are out there for SOME what of employment.. like temporary work as kitchen hand.. or doing things in hospitality.. do I want to do that? No. Will I eventually become desperate and do this.. well i have to. In Perth I was doing recruitment / H.R, and earning good money - however the economic / job market climate here is completely different. What i'm i looking for? Advise! I have a degree that specialises in H.R and Recruitment, as well as Business and Human Geography (Distinction with Honours), as well as 4 years experience in H.R, Recruitment, as well as work in Marketing, Sales, and Administration work. If anybody knows any routes I could take - people to talk to - or any opportunities you know out there in my situation - it would be wholly appreciated. My frustration is in regards that I'm ending up unfortunately quite clueless on what steps to take, and ending up a bit desperate. Hopefully some locals from Canberra can help me in this respect, and / or any east coast people in general. I appreciate everyone reading this and I hope I receive some replies on what to do. Cheers, Cory.
  14. aduffield76

    Looking for IT Job in Melbourne

    Hi All I am looking to try an make contact with a few IT recruitment agencies in Melbourne in preparation for our move over to Oz in 2013. Can anyone recommend any good ones? Or has anyone tried other methods? ie possible sponsorship? Cheers guys Andy
  15. Hi, We are currently looking for a Senior Recruitment Consultant for a boutique Perth based recruitment agency. The duties of the position are: Run a team of consultants for the white collar division Business development of current and new clients Advertising Interview and place candidates in vacant positions. Be able to fill Senior high-level positions as well as entry level admin positions. Suitable applicants must: Have at least 4 years’ experience in Recruitment (ideally ata senior level) Diploma or similar accreditation in HR or Business Recruitment Currently living in Perth, WA, or planning on movine to Perth soon. Benefits of the job: Generous Salary offered Travel allowances Mobile Phone Laptop Commission bonuses Sponsorship will be offered for the right candidate. Interested? please PM me or email directly kathi@nr.com.au
  16. Hi all,I will hopefully be getting my 176 Visa for a move to Melbourne soon and I wondered if anyone knew the best way to secure a job in IT over there :goofy:I have been assessed by the ACS...dont know if that makes a difference?Has anyone successfully got a job in IT in Melbourne?Is it worth posting your CV on websites in Oz before you go?What agencies do people recommend?Thanks alot guys
  17. emmaroo

    Recruitment Agencies in UK

    Hi Can anyone advise any agencies in Uk to register with? I have done a google search but never found that much! Thanks Emma
  18. Just as the title suggests. I am getting fed up trying to sort out our 175 I am considering on going on a 457 visa and securing a job so we can get out to oz quicker. Anyone heard of or used MAP recruitment? Thanks in advance
  19. Guest

    Recruitment in Canberra

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to apply for a 176 ACT sponsored visa - just in the final stages of research. Apart from Hayes which are the main recruitment companies in Canberra? I'm keen to speak to them to get an idea of the market and job prospects. Thanks, Stuart
  20. hey there Al you good people out there... Another question that is bugging my sisters nerves..... She has done BBA(Hons) with specialization in HUMAN RESOURCES from a university in Pakistan. She has worked and is still working in a recruitment agency as a recruitment consultant for 3 years now.. The problem is that after applying VETASSESS, she is a bit worried about the qualification that she has had.Whther BBA (HONS) in HUMAN RESOURCES is the correct qualification for the recruitment consultant ??? Or can they raise questions on even this???? Need help everyone please!!!
  21. Hi Can somebody pls te me what is the required education that a recruitment consultant must have had??? My sister did her bachelors (hons) with her Speciaization in Human Resources.We think that this is the required education for recruitment consutant becauyse HR is the field and recruitment consultancy is its branch....Do you think Vetassess will accept this education eve for RC???? I hope they donot make an issue out of nowhere????????????????? Give me suggestions pls??
  22. runslikeafish

    Recruitment agents or not?

    Hi all, We have a 176 PR visa (Tasmania) and are arriving in Hobart 1/11/2011 ( :biggrin: ) My wife is a physio and is in touch with a couple of recruitment agents. The agents she has spoken too regularly say things like "don't apply yourself as we don't want to double up the application" and "don't go with another agent" for the same (doubling up) reason. I've employed a few people in my career and I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't be that unhappy to receive more than one copy of someone's CV from different sources. It's fairly easy to see an ulterior motive for the agent not to want us to apply direct or through someone else but that doesn't necessarily mean that it is a good idea. So, does anyone have any experience/thoughts on this? I suppose we would both feel more comfortable with contacting loads of potential employers ourselves but don't want to do that if it will be detrimental to her job prospects. Much appreciated in advance! Tim
  23. Hi all is there an y one to guide me????? Does act smp list have the recruitment consultant 223112 ? If they do have it, then what are the requirements to get qualified for that sponsorship? Do they need a job offer also? What is the ielts score that they need? Also how much time does it tae for the processing of act regional sponsorship???? Please help us outtt guysss...!!!!!!! Thanks in advance
  24. Hi guys, A while back I remember reading a post which gave a link to a site with some tips on Government job applications - specifically how to answer the selection criteria. I have searched for this post and can't find it again. So if anyone knows where the post is, (it may have been by Quoll??) or who knows of a good site for this type of information or who can give some tips. I would be very grateful. Thanks:wubclub:
  25. We are looking for recruitment consultants for our offices in Sydney. We are an established company with a strong presance in the market and are looking for experienced and trainee consultants to cover construction and engineering market. For experienced recruiters we can offer sponsorship. Great salaries great prospects. Send me a PM for more details