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  1. CEP

    Sponsor police check

    There's nothing stopping you from obtaining them in advance, although be aware, just the same as the applicant, these can expire so you may find yourself re-applying for them.
  2. CEP

    Sponsor police check

    Uk ACRO clearance from here: https://www.acro.police.uk/police_certificates.aspx AFP check here https://www.afp.gov.au/what-we-do/services/criminal-records/national-police-checks Don’t forget that these expire (usually a year) so you may need to re-do them if the grant doesn’t happen in time
  3. Congratulations @CattyB It’s an amazing feeling! all the best to you and your future in Oz!!
  4. @LCRF the standard request letter asks you to supply the requested info within 28 days - maybe that’s where you saw it???
  5. CEP

    PMV Proof of Single Status

    Nope... but I’m widowed and my other half is divorced so the death certificate and divorce doc demonstrate that the previous relationships have ended.... strange one! Can’t say I’ve heard of anyone else on here having that request either...
  6. @LCRF it can be months after uploading the requested info before you hear anything. Sometimes it’s much sooner, you never can tell! It’s just a waiting game... my RFI was at the start of November and I didn’t hear anything until end of February!
  7. @SydneyBound I arrived in perth at the end of october, then on to Brissy in January....boy did I bake.... the humidity!!!! Jeepers!!! Generally I'm finding things ok - I've been in work for about 6/7 weeks now but and they've been very welcoming Didn't find it too difficult getting work at all, I was pretty chuffed I got this one though! I'd really like to start making a conscious effort to make some friends. As we dont have children, I think you can miss out on just chatting with other mums etc... My partner doesnt have any family in Brissy either so I can feel a little isolated when he goes off doing boy things... Anyway I've managed to sign up to a singing group on thursdays - this week will be my first time.... wish me luck!!! Just read through all the posts and updated spreadsheet hang on in there guys..... it will happen.... it was the most stressful thing and I lost so much sleep over it but you''ll just want to bottle up the feeling when the golden email arrives
  8. @Cuddles200 Its going really well thanks! Settling into the job and everyday life while in the back of my mind thinking about the 820/801 we'll have to prepare and submit after we get married - eeeeek!!! I've added the little instruction sheet I prepared for adding signatures to posts.... It's not the most obvious on this site! Hope everyone is doing well, I'm about to read through the posts - looking forward to good news galore!!xx Adding a signature to Poms in Oz forum posts.docx
  9. @mppc cep will be back later today- must be telepathic I was saying to my partner that I hadn’t been on in a while! Can’t wait to read through the thread!!!
  10. Woo hooooooooo congratulations @Kung-Fu Koala!!!! I’m made up for you! Bet you are beaming!
  11. CEP


    The processing times are updated monthly. They are based on figures up to the end of the previous calendar month. They will change often. It is frustrating as it is almost like a moving goal post but nothing you can do except wait. Some are processed much sooner and some take longer than the published times. you would not be eligible for the PMV if you were to marry before the visa grant. You would need to convert into a 309 application (more evidence required) you can apply for a tourist visa although there is no guarantee that this will be granted in the mean time.
  12. Hello All!!! Bet you thought I'd disappeared! Its been a very busy few weeks of trip to NZ to validate the visa, moving into the new apartment, TFN application and of course... the new job that I start on monday! Finally back to a routine Congrats to those who have received their golden emails. Welcome to newbies - if I've missed you off the sheet, let me know and I'll add you on. Anyway... Here's the state of play. Its all gone quiet again unfortunately but don't be disheartened! Also included a link to the Excel Sheet and also the guide to adding your timeline to the signature on the forum. Good luck all Offshore Partner Visa London.xlsx Adding a signature to Poms in Oz forum posts.docx
  13. I’ll pop the updated spreadsheet up as soon as I can. Hopefully I’ll be able to grab some signal on my trip up to Wellington today
  14. Haaa was for Zoe lol I just wanted you to come back to the forum so got you here under false pretences
  15. @Katiebobbles I flew out Monday morning from Brisbane and my visa was granted 9:30am uk time. I could go straight back lol!