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  1. Mcguinnessp1968

    Aussie weather

    How bloody hot is melbourne today? And tomorrow is likely to be even hotter
  2. Mcguinnessp1968

    Options for bringing over future spouse

    Marisa you really can be a fount of misinformation on here at times
  3. Mcguinnessp1968

    Cancer screening question

    When you move to oz are you automatically put in cancer screening programs as per the uk or do you actually have to register? Male here just turned 50
  4. Mcguinnessp1968

    Cancer screening question

    Hmmm I haven’t received anything I’ll make an appointment at the docs
  5. Mcguinnessp1968

    Why are some people so easily offended?

    Well if that’s what you are talking about then use a more realistic example Of course there are many examples of how PC has gone mad, however saying women who wear burkhas look like postboxes is not one of them
  6. Mcguinnessp1968

    Why are some people so easily offended?

    It’s a sign of the times we live in unfortunately I was brought up in a home where you were taught to be respectful for others, regardless of who they are I also lived in a tolerant and inclusive country where diversity was seen as a good thing Something which is lost on the OP
  7. Mcguinnessp1968

    Why are some people so easily offended?

    Thank you
  8. Mcguinnessp1968

    Why are some people so easily offended?

    They look nothing like post boxes mate I somehow can’t see even you trying to stick a letter in their mouth
  9. Mcguinnessp1968

    Why are some people so easily offended?

    Mate I’m not angry in the slightest. I’ve read many of your posts on here so I know what you stand for I personally think you are wrong but hey ho My point is that people are entitled to live their lives and follow their beliefs without ridicule. Especially from a so called public figure If you can’t get your head around that fact well like I say it says a lot about you
  10. Mcguinnessp1968

    Why are some people so easily offended?

    I’m not offended by what you say in the least I just don’t respect your opinions
  11. Mcguinnessp1968

    Why are some people so easily offended?

    Says a lot about you then
  12. Mcguinnessp1968

    Why are some people so easily offended?

    Of course they weren’t racist but they were highly offensive. The man is an absolute attention seeking buffoon
  13. Mcguinnessp1968

    Why are some people so easily offended?

    I’m not quite sure you can use life of Brian as an example. You would be as well saying that it’s ok to be racist because they did it in love thy neighbour It’s just not acceptable any more and rightly so
  14. Mcguinnessp1968

    Australia’s Migration Lowest in 10 Years

    I think that’s probably more to do with the easy availability of money for investors than immigration
  15. Mcguinnessp1968

    Best TV service in AU?

    I got a little I PTV box from someone I know back in the uk. I get every channel imaginable all uk loads of movies and box sets on demand and the picture quality is outstanding
  16. Mcguinnessp1968

    Statutory declaration

    This is true My solicitor signed and stamped my stat dec as well as all of my docs
  17. Mcguinnessp1968

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Postman pat and his black and white cat could do a better job than the current incumbents Corbyn is not the answer but don’t let that cloud your judgment about the utter incompetancy which you are currently witnessing
  18. Mcguinnessp1968

    Thai Cave Rescue

    It’s a proper super hero story this one
  19. Mcguinnessp1968

    Emergency PR visa required

    In the event that England get to the WC final as a Scot I can never go back All suggestions welcome
  20. Mcguinnessp1968

    Jobs advice - Victoria

    That’s fair comment apologies Marissa Looking at it from another angle I don’t really understand people moving here and taking what is a massive risk with their livelihood and living standards I know more than one couple back in the uk who did it spent every penny they had “living the dream” here only to have to return to the uk with nothing when the money ran out. In both cases I know of the marriage didn’t survive Massive massive gamble IMO
  21. Mcguinnessp1968

    Jobs advice - Victoria

    I’m sorry but that is one of biggest lots of rubbish I have read on here. To suggest that an employer wouldn’t hire someone who has just moved here is nonsense.
  22. Mcguinnessp1968

    Keeping up with the Jones

    Fur coat and no knickers as my mum used to say
  23. Mcguinnessp1968

    Tommy Robinson Arrested

    Utter incompetence mainly by both the police and social services. Don’t let yourself be fooled by claims that they weren’t allowed to offend the Pakistani community because that is complete garbage Police and social services incompetence isn’t r served purely for gangs of Pakistani sex criminals just remember that
  24. Mcguinnessp1968

    Tommy Robinson Arrested

    I have no idea what you mean. I’m pretty stupid feel free to explain further
  25. Mcguinnessp1968

    Tommy Robinson Arrested

    I’m totally at a loss as to what you are trying to say Why not just say it instead of trying to be cryptic