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  1. fjm

    RRV timeline question

    Thank you. You’ve been very helpful. I know you can’t say for sure, but do you think there is a risk of being granted only 3 months RRV based on my situation? Also, is it easier to use a RMA based in UK? Or Australia? What is the approximate cost involved for using RMA?
  2. fjm

    RRV timeline question

    Hi, thanks. I’m concerned I may only get a 3 month travel facility... If it’s 1yr then that’s fine as ties in. My husband and children are all citizens, my husband has a good job offer in the private defense sector. We were going to return sooner but my father suffered 2 heart attacks and has been very frail ever since. We wanted the children to spend time with him while they could. Now my eldest is 14, if we are going to move, we need to do it now before he starts GCSE work. I’m also concerned my RRV will be denied on the basis that I travelled to Australia in 2017 on a tourist visa...
  3. fjm

    RRV timeline question

    Is it possible to request a start date when you lodge the application? Or do you just have to take pot luck that the timeline will tie in with dates?
  4. fjm

    resident return visa

    I would double check with immigration as was under the impression that entering on a visitor visa would cancel the PR/RRV status?
  5. fjm

    RRV timeline question

    Thank you. Does anyone know the current processing time from outside Australia?
  6. fjm

    RRV timeline question

    Once a RRV has been granted, does the travel facility period run from the date it is granted or from date you enter Australia..?
  7. fjm

    Scotland or Melbourne?

    We’re already in the UK. Returned 9yrs ago, after 3yrs in Australia. Now considering a move back to Aus...
  8. fjm

    Scotland or Melbourne?

    Can I ask what made you return after 12yrs? We’re having thoughts of returning after 9yrs.... But the kids are 12 and 14 now so not as easy as when they were toddlers....
  9. fjm

    Still searching for a suburb....

    So when I look on google maps, the commuting time from Oatley is broadly similar to that of Beaumont Hills with Pennant Hills being shorter...?? And commuting by train just isn’t viable from the southern suburbs??
  10. fjm

    Still searching for a suburb....

    Thanks. Will look at those areas too. We previously lived in The Hunter Valley and spent some time on the Central Coast. So I guess that’s why we were naturally drawn to the northern suburbs - we’ve never even visited anywhere south of the CBD lol! All our friends live to the north in Central Coast and Newcastle/Hunter Valley.
  11. fjm

    Still searching for a suburb....

    Thanks. You’re right - very hard to gather information remotely. But it’s scary just winging it and hoping for the best lol! We’ve lived in Australia before, but only ever visited Sydney a couple of times. So our knowledge is very limited.
  12. fjm

    Still searching for a suburb....

    Thanks. Yes, exactly that - green, leafy village community atmosphere. But close enough to pop to the beach for an early morning/evening stroll or into the city for some shopping... But not so far out that we’d have to deal with snakes in the back yard... And no more than an hours commute to SOP... I know, I’m probably asking for the moon on a stick!
  13. fjm

    Still searching for a suburb....

    We’d rather not live that central and a flat is out of the question as we have a dog. I’m beginning to think that finding somewhere suitable to live that is within a reasonable commute is unlikely.
  14. Can anyone recommend a nice suburb to live within reasonable commuting distance (1hr max) from Sydney Olympic Park? We’ve briefly looked at Beaumont Hills / Pennant Hill’s area - are these nice suburbs? Children are 11 and 13 - main interests are sports and creative arts... We’d like to live somewhere with good schools (secondary). Not necessarily on the coast but under 1hr away would be nice.
  15. fjm

    Moving to Muswellbrook, NSW

    So where are you now.....?