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  1. Hi Martina, I am already registered with AHPRA- with specialist registration.
  2. Hi Friends, I am a specialist doctor and need some guidance on 189 or 190 visa application. I completed my specialty training from India and applied to AMC & RACP for assessment of my training/education. RACP found me fully comparable to an Australian trained specialist and after completing 12 months of peer-review practice, I got my specialist registration. Now I want to apply for 189/190 visa. I want to claim points for my previous work experience in medicine & the specialty field. I checked Govt immi website and it says assessing authority is Medical Board of Australia. But on Medical board website, there is no mention that they will assess the previous work experience for points in immigration. I have called them also and they confirmed that they do not assess previous experience. Please help with the below: 1) How to get points assessed for the previous work experience 2) Do I need to get around 80 points to get the invitation, or is it less for a doctor (as very few people apply in my occupation) Any help would be highly valued. Thanks!!
  3. VJ_1

    Moving to Mackay_Good Suburbs??

    Thank you so much Eera for the detailed post!!!
  4. VJ_1

    Moving to Mackay_Good Suburbs??

    Thanks mate. I will check out the places in West Mackay. I hope there is no risk of flooding here and also safe place to live. Thanks a lot in advance!!!
  5. VJ_1

    187 Visa Processing Time

    Hi Guys, I am moving to regional QLD and will be working as a specialist doctor. The public hospital is willing to sponsor me for the RSMS 187 visa. I was checking the home affairs website and the avg processing time for the Direct Entry Scheme appears to be over 20 months. In case anyone has any information specifically for the case of a specialist doctor, regarding the expected processing time if both visa nomination and application are filed at the same time. Thanks a lot in advance!!!
  6. Hi, My wife ans I am moving to Mackay from NSW. I was checking the net and found that there is a lot of crime in Mackay. 1)Was just wondering if it is a correct representation of the actual ground reality. 2) For renting, which place is good to live for a family (less crime and less flooding issue) 3) If crime is high, then is it better to get a secure apartment or an independent house is good. Please help with any valuable advise. Thanks!