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  1. Paul1Perth

    Spreading Positivity

    Was Allah your case officer.
  2. Paul1Perth

    Anyone had tomove back to UK for financial reasons?

    Times have changed yet again VS. If you had managed to stick it out you would have been in demand again now.
  3. Paul1Perth

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Planes have to be near full every flight to make them viable. Shortest time possible on the ground too.
  4. Paul1Perth

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    You think Brexit is going to make Britain politically unstable BTD?
  5. Paul1Perth

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    No, you're right there mate. They've destroyed the unions over the years, got all the young degree qualified people believing they are a bit special and individual and can sort out their own deal between them and their employer. Create a competetive attitude between employees, don't let anyone else know what deal you are on, I can stay at the office longer than you, my mobile phone is on 24x7 to take work calls if you need me. Unfortunately working people fell for it hook line and sinker. Both governments are as bad as each other, Labour used to help the working class more but they've changed. It's everyone for themselves now. You're right on Brexit, not going to change anything on that score. I was replying to someone who said unemployment in the UK is the lowest it's ever been BTW.
  6. Paul1Perth

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    That obviously includes the gig economy and zero hour contract "employed".
  7. Paul1Perth

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    There is no comparison. There was with the British guys going over to Germany to work. Half of them wouldn't have known one end of a shovel from the other. Remember Yossa "Gis a job"? Bit like the Polish going to the UK. English builder gives you a quote to fix your roof. Bit expensive you think. You get a quote from a few Polish builders who tell you (if you can understand them) they can do it for half fhe price. You set the Polish guys on. Cost blows out a bit but job gets done and looks OK. (If your lucky). Then it rains and the roof leaks. You go looking for the building guys that did it and they've moved on. No ones heard of them. You pay a decent English builder to come and fix it. Now compare that with the hoops you have to jump through as a tradie to get a visa, get a job with a reputable company or even harder, work for yourself here. There's no comparison. Used to be just the Irish that would come round and resurface your drive with asphalt they'd knicked from the council yard. Lasted a couple of months then peel up and have weeds growing through it. Have a look round for them and they've moved on. Now the Irish can't compete. They get undercut by the poles.
  8. Paul1Perth

    How is Trump doing so far?

    We feel the same as you but have friends who love the reality stuff. She even recorded MAFS when they were on a cruise to watch when they got back. Must be plenty watch them, they keep coming back.
  9. Paul1Perth

    How is Trump doing so far?

    Wasn't meaning this thread. Obviously that's what the title is. I was more thinking about Aussie news and media. Obsessed they are.
  10. Paul1Perth

    How is Trump doing so far?

    Trump can't control all his supporters so hardly his fault. TBH I'm sick of hearing about Trump, the wall, the shutdown. Not like it's new is it. They started building it after the first world war and just about every president since has spent money on it. Is there nothing happening in Aus politics?
  11. Paul1Perth

    Apollo 11 fiftieth anniversary

    I recently watched the movie first man, expecting it to be really good. It wasn't. Didn't think they gave the mission enough justice and made Neil Armstrong seem boring.
  12. Paul1Perth

    Where to start? Perth and Perth living.

    Yep, went through a fair bit of that. Once I got the first job though and interviewers see you are serious about staying I've never looked back or been out of work.
  13. Paul1Perth

    Best beaches to visit in Australia

    I was there. Everyone had to get out of the water fair enough. Makes you smile a bit though. Helo comes over, spots a shark, lets the patrol know, alarm activated, everyone out. No one allowed in the water for a couple of hours. Meantime helo buzzed off, IRB hasn't seen anything, everyone back in. The beach was packed that day, and has been numerous times over summer. How many attacks, zero. How often does the helo come over, not very often, he has a big coastline to cover. I believe sharks are there the whole time, they aren't going to bother anyone 99.9% of the time. I'll risk swimming where I usually do. Can't be bothered to keep going to Hillarys. Not swum in there yet as it happens. Did the watermans to wall swim last year that finishes at the shark net. Closest I've been to it.
  14. Paul1Perth

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    "Put aside their failed policies". They didn't fail, that's why Aus is still OK today, mostly because of those policies.
  15. Paul1Perth

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Don't think he's that worried now Newjez. He's in Aus. He's left the getting screwed to you guys hoping you'll do something about it. Least you'll have the chance after Brexit.