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  1. Hi all, Sorry to create a new post from my previous one (https://www.pomsinoz.com/topic/216393-partner-visa-queries/). I've got some time and i'm going to start gathering all the evidence of our relationship so it is all to hand. I vaguely remember the types of things I have to gather but unfortunately I can't seem to find it listed anywhere? I must of picked it up off various threads and websites? My partner has taken some notes which I think is along the right track so if others could just confirm or give me some suggestions it would be great. 1. Financial - Evidence of intertwined finances? We don't really have much in the way of this but I do pay my partner a housekeeping allowance each week by standing order. This is about the extent of it. Either one of us then pays for various things. We do have a joint account but this is now used solely to deposit money gifts that people have given for our child. 2. Shared living. Evidence of us living together. Joint bills etc. We have the council tax billed in both names. I pay all the bills so most are in my name solely but the C.Tax is definitely in joint. We can still prove we both live here with letters address individually to the same address. 3 Social. Photos, invitations etc of us together at social occasions. We can gather photos at parties etc. Not sure how often we receive (or keep!) a physical invite nowadays hopefully we can find some. 4. Joint commitments. Evidence of our child and how we parent together I suppose. Should be easy enough to find evidence of this. She also has form 888 in her notes with 4-6no. 3rd party decelerations supporting our relationship. This should be easy enough 2 lots of parents and a few friends. Do they have to be done in an official statutory declaration document? Thanks for reading. Anything i'm missing or any advice much appreciated. I'm sure forum regulars get tired of repeating themselves sorry for that! Cheers
  2. emanyalpsid

    Malaysia Airlines

    I flew with them after the plane incidents. Think i got sub 800 quid return tickets around xmas times
  3. emanyalpsid

    Unsure whether to return to UK

    With national insurance I think you only have to april to be able to top up missing contributions back to 2006? Its good value to buy the contributions so I'd look into that
  4. emanyalpsid

    Partner visa queries

    Do you have the option to put the police check & medical further on in the application then? Be a bit crazy if visa approved 11 or 12 months after these
  5. I am planning to get citizenship by descent sorted for my son this year. I would have done it earlier but didn't fancy the agro of the 2 passports. As it happens when visiting AUS a few weeks ago there were a couple in front of us with a baby with citizenship but they didn't have the AUS passport for the baby. I thought they would hit problems as that's what I had heard. The officer said they would have to go speak to his colleague but it mustn't of took long because they walked out of the airport at the same time as us. When getting this sorted overseas (UK) does the child have to attend any ceremony? Do you have to attend London embassy for the first passport for the child like you do the adult renewals? Cheers
  6. emanyalpsid

    Partner visa queries

    I presume you have to validate the visa 12 months from approval not application date? I've been reading some other threads and its been mentioned a few people have been caught out by quicker than expected visa processing hence you have to bring your plans forward?
  7. emanyalpsid

    Partner visa queries

    So from my skim reading there doesn't appear to be a time needed between pr and citizenship application. Does this mean if pr is granted after arriving in Australia you can bang citizenship app in straight away? Is there a time limit once pr is granted to arrive in aus? Its hard to get the timings all right with not knowing how long things take
  8. emanyalpsid

    Partner visa queries

    Cheers thats helpful
  9. emanyalpsid

    Partner visa queries

    Do the immigration officials inform you of this when you make the standard offshore application? There doesn't seem to be any other subclass for this scenario.
  10. emanyalpsid

    Partner visa queries

    Thanks for the replies. Out of interest what are the timescales with these visas. Not nessecarily application times but how long post successful application do you have to enter aus? How long post entering aus on provisional visa will you be elidgbke for permenant partner visa? How long until partner is entitled to their own citizenship / permenant residency?
  11. emanyalpsid

    Partner visa queries

    I just thought that when disclosing the relationship I didn't want to start lying saying that we only met 4 years ago. I thought the whole truth would be better. I didnt realise you could get immediate pr based on length of relationship? Does this shorten the time before partner could become a citizen? Is it 4 years after moving to aus if going down the traditional partner visa route? How much do these agents charge for their services (ball park)? I usually am quite capable with paperwork Thanks for replies
  12. emanyalpsid

    Partner visa queries

    Me (aus citizen) and (unmarried) UK citizen partner have just returned from another holiday in Aus and are now considering moving over there potentially in 2024. I have had a look through the home affairs website but just wanted to clarify a few points here. Me and partner have been together around 14 years and have an 18 month old child together (will be eligible to citizenship by descent). During the 14 years we have split up twice for around a year each time and lived separately The last time being around 3-4 years ago. I understand the minimum relationship requirements are 12 months. Will these breaks count against us when applying for the visa? Obviously I will have to be honest when applying for the visa but I would be disappointed if we were honest and disclosed these things when it turns out it could give reason to refuse the visa? Secondly with regards to finances we live in a house which I own. My partners name is on the council tax but none of the other utility bills. I have tonight emailed these utilities to ask that they put her name on, however I pay these bills from my own sole bank account. We do have a joint account together which we used to use to pay our rent and bills many moons ago when first living together but recently it has just been used to pool any money gifted to our child. No regular payments are made in or out. My partner pays for all the childcare through a salary sacrifice at work and so we consider it quits on that basis. I have a standing order to her account for food shopping money. This might be unconventional in the eyes of some people so again i'm wondering what can be done to alleviate any concerns or am I worrying too much? My Nan and Grandad always had seperate money and he paid all the bills and owned the house, i'm not sure how unusual it is? I have seen it mentioned on here that the offshore visa option has advantages? Could someone please let me know these? I see the fees start at around 8k AUD, how variable is this figure if 'starts' is mentioned? Is this paid on application or prior to grant of visa? I would have thought with a 14+ year relationship and a 18 month old child together we should sail through however on reading the home affairs website it has just alerted me to a few things so thought it best to consult the knowledge here and find out what (if anything) should be done to improve the outlook? TIA
  13. emanyalpsid

    National insurance contributions while live in oz

    No the employed by UK company thing didn't happen. I think it is because they are not working at present. 60+ and retired. It seems to me if they get a small job or 'self employed' role they would then be eligible for class 2 contributions?
  14. emanyalpsid

    National insurance contributions while live in oz

    Said family member trying to increase their NI contributions voluntarily. Been told they have to pay class 3 as opposed to class 2. Is this right?
  15. emanyalpsid


    I have just put in for a quote on the website