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  1. TheWayOfThePony

    300 - Prospective Marriage visa query

    Nothing wrong with selfies as they prove you have met in person, but I think it's good to also have a few pictures of you and your partner with friends and family so you can prove you are accepted as a couple by your loved ones
  2. TheWayOfThePony

    PMV Granted, whats next?

    I remember a blog post about the 820 that was really handy, I'll try and find it for you - it was very handy to see what documents I needed to provide. 820 is a separate application from 300 so you'll need to provide the same evidence again (ID, photos, shared bills, etc etc), plus evidence that you got married (photos, invites, receipts rom venue etc, and most importantly the wedding certificate- apply for it as soon as you can after the ceremony, it can take weeks to get it) and that you now live together permanently (bills, tenancy etc). You are entitled to medicare, yes, because although 820 is technically a temporary visa it is "packaged" with a permanent one (801). I used an agent for my 300 but not for my 820 as our case was straightforward. It's not hard, but you need to be thorough and organised.
  3. TheWayOfThePony

    Joining My Boyfriend in Australia

    Depending on where you are in your relationship, you may want to look into the Prospective Marriage Visa (visa 300). You don't need to be living together to qualify (hence why long distance couples often go down that route), but you do need to want to get married! Once granted you have nine months to move to Australia, get married, and apply for a partner visa (at a discounted rate, mercifully - a PMV fee is around $7000, the subsequent partner visa fee is around $1300).
  4. TheWayOfThePony

    Options for bringing over future spouse

    If she is living outside of Australia you need to apply for an offshore spouse visa https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-listing/partner-offshore/provisional-309 That page has all the information you need, including all the documents required and a step-by-step of the procedure.
  5. TheWayOfThePony

    Stage 2 partner Visa (309 to 100)

    that is so great to know! thank you!
  6. TheWayOfThePony

    Stage 2 partner Visa (309 to 100)

    I'm still a year away from lodging my 801 but I was wondering - is it just an update of the previous application, i.e. do we just provide new bills, new tenancy agreements etc that occurred from the previous application + new statements (from us and friends)? or is it an application from scratch, with birth/marriage certificates, etc?
  7. TheWayOfThePony


    Hi! I'm going to try and get through all, but please note that I am not an immigration agent, just somebody who was in a long distance relationship like you and got a PMV So I'm only speaking from my personal experience. I cannot guarantee that what worked for us will work for you - I came from a low risk country so it's quite possible you might need more for a high risk country... 1. Immigration does make the distinction between dating and being engaged/making a commitment. But I don't think there is a requirement regarding how long you have been engaged for. What you will definitely need to provide is evidence that you are planning a life together and are going to get married - like conversations between you two regarding your future/the wedding, and the Notification of Intention to Marry. 2. I don't think it matters where you spent time together (in Aus or in the Philippines) as long as you have met each other. 3. You don't need dozens of picture (we had nine for our PMV). Yours at least show that you know each other's family, that you have friends in common, and that you have met in person. 4. You can get things in advance (the NOIM you will definitely need at the time of lodging) but be aware that medicals expire after a year, so if your visa takes longer than 12 months to be processed, your fiance will have to go through another (and pay the fee again). 5. I can't think of something else, we basically gave the same evidence as you. 6. Same as above 7. See question 3 8. I think we only had dates and travel together for that one, so I'm not sure! sorry! 9. No, it's fine. Ours were also done a month or two before lodging. 10. Your fiance's CV is technically irrelevant since this is a partner visa - what you will be judged on is how genuine your relationship is. Perhaps if he had been living on the dole for a decade, Immigration would not be super keen on bringing him to Australia, but he's been working and saving up for your future together, so... 11. Processing times depend on a number of things - how straightforward your case is, how clearly presented your evidence is (I cannot stress that enough: make it easy for your Case Officer who has dozens of cases to go through!). It's not officially stated on Immigration website but yes I think being from a low risk country is a factor, as checks will be more thorough... Good luck
  8. You can also compress your PDFs online - you upload the files on a dedicated website (*) that will do all the work for free and you just download the compressed file. Pretty handy as you can upload several files at the same time, so it saves heaps of time. That's what I did as my documents were also way over the limit! Just be aware of a loss of quality for images - don't compress it tooooo much. (*) Not sure we're allowed to post external links here, but you can just google "compress PDF"
  9. TheWayOfThePony

    PMV Question

    I think I lodged my 820 a week or so before my PMV expired. So you should be fine Just make sure you apply for your marriage certificate straight after your civil wedding as it can take a while to process, and it is one of the essential pieces of evidence to provide for a 820. And yes there are travel restrictions in the period between when you apply for the 820 and when it is granted, though you can apply for a bridging visa B to waive them off (I think it's straightforward but yes, it's another admin task to get through!) Good luck!
  10. TheWayOfThePony

    801 waiting times after applying?

    Only recent post I saw on the subject (in this topic) said they had to wait for one year. )
  11. TheWayOfThePony

    shopping in oz

    Ha, this is all so familiar! After London I found most high street fashion in Melbourne a bit, well... dowdy, frankly. I do miss TopShop and Joy, and half of my clothes are from TK maxx... That said I've found a few things in Princess Highway/Dangerfield stores; it's not "standard" street fashion in that they have a specific audience (Dangerfield is on the rockabilly side whilst Princess Highway is about whimsy and forest critters prints) but if you like that kind of things you'll find cute knits, skirts, scarves, etc. And since you are in Melbs there are a few good op shops in the hipster parts of town - BrotherHood of St Laurence on Brunswick Road for instance is a big one. There's also heaps of small, cool independent stores around Brunswick, Northcote etc but these are of course pricier than high street fashion. I'm also desperate for decent shoe stores... sigh. And yes, humans don't HAVE to dress up. But some of us like to. I swear we do it mostly for ourselves,and not to annoy those who don't. So why not *not* be judgemental, hey? ?
  12. TheWayOfThePony

    300 - Prospective Marriage visa query

    Congratulations on your 300 application @HibiscusDreams! here's to hoping it will be processed swiftly ? it's such a massive hurdle to get over (all that paperwoooork) that it's very strange to go back to a life of not obsessively going through old emails and photos ? @spangle 1 and @CEP don't fret toooo much about the 820 - it's just a question of updating what you've sent for your 300. I basically sent the same core documents (proofs of ID, evidence of continuous relationship etc), all I did was to add new stat decs from witnesses, new statements from us, and evidence that we : - got married (e.g. wedding pictures, bills from the venue and the celebrant., and official wedding certificate; tip: apply for the certificate as soon as you get that ring on, it can take a few weeks for the Register to have it ready) - live together and share costs of living (tenancy agreement, bills, bank statements with annotations pointing out who buys what etc.). I was dreading it too, but in the end it took a lot less time and effort than the PMV. If you've managed that 300 - you can definitely do that 820!? Added bonus: an application for a 820 following a PMV usually gets processed quicker than direct-to-820 applications ? (Mine got granted in four months; a British friend who went directly for the 820 had to wait for over a year)
  13. Yes Blimey, a year! And I'm guessing processing times can only get longer for that as well... well, good to know!
  14. Finally! congratulations, what a relief it must be ? you can put your feet up for 2 years!
  15. TheWayOfThePony

    Brit girlfriend turned back at border

    Thanks for sharing. It's true you hear people say it's a risk, but people actually being refused at the border, not so much. I remember reading (not here) about that visitor/820 visa gamble and it was presented as a viable option; this was after I had submitted my own 300 and I remember thinking damn, I wish I had known... Now I'm happy I didn't ?