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Found 76 results

  1. Wackadoodle

    Possible move to Mackay or Townsville

    Hi all, I am hoping to move back to Australia later this year with my husband and two children (aged 12). I was hoping there might be someone on here who is nursing in either Mackay or Townsville. I interviewed with Queensland health a few weeks back. Interview went well and I was asked to submit areas of interest along with my paperwork. All paperwork is now in and I have put down Mackay or Townsville as my top choices. My specialty area is emergency nursing. I lived in Mackay a few years ago and would love to move back there. I have some really good friends in the are and my husband would likely be able to find work in the area also. Would love to hear from any nurses working in these areas to get a feel of what the work is like compared to the Irish healthcare system.
  2. Cascade

    Moving with kids to Mackay

    Hi, we are moving from London to Mackay with kids age ranging from 8-13yrs. My main worry is them settling in, finding friends and being happy. Has anyone any experiences or advice to share? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi, My wife ans I am moving to Mackay from NSW. I was checking the net and found that there is a lot of crime in Mackay. 1)Was just wondering if it is a correct representation of the actual ground reality. 2) For renting, which place is good to live for a family (less crime and less flooding issue) 3) If crime is high, then is it better to get a secure apartment or an independent house is good. Please help with any valuable advise. Thanks!
  4. Hi everyone. I used this site so much before making the move and so i only think its fair I give a little update for anyone thinking of moving to Mackay Queensland. Mackay is alot better than we thought it would be. There is not a deal of information on this site about Mackay, but we are really pleased with it so far. We live in the "northern beaches" region and its lovely. Based in Blacks Beach Cove we are a couple of mins from the beach. The housing estate is nice and most of the houses are brand new. its about a 20 min drive into town but only 10 mins to a shopping centre called Mount Pleasant, which is like a mini town lol. It has everything we need. We have a 2 year old girl and are stuggling to find her a nursery. We can get her into a "long stay" nursery which runs from 6am to 6pm at a flat rate of $70 approx. its the same price even if she attends from 9am to 1pm. were not depending on childcare for work but are wanting her to go so she can interact with other children, there just seems to be no nurserys that do it on a hourly basis. We are spending on average $400 a week on food for a family of 3. Things are more expensive if your here on holiday but it im earning a good wage so its all relative. Im working in the mining sector (just like most people here) and there has been a slow down recently. If people have heard this and are worried here is my personal opinion simplified..the current labour goverement has impleneted a mining tax to the mine owners that basically means there paying **** loads per ton they get out the ground. I think that the mining companies have slowed production to give the labour party a message of who is actually running the country here in australia and in turn people have lost there jobs. Making people angry and upset. SO, along comes the oppostion to labour and promises that if it gets in power this september, they will abolish the mining tax that applies to the mine owners. Its predicted that the opposition party will take over in spetember, production will increases again, and in my opinion Mackay will explode over the next 5-10 years. Why else are they currently building the biggest coal terminal in the world right here in Mackay... all in my opinion ofcourse. We are loving life so far. Everything is so relaxed, theres no rushing round with people climbing over one and other to get to where they need to be. Its not all over the news how much the country is in the **** like back in the uk. If anyone has any specific questions, just reply and i will answer thanks everyone Ramsay
  5. Hi, it's been a few months since I posted and I have read that there's a number of people relocating to Mackay ) Good times.. I wanted to know about the relative cost of living in Mackay, I know the property market (purchase and rentals) are crazy high, double what we pay here in UK on our mortgage (which is high enough) But I understand its all relative. My hubby is a crane driver and is looking for work in this field, preferably in the mines. I have heard what the average mine wage is for Darrens skills but what about outside the mines? What's the average wage within the construction industry, what is the avalibility of crane work? And also, I read on a link from the Local Mercury newspaper that the income tax is really high too. 30-38% :chatterbox: As a rough guide, I calculated the rent/mortgage to cost around AU$1800-2000 per month, other essential outgoing around another AU$1500 per month... I'm kinda panicking that the outgoings outweigh in the income.....:no: (I guess the worst comes to it, I can always go fish for dinner :fish2: :wink:) Thanks, Andrea.
  6. Still-a-dream!

    Whos going to Mackay

    Hiya, ive has seen quite a few threads of people mentioning Mackay, and have met a couple of nice people on here who are also heading that way. I just wondered who out there is also planning on moving to Mackay this year and what areas you have decided to move to and what you like about them - or areas you have looked into? This would be a huge help! We have two daughters so obvioulsy we need to do our reseach to get the right area for them in terms of safety, schooling, other families to socialise with, activities. And hello to you all too!:v_SPIN: Thanks
  7. Hi all, Hope all the mooving and paperwork is going well for you all. Me i am just starting the cycle. Does or has anybody here worked for Hastings Deering Cat dealer in Mackay. I got a job offer from them to move back to Australia. I would like to hear about any info anyone can give me. E.G. The working conditions, The people that work there, is it a friendly and hard working company or is everyone bitching about every little thing,\ What is the secondry conditions like, Has anyone gotten ther removals and visa paid by them etc etc I am keen to go and work for them but these are little things that a Human Resources do not tell you about in first interview, and if i comes to negotiation i can try to get the best package out of them. Thanks
  8. Mazzinoz

    Armstrong Beach

    Hay guys We will be relocating from Perth to the Mackay area next week, and would like to know if anyone knows what Armstrong Beach is like. We have hated living in the city, as we are country folk at heart, and we are hoping that Armstrong will be a little quieter………. But not so remote that we have to milk our own cow! I have a job at the Hay Point terminal, and hope it isn’t too far to commute. Any info would be appreciated. Cheers
  9. My husband was just offered a job with a mining co. near Mackay- we are accepting it. It will be my husband, 2yr. old son and I moving from US. We are searching for reasonable rentals w/ utilities included- but I don't have the first clue of where is a good place to move. I want to live in walking or bike riding distance to the beaches. I have lived in a hot desert for most of my life, I am excitied about this adventure. Any advice or tips is welcomed! I am a teacher here in the US and would like to work maybe part-time when there. We hope to make Aus. our permanent home. Any suggestions on what to bring, lol. We are waiting for the companies info packet for relocating- but aside from lots of clothes- we are trying to pack light and start new there. Thanks everyone- shannon
  10. Hi, We are a young couple who have just moved to Mackay and dont know anyone! Anybody is in a similar situation and would like to catch up over a drink?
  11. Gary Pepper

    Spraypainter - Mackay Qld

    Automotive painter required for wheel repair business, immediate start - urgent. Suggest working holiday visa for six months initially. $30 per hour, assistance to find accomodation.
  12. Guest

    mackay base hospital

    Hi everyone I have been offered a job at Mackay Base hospital just waiting for registration and nomination number so I can get the ball rolling with the visa. I cant wait, I would go tomorrow if I could, I am fed up of the cold and the rain:sad: Anyway I just wondered if anybody out there has worked, is working or knows of anybody that is working at the hosital? Cheers Erma
  13. Guest

    Secondary Education in Mackay

    Hi, As my 457 visa is currently being processed after a recent job offer i thought it might be time to gain some information from the forum in regards to secondary schools in Mackay. We are looking for a good school for our 13 year old daughter, we have had a quick look online at a few but really want to have some "local" knowledge and advice. Looking forward to hearing from you in the near future and maybe meeting up on the "other" side. Many thanks Sean & Lisa
  14. Guest

    What to do in Mackay?

    We've been in Mackay for 6 weeks and just wondering if anyone has any suggestions on things to do. The town is very small and other than walking around Caneland we're a bit stuck for excitement. Any good bush walks nearby? Pubs? Restaurants? Nice drives in land ?
  15. Guest

    Hi, any one in Mackay

    Hi I'm new to this. Hopefully should be going to Mackay before Christmas and trying to get things sorted. I have a 14 year old and a 10 year old and have not got a clue where to start with choosing schools for them. Which is the best secondary school in Mackay. Could somebody please help. Thanks :confused:
  16. My husband, 2 yr old son and myself arrive in Mackay on Nov. 20th and we have had 0 luck finding a rental. If ANYONE knows of something please send info my way. I am interested in apartments or units for our 1st rental. Perhaps after we have been there 6 months and accumulated some additional belongings and furniture I would seek a house. I appreciate any help. Shannon
  17. Hi all, got a job offer to be based in Mackay, that i am 99% going to take but after abit of advice about the areas: - What is the weather like? how hot, how cold, rain?? what clothes do i need to bring over? - What are day light hours like? nice long nights? dark at 4:30? - Whats sort of insects, spiders, snake do you get in this region and how likely to come across these? - Nice beaches? - Any golf courses? - any local football (soccer)? - how expensve is fuel (petrol etc) - what would be a good area to live for single 30 year old bloke any other advice or helpful tips from people who have recently moved would be appreciated
  18. garym

    Living in Mackay

    Hi all:wink: Have just joined PIO.Great site full of friendly helpful people. Hoping someone can put my mind at ease, I have a job offer in Mackay,Does anyone have any idea about the cost of living in the area. I will be earning appox- $80,000 to $100,000. I am married with two young school age kids, My OH won't be working so we will be living of my wage only. Will we have a reasonable lifestyle? Thanks Gary
  19. Hi all, Im new here and only came across this site by accident whilst reseraching accomodation in Mackay as i currently have a job offer. So im a 30 year old, single, civil engineer (BSC Hons Degree) currently living in leicester in UK with an offer for a job working out of Mackay. Job appears to be pretty good, 457 visa, relocation, flight paid for. $95k basic, $150k inc overtime working out of town most probably in Moranbah with accom out of town provided and a company vehicle. Wasnt worried about money with this package until i started to see accomodation prices!!! Im 90% sure of taking the job, but suppose there are a few things/ questions to be answered first, any help or advice would be greatly apprciated. Mostly about suitability So here goes..... 1. Is Macakay a suitable place for a 30 year old single bloke? 2. What area of Mackay would be most suitable, would like to be close to city and beach 3. How much would i be looking at for renting? 4. Would it be a better idea to live in Brisbane and fly to work - i have done some research which says to avoid Mackay as there is nothing there!!! 5. What are prices like in Mackay -im told due to mining and engineering etc prices are quite steep, doe salary sound enough? Im aware from research that there is a shortage of civil engineers in Oz at present and looking to make the move as above even if it is just to get there and move on in a year or so. Just need to make sure i wont go bankrupt and be forced to trot back home dissapointed. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  20. Guest

    Used car Needed- Mackay area-

    My husband and I are moving to Mackay on Nov.4th. We need a vehicle which my little family of 3 could fit into. We are definately on a budget- Please if you know of anything out there- message me. Thank you
  21. Guest

    Moving to Mackay

    Hey I'm expected to be out in Mackay for February to work at Mackay Base Hospital (new psychiatric unit). I'd love to hear from those who have lived & live in Mackay to get some advice about where to live near the hospital. Ideally where my encounters with snakes will be very slim I will be going on my own but do hope I can make friends quickly. I am apprehensive but excited at the same time at this new opportunity. What is it like working at mackay base hospital? Erin
  22. vixxy666

    Pet insurance and Vets in Mackay

    Hi Were hopefully moving to Mackay within the next year and have 2 2 year old british shorthair cats. I have them insured here and have a very good vet that i get worming/fleaing reminders quarterly and there annual boosters. Had to claim on the insurance after one needed an op on his tummy he's got a sensitive stomach now but should never have a recurring problem. Does the Pet insurance start a fresh over there or will i need a letter from current insurance etc? Also what are the vets in mackay like? I want to bring them with us but the heat is a worry, there indoor only but we let them play in the garden when were out there with us, i just dont want to drag them all that way and them be miserable, there my babies lol Any advice much appreciated. Vicky
  23. Guest

    new career Mackay

    Hi I am hopefully relocating to Mackay within the next few months. In the UK i had my own Beauty Salon , i am qualified in Beauty Theraphy and Massage. I do not want to do this in Oz if i can help it. So i am looking for suggestions as to what job skills are in demand in Mackay. So i can gain some experience and training before i relocate. The sectors i have thought about retraining in are Health and Social care, Aged care or Administration. Recruitment training or the Hospitality industry. Any feedback thankfully received.
  24. Guest

    Mackay finding a job

    Hi can anyone tell me who lives in Mackay, what type of jobs are available. Is there a shortage of employees in a certain sector. I am a trained beauty and massage therapist. But i would like to develop a career doing something different maybe recruitment, real estate, social care. I would grately appreciate any help, as if i can get an idea of what type of employees are in demand i could maybe get some experience or take some training in the UK in that sector before i relocate.
  25. Guest

    equestrian sport Mackay

    Hi i am looking for information on equestrian stables in Mackay or suberbs. I would like to keep a horse in Mackay are there any livery stables around. Does Mackay have a local showjumping or dressage scene. Thanks