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  1. I’d say you are probably better out here than in the UK tbh although you will have to self isolate for two weeks at least I’d also say however it’s definitely possible that they will close the border to all arrivals from Europe at some point in the near future
  2. Mcguinnessp1968

    Leaving the UK very soon, what do I NEED to bring / do?

    You NEED to bring some toilet roll
  3. Mcguinnessp1968

    Road trip !!!!!

    Thanks everyone for your comments and ideas Will be just the two of us, no kids What’s the situation in Queensland with regards to stopping out with a recognised site? Is it frowned upon?
  4. Mcguinnessp1968

    Road trip !!!!!

    Thanks bob Lots to research in there
  5. Mcguinnessp1968

    Road trip !!!!!

    So looks like bloody corona virus might put paid to this August’s trip to Bali. So instead we are thinking about hiring a motor home and doing a two week road trip. At this point I am thinking Brisbane to cairns/port Douglas So I’m looking for recommendations on places to stop, motor home hire and anything else which anyone wants to throw in Will be flying to Brisbane and back from cairns to tullamarine btw
  6. Mcguinnessp1968

    Deported from New zealand

    What’s your profession first off?
  7. Mcguinnessp1968

    Pregnancy when the main name on a 482 TSS visa

    I would like to think that any expert worth his or her salt would tell you the same You’re absolutely correct by the way about your right to start a family I don’t dispute that at all. You just don’t seem to quite grasp the nature of your visa to live here And regardless of how good you are at your job you won’t be very good at it when you’re off on maternity leave
  8. Mcguinnessp1968

    Pregnancy when the main name on a 482 TSS visa

    I would suggest that you’re being a little deluded Given that you’re on a 482 I’d imagine you haven’t been here that long? I would be very careful if I were you, I’m sure your employer could find a way to make you redundant if they so wished and then you are in a much more difficult situation
  9. Mcguinnessp1968

    Pregnancy when the main name on a 482 TSS visa

    Personally if I was an employer and had gone to all the trouble of bringing someone out on a 482 visa and she decided to get pregnant I wouldn’t be particularly happy
  10. Mcguinnessp1968

    Medicare on TSS visa

    You definitely have a valid point re misinformation. When I was considering moving here (already had the job offer by this point) the age for 186 or 187 can’t remember which one it was was dropped to 45 literally a week before I applied for my visa which ruled me out for the pr visa.i knew this of course, partly through this forum, however the recruitment consultant was adamant I was still eligible, complete nonsense of course. I do still have an option for this visa due to my earnings being above the fair work high income threshold, but I haven’t decided what to do yet. I still have almost two years left on my 457. I may go for the 186 or get another four years on a tss who knows. Either way I’m pretty relaxed about it And apologies again I didn’t mean to insult you
  11. Mcguinnessp1968

    Medicare on TSS visa

    I do agree to a certain extent and apologies I didn’t mean to insult you I just think sometimes you seem to be one a one woman crusade at times to dissuade people from migrating Personally I’m here on a 457, the conditions of which I researched fully before I decided to come here, I’d guess that most people on here who ask about it have done the same
  12. Mcguinnessp1968

    Medicare on TSS visa

    Misery guts Marisa strikes again
  13. Mcguinnessp1968

    Info on Moving to Australia

    Well said Bob There are some real misery guts on here, it’s almost like they see themselves as some sort of amateur border security To the OP check if you can get a visa first. If you can then go for it, it’s well worth the adventure
  14. Mcguinnessp1968

    Info on Moving to Australia

    Marisa I wish you would make an attempt to post more accurate information A temporary visa is not a one off. It is possible to apply for another when it expires
  15. Mcguinnessp1968

    457 - Can it be extended?

    Thanks folks for that It’s a couple of years away yet but just wanted a heads up on what might be in store