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  1. Paul1Perth

    Hitch hiking Perth to Melbourne

    As for the hitchiking I don't think it's ever been safe for either the hiker or the driver in some cases. Don't think it's any less safe now than it was in the 60's when I used to do it a lot. Always better if you could do it with a nice looking girl and girls never had to wait long. I've waited a long time before getting lifts. Never had any problems though. I picked a few up when I had a job where I had to travel a lot. Sometimes nice to have company on a long drive. Obviously picking girl hitchikers up was a lot safer.
  2. Paul1Perth

    Hitch hiking Perth to Melbourne

    My wife works in Oncology, she's been there years. Had to treat a good friend who tried all sorts of shonky treatments that were going to cure her. May even have gone to see the radio wave guy. They cost the family a fortune, she also had a liver transplant. After all the treatment and some people telling her she was cured she died about the time the oncologists predicted.
  3. Paul1Perth

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    The labour force lost all those hard fought for protections years ago BTD. Otherwise there wouldn't be so many on zero hour contracts.
  4. Paul1Perth

    Moved back and confused!

    I've never understood the massive connection to family and how people think their kids may be missing out. Both me and the wife have family who are all in the UK, we have sisters, cousins and now nieces and nephews. When we were growing up we saw our cousins and other relations but they weren't people we went out with. We had friends with similar interests for that. We couldn't afford to go back to the UK for 13 years when we came. Most of the rellies came out here and all of them thought it was the best thing we could have done. Our kids have grown up fine without rellies close. They have heaps of friends and I don't feel they've missed out one bit. Maybe financially they have as I know the nieces, nephews in the UK have had a lot more financial help than our 2 from both sets of our parents. Just the way it is, we chose to emigrate. Now kids seem to go off all over the world. Our eldest has just returned from 2 years in Canada, lives over in Newcastle as his girlfriend missed her parents and family. He has a fly in fly out job out of Perth so it's going to cost him more but he's OK with that. We have a niece and her boyfriend visiting at the moment, they are teaching in China. Her Sister lives in Nottingham and her parents, my wifes sister and husband live in Tolpuddle. Doesn't mean we don't love or think about family but don't feel we've missed out on anything. What we do have is a big friendship group with similar interests and we are always busy.
  5. Paul1Perth

    The UK and Climate Change

    Tomorrow it might be snowing.
  6. Paul1Perth

    Social Media - Pack Mentality

    Honestly pom queen I think your hubby is right. I'm not even on facebook. My wife is and I know the time she spends staring at her phone. Trying a conversation when she's checking it is futile. Luckily she's not even a heavy user and hardly ever posts. There is enough to worry about in day to day living without bothering with peoples problems worldwide.
  7. Paul1Perth

    Australia and Climate Change

    Maybe at your age PB. Most of our friends in their 50's and 60's own their own house and most have investment properties. Perth prices aren't as good as over East but they've gone up 5 fold since we bought ours in 92. Plenty of potential for more increases too. Good thing is your home is not included in your assets when it comes to pension calculations.
  8. Paul1Perth

    Australia and Climate Change

    You might be talking $A and them £. Big difference.
  9. Paul1Perth

    The UK and Climate Change

    Solar needs sunlight. Nothing to do with temperature.
  10. Paul1Perth

    Australia and Climate Change

    And decreasing whilst India and China are still going up.
  11. Paul1Perth

    Australia and Climate Change

    The BBC and the leader of the EU (Guttierez is it?) Will have to change their comments to the worlds under water after seeing ABC news this morning. Amazing now heaps of rain is hitting all the reporting was finding the negative side of that. Danger of flash floods, hampering the burnoff efforts, it hit Melbourne in peak hour and caused delays on the roads, people in Melborne had spent money on smoke masks and now they won't be able to wear them as they'll get soggy. They interviewed a few people in Melbourne and one lady just said that's Melborne weather. Jeez you would think they'd find something positive to say
  12. Paul1Perth

    The UK and Climate Change

    You could here but you'd struggle to do it in the UK.
  13. Paul1Perth

    The UK and Climate Change

    He's only saying stopping consuming power not generated by green energy sources. Here in Aus loads of people are powering their aircon and heating their water with solar. Been going on for years and lots more in the last few years.
  14. Paul1Perth

    Bushfire season

    It's surprising how news can get out of control. It's almost as if each news outlet has to find something more horrific than the others and outdo each other. The map of the fires hasn't helped, it looks from that that East Coast cities would have all been in flames. The US put out a travel warning about coming to Aus, withdrawn since Scomo pointed out Aus is a very big place with lots of areas unaffected. Our Niece and Nephew are coming next week and they were wondering if it's safe. They were panicking when they saw the British news reports.
  15. Paul1Perth

    Bushfire season

    Know what you mean. We are in Perth and it was the first thing our relations talked about. We've been really lucky in Perth as we had the hot weather early and one big fire not near us. Started by some kids.