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  1. Mcguinnessp1968

    Living in Queensland

    Definitely open to both probably more so the Sunshine Coast any suggestions for location?
  2. Mcguinnessp1968

    Where to start? Perth and Perth living.

    Pretty rude of some folk to be banging on about bag searches all through the guys thread I know nothing about welding mate but sounds to me that you are looking to move for all the right reasons. Just make sure your partner is fully on board as it’s likely to be head down arse up for the first wee while
  3. Mcguinnessp1968

    Living in Queensland

    Nah it’s not for me Also I will still be working so will need a home office
  4. Mcguinnessp1968

    Living in Queensland

    Great thank you
  5. Mcguinnessp1968

    Melbourne suburbs for young families

    Lot of supposition going on there Alan. Anyway the op should check into all of these things before deciding. Btw I live in geelong, it’s a fantastic place to live
  6. Mcguinnessp1968

    Living in Queensland

    Sounds interesting Any suggestions for resorts just to have a quick look at?
  7. Mcguinnessp1968

    Melbourne suburbs for young families

    Anyone who thinks geelong is an hours drive from Melbourne in the morning is off their trolley.
  8. Mcguinnessp1968

    Living in Queensland

    Hi folks looking for input and advice. I live in geelong but am looking to buy a second home somewhere up north to live in the winter. Probably do a six month six month split. I don’t have too many criteria as yet but the June temp needs to be around 25 C Would rather steer clear of the big towns if possible oh and needs to be no more than an hours drive from an airport with flights to tulla. Also needs to be on or very near the coast All suggestions welcome thanks
  9. Mcguinnessp1968

    457 Visa Transfer

    Hi Not wanting to go into too much detail here but could someone advise on the process for transferring a 457 to another employer? My company are looking to recruit someone who is currently on a 457, less than a year into a four year visa. Do we go through the process as though we were bringing someone new into the country? Ie go through the nomination process and then if approved apply to have this persons visa transferred to us? Also while the process is ongoing would their current employer know this process was ongoing? Very important that they don’t for obvious reasons Also how would any possible transfer affect them going for pr? Thanks
  10. Mcguinnessp1968

    Aussie weather

    How bloody hot is melbourne today? And tomorrow is likely to be even hotter
  11. Mcguinnessp1968

    Options for bringing over future spouse

    Marisa you really can be a fount of misinformation on here at times
  12. Mcguinnessp1968

    Cancer screening question

    Hmmm I haven’t received anything I’ll make an appointment at the docs
  13. Mcguinnessp1968

    Why are some people so easily offended?

    Well if that’s what you are talking about then use a more realistic example Of course there are many examples of how PC has gone mad, however saying women who wear burkhas look like postboxes is not one of them
  14. Mcguinnessp1968

    Why are some people so easily offended?

    It’s a sign of the times we live in unfortunately I was brought up in a home where you were taught to be respectful for others, regardless of who they are I also lived in a tolerant and inclusive country where diversity was seen as a good thing Something which is lost on the OP
  15. Mcguinnessp1968

    Why are some people so easily offended?

    Thank you