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    The processing times are updated monthly. They are based on figures up to the end of the previous calendar month. They will change often. It is frustrating as it is almost like a moving goal post but nothing you can do except wait. Some are processed much sooner and some take longer than the published times. you would not be eligible for the PMV if you were to marry before the visa grant. You would need to convert into a 309 application (more evidence required) you can apply for a tourist visa although there is no guarantee that this will be granted in the mean time.
  2. Hello All!!! Bet you thought I'd disappeared! Its been a very busy few weeks of trip to NZ to validate the visa, moving into the new apartment, TFN application and of course... the new job that I start on monday! Finally back to a routine Congrats to those who have received their golden emails. Welcome to newbies - if I've missed you off the sheet, let me know and I'll add you on. Anyway... Here's the state of play. Its all gone quiet again unfortunately but don't be disheartened! Also included a link to the Excel Sheet and also the guide to adding your timeline to the signature on the forum. Good luck all Offshore Partner Visa London.xlsx Adding a signature to Poms in Oz forum posts.docx
  3. I’ll pop the updated spreadsheet up as soon as I can. Hopefully I’ll be able to grab some signal on my trip up to Wellington today
  4. Haaa was for Zoe lol I just wanted you to come back to the forum so got you here under false pretences
  5. @Katiebobbles I flew out Monday morning from Brisbane and my visa was granted 9:30am uk time. I could go straight back lol!
  6. CEP

    Timeline (PMV 300) Applied in 2017

    @SmileyD you’ll find them grouped in with the 309 threads. To be fair they follow similar trends of activity so if you’re applying through London, may be worth hopping on to the 309 London thread
  7. @ZoeHoulding I was soooo pleased to hear this!!!! congratulations! That’s both of us hopping the ditch next week!! Xx
  8. Hello All!! Finally - an updated spreadsheet. I haven't abandoned the sheet... just had a nightmare moving into our new apartment... coupled with arranging my validation trip to NZ next week!! Anyway, here is the updated sheet, along with a link to the full sheet AND...... Something I've seen pop up loads on here is people asking how to add a signature to their forum posts. Its great for me when I'm going through and adding people on to the spreadsheet as I can see at a glance where they are So I've taken the liberty of putting together some instructions how to do this on Desktop PC and on the mobile site. Link is below (Admin let me know if not allowed!).....I soooo need to be back in work lol! Best of luck to all of those still waiting, we're all right behind you. @Kung-Fu Koala, @ZoeHoulding..... got all things crossed for you! Offshore Partner Visa London.xlsx Adding a signature to Poms in Oz forum posts.docx
  9. CEP

    Partner visa processing time 309

    @Charlie11 where did you apply from?
  10. CEP

    Excellent referral for 309/100 Partner Visa

    I’ve started blogging about my experiences will pop a link on this thread soon!
  11. Morning all! A new week - lets get some more greens on the board! I’ll be putting the new spreadsheet up later today as I’m having a nightmare moving into the new apartment catch you later!
  12. @KitCat your 309 won’t be granted while you are in Sydney. They will email you and ask you to leave Australia so that they can grant your visa. You then have to email them with the dates and country you will be visiting so that they can grant the visa once you have departed.
  13. Your 309 will just override your tourist visa
  14. CEP

    Photos for Partner Visa?

    Yep I just created a word document and inserted a table. Sponsor application: To be honest I missed it for a number of months and it was only this forum that made me realise. so, once the application was submitted, you have a TRN number. You then start a new application as the sponsor and the first screen asks for the TRN number so that the sponsors application can be linked. It is pretty much the same format as the applicants form but to be answered from the point of view of the sponsor. Form 888 I printed off, had them to complete and then scanned the completed copies.
  15. CEP

    Photos for Partner Visa?

    It’ll always vary depending on the length of the relationship. There’s no specific answer to this. Each application is unique. I used photographs and screenshots to supplement my relationship statement. Obviously there wasn’t a photograph to evidence everything lol! So I had 1 document which was the actual statement and a second document which had a table of 3 columns (item no, picture, description). Throughout the statement I referenced the pictures by item number.