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Found 51 results

  1. Hello all, New to this forum and hoping you can help me with my endeavours! I am a practicing doctor in the UK, and have the ambition to move abroad to Australia to practice there, and hopefully specialise at some point also. I have experience in emergency medicine, general medicine and general surgery, and have preferences to work in emergency medicine and/or medicine. I would hope to start work in Australia from March 2022 onwards, and was just hoping for a summary of information of how it works, and when is the best time to apply for my desired start date... Thank you for any help! Rikki
  2. Areyousure

    482 or 485

    I’m about to graduate from my medicine degree in the next couple of weeks and would be starting work at NSW hospital on a 2 year contract. I got the option of applying for the post graduate visa 485, or ask my hospital to sponsor me for the 482. Any advantage of the 482 over the 485 visa?
  3. Hi Friends, I am a specialist doctor and need some guidance on 189 or 190 visa application. I completed my specialty training from India and applied to AMC & RACP for assessment of my training/education. RACP found me fully comparable to an Australian trained specialist and after completing 12 months of peer-review practice, I got my specialist registration. Now I want to apply for 189/190 visa. I want to claim points for my previous work experience in medicine & the specialty field. I checked Govt immi website and it says assessing authority is Medical Board of Australia. But on Medical board website, there is no mention that they will assess the previous work experience for points in immigration. I have called them also and they confirmed that they do not assess previous experience. Please help with the below: 1) How to get points assessed for the previous work experience 2) Do I need to get around 80 points to get the invitation, or is it less for a doctor (as very few people apply in my occupation) Any help would be highly valued. Thanks!!
  4. Joyous

    GP for UK visitors

    My parents will be visiting from UK and my dad needs regular blood tests. Would an Australian GP be able to see him and refer to tests although without medicare? TIA
  5. Hey Guys, I'm a Pom currently on a 457 visa but I have some medical issues I have been carrying for a while that I need having a look at. Can anyone recommend a 'Good' GP in the Sydney City area (I.e one that will actually listen to your problems instead of just turning you through the door?) Also one that bulk bills so I can at least get some usage out of my Medicare Card? Thanks, Ruddy
  6. Hi, we have just got the results for our familys medicals and my wife's has been classified as B. She had post natal depression 15 years ago and had a small bout of depression 2 years ago. Neither was referred to a specialist and both times she recovered after a couple of months on a low dose of anti-depressant. Will this be a problem for our migration or will it delay the visa grant. Hardly seemed worth mentioning, but she was completely honest with the panel doctor. Help and reassurance please !!! Tony
  7. I have epilepsy and take medication everyday, currently i get it free, how much will it cost me in Sydney? Will i have to go see a doctor in Sydney straight away to get me written up for repeat prescription or can i take something to a chemist that my doctor here could write out to start with? Thanks xx
  8. Hello all, I am a UK trained doctor who has just moved to work in Australia (from Aug 2012) for a year (at least). The moving process has been very long, arduous and stressful for me and several of my friends. Information on the net is at best hard to find, at worst simply incorrect. Here I have set out to update this for any prospective doctors moving to Oz. I aim to make it very comprehensive, so bear with me. Hope it helps. Details correct of August 2012, and of course, things could change. Summary: 1. Australian Medical Council (AMC) - takes roughly 2 months. Cost $600 2. AHPRA - takes 6 weeks. Cost $1277 3. Work visa (457 temporary business visa) - can take just 1-2 weeks if everything in place. Cost $340 application + £310 medical 1. Decide you want to move to Oz 2. AMC - you can do this part without a job in Oz, but you are spending £400, so you need to be committed to making the move: 1) Apply using AMC online application, I think choose all the possible territories which you may work in. 2) Pay your $600 - in my account this equated to £400 (ouch) 3) Obtain certifed copies of documentation: a) find nearest/cheapest notary public near you using this. http://www.thenotariessociety.org.uk/find-a-notary you can e-mail them for a quote b) an alternative is the Australian High Commission on the Strand. For all copies they would charge around £250 though c) For those of you in London, I used the very delightful Mr Brian Spear, in Southfields, who charged me £50 for the lot. (others quoted me up to £250) d) Ask for 2 copies of each of the following(you will need the other copy for visa application) e) Get copies of: Passport, driving licence, MBBS degree, Certification of FY1 competence from your hospital. I also got a copy of GMC certificate for good measure f) I recommend that you scan to a computer these notarised copies of documents. These can be added to your work visa application (see later) g) The notary will also need to witness you signing the declaration and sign it themselves h) Unfortunately, friendly solicitors cannot notarise documents cos this is going international 4) Request Certificate of Good standing from GMC: http://www.gmc-uk.org/cgs_online/ This will get sent DIRECT to Australia 5) Enclose 2 passport photos. This was a bit confusing, since some online stuff talks about 4 photos and proper certification of them, but I think these are now out of date. Just 2 photos with your name on the back will suffice. 6) Send to Australia. I opted for the courier service, which set me back £60 (more ouch), but is completely insured and guaranteed to get there I would suggest couriering together if you can co-ordinate with friends also moving. You will receive e-mail confirming receipt. About 4 weeks later you will receive a document saying: "Verification of Medical Qualifications" A couple of weeks after this, you will get one saying: Certificate of Advanced Standing EICS Verification Pending I think that is it. 3. Find a job in Oz 4. AHPRA: It is recommended that your employer hospital e-mails you a copy of the ALPS-03 Application (Application for limited registration for post graduate training or supervised practice as a Medical Practitioner) They must also e-mail you a copy of: Your position description and Your Training Plan Fill in your bits You will need to attach your 2nd certified copies of: Passport Driving Licence Your degree certificate(s) FY1 Competency A (non-certified) copy of AMC Cert of Advanced Standing A copy of CV Include a "certificate of proof of entry on the Register" which can obtained from GMC website Sign your training plans Now the Payment section really confused me, cos I couldn't find any definite cost for the "Application fee" and "Registration fee" on their website. Initially I put $1150 on the form, but they informed me that after I sent the application, but before I received it, they put their prices up. I sent an e-mail to the AHPRA person authorising her to take as much money out of my account as they need. In the end I paid $680 Application Fee & $597 Registration Fee (note this is for NSW, others may be higher). It may be an idea to just attach a note saying you authorise them to take money out your account. I should note they don't seem to have taken the money out my account (yet) - maybe I'm lucky You should then send the documents by post back to your hospital. This can then be counter-signed by your supervisors, and their bits filled in. Please note that the ORIGINAL signatures from both of you need to be on the documents. This caused no end of back and forth on my application, leading to a delay of about a month. They can then send it on to AHPRA PLEASE NOTE: following AHPRA registration, you will get a confirmation e-mail of acceptance "in principal". You can use this to get your work visa, but you will not be able to start work until you present in person to the AHPRA office in your state. Please bear this in mind when booking flights. I for example, am working in far north of NSW. I sent my docs to the Sydney office, but flew into Brisbane (cos it was closer). This meant I may have had to travel all the way to Sydney before I could start work. Fortunately they acquiesced to allow me to present myself to the Brisbane office instead. You can try e-mailing them, but I can't guarantee this will work in every case. 5. 457 Visa Your employer will sponsor you for a work visa. They will then send you a TRN (Transaction Reference number) which you can use to commence your visa application. It says the turn around time is 4-6 weeks, but some of my friends got it much quicker. The visa cost me £237 ($340) Once you have lodged your application, it will give you a TRN so you can check on your visa progress. Before they grant your visa, you will need to add documents to it, and have a medical Adding docs: I basically added everything I had: passport, driving licence, degree certs. An important bit is obtaining proof of health/travel insurance for at least your first month in Oz. After the first month, I understand you will be eligible for Medicare Once you have your TRN, you can also arrange your medical. This is of course annoying, since you have to pay £310 to some private GP for the privilege of doing something you could do yourself, but hey, lots of hoops to jump through. There are 3 GPs in London who are acceptable by the Australian Immigration people. Check the website and book in. You will need an X-ray, Hep B,C, HIV and a medical check. It was all pretty efficient, and they will send the results through automatically. And after all that, you can now enter the country of Australia HOORAY For my part, since my AHPRA didn't have both original signatures on it, that was delayed by a month, which meant I didn't have a work visa before I flew. I therefore applied for an eVisitor visa (free). This was delayed, because you're not meant to apply for a visa when you have another one pending. I therefore had to apply for an "emergency ETA" before I flew. I therefore entered the country on a tourist visa. My work visa was granted the next day. Don't try this....it is very stressful, but it is possible (this also happened to 2 other friends) Things you may need to do after arriving in Oz: Go to AHPRA (very quick really, they just check you are who you said you are). You will need you passport, and your Letter of Offer Find a house Buy a car Get a bank account (just need a passport and an address) Hospital documents: stuff to sign eg confidentiality, working with kids etc, but also immunisation history, so bring evidence of imms & TB checks etc Apply online for a tax-file number after getting a bank account (www.iar.ato.gov.au) Apply for Medicare Provider Number Apply for a Prescriber Number Apply for salary packaging. For me, this meant that I get my rent tax-free, saving a couple thousand dollars. Cancel your licence to practice in the UK. This is a controversial one. Registration with licence is £390, whereas just to be registered is £140. You can therefore save yourself £250, but bear in mind that most jobs in the UK will require a Licence to practice at the point of interview, so if you are returning to UK, it may be more trouble than it is worth. You can get your licence back by providing a Certificate of Good Standing from your current employer in Oz. I rescinded my licence, but most of my friends didn't Transfer MPS membership to its partner in Oz (MIPS) - just call MPS and they will send stuff through Right. Think that is everything. Let me know if you have any questions. Good Luck
  9. My wife has commenced application to work as a specialist GP and has secured an offer with a practice in southwest Sydney. We are currently getting all qualifications recognised by AMC AHPRA etc and she will be looking to move over at the end of this year. I need to remain in the UK to sell our current house but will be looking to move over between 6months to a year later than my partner. Can anyone advise what type of visa I would need to join my already working partner? I will be needing to find work once I am over there, I'm not sure if I need to have secured a position from the UK before I can travel or would I be able to stay under my partners working status until I could secure work? Any help gratefully received. Keith L
  10. Guest


    I'm a medical doctor specialist in i9nternal medicine , i would like to come to Australia , i'm ready to serve an old man or lady with full medical care and to leave with him if there is a need for that , i'm also ready to help any member of his family if i was asked , my C.V and my experience will be sent even the places where i worked and my good standing will be sent the only thing i want is invetation for visa the travilling cost will be paied by me thanks
  11. angel07

    Doctor vist on 457 visa

    Hi Guys Hoping someone can help me with this. We are here on a temp business visa and don't have health insurance yet. I want to take my daughter to see a doctor because she has a really bad cough. Does any one know how much a doctors visit would be? Does medicare only cover hospital visits?
  12. Hi Everyone I'm relatively new to PIO, though have been following threads for a while. Let me introduce myself. I am a GP in a partnership, and have been at my current practice for 6 years. I enjoy my job and get on well with my colleagues... But they are not aware that... I am in the early stages of emigrating with OH and our 3 lovely children. I have a job offer from a practice on the Gold Coast (which I am very excited about!), but am only just applying for registration with the Australian Medical Council (I understand this process can take 3 months or more). I have also not applied for my visa yet (though I will be going on a 457 sponsored visa, and have been informed that this shouldn't take too long). My dilemma is... Our partnership is about to embark on a project which is likely to cost a considerable amount of money. We're talking several £100,000s. I do not want to be part of this project, for obvious reasons, but I feel that it is too early to tell them that I'm emigrating (until I know it's definitely on the cards). We are a very close partnership and I worry that if I confide in one of the partners, they will feel obliged to share the news. I am dreading telling them I'm leaving anyway, but this complication means I may have to do it much sooner than I wanted to. Help!! This is keeping me awake at night!!! :unsure: Thank you in anticipation to anyone who has any ideas...
  13. Hi, I went for medical and panel doctor used ehealth. During the fill up the ehealth through internet, Doctor could fill up my form. But the doctor did not find any entry in the system for my spouse in the system . Doctor used the TRN number & Birth date of my spouse. Doctor says, it's happen sometimes and will inform me later after he contacting with DIAC. Did you face similar issue previous. BR, Morshed
  14. LukeM

    The Doctor's Note...

    Just a general question really... I'm going to have a wisdom tooth out. I work in a call centre. I can envisage that I might not be able to talk for a couple of days and I might have a chubby hamster cheek look going on. My work requires me to provide a doctor's note for any sickness. Will I get a doctor's note or do I need to go about it another way? Really... don't think I'm going to feel like 4hr + shifts in a call centre with a sore face like so and after the valium too and the painkillers!! :no:
  15. http://au.news.yahoo.com/thewest/a/-/newshome/9253693/divorce-sick-wife-doctor-told/
  16. lynne1266

    Doctor Who's Sarah Jane Dies :((

    I read today that Elisabeth Sladen who played Sarah Jane in Doctor Who and recently had a spin off show has died from cancer. I was shocked to hear that she had died and most of all that she was 63....she looked amazing for her age !! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-13137674 RIP
  17. I'm planing to book my medical examination and so I'm going through the forms 26EH and 160EH and I'm confused that there is no address where the doctor should the form send when my check is finished. Do they know the address? And as for the X-ray (160EH), should it be sent first to the doctor that deals with 26EH and only after that all together to the DIAC?
  18. Hi all, I am currently working as an FY2 in the Uk. I am planning on going out to Australia with my boyfriend ( who is a teacher) in August/September 2011. Initially we were hoping to travel around and work in short term post (3 months or so) doing locum work. As far as I can tell, the working holiday visa seems like the most feasible option as the short term business visas require a sponsor. I was not planning on organising a job prior to going as we want to travel for a month or so first and don;t want to commit to a 6 month/ year long post. After the year (provided we both enjoy it) I will hopefully try and get a training post. Has anyone else done locum work on a working holiday visa??? As far as I can tell there are no stipulations against doing this but want to know if it would work in practice??# Thanks Katie
  19. chalkyhill

    Doctor - 457 to PR

    I have a query for any doctors or immigration experts....... I am a doctor with 2 years post grad experience now working in a post in Perth (from sept 2010). Myself and chalkyhill are on a 457 visa. I hope to start specialist training in WA in jan 2012. Does anyone know if we can apply for PR before I have worked for 12 months here (ie does it matter if I have full registration) Has anyone else been in a similar position? Also, has anyone had experience of changing their specific job while on a 457 visa (but within thesame health board) Thanks! Chalkyhillette
  20. Hi everyone, I'm looking for some advice please. Let me explain my circumstances... Last year i went to Australia on a tourist visa for 6 months to see if i wanted to emigrate with my then partner who was Australian. We had already started the process of the spouse visa, and enlisted the help of a migration agent. My son who is now 5 (but at the time was still 3) had been waiting to be seen by a Paediatrician in the UK for over a year (he was referred through his nursery at the time, not a doctor) so while we were in Aus, we had him seen privately by a company called ISADD who specialise in diagnosing Autism and developmental delay. We got a diagnosis of mild Autism, subject to confirmation by a Paediatrician, which we didn't have time to do before i came back to the UK. When we got our medicals done in the UK for the spouse visa (and this was before the diagnosis in Oz) the Panel Doctor didn't actually pick up there was anything wrong with my son apart from mild speech delay, and i volunteered the information about the Autistic traits. Now our migration agent told me i basically shouldn't have said anything if the doctor hadn't picked up on it, as it would cause problems with the visa. Now things didn't work out between my partner and i, but i still want to move to Oz. Our local council accepted my son into our local primary schools additional support base from the diagnosis we have, but the primary school also suggested deferring him for a year and i work with him at home (they know about me wanting to move back and think it might be more beneficial to just prepare him now, to start school in Oz next year). What i'm wondering, as there are no medical records of him having Autism here, no school statements, and as its not all that noticeable apart from his speech, would i be better working with him at home and just mentioning the speech problem to the Panel Doctor when the time comes? Or did the migration agent give me bad advice? As for visas, I have an occupation on the skills list (60 points) but not sure which visa to apply for yet, as i hear the PR ones are harder to get (i.e. more thorough!) I have about 2 weeks to decide, I'm pretty confused what i should do :confused: Any advice you can give would be much appreciated! Claire
  21. Hi All I'm applying online 176 for OH (Uk trained Dr) We have been in Oz since Feb 2007.(457) OH has been working as a doctor in Queensland and NSW. He obtained full AMC accrediation in Sept 2009. Can I claim for 36/48 months work experience. Most medics apply for general medical practioner code for GSM. I'm worried as employer who want's to sponsor for his current role was knocked back by DIAC who called all medical registrar posts 'doctors in training' What do I call his current role? Can we claim his time in Oz when he was conditional registered with AMC E.g. Feb 2007-Aug 2009? Thanks in advance GG
  22. Our accredited centre is seeking a female doctor to join the Practice Flexible hours :wink: , Great working conditions:rolleyes:, Great %% :eek:offered + reloccation costs . Happy to complete all paper work and apply for sponsorship . Please send your details to duffclinic@internode.on.net
  23. Guest

    Commonwealth Doctor Medical

    My Mum's medical has been forwarded on to one of the commonwealth doctors for further investigation. Has anyone else had this and or is it bad news?
  24. hey- mum and dad are visiting us for a month maybe longer and are concerned about the cost implications if they need to visit the doctor or require medicine while they are over here-mum and dad are both 69 and generally good health apart from mum's asthma at times (but not recently). they would have travel insurance but asked if I would check in advance. They are both UK passport holders Thanks in advance for your help
  25. Guest

    doctor records,

    Hi all, its all coming very close, do i need to get health/medical records, I read a post before along time ago, and i think i remember reading that they are not needed, All experiences and help would be helpful, cheers all Tracey,