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  1. Mcguinnessp1968

    Are we coming out of isolation too soon?

    Those comments as quite outrageous and wholly inaccurate
  2. Mcguinnessp1968

    General advice on getting started

    I’d say one of your problems will be that you can’t get in at the moment as a non citizen or resident. And I’ll be amazed if that’s lifted before the end of august
  3. Mcguinnessp1968

    Partner Visa first entry date

    I would suggest given how things are going that the UK is one of the last places that Australia will open their borders to
  4. Mcguinnessp1968

    Coronavirus travel - advice please

    Yeah it’s not ideal that’s for sure. I feel bad for you being separated from your family especially at a time like this. In the end you have to think about your health and well being However what I would say is that there are a lot of presumptions being made about when international travel will restart. No one know the answer to that on here
  5. Mcguinnessp1968

    Coronavirus travel - advice please

    As nemesis says, as a non Aus citizen you are free to leave at any time
  6. Mcguinnessp1968

    Coronavirus travel - advice please

    But for the moment won’t be able to get back which could be a major issue
  7. Mcguinnessp1968

    Coronavirus travel - advice please

    Where are you hoping to travel to and why? I presume you’re originally from Europe?
  8. Mcguinnessp1968

    Coronavirus travel - advice please

    Hardly years That’s just scaremongering you have no foundation whatsoever for that comment
  9. Mcguinnessp1968

    Age a problem?

    That depends a lot on what you do As well as the fact that a massive number of people have just been dumped on the dole so when this is over there will be massive unemployment
  10. Mcguinnessp1968

    482 TSS, can I get another one?

    I would say there is an element of truth in this, however Australia will potentially have lost a lot of skilled migrants once this is over. Just because Australian unemployment will be high doesn’t mean there won’t be a requirement to boost the skilled migrant numbers If Aussies couldn’t do the jobs in question before the crisis they won’t be able to do them afterwards so the requirement will still be there. It is a point however that there is likely to be less of these jobs to fill
  11. I’d say you are probably better out here than in the UK tbh although you will have to self isolate for two weeks at least I’d also say however it’s definitely possible that they will close the border to all arrivals from Europe at some point in the near future
  12. Mcguinnessp1968

    Leaving the UK very soon, what do I NEED to bring / do?

    You NEED to bring some toilet roll
  13. Mcguinnessp1968

    Road trip !!!!!

    Thanks everyone for your comments and ideas Will be just the two of us, no kids What’s the situation in Queensland with regards to stopping out with a recognised site? Is it frowned upon?
  14. Mcguinnessp1968

    Road trip !!!!!

    Thanks bob Lots to research in there
  15. Mcguinnessp1968

    Road trip !!!!!

    So looks like bloody corona virus might put paid to this August’s trip to Bali. So instead we are thinking about hiring a motor home and doing a two week road trip. At this point I am thinking Brisbane to cairns/port Douglas So I’m looking for recommendations on places to stop, motor home hire and anything else which anyone wants to throw in Will be flying to Brisbane and back from cairns to tullamarine btw