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  1. Paul1Perth

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    No you couldn't. No one had the balls to do it till Boris. It's only the first step. Get out and then look at what you think are bad deals. Then the UK can negotiate OR choose to do their own thing without the EU telling them what they can and can't do.
  2. Paul1Perth

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    In this particular case is it wrong?
  3. Paul1Perth

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    So are you saying wikipedia is wrong?
  4. Paul1Perth

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    He said he would get it done and it looks like he is. There is no way he could please everybody. Just get out and then if things don't look good re-negotiate or choose to do what's the best for Britain. That's an option that's not been available before.
  5. Paul1Perth

    Australia and Climate Change

    There's already millions being spent on the "storage problem", battery technology is evolving rapidly but a lot like nuclear power, batteries only have a certain life then they have to be disposed of. A problem that has been put in the too hard basket for greenies. I saw a program on Snowy River 2.0 (they love to put numbers on projects, makes them sound modern). Announced by Malcolm Turnbull to cost $2 billion and be finished in 4 years. Latest analysis is 10 bil, at least 5 years and it's going to destroy national park land. They hadn't even done a feasability study when Turnbull announced it. Would be cheaper and better for the environment just to pay for Sydney people to install solar and have battery backup.
  6. Paul1Perth

    Slaughter of the Kurds

    Germany is a holiday spot. They have troops here too, lots of them in Darwin, I think they don't mind being in Darwin, decent pubs, good nightlife, plenty to do when you're not on the base, not much chance of getting shot at. Lots different from being in a place where hardly anyone wants you there, you can't trust the locals and you stand a chance of being killed.
  7. Paul1Perth

    Hong Kong 2047

    Another hotspot that's going to get out of control. It's making the UK's Brexit problems look a bit trivial.
  8. Paul1Perth

    Slaughter of the Kurds

    They were going to have to bring the troops home sometime.
  9. Paul1Perth

    Australia and Climate Change

    So you're not a fan of nuclear power then BTD. There's one solution out. Doesn't a lot of the UK's supply come from French nuclear power stations?
  10. Paul1Perth

    Slaughter of the Kurds

    It's tragic allright BTD. Why just blame Trump though, you could just as easily blame leaders of any of the countries involved. They all have the ability to step back and talk. Why should it be American troops that have to risk their lives every day for regimes, religions, factions that have been waring for generations.
  11. Paul1Perth


    Looks nice but £730,000 for a 2 bed house is not a bargain.
  12. Paul1Perth

    Slaughter of the Kurds

    Same old problem. One countries freedom fighter is another countries terrorist. We've just been watching the netflix spy series. Complicated area in the 60's and it's not changed much. Sacha Baron Cohen would make a good James Bond.
  13. Paul1Perth

    despicable human being

    My in laws were here on holiday for the first time and they borrowed our car and went down South. They had gone to see the Augusta lighthouse and it's a very narrow road on the way with sea on each side. A 4 wheel drive was heading the other way and was on the wrong side of the road. The FIL flashed the lights and the driver turned straight into them. They were badly injured, had to get flown back by the flying doctor service. The MIL spent weeks in hospital, wrote the car off and they couldn't fly home for weeks. The MIL never fully recovered as she had a broken back and badly broken forearms. The guy who ran into them was an American who admitted liability. Worked for Rio Tinto and they had lent him the car to do a bit of sightseeing. Rio flew him back to the states the next day and there was nothing the cops here could do about it. Took the in laws years to get a payout from SGIO and then it wasn't that much.
  14. Paul1Perth

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Maybe the UK people won't pay the money 'cos they don't have the money. The UK don't "only want cod", when I lived there we used to get plaice, whiting, haddock, mussels, crab when we could get it. Lobster and langoustine were a bit upper class we thought then. If it's the right price and marketed well people will eat it. There's a fair few that might have to learn to cook mind you. When I've been in supermarkets there you see lots of ready meals bought.
  15. Paul1Perth

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    There's post Brexit trade and pre Brexit trade isn't there Newjez. There's going to be changes and the UK may as well go for the best deals it can.