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  1. Paul1Perth

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    I saw the police minister respond to those accusations and said they'd done exactly the same in the Northern Beaches outbreak. There's a certain minority though that love to play the race card every chance they get.
  2. Paul1Perth

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    Spoke to a friend in the UK and my Sister in the UK yesterday. Two totally different views. My friend thinks they'll have to go back into lockdown as numbers have skyrocketed and they're only a couple of days after freedom day. He's only been to the pub where he can sit outside and is being careful. My sister is off to carfest camping with the family this weekend, never mentioned freedom day or numbers, one niece went to bournemouth with the family, other one went to Northern Ireland to see her hubby's parents. All loving the hot weather.
  3. Paul1Perth

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    We have been very lucky here, in a unique situation I suppose. Managed to keep FIFO mining and oil and gas going whilst the majority of Perth and Peel were locked down. Millions of dollars of income flowing in, even though the City was dead. Only managed by very strict control and a population than took advice and the majority did as they were asked.
  4. Paul1Perth

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    Plenty of AZ in Sydney. Getting the non-english, big family, who love visiting and spreading to take it is another matter.
  5. Paul1Perth

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    Gladys sent the wrong message right from the start. Criticised other state leaders who did a proper lockdown, said the economy was more important, she must have hated having to backtrack and resisted calling it a lockdown for as long as possible. It's still not really a lockdown like we had here and because of the messages she sent earlier there's a strong resistance to the lockdown and even loads of people against getting jabbed. I feel sorry for Kerry Chant (I think that's her name) there's a lady under stress.
  6. Paul1Perth

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    There's plenty of Astra Zenica, it's just that Western Sydney residents won't get it. There's a massive number of people there who are refusing to have any vaccine. Even the numbers of their older people are way down on the national average.
  7. Paul1Perth

    Emigrating to Cairns

    Perfect age and experience to emigrate mate. Cairns is nice and plenty to see and do around there. Bit too humid for my liking but loved it for a holiday. Port Douglas is not too far away and the rainforest is spectacular. Cairns Hospital is pretty big, biggest in the area and there's a shortage of trained staff all over Aus, so if things aren't too hopeful in Cairns there's a lot more choices around. Good luck.
  8. The olympics has become so expensive to host and risky that hardly anyone else put their hands up to host it. Personally I love the olympics but for me you can keep the opening and closing ceremonies, which would save loads of money and just get straight into the sport. This one is going to be strange with no crowds but I love the swimming, athletics and most other sports I'll watch. Bonus for me at the moment is I'm stuck in with a broken fibula and a moon boot on, so perfect timing for me. Signed up for 7plus so I can stream stuff that's not televised. It's free and works brilliantly casting from a laptop to a Chromecast dongle on the TV. Think I'll catch up on the ladies soccer US game. Watched the Aus womens soccer team win last night. Thing about Bris winning it is they have a lot of excellent sporting arenas and swimming pools in place already and plenty of room to add to them. I think there's just as many people love the olympics as ever, Brisbane is a great choice. I wish athletics was on TV a lot more. Doesn't generate enough money though.
  9. South Coast, probably around Bournemouth or around St Ives way. Weather is probably as good as you'd get in the UK and I've always loved living close to the ocean. I reckon we'd need a lot more money to be able to do it though. You did say if you "had to" though.
  10. Paul1Perth

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    You can be fully vaccinated and still pass it on.
  11. Paul1Perth

    Ping Pongers

    Nice spot.
  12. Paul1Perth

    The Official Weather Thread

    The farmers are loving it.
  13. Paul1Perth

    The Official Weather Thread

    Yep, we've got 2 road and 3 mountain bikes in the shed and a cossover thing for my wife. You think lycra and cycling shorts are daggy until you get a good road bike with a saddle like a razor blade. Then you realise you need the right gear.
  14. Paul1Perth

    The Official Weather Thread

    They do where we live. My two went to school on theirs daily, along with loads more. Bike paths all over the place, mountain biking is really popular.
  15. Paul1Perth

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    Most people with no symptoms wouldn't be going for a test, so they would be spreading it and not knowing.