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Found 61 results

  1. My wife and I are living in America and have just found out we are pregnant. We have decided we want to move to Australia to have the baby and plan on flying there at the end of July 2018. I need to apply for the partner visa and due to time, will need to apply for it onshore. I am wondering which visa I need to enter the country. We will be submitting our application as soon as we arrive.
  2. lhumphreys

    ETA while waiting for 189

    Hey guys, I'm a bit nervous and hoping someone knows the answer or knows where to find the answer. I'm hoping to submit for the 189 this month as I currently have 80 points in my EOI. Once submitting I am front loading everything and took the risk with my medicals and police checks. I'm hoping with a complete package I might have a faster outcome, but am nervous that the times have increased to 9-12 months. Here lies my dilemma. I'm getting married in Australia in December! I obviously would like to be able to attend my own wedding. Once submitted for the 189 can I continue to visit Australia? I have an ETA valid through September, and would like to go visit my fiance who already moved (Australian citizen but we decided on the skilled migrant vs partner due to cost/processing times/permanent visa). If so, I have heard that if you apply for an ETA while waiting for the 189 and it comes through even 1 minute after that it would bump the 189, and now I would be stuck back at the beginning. I thought that the way around this would just be to pay for my ETA again now, prior to applying for the 189 to make sure this wouldn't happen. However, it says on the ETA website that since I have a valid ETA until September 13th- that the new one will become active September 14th. I'm nervous that if I submit for this and possibly have my visa prior that when this becomes "active" it will bump my visa. All in all, just trying to find a way to pray I can be at my own wedding! All advice is appreciated! Thanks so much!
  3. Hi all, I have a rather urgent question about multi-entry ETA visas as I have a trip scheduled to Australia from the US on January 4. I am a US Citizen and my partner is an Australian citizen. I was planning to come to Australia and apply for a partner visa onshore in February. I am needing to make a quick trip to Australia beforehand in January for family issues related to my partner's family. My plans are to leave the U.S. January 4, return to the U.S. mid-January. Then leave the U.S. mid-February and apply for the onshore partner visa at during that 3 month period. I want the bridging visa to take effect at the end of the 3 months from the February entry date. My question is if I apply for a multi-entry ETA visa that allows for 3 months with each entry for a time period of 12 months, will the bridging visa take effect at the end of the 3 months from that February visit or will it take effect at the end of the 12 months and force me to leave every 3 months? I have found a lot of conflicting information on the internet plus I know immigration rules are constantly changing. One piece of information I found said at some stage prior to the completion of the second 3 month stay period, I would need to apply for a subclass 600 for a specified period to extend my stay past the 3 month allowable time frame on an ETA and apply for the partner visa during the time I am on that visa. I believe the intended effect is that the 600 visa would supersede the original ETA visa so that I don't have to wait for the 12 month time period to lapse before the bridging visa takes effect. But other information I have founds says that the bridging visa would simply take effect after the 3-month period ends. I'm not sure which is correct. Does anyone have personal experience with doing this and not only applying for the bridging visa but actually having it take effect after the 3-month on a multi-entry ETA ends? Again, my trip is scheduled for January 4 so any quick replies are greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  4. chrisdarby

    RRV or ETA

    Hi, I am 37 years old, I am a british citizen but i've had permanent residency in Australia since I was 8 years old, so going on 29 years now. I have a young daughter (6 years old) who is an australian citizen and currently living with her mother, my ex wife, also an australia citizen, in Perth WA. I also have both of my parents and all of my siblings living in Australia as either permanent residents or a couple that have now gotten their citizenship, I visit both them and my daughter regularly. In Feb 2013 I renewed my RRV for 5 years to travel to the UK, I travelled to the UK in May 2013, got offered a very good job, and am now living and working here, and currently earning more here than I can with the same type of work in Australia, coupled with lower cost of living allows me frequent trips back to Australia as well as being able to send over increased financial support to my daughter. Between then and now i've travelled back to Australia 5 times, and plan to continue to travel to Australia (Perth) at least twice a year to spend time with my daughter (she also visits the uk at least once a year with her mother) and to spend time with my parents and siblings in Adelaide. My current RRV is due to expire late February 2018. I have travel back to Australia planned in March/April 2018, after my RRV expires. My problem is this, I have no ‘immediate’ intention to return to australia to live as a resident within the next few years, due to my current employment, the pay of which I can't match in Australia (especially considering the low cost of living where i am now), and coupled with the fact that I am in a long term relationship here in the UK. I have been advised when calling the immigration dept that renewing my RRV annually is going to become more and more difficult with the immigration dept eventually (if not sooner) questioning if i have any intention to actually come back to live and then outright denying the RRV. Within the next 5-10 years (or longer) providing things continue as they have, i have no intention of working in Australia, claiming benefits, using medicare etc, but need access to see my daughter, so I don't need all the benefits that come with an RRV at the moment, but if things change either planned or due to unforeseen circumstances, I don’t want to be cut off from my daughter or the rest of my family, due to a visa issue. What are my options? And what sort of costs are involved in ensuring that I can continue to legally visit my daughter in Australia up to 2-3 times a year. I currently intent to renew my RRV in January for 1 year, but my concern is what happens after that, what will happen if I have to switch to another visa (ETA or eVisitor) or something. I understand that ETA or eVisitor will allow me to visit for 12 months and stay up to 3 months at a time, but without the ability to work, etc which is absolutely fine at the moment, but if I do have to move back at some point either due to: a) Illness in my family in Adelaide or Perth b) issues with my daughter c) changes in circumstances in the UK d) something else. Will getting an ETA instead of RRV prevent me from getting another RRV in the future, I’ve had conflicting advice from two different people at Immigration and Border Control. Can anyone offer any insight?
  5. Hi, I applied for my subclass 417 visa online yesterday. I have a drink driving conviction from 2010, I did declare this but reading in some forums it seems there is another visa you can apply for if you have convictions. I don't mind getting my police record with just this on and presenting in if required in my application as I have never been involved with drugs/weapons or in jail. The friend I applied with was accepted in half hour, I was expecting a delay with mine but now worried and may have wasted 365AUD! Just wondering if anyone has applied this way with like convictions or has any advice? Many thanks
  6. Guest

    457 visa and previous ETA?

    Hi all, Am just going through the online submission of our 457 visa. Can anyone tell me if an ETA for a visit last year should be included in the section about previous visas? If it should is there anyway I can track down the date of application? On a related note does anyone have an idea of the processing time from this point on? Many thanks, Giles
  7. Hi All, I'm still in the process of filling in the online form for a GSM sc175 and I'm stuck on the question "Have you been to Australia......" The problem is that all my family have been at least once but we went on an ETA - the last time was Feb 2010. There doesn't seem to be an option for this as it seems to ask about proper visas - If I select 'Other' then it still wants a place of issue? We haven't got any details of the ETA either. Also my wife even had a Working Visa back in 1987, but can't remember where it was issued from.... My question is do I just say that 'No' we haven't been to Australia? I obviously don't want to lie but saying yes means that I can't complete the form without completing information I don't know!? Can anyone who has filled the form in help me please?
  8. Hello I recently entered Australia on an ETA visa with the intention of applying for a defacto visa once landing. I rang immigration yesterday and was told that regardless of how quickly my bridging visa was granted, it would not be activated until my ETA visa had expired (90 days from entering the country) and that I wouldn't be eligible to work until this time. Is there any way around this restriction? I can think of worse places to be unemployed for 3 months :biggrin: but am keen to get working as soon as possible! I also have a potential Australian job offer in the pipeline. Is there anything my prospective employer can do to get me into work more quickly? Immigration told me over the phone that a sponsorship visa also required my ETA to expire before being activated. Thanks in advance!
  9. Hi, I've been granted an ETA to visit Australia (by thevisabureau) and was careful to read everything to make sure that I do not violate any of the conditions. I have Ulcerative Colitis, which is under control and I am taking Mesalazine and Mercaptopurine for it. While in Australia, I will of course need prescriptions of these medications (no problem as far as I can tell) as you can only bring two month's supply across the border and I am staying for three months. The Mercaptopurine requires blood tests, which I will require three or less of during my three month stay. To ensure that I would be abe to get these, I contacted eta-general (at) visabureau (dot) com and the reply stated: "the conditions of at ETA for Australia state that you must have a clean bill of health when entering Australia. If this is declared, you may be refused entry to Australia with this particular visa. I recommend you apply for a tourist visa - 676 for 3 months. This will give you the opportunity to declare any medical issues and provide further information to the Australian government" I don't remember it saying you have to have a clean bill of health, but something more along the lines of "you must not require treatment that could reduce the quality of care we provide to Australian citizens". What are people's thoughts on this? Where can I find the requirements that I saw (and can't access again as my visa's been granted) while applying? Thanks for any help PS: I'd be particularly interested if George Lombard or someone else authoritative would reply to this
  10. I've asked a question here regarding using Australian healthcare with an ETA, so maybe it should have been under "Migration" in the first place: http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/flights-holidays/131658-eta-medical-conditions-under-control.html (Apologies if I'm not supposed to "double post" like this, just let me know and I won't do it again)
  11. Has anyone got an idea of how common it is that customs might refuse you? My second Working holiday Visa is nearly running out, I applied for the 676 onshore but got refused, and now I'm considering to take a trip to NZ for a few days. I know about the fact that you need to have an ongoing flight. I really like to spend christmas here with my friends and I have got enough funds to support myself and fly back home (Holland) after christmas. I'm about to make the decision to get rid of my rental apartment or take the risk of keeping it till I'm back in the country. I would really like to have a place to come home to if customs do let me cross the boarder. Any ideas? And what would you do in my situation? Move out of the apartment or take the risk? Thanks in advance!
  12. First of all thank you very much for letting me use you forum. I am a British Citizen living the last 17 years in Israel (Still have a valid British Passport). I wish to apply for an ETA, but I have a light conviction in Israel - not in the UK, for which I served 2 months community service. To be eligible to apply for an ETA it says you must have no criminal convictions for which the sentence or sentences (whether served or not) are for a total period of 12 months duration or more. So: I served only 2 months. It wasn't in the UK, would they even know? What do I do? Thanks.
  13. Hello ... not sure if anyone can help with this but maybe somebody has been in this situation. I'm an Australian citizen and my husband is a US citizen. His spouse visa was refused a year and a half ago because of the health requirement and we are awaiting an MRT appeal. We currently live in the USA and want to visit my family in Australia for 3 weeks over Christmas/New Year. Last time we visited, all we needed was an electronic travel authority for my husband but that was prior to the spouse visa refusal. Does anyone know if he can still just get an ETA or does he need to apply for a Tourist Visa? (I know, I'm probably going to have to call the Australian Embassy but maybe someone here knows the answer, on the off chance!) Thanks for any help, Jen
  14. Hi everyone!!! This is my first ever time on a forum so you will have to bear with me!! And I promise to repay the favour and help anyone out with anything whatsoever in future regarding partner visas as it is just so stressful. Can anyone shed any light/offer any advice at all on my situation? My Boyfriend (Aussie) and I got together 3.5 years ago in London. At the time he decided to make the move back, we had not lived together to fulfill the 12 month requirement, and seeing as I had had a working holiday visa in 2006 (but never actually worked in the end grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr) my only option was to come over on a tourist visa. So I was issued a 12 month tourist visa, unfortunately with a 'no further stay' condition. Seeing as I made a trip out of the country last year, this is now due to expire on 14th November 2011. We have lived together now for the past 22 months...but now I just don't know what to do......I can try and get an ETA in NZ and come back on that, or lodge my partner visa in the UK (everything is ready to go except meds). I saw a lawyer today as I'm just going so crazy about it and he said that unless I wait at least 6 weeks, my ETA will be refused due to the time I've recently spent here. He also said that globally the processing time is 12 months, and that applies in the UK, and if I go home and lodge it there I cannnot get any visa to come back and be with my partner in Oz???!! Is this all true?! I just can't face a prospective year apart with just trips over from my boyfriend...although have spoken to immigration and they said that the processing time in UK is 5-6 months and I can get a visa to be with my partner if I lodge there?! Talk about contradictory!!????? I know you must all be stressed and muddle headed too...but if anyone can offer any advice whatsoever, I would be so grateful. Thanks so much xxxxx
  15. We are planning a reccie next March, ideally for up to 6 months. The ETA (976) and evisitor (651) visas only seem to allow stays of up to 3 months at a time. I know you can leave Oz and come back in again, but we have 3 children so would rather not. Does anyone know if these visas can be extended easily? If not, I guess we have to apply for a 6-month tourist visa (676), right? Does anyone know if the 110AUD fee is the same for children/infants too? Many thanks!
  16. stillwaiting79

    ETA & "8503/No Further Stay" Condition

    Hello PIO's I've got my ETA approved and its for 12 months - multiple entries - 3 months per stay. My question is; Can a 8503 be put on an ETA upon entry? Cheers, SW
  17. jo688

    Working remotely on ETA

    Hello Can anybody tell me if you can work remotely for UK based companies while you are in Oz on an ETA. I am a writer and write for UK mags from my computer. I am set up as self employed in the UK and invoice and pay tax on any earnings in the UK. I am not planning on working (I am coming to visit friends and do some sightseeing) and but I do have regular clients who often need commisions doing on a short-notice basis. Turning them down would jeopordise them commissioing me again but I don't want to do anything I'm not allowed. I'm not planning working for any Aus based mags or doing any cash in hand work while I am in Oz. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
  18. Hello I am glad I found this forum and I have done a lot of reading lately! Me and my friend have been staying in Australia since 8/11/2010, and our working holiday Visa (WHV) is expiring on 7/11/2011. But, like many others I want to extend my stay for another three months, so I can do some travelling. I know that I can fly over to NZ and apply for an ETA online while over there. I just have a few questions in regards to that. Here are the questions. (1) Can we fly over to NZ before the visa expires, then apply for the Australia ETA visa while in NZ after our 417 WHV expired as we are planning to travel in NZ for 2 - 3 weeks, once our Australia ETA have granted, will there be any problems with the immigration in Australia after our WHV visa expires? (2) How long does it take to grant the Australia ETA visa? (3) Will I get refused to enter NZ as I can't prove I'll be able to get into Australia after our WHV already expires. Is it necessary to book a flexible flight ticket back to Australia before our visa expires? After I have gained entry to NZ then I can change the return flight to a later date? (4) I am from Hong Kong and I hold a British National Overseas (BNO) passport and Hong Kong Administrative Region (HKSAR) passport. As I used my British National Overseas (BNO) passport to apply the 417 WHV and enter Australia with that passport, I know I have to use the same passport when I leave Australia. But can I enter NZ using the Hong Kong Administrative Region (HKSAR) passport? Will the immigration officer in NZ allow me to do that? The reason I want to do that is I want to apply ETA online. If I use BNO, I can't do it online. (5) As my friend is a British citizen and he can apply it online as a evisitor instead of online ETA application. I would like to know the processing time of the evisitor visa? Is it the same as online ETA visa? Hope it all makes sense to u guys Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a nice day, Noche
  19. Wilcer

    Help Please.....

    Hi everyone! I have recently sent in my application for a Prospective Marriage Visa 300 so I can get back to my girl in Perth. I understand its going to take approx 5 months to be granted but I've got an idea and wondered if it was possible? Could I go over on an ETA in September and wait for it to be granted then leave the country whilst it gets granted at a later date? If so, I currently have a valid ETA which lapses in October so could I apply for a new ETA before that to supersede the exisiting one? Also, would it be best to book a one way flight and a return to Bali at a later date (to get the visa granted) or would it be best to book a flight to Perth with an open return to Bali? Concerned about immigration in Perth! Thanks in advance!
  20. crazydaizy

    cancelled 2nd whv - travel on ETA

    hi i was in oz a few years back. Basically i lied to get my 2nd whv and the visa was granted. I realised what i did was very stupid so i cancelled this visa myself and never entered oz on it. However now i would like to travel to oz for a 3 week holiday to visit my fiance's family, does anyone think i will have an issue wit this. Could they refuse me entry at immigration even after they've granted me an eta. Also we would be looking to lodge a prospective marriage visa sometime next year. Does anyone think i could be refused entry due to the fact i lied previously, like i said i never travelled on the visa and i did cancel it off my own accord. Any input would be greatly appreciated
  21. Guest

    Applying for ETA visa...

    I would like to do this on -line, and have just filled in the application form, but before clicking to make a payment i realised that there hd been no questions of criminal records or my maiden name... i mention the criminal records bit, because i have one from over 20 years ago... im hoping it wont prevent me from going over as it wasnt anything too serious, im just concerned that it wasnt a legitamate site... can anybody advise me how to go about it... regards... clare:cute:
  22. Guest

    WHV to ETA to De Facto

    Hi all! I am currently in Australia on a WHV... I have been doing some fruit picking work as my original intention was to apply for a second WHV... However I am running out of time and in order to get my full 88 days I have to pretty much work everyday until my visa is up which isn't very appealing or practical at the moment... So, I am now looking at doing the following; staying here until my WHV is up, I have a return flight back to the UK booked so I am thinking about flying home for a few weeks then coming back out here on an ETA, my primary purpose for this, would obviously be to see my partner and also to do a bit of travelling as some of our friends are travelling out to see us (as my original intention was to have this second WHV)... The ETA would also mean that my partner and I can well and truly pass the 12 month living together requirement for a de facto visa... The questions I have are as follows, firstly my partner would not be flying back to the UK with me as he has work commitments here and therefore there is going to be a period of separation of about 2 weeks, will this be badly looked upon when we apply for a de facto visa? Or will it be okay as long as I explain that it was because of my visa restrictions and his work commitments that we were apart and give supporting evidence that we remained in contact during this time? Secondly, is there likely to be any issues getting a ETA so soon after my WHV?? And am I likely to face much questioning upon arrival in Aus?? I will have a return flight booked when I enter on an ETA, as I said previously my main reason is tourism but also to spend time with my partner. We also have open tickets to New Zealand booked, so I'm presuming it would be a good idea to book these for some time during the first three months of my ETA to support what I'm saying about traveling?? We originally were going to apply for our de facto visa on the last day of my current visa but we have decided we don't want to risk it, and would rather wait until we are certain that we meet the 12 month requirement... I hope this makes sense, sorry it's so long!! Any help would be very much appreciated, I look forward to hearing from you all!! Thank You :biggrin:
  23. I'm desperately seeking advice for my mum and dad to help get them over to join my and my husband in Oz. I'm currently on a 457 and have been here for nearly 2 years - my employer has just agreed to sponsor me permanently but it could still be another year or more before that's approved and I'm able to sponsor my parents on a contributory parental visa. My mum has been offered a year long sabbatical from work so they've decided to throw caution to the wind and come out in August on a one year tourist 676 visa while we wait for my permanent visa to come through. Once out here, my mum also stands a good chance of getting sponsored on a 457 herself as she's a highly qualified university lecturer. Only problem is, their 676 has been slapped with a "no further stay" clause - meaning that she couldn't apply for another substantive visa while she's out here. Should she cancel the 676 and reapply for a 3 month ETA instead, then keep renewing it every 3 months until she finds work or the permanent visa is granted? I've heard its possible to stay in Oz as a tourist for longer periods if you leave the country (eg to NZ) at the end of your ETA, reapply for another ETA when outside the country and hop straight on a plane back to Oz once its approved? Would this arouse suspicion with the immigration authorities? They have no intention of breaking the conditions of the 676 visa but don't want to be trapped into it if the offer of a job or chance to lodge their permanent application comes up before the 676 visa expires. If anyone has experienced the same issue and knows a way to get around it, I would really appreciate hearing from you. They are in a bit of a tizz about what to do and I want to make sure I'm giving them the right advice. Should they speak to a migration lawyer? I'd be hugely grateful for any help!!
  24. janinewhiteley

    which eta to go for?

    Hi We are planning to go to OZ in april this year. Mainly to see if we can find a sponsor for my OH as he can only get in on a 457. My Question is, what ETA visa should we apply for. There are 2 types and it may sound silly but dont want to apply for the wrong one. we are only going for 2 weeks to Victoria. I am going to meet uncle and cousins for the first time( so excited) But my husband is using this time to see if he can get sponsorship. Should he apply for the 977 business short stay visa or the torist short stay visa? please help.:chatterbox:
  25. Hi, my situation is..... I met my Austalian Boyfriend whist on a working holiday visa in australia. we met June 2009 and lived together as a couple in australia until may 2010, we then left australia, travelled for 1 month and arrived in UK june 2010. my australian boyfriend is on a youth mobility visa for living and working in uk (same as working holiday visa for australia) this visa allows him to stay in uk for 2 yrs and that is what we were planning to do, leaving uk june 2012 to both head back to australia to live permanently, i would have applied for a defacto visa before hand. BUT.... now i have found out i am pregnant, and we wish to leave uk now as want to get settled in oz before baby due in september. we have our flights booked already leaving uk 4th march which is in 3 wks time!!!! I will need to apply for defacto visa when in oz, and understand i can get a bridging visa until a decision is made. BUT... i now have found out i will need to apply for a ETA visa to even enter australia for a 3 month period. does anyone out there know if this will affect me applying for a defacto visa whilst on an ETA??? we do not have time to apply for defacto whilst in uk as only have 3 wks here until we fly, they wont offer me bridging visa outside oz, so how do i get in to be able to live with my boyfriend and have our baby there?????? any help appreciated asap please