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  1. TheWayOfThePony

    Attaching evidence - partner visa

    It is one document at a time. They have different sections (evidence of the couple living together, financial aspects of the relationship, social aspect of the relationship) and you upload your documents under whatever category fits best. You don't need to upload documents for each category, as some are not relevant to your particular visa. There is also no need to upload the same document twice just because it can fit two categories. Once is enough. Be aware that there a limit to the number of documents you can provide (100 on mine, perhaps less on other visas, but your immi account will tell you that), and also a size limit (each doc mus be under 5MB).
  2. I went for the narrative angle myself. Didn't even consider bullet points! Might help make the statement more factual and easier for the CO to digest... If you do have a lot to say, I *think* you can write a separate statement (that elaborates on the four aspects of the relationship), and in the application form just write: "see attached statement" under each of the four sections. That's what I did for my 300 and my 820 anyway, didn't seem to be a problem.
  3. TheWayOfThePony

    Form 80. Address History

    I lived at a few addresses in the UK before applying for my Aussie visa and I listed them all, yes. My understanding is that you need to provide all addresses you lived at during the given time period, even if you were there for 6 months only. Holidays homes/Airbnbs don't count obviously!
  4. TheWayOfThePony

    801 Visa Processing Time

    Congrats!! that is fast, and encouraging for the rest of us. Enjoy your PR (and not collecting receipts and movie tickets anymore )
  5. TheWayOfThePony

    820/801 Evidence Questions

    Yeah, sounds to me like you two are doing the reasonable, level-headed thing by living with family and saving up for a future together... and it was not so long ago in the Western culture that generations were living together under the same roof after all! I would think that explaining that would be okay but... But I'm not an agent so I can't say what will or won't float the Immigration boat, and I wouldn't want to mislead you by saying "yes, it's fine for sure" or "no, it defo won't work"... best of luck!!
  6. Hello! I'm finishing my 801 application (I obtained my 820 in 2018) and I'm ticking off the list of documents to provide. My question concerns the stat decs. Now with my 820 my partner (the sponsor) and I each wrote a stat dec in "free form": we did not use a form or template, we just wrote a letter explaining the relationship and focusing on the four aspects - social, financial etc - that Immigration requires. But I see there is an official form for the sponsor (https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/form-listing/forms/stat_dec_sponsor.pdf) and I also read somewhere that a stat dec is not required for the applicant for a 801 (is that true?). My question is: is it better to ask my partner to fill the form rather than writing his stat dec, and do I not need to fill mine? Thank you very much!
  7. TheWayOfThePony

    820/801 Evidence Questions

    I think a clear timeline (i.e. "August 2018: this" and "September 2019: that") would make it easier to work out if you meet the requirement! The main thing about the defacto partner visa is that you need to prove you have been living like a married couple for +12 months and I can't really work out if you have. You seem to have pretty good evidence to back up the fact you guys have been living together even though your name isn't on a lease, but it'll depend if you meet that 12 months requirement. And also if "second-hand" evidence (i.e. text messages implying you live together) is as good as "prime" evidence (i.e. a tenancy with both names on it) in the eyes of Immigration. That I have genuinely no idea. About finances: you don't have to be on equal footing (with both working, with a joint account etc). They only want to know whatever arrangements you have (with evidence to back it up). If you're the sole bread winner and you support her financially by mutual consent, then fine, just say that, and provide bank statements showing that you transfer money so she can buy groceries. The fact you don't have a joint account makes sense if only one is earning money, so I wouldn't worry, but do spell it out in your statement so if the case officer does wonder about it, then the answer's there (as a rule, remember that your case officer doesn't know you, so make their life easier and spell. Things. Out. ) . You are each other's beneficiary, which is good evidence! I take it you're not considering a Prospective Marriage Visa?
  8. TheWayOfThePony

    801 Visa Processing Time

    I'm about to lodge mine, I'll let you know how long it takes! I wonder if I need to upload another form 80? We travelled once overseas but we state that in the declaration and provide plane tickets, otherwise there is no difference from when we applied for 820.
  9. TheWayOfThePony

    Partner visa - conversation records ?

    I would give evidence of you two being in touch during the years preceding your wedding (emails, photos..). Anything to prove your relationship is genuine and not a scam.
  10. TheWayOfThePony

    Immigration being rude .

    How is Immigration being rude here? Because they flagged you for fraud? Seriously?
  11. We were in a long distance relationship and used the following as evidence: plane tickets and hotel bookings to show we were meeting as often as we could afford; photos of us, and with friends and family to show we were socially accepted as a couple; screencaps of emails and text messages, with date showing up, to show regular contact. That kind of thing. The crucial difference is that we were applying for a PMV, with less evidence required than for a full partner visa. I'm curious, since you have an agent who must have advised you on the best course of action - what argument did they give you in favour of a partner visa vs. a PMV?
  12. TheWayOfThePony

    Migrants milk weak visa rules

    Yeah I get that there are abuses and scams but that's probably the case for any type of visa. That aside it's a bit unrealistic to expect people who come and live here for 2-4 years not to form actual, meaningful relationships... I wouldn't talk about "weak visa rules" when it comes to the partner visa either, it has a notoriously big proportion of rejections!
  13. TheWayOfThePony

    820 timelines / waiting room

    Already got mine but thought I'd add my timeline for statistics purposes Applied in February 2018 (on the back of a PMV) Granted June 2018. Now waiting for my 801 eligibility! Good luck to all!!
  14. TheWayOfThePony

    Partner Visa onshore

    A prospective marriage visa is the way to go for long distance relationships as it doesn't require the living together/paying bills type of evidence. Do note that this is an OFFSHORE visa, you'll have to apply from the UK and while you can go visit Australia while you wait, you will need to be back in the UK when the visa is ready to be granted (they will notify you in advance). You will still have to provide at the very minimum - evidence that you've met: photos together, bookings together (hotel, flights etc) - evidence you are in a continuous relationship: phone log, screenshots of emails or chats (just to show you're in regular contact, no need to provide all correspondence! ) - evidence you are considered a couple by your social circle: photos with families and friends, statements from friends - evidence you are commited to a future together: proof you intend to marry (definitely find a celebrant and have a wedding date set, even if the date changes later), discussions about the future (buying house), life insurance, will, etc - I'm not an expert but I think you need the official paperwork from family court that you have permission from the dad to relocate your child. If you can't afford an agent to look after your case, I would most definitely at least have a consultation with one for advice. Some do it for free, some for a small fee, but when a case is not 100% straightforward it's best to get qualified advice. Partner visas are notoriously tricky, with a lot of rejection, and there are so many variables I wouldn't just get advice from a forum, where everybody's case is different and what worked for me might not work for you. Just make sure the agent is registered (MARA). There is a dedicated thread on prospective marriage, to give you an idea of waiting time etc :