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  1. Paul1Perth

    Corona Virus

    Just heard that several Chinese companies in Aus, one of them a realestate company in Sydney, were ordered by the Chinese government to send out their employees and buy up masks, disinfectant, hand sanitiser etc and get it sent back to China. This was back in end Jan and early Feb, before we'd twigged there was a problem. The government has clamped down on the practice now but way too late. Tons of stuff was shipped before anyone realised what was happening.
  2. Paul1Perth

    Corona Virus

    Surely the affect on your lifestyle is all you have to measure how bad it is BTD? As for the bleeding heart brigade I see their latest thought bubble is to let out loads of prisoners. You would think that one of the safest places to becwould be prison, where being in enforced isolation is enforced. If they stop visitors it should be pretty damn safe. They are just the type of people if released would just ignore the lock down restrictions if they're let out too. Not exactly reliable when advise is given out, specially by governments and law agencies. We are well and truly locked down now though, as from last night only gatherings of 2 people, skate parks, outdoor gyms, kids parks and play areas closed. Not surprising as yesterday there were hundreds of people along the coast walking and riding bikes. Loads out surfing, swimming. Most were trying to do the right thing and keeping distance but the shear numbers of people out was way too many to be safe. I went past our local skate park Friday after school had turned out and it was packed. Beaches are still open and we are allowed to exercise so may go down for a swim or ski paddle later. My youngest is down there already, out on his own on his paddle board. Got to do the right thing mate.
  3. Paul1Perth

    Places to live recommendations

    My eldest son is living in Newcastle at the moment, his girlfriends family are all from there. He met her when they lived in Whistler, Canada and she wanted to be near her folks. Hi likes Newcastle, he's got back into surfing and swimming, says they have a very good 50m ocean pool which is free. Him and his girlfriend came to Perth a few weeks back, before CV, she had never been before and only heard negative stuff from friends who had never been here themselves. She was amazed and loved it here. My son works FIFO on rigs out of Perth usually. Hopefully get back to normal after the CV scare so it would make more sense for them to live here. He's been lucky enough to get work in Newcastle though. He's a sparkie so working for a local company who do work for minesites, so they are desperate for them to carry on work. I've visited Newcastle with work a few years back and thought it was OK then. It's improved a lot since then with a lot of investement.
  4. Paul1Perth

    Corona Virus

    Seen the State of India? It was always going to be one of the worst places. Looks like they have totally lost control. There and Africa are going to be a nightmare for months.
  5. Paul1Perth

    Corona Virus

    That sounds terrible Simmo. Good to get a bit of first hand experience on how bad it is. Hope you're on the mend soon mate.
  6. Paul1Perth

    Corona Virus

    That sounds terrible Simmo. Good to get a bit of first hand experience on how bad it is. Hope you're on the mend soon mate.
  7. Paul1Perth

    Corona Virus

    There was a news report on different countries and who had the most critical care beds per 100 people. Much to my surprise America had the most in the world. Would never have thought that. These cruise ship passengers that Fremantle have had to sort out are causing real problems. 28 extra cases of Covid needed to be treated on one ship. A lot of them are at the hospital where my wife has gone to work today.
  8. Paul1Perth

    Corona Virus

    He said he'd like to see it over by Easter. Didn't say it would be, which is what the media changed it to be. I thought the Mayor of New York was coming out with some common sense comments for a few days, then when Trump suggests that New York and some other places of high numbers of cases should be locked down suddenly he comes out with statements that it's against the law, un American, not going to happen. The number of flights still going round America is amazing and frightening. Apparently loads of New Yorkers think it's absolutely fine to jet off to Florida, California, wherever. Apparently Trump doesn't quite carry the same weight as he thought. Who's running the show?
  9. Paul1Perth

    Corona Virus

    No, he was spot on with the first statement. Sydney and Melbourne and even other cities around Aus have the same problem, too many people in not enough space. We can all see from TV how crammed together the people in Italy live. We saw the pictures of those very small apartments when they were singing on the balconies. It's just common sense that being crammed together like that leads to much worse spread and more cases. When life is normal a lot of people love those places and lots go there on holiday. The vibrancy of having so many people around is exciting and some people love it. In situations like we have at the moment the more space you have the better. Latest in Aus is no more than 2 people out together now. Me and the wife went for a bike ride down the coast yesterday. There's a brilliant shared path up and down the coast for km's. It was packed, people all over the place, parks with lots of people in them, loads out surfing. Just about everyone was keeping a metre or 2 between them but if anyone had been affected there were just too many people. The local skate park was packed with kids when we went by it. Today skate parks, outdoor gyms and play areas, closed. Makes sense and we'll just have to get through it.
  10. Paul1Perth

    Corona Virus

    We managed 9 holes of golf this morning. They had it organised very well, only one person at a time in the office/shop and everyone keeping their distance. Got round to the 8th tee and the guy running the show came round on a cart to tell everyone to finish their round then it's closing until further notice. My son managed a shift at work today but says they might be closing as take away is hardly paying the wages. The WA government is trying to handle 3 cruise ships coming into Freo. One with no Australians on board but no one elses would let them birth. The government seem to be doing a decent job and it's taking a lot of organising. Big clampdowns on people returning from interstate, let alone abroad. I don't think they are going to be allowed home but have to go into self isolation somewhere they can make sure people are doing the right thing. My wife is working today, at a hospital where a guy died last night. No masks and gloves are in short supply. Everyone is doing the best they can though so criticism does not help anything. Noticed the bleeding heart, human rights, refugee advocates etc. Have been really quite. Must be because they're affected too.
  11. A well written and very good account. Doesn't make me want to visit Saudi but it sounds like it's how I imagined it to be. Good luck and hope you carry on enjoying Perth and Freo.
  12. Yep they messed up. We have at least 3 cruise ships moored off Freo who've been refused entry to other ports. The government are saying they won't be able to come in to Freo and Rottnest Island has been set aside for CV cases who really need it.
  13. Paul1Perth

    Day to Day Diary of Coronavirus/Covid-19 2020

    If things are the same tomorrow I'll take my phone for a few photos. Very rarely have my phone with me. Still old school.
  14. Paul1Perth

    Day to Day Diary of Coronavirus/Covid-19 2020

    We've been lucky in Perth so far. Been down the beach this morning for a ski paddle with 4 friends. Plenty of people there, everyone doing the right thing though and keeping well apart. Cafes open for takeaway and loads of people getting it and taking it to the beach park where they can have lots of space. Wife is at work as she's a nurse. As far as I can see people are trying to do the right thing. Everyone I was out with this morning was either gping to work or home with the intention of staying there. Might be bigger clampdowns as it progresses though, depending on the spread and new cases. Playing golf tomorrow.
  15. Paul1Perth

    Feeling torn and unsettled

    Loved the Sunshine Coast when we visited. Noosa is gorgeous and there's lots of places we could live and have a great lifestyle. If you don't have to worry about work it's a brilliant choice. Good luck with your move, great choice. We are lucky here with the CV handling at the moment. Been down the beach this morning for a ski paddle with friends and there are a lot of people down there. People are keeping their distance though, the cafes are open for takeaway only but there's plenty of customers getting it and taking their cups to the park where they can have space. Funnily enough I booked golf for Friday a few days ago and it's still open. Might be further clampdowns even here though soon. Rottnest has been set aside for quaranteening CV sufferers. We have 3 cruise ships sat off Fremantle with cases on board. The government have already said that they won't be allowed to dock but Australian citizens who really need medical treatment will be treated. Looks like they'll be shipped off to Rotto.