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  1. Setting up a bank account in OZ

    A few of the main Australia banks (NAB, Westpac etc) offer the option of a migrant account that you can open online from the UK without an Aussie address up to 12 months before moving there. Not sure if it has restrictions of use, but worth looking into?
  2. Great news! after all the paperwork to leave the UK there's another bunch to get through to settle in Oz huh.. so many admin hurdles but we'll all get through 😁
  3. PMV 300 Help

    The most important thing is to show that you have met in person. We were specifically asked to include photos of us together, bookings under our names weren't enough. And to show that you have been in continuous communication since you have decide to enter a committed and exclusive relationship. So screencaps of whatsapp chats, emails etc (they don't need everything, just enough to show you are regularly talking to each other). Don't forget to explain in your statement why you haven't been able to live together as your case officer can't guess and needs to know. Proving that you are planning a future together: you can provide screencaps of your chats or emails discussing your future life together: your upcoming wedding, where you will live, etc. All your plans as a couple! You need evidence that you are socially accepted as a couple, so photos with family and friends, interaction Facebook, events you went to together etc are good! Finances: you don't need to reside in Oz to set up a joint bank account. As long as your partner does, that's fine (we set up one while I was visiting him in Oz and not living there). Another way to show financial support is to provide evidence that you share the cost of your trips and activities. Or that one supports the other financially. Best of luck
  4. Health insurance for 300/820 holders - help!

    Thank you SO much for a very clear and complete answer! Confusion over
  5. Hi all, I'm now in my last month before the Big Leap to Australia and I'm trying to work out my medical insurance. I'm hoping someone can help as I'm getting quite confused with what I'm entitled to as a PMV (and later 820) holder. The way I understood it the PMV doesn't give you access to Medicare, but 820 does? but then I see ( there is reciprocal health care agreement for visitors from the UK (which *seems* to include EU residents as well) to Australia, but perhaps it just concerns tourists and not migrants? Should I subscribe to a private insurance, and for how long (hoping the answer to that is not "until you get PR"! )? I'm not a UK citizen but have been a EU resident (and taxpayer) here for over a decade and have a National Insurance Number etc, and have no medical condition, if that helps. I'm marrying an Australian citizen. Thank you for your help!
  6. Evidence Query.

    We had an agent so they did the uploading for us and I can't really help you on that, but no, you don't have to use up all of the 60 slots Good luck!
  7. Migration agent fee

    I think the fee might depend on the complexity of the case too.
  8. Cost of Partner Visa in GBP?

    I applied offshore but did my medical in a BUPA center in Aus as I was about to go on holiday there when the CO requested it. Not a problem, you can book your appointment online once you have the ID number (which they give you when they request the medical). The process was very easy. Copying/pastying what I was told to do: "Contact BUPA Medical Visa Services to make your appointment. The best way to do this is through their online booking system at . If you are unable to make an appointment online you can call 1300 794 919. You will need your eHealth Referral letter and your passport in order to make the appointment." I think it was slightly cheaper than what I was quoted in the UK, too. I don't know if it's the same in every BUPA centre but mine dealt with several prospective migrants at the same time so it took a couple of hours to complete all the various exams. Not a problem for me but best be aware of it.
  9. Submitting my Application..!

    All of the above seconded. When putting your photos together on a Word document, don't forget to add a caption saying what event/occasion it was, what date, and who the people are, as it's not necessarily obvious and the CO isn't psychic. Best of luck
  10. I did not submit form 80 as it was not on the list, but was asked by my Case Officer to provide it. I would download the form and have it ready just in case. Nothing tricky about it, but it can take time to fill (particularly the travel history) so best have it ready to send. Once the Case Officer requests documents you only have 28 days to send them.
  11. It sounds like it's just a question of time so hopefully once that court order gets through you'll be given the grant in no time but the wait and most of all the lack of timeframe can be frustrating, I think we can all relate! Best of luck to you. Bit surprised by the number of people here migrating to Melbourne too! Maybe that's why the city feels European at times - because we're all moving there
  12. Another Melbournian to be 😁 how envious I am of your camper plan, I'd love to do that! It's gonna be great, have loads of fun Getting married in November so everything is coming fast now!
  13. Moving to Melb in Jan and wondering where to live.

    Anywhere will be nice after Lewisham 😂 (sorry, don't mean to be rude to Lewisham - I'm SE London too ) Good luck I've been to Footscray a couple of times. Didn't find it threatening but admittedly didn't stay there long enough to form an educated opinion...
  14. Wow congrats! That was FAST! Where in Oz are you moving? Wedding booked! Removal normally happening this Monday! It was a job and a half packing and evaluating everything (and all the forms to fill!) but finally - it's getting real
  15. Partner visa

    I'm sorry to hear about your situation... social networking has changed the game and for us "older" generations who are not accustomed to share our private life on Facebook and the likes it's not necessarily a natural thing to do. I hope you get through this Congrats @Andy R! That was one fast grant