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  1. Jay92000

    NSW School Fees whilst on visa

    Hi yeah that’s what I thought and hope! That’s great thank you for your reply. j
  2. Hi All, My husband and I and our 12 year old son are heading to Singleton, NSW in May this year on a visa for work in Muswellbrook. Just wondering if anyone would know about fees for attending school. Whilst on a visa we need to pay these but as our son will be starting school probably around June, half way through school term we are wondering if the full amount of $5,500 is due or would it be less for the remaining time of school year? Thanks jay
  3. Jay92000

    Moving to Muswellbrook, NSW

    Hi Bulya, Ok, will do. Thank you. Hi FJM, Yes we are indeed ping pongs lol - We lived in a place called Roma in Queensland in 2013. We stayed 18 months. Roma was very outback and a good 7 hour drive to the beach. Our kids at the time were 6 & 13 and they found it pretty difficult to settle. We came back to the UK for a wedding in between and that kind of broke us and we thought we were missing something from back home so we decided to come home. We quickly found out that we weren't! - We had a house to sell in the UK and it has taken us this long really to get the opportunity to head back. My husband has been offered a job in Muswellbrook and we are hoping to be back in Australia by May this year. We are planning to start in Singleton and see where we end up. We do plan to stay this time! You planning to head back then? Which part of Sydney? Good luck with everything.
  4. Jay92000

    Restricted Driver

    Hi yes we are in Northern Ireland. Thank you for the info.
  5. Jay92000

    Restricted Driver

    No just when you pass your test you have to have an R plate showing which means restricted to 45mph. This stays on for a year.
  6. Jay92000

    Restricted Driver

    Hi I am currently in the UK and learning to drive and hoping to pass before we head to NSW in May. If I am successful in passing my test I would be a restricted driver for a year here in the UK -how will that work when we arrive would I still be classed as a restricted driver and will I need to be on red “P” or Green “P” or need both or what happens? Thank you janine
  7. Jay92000

    Moving to Muswellbrook, NSW

    Hi Marisa, Yeah we will probably do the same just until we have a look around to where we actually want to live. Thanks for the info. Hi Skani, Yes, we definitely will lol - Yikes that is crazy temperatures! Thanks
  8. Jay92000


    Hi Judy thanks for this. Think we going to use the cube with Seven Seas Worldwide. thanks janine
  9. Jay92000

    Moving to Muswellbrook, NSW

    Hi Marisa, Thank you for replying. Yeah no where is perfect really! and the fact that it has lots of wineries is a bonus lol. Yes, I think that we will maybe look at living in Singleton, have heard some good reports about there, housing and schools etc. I think we are going to wait until we are there to have a look around first and then hopefully decide. Do you know if it is a long process with the real estates to apply to rent a house? We would be in a motel for probably a week or so and in between then we would like to get moved in to a rental. I will have a look on the homely.com website, thank you for this and hopefully get some more information. Thanks again Janine
  10. Jay92000

    Moving to Muswellbrook, NSW

    Hi all, My husband and I and our 11 year old son will hopefully be moving to Muswellbrook, NSW around May or so, just awaiting Visa etc. we are coming from Northern Ireland, United Kingdom and we are just wondering if anyone could give us some insight what its like to live there ie. best areas to live, housing, things to do, high schools, shopping, socialising etc. My husband's job will be in Muswellbrook, we may also look to maybe live in surrounding areas depending on travel for work/schools etc. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Janine
  11. Jay92000


    Hi does anyone know if it’s ok to pack belongings in plastic container boxes rather than cardboard boxes to ship to Sydney? We are planning to use a cube to ship our belongings. thanks
  12. Jay92000

    possible move to Bowen Hills

    Hi just wondering if anyone can give some info on like no in Bowen Hills or what other good suburbs there is near by. Also primary and high schools and things to do around this area. Possible move in a couple of months :-) Thanks so much for any help and advice :-)
  13. Jay92000

    visa process time

    Hi all just wondering how long the normal processing time would be ffor a permanent residency visa. Thanks
  14. Jay92000

    Move cube

    Thanks wolvesaussie. They might be an option then.
  15. Jay92000

    Move cube

    Can dirt bikes and tool boxes, flat pack beds, mattresses fit into move cubes? May need a few cubes but if they able to take what we need it would be great option for shipping our belongings.