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  1. Mcguinnessp1968

    Logistical issues with moving from Canada to Victoria

    To the OP I live in geelong and we have just secured a rental while we build a new house Rental market here is bonkers right now. You will do well to secure one when you are here let alone trying to secure one while you are in Canada
  2. Mcguinnessp1968

    Visa 801 application help

    If I were you I’d be treating her like a queen until the visa was granted
  3. Mcguinnessp1968


    I’m almost certain that made sense to you as you typed it but it makes no sense to me whatsoever
  4. Mcguinnessp1968


    I find your choice of language somewhat offensive if I’m being honest Poor is poor what the hell is dirt poor? FYI I’ve employed many people from other countries in my time here in Australia All of those have come here on student visas at one point or another, all with degrees. They come here, do their masters, gain valuable work experience and then move on to some temporary or provisional visa. These are highly skilled highly technical people who for me have all turned into excellent employees Not to be confused with what you call dirt poor and those people would likely come here on refugee visas
  5. Mcguinnessp1968


    “Some” being the operative word Your opinion is wrong and very skewed to the negative If everyone listened to you there would be no migration at all
  6. Mcguinnessp1968


    It’s not all the facts If you want to state facts then at least show both sides. I personally know what more people who have come on 457 visas and then moved to PR than have failed. In fact I don’t know anyone who has failed You’re stating opinion you have no facts to back that opinion up.
  7. Mcguinnessp1968


    It’s important to note that there are also many stories of people moving here on a temp visa and then successfully gaining pr after a few years Let’s not paint too miserable a picture for the guy
  8. Mcguinnessp1968

    820 visa travel

    Awesome Thanks Paul
  9. Mcguinnessp1968

    Potential move to Sydney

    I have no idea what that means, All I’ll say is that you are an absolute misery Most people on here including myself have fully embraced the move to Australia and love every minute of it I wish you would stop jumping on every post and giving your utterly negative opinion
  10. Mcguinnessp1968

    820 visa travel

    It sure that’s why I thought I’d ask the question
  11. Mcguinnessp1968

    Potential move to Sydney

    Your a proper ray of sunshine aren’t you?
  12. Mcguinnessp1968

    820 visa travel

    I’m on an 820 visa. I can travel to the uk and back without any exemptions right?
  13. That would require some modicum of intelligence and forward planning, two things which the current government have none of Something needs to be done though, vacancy rates are through the roof and candidates are asking for ridiculous salaries, none of which is sustainable I’m sure this applies to many skilled occupations at the moment
  14. Mcguinnessp1968

    Victoria Border Permit help

    I would do it sooner than that. Although I’m not sure how long they are valid for My apologies btw it’s the domestic permits which are instant ( they might even have been scrapped) not sure about international ones
  15. The competition may be massive but so is the number of vacancies. We need a serious influx of these skills into Australia right now