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  1. Got my vasectomy done on bulk billing a long time ago. Doctors surgery, local anaesthetic, took the youngster to the movie in the afternoon. Second half of the film was painful when the painkillers wore off.
  2. The WA government are offering $2,000 rebate for your flights or hotel or whatever if you come here. I think you have to be between 18-30 mind you. Everywhere you go there's adverts for staff, nurses and doctors are really in demand but if you were in that age bracket and fancied a change there's fruit picking or something similar. You could choose anywhere in the state just about.
  3. Paul1Perth

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    Beats me why there are so many not having it? I know a few people not having it because they don't like being told what to do, that includes a few nurses from where my wife used to work. Being in the NHS doesn't make you any more knowledgeable about vaccines and their affect than anyone else. Governments the world over have had brilliant scientists and medical people, who do know what vaccines do, advise them. I'll follow their recommendations rather than joe blow on facebook. We know what stops the spread, demonstrated in WA. Track and trace, closed borders, strict lockdowns, quarantine of known cases and you can keep on top of it and everyone can have a normal life. Surprisingly a lot of people, mostly who don't live in WA, think that's terrible.
  4. Paul1Perth

    Australia Day

    Brilliant if you have kids and live near the river or City. Numbers were down as people are being careful and don't want to catch or spread covid.
  5. Paul1Perth

    Do you consider yourself Australian?

    Coming from Derbyshire you could pick which village people were from by the accent. Going to Sheffield on weekends, only a 12 mile train trip, the accents were totally different. Dying out a lot now, Chesterfield and Sheffield almost jouined up.
  6. Don't the SBS and ABC make a big point of "always was, always will be" too. Where's the respect of anyone or the intent of integration and getting along together, i just don't see it, it's all one way.
  7. I often feel like ticking the box, just for the extra benefits.
  8. Paul1Perth

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    Unfortunately sums the UK NHS workforce up too. They thought people would just go and get vaxxed out of common sense and safety to their patients. But no, they want the right to choose.
  9. Paul1Perth

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    Also if you're going by social media, the vocal moaning, younger demographic will be on there. Concerned that they can't travel, go nighclubbing, go for a beer without proof of double vax, have the app on the phone. It's really all selfish reasons. The majority who are happy won't be on social media complaining.
  10. Paul1Perth

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    I've read about health systems "collapsing" and I'm yet to see it happening anywhere. Of course Mark McGowan is worried, just by numbers of sick people the world over putting stress on health services. Nowhere is any different and if you can avoid it why would you not? We've been so lucky with so few cases and zero deaths. I'm going to avoid getting it as long as I can but when our borders open I don't expect our hospitals and health service to be any worse than over East. They'll be recruiting nurses from interstate as soon as they can. The main reason the border didn't open was your friends in the medical fields advice that it would be a bad idea. There was a poll in Perth now last week who was for his decision about borders and who's against it. There were about 80% in support of McGowans decision. Seems like common sense to me.
  11. Paul1Perth

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    That's one of the side affects mentioned in the leaflet they hand out after you've had the jab.
  12. Paul1Perth

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    Had the booster and did a multi discipline race at the beach next morning. Another guy doing the race had his day before too. Nothing more than a sore arm so swim leg was a bit slower than normal. Felt tired the day after but probably more to do with the race than the vax.
  13. Paul1Perth

    How has Australia changed your health?

    I have asthma and it's much better here than in the cold and damp of Manchester. I notice it a bit more on cold winter mornings if I'm going out for a ski paddle or a winter swim.
  14. Paul1Perth

    Do you consider yourself Australian?

    My youngest with autism quite often nips out to the shops with no shoes on. We often say put your shoes on, he replies Australian Paul.
  15. Paul1Perth

    Australia Day

    We've been here 33 years and have had very little to do with the indigenous population. Quite honestly don't see many at all, unless you go into the City. If you lived somewhere like Darwin you would see more of them, maybe Canberra too? Certainly wouldn't be searching them out at the tent city. I honestly don't know why they are allowed to keep it.