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  1. Paul1Perth

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Funny, you don't come across as an optimist.
  2. Paul1Perth

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    To get tax from people you need them in jobs, not rolling up with no qualifications, getting benefits and then working in the black economy, usually run by people of the same nationality and sending money back to their home country.
  3. Paul1Perth

    Is Dan Andrews doing the right thing?

    Someone stuffed up in China. May as well try and get rid of their leader.
  4. Paul1Perth

    Is Dan Andrews doing the right thing?

    I read that they had traced hundreds of cases to the BLM rallies just after it happened. Then it all disappeared from the news and media. Stands to reason that you can't just have mass rallies, with hundreds of people close to each other, in the middle of a pandemic. Didn't surprise me that they OK'd the rally in Melbourne mind you. Full of woke, cancel culture people.
  5. Paul1Perth

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    That's what governments are in place for, give them something to get their teeth into, rather than just sit round talking about stuff.
  6. Paul1Perth

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    World beating car industry? The government had to pay subsidies to get the plants where they are. Be a question if they've been a positive contributor to GNP. They are supplying much needed jobs in run down areas so that's a win. I don't remember Britain being in a shambles, apart from the Thatcher years when she decided to take on the unions. It was during her time in power that we decided to emigrate. If you had a world beating economy it certainly passed a lot of people by. London and the South seemed to do OK, if you could afford the astronomical prices for a house. Up North a different matter. If the EU had been so good the Brexit vote wouldn't have even been close.
  7. Paul1Perth

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    If the UK had done well whilst in the EU, or seen some dramatic improvement, I might think differently. I'm old enough to remember before we were in EU the UK was fine then and it will be again. Covid will be a much bigger shock to the world than Brexit.
  8. Paul1Perth

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Everyone will be adjusting for a couple of years after covid. You can blame it on brexit if you want but compare with other European countries and covid will have worse affects.
  9. Paul1Perth

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    That was the end of the mining era and Billy Elliot was no tradie.
  10. Paul1Perth

    Returning to UK during Covid

    Good update and info. Makes you realise why the UK can't get on top of it though with the attitude of the guy at the airport. Tell them you ticked the wrong box, spose he still thinks it's a bout of flu and nothing to worry about. All our relations are in the UK, luckily all been covid free but I know they aren't following rules, doing their own thing, catching up with family and I'll bet there's no mask wearing. My sister lives with a guy who has a big property and likes working on it. She was bored so decided to move in with my nieces family and kids for a few weeks. No wonder the numbers are still high.
  11. Paul1Perth

    The Slave Trade and removal of statues

    Noticed how the young Lebanese, probably born here, refer to themselves as persian and think they are tough gangster types who are irresistable to Aus ladies.
  12. Paul1Perth

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Yep, I've seen the posts about the car industry. Didn't the UK make an absolute balls up of it's own car industry that had been centered around Birmingham for generations. Way before the UK were in the EU. Wasn't that long ago that I think it was Nissan shut down a plant in Spain? It was a few months ago but I remember it came out of the blue and the workers were having a bit of a riot, burning stuff. Let's face it, since covid car sales have fallen off a cliff, they can't get rid of new ones fast enough. There are too many automated factories turning out too many cars that people either don't want or can't afford. People will be tightening their belts after this covid thing flows through, they'll be more worried about paying mortgages, hanging on to their job. Not buying new cars. Stands to reason the car industry all over the world is in crisis. I saw a post further back about cheap labour in the UK factories? Compared to where? I wouldn't have thought UK wages were cheap, the thing that attracted Nissan et al to the UK was government grants. Nissans costs to set up there would have been minimal. Now the factory is there, producing, it has as good a chance of staying open as anywhere.
  13. Paul1Perth

    Netflix & Stan

    Been watching designated survivor with Keifer Sutherland. Surprised he didn't get head hunted by the democrats to run against Trump, he would have been in. First series, 21 episodes was really good. Second series seems to be losing it's way and is becoming, like a lot of American series, too involved. Some of the characters are too good to be true, you know the American way, one guy is just an adviser to the president then he's given a job looking after a military operation. Suddenly he's an expert in military matters and telling 4 star generals how to do things. I don't know what it is about most American series but they don't have much quite, contemplative moments, the characters all seem to have a time to have their say, one after the other, to prove how clever they all are. Usual backstabbing, don't know who to trust stuff and we'll stick with it for another couple of episodes, but it was getting silly. Maybe not make the 3rd series.
  14. Paul1Perth

    How is Trump doing so far?

    She can't be that smart, otherwise she wouldn't have married him. Oh I forgot, he's loaded, or is it his splendid personality and looks she fell for.
  15. Paul1Perth

    The Slave Trade and removal of statues

    That's good to hear. The ones I've seen have been in Kalgoorlie and outside Darwin. When I first saw the one in Kal I thought it was a rubbish tip with people living on it. Strange because Kal has a massive shortage of workers and the jobs are mainly in well paid mining jobs. You don't even need a lot of traing for some of the labouring jobs so, as far as I can see there's absolutely no reason for the site to be in the state it is. The place I saw outside Darwin was a bit better but cars just dumped around the place, houses looking like they could do with a lot of maintenance, kids play area overgrown and full of rubbish, not safe for kids to venture in. Plenty of people kids and teenagers just hanging around so it's not like they didn't have time to tidy the place up if they were willing.