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  1. 820 Visa Application Pending and UK Passport expiry

    I don't have a CO yet but my passport was about to expire, so I renewed it as they do say they want the applicant to have a valid passport (with a validity period of at least 6 months, preferably). You can update the details in the online application (click on "view detail", then "update details" on the left column). If they have contacted you, I suppose you have contact details you can use?
  2. Medicare and 820 - is that really possible to apply now?

    Yes that is the link I started from. But I'm a bit stuck with the application form as my case (i.e. currently waiting for my temporary visa to be granted) doesn't seem to fit the boxes (you need to be a citizen or a permanent resident/applying for a permanent residency etc). I thought about calling/dropping by, yes, but I remember reading that staff are not necessarily aware of who has a right to register for medicare, and that some people really had to insist. But they might have been at the 801/PR stage already (so, further down the line), I can't remember. So I was hoping somebody in a similar situation could share their experience.
  3. Hello! I'm in Australia on a bridging visa; I've just applied for my Spouse Visa 820. I won't be eligible for 801 for another two years and as a French citizen I don't qualify for the reciprocal agreement (I was a resident in the UK for the past 14 years, but not sure that makes a difference) It was my (possibly mistaken) understanding that I would be eligible for Medicare as soon as I applied for the 820, however looking into it I found this: (source:https://www.humanservices.gov.au/individuals/enablers/how-enrol-or-re-enrol-medicare#a3) I can't see anything else that applies to my case (temporary resident). Does it mean I'm not eligible for Medicare after all? (gulp) Thank you for any tip/clarification!!
  4. Visa Medical Women over 40

    Yes I had a brief breast examination too, which wasn't on the list - but then again, neither was the urine test or the eye test; I guess it all falls under the "general examination" umbrella. I was offered to have a third person in the room too, but I've seen enough physicians not to care about showing them my breasts (I mean I doubt they see us differently than a vet sees his 100th cow!). However not everyone is comfortable with this, so you're not being silly at all The Bupa centre was very busy (I'm guessing they always are) so we were directed to the first doctor available. I don't recall being able to pick male or female. I always assumed you could request female/male if you preferred for personal/religious reason though... they could have asked you to wait for the next female doctor available. Sorry to hear your experience was uncomfortable... at least it's out of the way!
  5. Biometrics for Partner visa (Offshore application)

    Haha, good luck! Perhaps the Australian way has seeped in though, because I too was bracing myself for the worst but when I got at the consulate I found the staff to be efficient, helpful and courteous. Done and dusted in 20 mn, whereas the same procedure took 4 hours in the French consulate in London
  6. Biometrics for Partner visa (Offshore application)

    Maybe you can try the French consulate in Sydney? they do biometrics, and it's a French authority, if that's the issue here.
  7. 300 - Prospective Marriage visa query

    I just lodged my spouse visa application and I was also wondering about having IDs certified, but the official website says this: So we didn't. The one thing that has to be certified though are the statements from your witnesses. These have to be filled via form 888. The personal statement (written by your partner and yourself) are another thing; they can indeed either be written as a stat dec, or as a free-form text (which we did), in which case they don't have to be certified. Your personal preference! As for your medical checks, yup they can be frontloaded, just make sure they are carried on by a panel physician and not a regular GP. For a list, see https://www.homeaffairs.gov.au/lega/lega/help/location/united-kingdom Good luck!!!
  8. Thanks @dotdotslash and @Sarahvee for the updates, we've lodged ours this month so it gives us a better idea of what to expect!
  9. Including a stepchild on a Partner visa application?

    Thank you @wrussell
  10. Including a stepchild on a Partner visa application?

    Thank you, I think I wasn't clear - this is indeed an onshore application, I am here on a PMV and therefore already live in Australia with my husband and his child. There is no question of removing the child. The bit that puzzled me is question 43 in form 80 (which I have to provide), where they ask if I have children. I was simply wondering if it was a question concerning dependant children on my side only (I don't have children from a previous relationship, so in that case I'd leave that bit empty), or if I had to include *all* children in the relationship (and thus my stepchild). Ours is a straightforward case (there's no custody battle or anything), it's just a technicality about whether I mention my stepchild on my form 80
  11. Including a stepchild on a Partner visa application?

    13 Under 18 (13)
  12. Hello! I'm in the process of filling form 80 for my Partner visa (subclass 820) and I have a stupid question - my husband (and sponsor) has a child from his first marriage. I haven't adopted the child, but that makes me their stepmom. Do I include my stepchild in the application (question 43: do you have children)? I would have thought it was only for dependent children on my side (i.e, not related to my husband/sponsor: biological children, or step children from a previous relationship etc) but I want to double check... And if I do have to include them in the form, does it mean I have to provide their birth certificate etc as well? Thank you!!!
  13. Where to upload sponsor documents?

    Personally I will put evidence of things we have bought for the house there (furniture, kitchenware, etc) - so, either highlight the purchase on the bank statement, or provide the receipt of the purchase (confirmation email etc), or screencaps of chat conversations going LOOK WHAT I'VE BOUGHT. Same with daily shopping (supermarket). And elaborate in the statement saying, he usually takes care of this, I take care of that, etc. This is something that could go in the Financial aspect as well I suppose, given that finance matters are part of the household, so maybe it can go in either category.
  14. Move to london or stay in Melbourne (oz)

    I'm a European citizen, not an Aussie I moved to Aus because my partner is Australian, otherwise I would probably have stayed in London for a few more years (though most likely not forever!). Sorry the job offer fell through, but depending on the sector the job market is pretty active there... keep your eyes peeled! Is going on a working holiday visa an option for you? You could stay in Aus for a few more months and save like crazy so you can give London a go. It is a very expensive city (though admittedly Melbourne is not on the cheap side either) and maybe I'm not very adventurous, but I wouldn't go there without knowing I'd have a source of income once there. Mind you there are a lot of short term jobs in the hospitality sector, but maybe it's not your thing.
  15. Partner Visa Options

    You can either apply for a Prospective Marriage Visa (subclass 300) if you intend to marry; you apply offshore and then have 9 months to move to Australia and get married; after which you have to apply for an onshore spouse visa (subclass 820).The PMV means you have to be able to move to Australia on a relatively short notice, so that might not fit your plans. https://www.homeaffairs.gov.au/trav/visa-1/300-/Prospective-Marriage-visa-(subclass-300)-document-checklist Or an offshore partner Visa (subclass 309) if you can prove your de facto partnership (which among other things includes providing evidence that you have been together for at least 12 months, that you have been living together with no significant period apart; note that dating doesn't count as de facto): https://www.homeaffairs.gov.au/trav/visa-1/309-/Partner-(Provisional)-visa-(subclass-309)-and-Partner-(Migrant)-visa-(subclass-100)-document-checklist Either way you are looking at 7,000 Australian dollars (plus additional fees: medical, police check, etc). Global processing time is roughly 11-16 months at the moment for both visas, although they can be processed quicker (many straightforward PMVs lodged in London were roughly processed over 3-5 months in 2017 as far as I can see) but that is in no way a guarantee. Good luck