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  1. Looks great nearly booked Croatia this year maybe next year.
  2. doubter

    what are you doing right now?

    Congratulations I've not been on for a while ?
  3. doubter

    £10 poms history question

    My understanding is she would be a dual citizen being born in the UK and eligible to apply for UK passport.
  4. doubter

    Leaving Family Behind

    ? Wasn't thinking about that when I was jumping ship
  5. doubter

    Australia should cut PR Visas

    You can only be called Ozzie if you are a guy and you come across like a Bruce not a Sheila ??
  6. doubter

    Leaving Family Behind

    Very true you think family will fall at your feet when you come back to the UK not always true. When I came back to the UK after leaving Australia for good I had to hire a car and drive home to Wales after the long flight.Reason there was a Wales rugby match on and nobody would fetch me from Heathrow ? They knew I was returning for months but still put their plans first. I used to have more contact from my parents in Oz via Skype than I do here in the UK and they live 10 mins away.
  7. doubter

    Sell our house or rent it out....??

    Each to their own but if I did it again I would sell though I did try last time but time frame was short and no joy. Unfortunately when you rent out it's difficult to get it ready to sell it on when you are the other side of the world. Part of the reason I returned to the UK was because I had options which made it easier. I had my house which I rented out and my old job having took a career break. I truly believe I would still be in Australia now if I didn't have those get out clauses and wish I had cut ties with UK altogether. My experience of renting out was a bad one. My rent payments were late luckily I had enough money in UK account to cover mortgage.I never used an agent mainly due to the cost and sorted tenancy agreement and everything else you have to do to rent out myself. When I came back to UK I never went back to my house I rented another house.Didnt want to give notice to my tenant because she had children and it was close to Xmas. She saw the writing on the wall and eventually left anyway. I rented house to someone I knew big mistake. You should have seen the state the house was left in.Damage to floors rubbish and their belongings left behind.I made 3 car runs to the local refuge tip.Things that cost a lot of money were either damaged or not maintained.All this was done in a year and I had no looks on the house. I had to redecorate throughout and luckily I managed to sell the house and buy another in a short space of time.Ironic really when I had no joy prior to leaving the UK.
  8. doubter

    Australia should cut PR Visas

    I thought you couldn't claim welfare on PR for the first 2 years that was the case when I was there.
  9. doubter

    Australia isn't for me!

    A whole lot of reasons and emotions can play a part in going back I will name a few.For me it was the distance to get anywhere within Australa more so than outside. I picked the wrong soulless suburb and area to live. I made the mistake of comparing to what I knew. I longed for old buildings and character. I know this exists in Oz but I wasn't in a position to move on. The main dislike for me was my job and where it was but I was stuck in it. Having said that I seen and experienced some great places and everytime I visit Europe I come away not feeling fulfilled like I did in Australia in regards to the scenery. I don't put the country down and I would go back, the time and place just wasn't right for me then.
  10. doubter

    What's your countdown?

    Suppose to start job in June given 6 weeks notice and sent me contract to sign without full terms and conditions. Just not possible to get there so soon at moment Understandably gone quiet on me when I asked for a later start date and more info ?
  11. Think positive take deep breaths and try and stay calm you will do it. It's all about nerves and not your driving ability,that comes with experience. Like I said before took me 5 times due to nerves albeit with lots of starting and stopping in between and I drive for a living. 30 minutes of agony or whatever it is these days and the best feeling after when you pass.
  12. doubter

    The Labour Party are Finished

    I watched it on the daily politics had to press the stop button was embarrassing.
  13. You won't I lose a week now not a day with a hangover. Thought years of practice would make me better ?