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    Why you left your country and moved to Australia?

    There is an advantage for English speakers in moving to Australia. We loved Portugal and some other places in Europe would have given us everything we were after. Trouble was the language difference and the affect that would have had on getting a job. It's a bit strange that after the long flight we didn't feel as far away from the UK as crossing the channel to France. The main reason we moved was we were sick of the weather and the feeling that 2 weeks in the sun was probably as good as it was going to get, once we had the first mortgage and our first son. We were both working full time, living in a very small end terrace, new mortgage, new child and that was the first year we hadn't been abroad on holiday. Just couldn't afford it. Highlight of the weekend was wrapping the youngster up in his pram and taking him to the local park that had a duck pond. The summer was crap that year. Now we live in a place that has everything we used to pay a fortune to visit for a couple of weeks a year. I've seen a lot of posts saying being on holiday here is a lot different than living here. We've made sure we picked a suburb close to a beach we love, made the most of it weekends and most mornings before work. You can feel like you are on holiday even with the aggravation of having to go to work, you just get up very early, go to the beach before work and you feel like you've made a great start to the day. Work never felt so bad after that.
  2. Problem is keeping property in Ireland will be another worry and expensive. Never really fancied Alice Springs. Been through the airport a couple of times and now they've closed the climb up Ullaru or Ayers Rock as it used to be there's zero point going.
  3. I was disappointed with Cairns. Port Douglas is nicer and Palm Beach is lovely.
  4. Paul1Perth

    Senior software engineer moving to Melbourne

    Yep you're right, they usually require security clearance. Worth getting though, it opens up a lot more job opportunites. I had it in the UK so mine came through really quickly here. That was 20 years ago mind you. You have to be interviewed every couple of years to keep it current too. If Thales like your quals though they sort it out for you.
  5. Paul1Perth

    Senior software engineer moving to Melbourne

    Hi Bobby. You might want to try Thales, used to be Australian Defence Industries but got taken over a few years back by what was Tompson, now Thales, a multi national French company. The Melbourne office does air traffic control and has won the onesky contract, merging commercial and military air traffic control. You can google the project. I know they were struggling to recruit software guys last year, they tried to get people from Perth but hardly anyone would relocate, even for extra money.
  6. We didn't research that much TBH. We had to go to the Manchester Embassy to submit the application and only then discovered they had the library and videos. We had already got our hearts set on Perth. We moved for the lifestyle, not a thought about career or jobs. We both gave up good jobs to come, in the middle of a worldwide recession. My wifes a nurse, so were pretty confident she would get something pretty quick, which she did. I was out of work for 5 months but bought a bike and used to go off exploring with the 2 year old on the back, round the miles of bike paths. Glad when I scored a job though. We had loads of friends tell us we were crazy. A few have been out on holiday and now tell us what a smart move it was.
  7. Paul1Perth

    The Official Weather Thread

    Weather has been great in Perth recently. Low 30's today with a nice cooling sea breeze. Had a day playing golf a couple of weeks back when it was 43 degrees for the back 9. That was out at Wanneroo though, too hot to be comfortable. Back at home about 10 degrees cooler.
  8. Came to Perth as we'd seen it on TV during the Americas cup. Thought it loòked nice then later, when we got serious about emigrating, did a lot of research in the Australian Embassy in Manchester. They had a great library, staff were really helpful and they had video tapes you could borrow. Me and the wife had a pretty good idea of what we were looking for. We both loved warm sunny weather, beaches when we were on holiday, the once a year one when we had a timeshare on the Algarve. Depression used to hit going back through the clouds into Manchester Airport. We rented for a year while we had a good look round beachside suburbs we could afford, which meant moving North or South. Cottesloe and City Beach were way out of our pricerange, even in 92. We found a suburb we loved, went a few times to have a picnic or barbie at the beach park. Had a couple of weekends looking for houses and saw one we liked, at the right price, pretty quickly. Been in the same house and suburb for 20 years and still love it. We use the beach and local surf club a lot. Most of our big social group we've met through that, mostly when the kids were in. Now I'm retired I'm down the beach every morning for one training session or another, followed by coffee and back home by 9:00am. My wife trains with some other ladies a few times a week. All free of course, no need to join gyms, classes, everyone just volunteers for organising stuff. Kids still love it, both have done well and have good jobs. It's been everything we hoped it would be. I've travelled a lot with work and the only other place I'd consider living would be the Sunshine Coast. Sydney is nice but too expensive, Brisbane too far from the ocean.
  9. Paul1Perth

    Purchasing a Car

    Yep, if you know a bit about cars there are some excellent bargains around. My wife had a novated lease Ford Focus. Only used it to work and back and a bit of shopping, so very low kilometres, always serviced by the dealer. She had it about 5 years and fancied a Nissan Juke, got a good deal on an ex-demo juke and sold the ford privately. A young girl came to look at it and brought her uncle who was a mechanic. I think my wife could have got more for it but sold it for about $10,000. Nissan juke has been good too, she really likes it. I had a 2005 X-trail till this year and would have got another if the Audi hadn't have come up. My eldest bought the X-trail for $2000. Suit him as he's FIFO 3 weeks on 3 off.
  10. Paul1Perth

    How to get sponsored?

    I would imagine since covid, there has been a massive rethink on sponsorship. Beauty Salons around Aus would have been affected badly and there will be a lot of residents out of work, looking for employment, when it settles down. I don't think sponsorship in that field will be happening for a long time. Nothing to stop you trying though. Just don't pay anyone who promises you they can sort it for you. There are always shady companies and people looking to make money from desperate people.
  11. I lived near Manchester too, for about 5 years before we emigrated. The school may well be named the Bobby Charlton soccer school but I've never heard anyone from that area call football soccer. Just imagine, you're sat in the pub close to the City or United game, having a few pints before kick off, some nice rough pubs around both grounds, and you said "ah well chaps, off to see the soccer".
  12. I played football from as early as I can remember in the UK. We always had a ball with us, days before playstations and computers, always out in any weather kicking a ball about. Up in the North, Derbyshire I'm from, I've never heard anyone refer to football as soccer and rugby was rugby. Rugger and soccer may have been used down South, in the posher areas. If you would have said rugger or soccer up North your mates would have taken the mickey big style. You would have been the brunt of jokes for weeks. Rugger
  13. Paul1Perth

    Moving to the UK in Weeks – Questions!!!

    Heard this morning that one of my wifes workmates Mum died from Covid. She was only admitted to hospital last week, in her 70's and was supposed to be coming out here on holiday in Feb. We have another friend who's Dad died last year and he couldn't get permission to go back. Tough times mate, good luck.
  14. Paul1Perth

    What Book are you reading??

    I downloaded 500 free e-books for my kindle so I'm still getting through them. There are a few John Grisham titles, time to kill, the white house and skipping Christmas. Made me realise what a fantastic writer he is as they are totally different stories and styles of writing. The white house is written from a young boys perspective, on a farm in America in the 1920's, dirt poor, cotton farmer. Doesn't sound very thrilling bit a brilliant read and story. Time to Kill was made into a very good film with Mathew McConaughey in the lead role. I started reading skipping Christmas before Christmas, it's a comedy, nothing like the other two books. Laugh out loud funny and then I realised It had been made into a film too. Couple of weeks later it was on TV, Christmas with the Kranks with Tim Allen. Film is not as funny as the book but what a versatile author. I've read another of his but can't remember the title, it was good though. Just finished a book by Bob Woodward called Bush at war. It was meant to be about Bush's first year in office but 9/11 happened just after he was inaugurated, so it turned into an account of the US response to that. Good read and it made me realise why the US had to go to war in the middle East and the whole weapons of mass destruction debacle. They realised that they had serious, relevant intelligence about the people who did the 9/11 attack and if the CIA and FBI had worked together better they could have stopped it. The US realised that Saddam was planning something and they couldn't wait for another 9/11, they decided to be proactive rather than responsive. Pakistan and NATO don't come out in a good light. NATO were supposed to have sanctions against Iraq and Iran and the leaders of those countries had just been ignoring NATO rules and demands for years. Anyway, made me think a lot differently about what I thought was a war that should never have happened.
  15. Paul1Perth

    Purchasing a Car

    I recently bought a 2014 Audi Q5, 3.0 litre turbo diesel from AHG for $25,500. Then paid a grand for them to do the ceramic paint treatment and put some other sealant stuff on the inside of the car. They did a really good job and I've had several people ask if it's a new car. I had it a week and had a warning that the coolant was low. Topped it up, not very low really, luckily Audi has good sensors. Few days later same thing. Had a good look down around the engine bay and could see a small amount of coolant under the radiator. Nothing on the ground as there's a cover under the engine. AHG are a big secondhand dealership and where I bought it from they take all the tradeins from the dealership garages around them. The car had been serviced at the Volkswagon dealership where AHG were based. I rang them as I'd got a warranty and they said take it straight back to the VW garage who would fix it. Turned out to be some valve that they had to order from Audi and it took them a day to fit and sort it. I did a bit of checking and it's a really expensive thing to get fixed, just awkward to get at. Made me think that was maybe why it was traded in. The dealership wouldn't have picked up a slight leak like that. Anyway, cars been great ever since and VW just billed AHG for the repair. If there's an AHG in Adelaide I'd give them a check on-line. They seem to have plenty of stock of all makes and the guys were really helpful, specially when I had the problem, sounded like he really cared and went round to the VW garage straight away to get it sorted. Checked again that I was happy with the service when I got it back. Have a check on the internet.
  16. Paul1Perth

    Is it a good move financially?

    We used to go on stag nights to Nottingham sometimes. It was either there, Derby or Sheffield. I'm from Chesterfield originally so we had a bus pick us up after 2:00am. This was when nightclubs closed at 2, in the 70's and 80's. We used to have more trouble getting in places in Nottingham, learned that if you had a girl with you you were straight in, if you went in with 3 or 4 guys the bouncers would just say no. Girls were usually willing to go in with you though, specially if you bought them a drink once in. Sheffield was better and more choice of clubs .
  17. We've lived here for nearly 30 years and never felt that Perth is any more isolated than Manchester was from anywhere. If you wanted to go on holiday anywhere nice from the UK you had to jump on a plane. Now we live in a place that has everything that we used to pay to go on holiday for a couple of weeks a year from the UK, then start saving up for the following year. If you fancy a change you have the airport here just the same. In these days of covid I can't imagine being "stuck" in a nicer, safer place.
  18. If Qantas are still doing the direct flight that would be the way to do it. In the scheme of things even the extra cost for business class would be worth it if it meant guaranteeing a place. You would probably have to get a negative covid test before getting on the plane and you'll be tested again on arrival. They are strict with quarantine here, you would be checked on daily. Upside is life is "normal". It's as if covid never happened and hopefully it will stay that way. Be prepared for a long stay in WA though, if you leave, even for another state, you might not get back for some time. WA is a big nice place though. Plenty to do and see without going anywhere. Plus we have a few months of good sunny weather to come yet.
  19. Paul1Perth

    Introduction of Covid PCR Tests

    I see the UK is closing borders, about a year too late.
  20. Never bothered with twitter, facebook etc. Surprising how much time you can waste getting worked up about other peoples opinions.
  21. Nowhere near as much fun though. I didn't know political and non PC stuff had been banned.
  22. Paul1Perth

    Have you bought any bitcoin ?

    If I was to buy any I'd stick with bitcoin. They've talked about the price on the news, what other cryptocurrency do they mention? Any publicity is good.
  23. Paul1Perth

    Life in quarantine (Melbourne)

    My son had to quarantine in Karratha a couple of times before going out to the rig. They put them in a FIFO camp site where they all had their own cabin. They could shout to neighbours from their deck while having a beer at night. He didn't mind it as they were getting paid too. Said it's the closest he's felt to being a professional gamer.