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  1. Countries visited while living overseas question

    I was in the same boat as living in Europe, it was very easy to get on a city break abroad for the weekend... but since you don't get a stamp on your passport (free movement and all) and you don't always think about keeping the plane ticket or the dates recorded somewhere, having to recall the exact dates is a bit of a nightmare, so I know where you're coming from! I just entered the dates as accurately as I could - i.e. a constant was that I was going back to my home country (low risk) every Christmas, so I put down a couple of weeks in December there for each of the past ten years, and that seemed to have been enough. You can always elaborate in your statement, explain that you regularly went to the States etc.
  2. I was not living in my native country when I applied for an offshore fiance visa. It was never a problem, I just had to provide extra documents (certified translations of documents originally issued in my native tongue - birth certificate and the likes; and police check in country of residence + in my native country as I had accumulated over 12 months there in total over the past ten years - be aware that it is cumulative, so it's not 12 months in a row! a week here or there do add up...). Not sure if it is different for a spouse visa tough... Good luck!
  3. 300 - Prospective Marriage visa query

    Woop woop! With any luck it won't take too long. I've seen several subclass 300s lodged in London and processed in 3-5 months this year, mine included Keep us posted!
  4. Partner visa updates as of 18 Nov 2017

    Thanks for the heads-up!
  5. 300 - Prospective Marriage visa query

    First of all, congratulations, and fingers crossed that the legislation goes ahead (about time)! I just want to add one thing, just in case - the good thing about the Prospective Marriage Visa (300) is that once you obtain it, you have the right to work in Australia, which you wouldn't have if you came and married in Oz on an e-visitor visa. The downsize of course is the cost and the processing time, and the fact you have to be offshore when it's lodged and when it's granted (but you can come as a visitor in between!).
  6. Great news @nava24 and good luck preparing the move!
  7. Going back to that - do the proposed changes to the partner visa (extra step to get the sponsor approved, possibly extra fee for it too) have actually gone through? I know they were being discussed, but I don't know if they have actually been implemented. Asking for a friend (no, not really. Asking for me ). Thank you!
  8. Prospective Marriage Visa (sub 300)

    Well, the more photos the better, but as long as you have at least one of you two together (=proving that you have met in person), I guess you tick the bare minimum... maybe if you explain in your statement that she is photo-shy, they will understand. In the future though I suggest you get into the habit of taking more pictures of you together, because you are going to need to lodge another application for the next stage (visa 820). As for the date: the way I understand it (someone correct me if I'm wrong) as far as Immigration is concerned, an online relationship (or a long distance relationship with no "physical" contact, just skype calls/emails/text messages etc) is dating, not a proper relationship. Your "starting date" for a committed relationship would be when you met in person and decided that yes, you definitely wanted to be together. As for questions regarding your family, I'm not sure what to do in that situation to be honest... I don't want to take a guess and tell you something incorrect that could jeopardize your application! Sorry
  9. Prospective Marriage Visa (sub 300)

    Hey, of course, that's what this forum is here for We included about a dozen pictures of us together. It's not a lot, but as snifter pointed out it's not so much quantity than quality that matters - ours showed us with friends and family (so that covers the social aspect of the relationship), and were taken over the course of our relationship (and so prove a continuous relationship).
  10. Prospective Marriage Visa (sub 300)

    Hi! We've just gone through the process, so this is based on our experience but of course each case is different. - applications lodged in the UK are processed by the Australian High Commission in London, I believe. The time frame is impossible to estimate, it depends on the backlog at the Commission, how straightforward your case is, etc. The official, global time frame is 12/15 months. Our application took 3 months. - proof that you have met in person: photos are the obvious answer. Plus bookings made for activities in common (travel, theatre etc), hotel bookings... - our CO asked specifically for photos of us together (which we had included, but I guess they were buried in the rest of the evidence), so in our case yes, it was a must. - I was quoted 295 GBP for the medical at Knightbridge Doctors clinic in London. Good luck!
  11. Front loading health check for visa

    No, a PMV/300 is a temporary visa. So I ticked temporary.
  12. Front loading health check for visa

    Form 80 is basically all the details about you and your partner. Can't remember exactly what is asked but basically I think family, employment, education, and (what can take a bit of time to fish out as for instance trips inside the EU don't earn you a stamp on your passport so it can be hard to remember the dates) your travel history for the past 10 years. It's very straightforward, it just takes time You can just google the form and download it to see exactly what they ask, and prepare it in advance so it's ready to send should they ask for it.

    I agree you should probably put kids on hold until you are more settled. My own experience is that I left my home country for the UK over a decade ago. I am from a very close-knit family and was always adamant I needed to go back at some point. I felt very homesick and holidays there always end up in tears at the airport. Yet when the opportunity came to go back a few years ago and I had to seriously sit down and think about it, I realised my country had changed and wasn't really the home I used to know. That I was looking at it with rose-tinted glasses but that the reality of the daily life would be vastly different from going there on a holiday - when you make the most of your time and tend to experience your family's best side - not the annoying bits that drive you mad! So I stayed, and have no regret so as I'm preparing to live the UK for Aus now I am not too worried about adapting. But everyone's experience is different obviously.
  14. Ahh yes that's what I figured, thanks. Kinda wakes me wish I had taken British citizenship like I was thinking a few years ago, but that can't be helped now
  15. Ooh you get access to Medicare! I thought you could only apply for it after the 820, but perhaps things are different for UK/Commonwealth citizens. Congrats on those milestones anyway! You're making really good progress in settling in I'm leaving on Sept 8th... sooo close now!