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    Apologies for that. Seems to be my phone playing up. It makes sense that they wouldn't give all info, and possible options unless you've paid. I've emailed both of those companies so I'll hopefully arrange something with them soon.
  2. Jaym


    That's a good point. This is what I mean about the DUC. That's the advice they gave me. Do the test, aim to get superior on that and then go back to them. I'll definitely speak to another agent before I do anything else. .
  3. Jaym


    Hello all. I'd like to thank everyone for commenting. I've been busy with work so I'll read through them all properly today. I appreciate people being honest. I know we're up against it with regards to a skilled visa (due to experience and age), and I understand the risks involved with going over on a temporary visa. There are no doubt cases where people have gone over on a temp visa and then had to leave due to not getting PR and I guess that's a big risk and one that some people will think is worth it, others won't, I'm not sure which boat we're in on that yet. Me and my partner spent a year in Australia back in 2015/16 and a few friends we have, gained sponsorship whilst on a WHV and all we're able to get PR, again I'm not disputing there are a number of people who don't. I think the advice to have a consultation with an agent is a good one. I got the impression that the DUC centre only gave me one option when there might be others. I haven't paid them anything yet, which might be why their advice was brief. They advised me to do the Pearsons PTE test and go from there so I think that's the first hurdle to get out the way. .
  4. Jaym


    So I've had an update from the DUC. They've said it's an option however it would be on the 482 visa which is temporary and doesn't give benefits you get with the 190. With the 482 there's no skills assessment, age isn't really a factor either. I think they said the requirement is to stay employed for 3 years with that sponsor and then if you meet the requirements you can apply for PR.
  5. Jaym


    Thank you for the reply. I've emailed the DUC this morning to ask as I'm not sure. I understand the issue about not officially being qualified in Australia and know I'd need to gain the A licence, and this could affect a company wanting to sponsor. My understanding was that there would be certain conditions with a sponsorship, such as agreeing to stay with a company for a set time, along with them agreeing to provide employment for a set time. I also thought that once your been there for a set time you can then apply to stay. Again this might be wrong.
  6. Jaym


    Hello, I'm after a bit of advice. I'm an electrician wanting to emigrate and after talking to the down under centre I may struggle to meet points required for the skilled visa. This is mainly down to a change of career a few years ago (so experience) and also the fact I turn 40 next year. I wondered if anyone had any advice with regards to getting a company to sponsor me? I imagine it's not easy but I'd be grateful for any feedback off anyone who has been through it, going through it or has tried with no luck. Many thanks