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Found 6 results

  1. About a decade ago we had applied for a Partner 820 visa gaining a Bridging Visa. It was a slow process which is normal, but at the time we changed the bridging visa and flew to the USA in order to visit my wife's family. While there we decided to stay and do the US immigration for the green card which was fast and approved. Because we didn't go back to Australia for the application, the application was refused, obviously. But over the years I've really missed home, which is Australia. My wife and I have children now which we got them Aussie Citizens by Descent through my Citizenship. So here is what I'm wondering. We are currently trying to do the Partner 309 Visa, and there is a question that asks if the Sponsor (myself) has previously sponsored someone. Do we answer YES or NO? I had previously sponsored my wife around a decade ago and now would sponsor my wife AGAIN, being the same partner applicant. Do I answer YES, I have sponsored someone else previously and then just give the details or answer NO cause does this question really relate to if I sponsored someone ELSE other than my wife? Any direction would greatly help on this. Thanks in advance.
  2. My girlfriend (25yo) is from the United States and is currently serving her 3 year re-entry ban which she received for breaching the terms of her tourist visa in September 2018. She was working as an Au Pair. We have been in a relationship for close to 3 years and intend to marry. Prior to her removal from Australia, she had lived in Melbourne for 2 and a half years. Firstly, on a Working Holiday Visa in 2016, then, on a Student Visa in 2017 (studying a Diploma for 1 year), and finally she spent 2018 on a Tourist Visa up until her removal. We are currently looking to apply for the 309 Partner Visa on the basis of marriage as we understand it to be exempt from the 3 year ban, and we have not yet lived together as a de facto couple. Our intention is to get married in the US next month so that we have the necessary certificate to apply, and so that we can apply as soon as possible. I was recently advised by a registered migration agent to pursue this course of action as an alternative to waiting for the ban to be lifted. However, we intend to do all of the groundwork (filling out documentation, gathering evidence of relationship, etc.) to submit our application ourselves, as we currently can't afford to pay an agent. My questions are as follows: - Despite being exempt, will my partner still be considered to have a 'character issue' as a result of her re-entry ban? And if so, what does that mean for the application? Will we need to provide extra supporting documentation? Is it likely to affect the outcome of the application, or simply delay it? - What are the requirements for me to act as a sponsor for my partner? Will I need to provide payslips and proof of employment as part of the application? And if so, do they need to be uploaded at the time of application? If I have student debt, will that affect my eligibility as a sponsor? - Is it possible to have a Migration Agent look over our application before we submit it? (considering we do all of the groundwork ourselves) If we were to wait until her re-entry ban is over: - Will the ban be fully lifted after the 3 years? And will it still present itself as a character issue after that point when applying for temporary visas? What us the likelihood of her entering Australia as a student after the 3 years, considering she fulfils all the requirements of an international student? - Does the 3 year ban end in the same month that it began? (in our case, would it end in September of 2021?)
  3. Hello All, I need your assistance regarding withdrawal of my EOI before invitation. My points is 65 and it is not possible to recieve invitation on this point. Recently, I married to Australian citizen and now I want to withdraw my EOI and intend to apply for Partner Visa 309. My question is, does withdrawal of my EOI (before invitation) will impact my Partner Visa 309? Is it neccessary to withdraw EOI before applying for partner visa 309? Looking forward to hear from you. Thanks
  4. Hello, My apologies if this subject or similar has already been posted but I couldn't find a relevant thread in the forum. My wife joined me in Cairns in March 2013 after she was granted a Partner Visa (subclass 309), where I currently live and work. At the moment we are in the UK, visiting my ageing mother who is now 85. Both my wife and I agree that my mum is no longer capable of caring for herself effectively and that we should try and move back to the UK to take care of her, rather than her going into an old folks home. I've been in Australia since 2003, I'm now an Aussie citizen and I do feel it's where our future lies. I'm more than happy to move back to the UK for a few years to take care of mum, but I want to be able to move back to Australia afterwards without too much fuss. We don't own property in either country so logistically it's not too difficult. If we stayed in Australia, my wife's temporary partner visa would become permanent in March 2015. My question for the forum is does anyone know what could happen if we left Australia before this date and then returned several years in the future? Would my wife's temporary visa be rescinded and we would have to complete the whole partner visa process again, before she can return to Australia? Would there be a significant benefit in waiting until my wife had Australian permanent residency before returning to the UK? This would mean staying in Australia for another 15-18 months, which might be okay as far as my mum's concerned. Wishing you all a very Happy New Year and a prosperous 2014! Mart.
  5. Hi guys, I originally posted these questions in the Australia forum but was helpfully redirected here by the moderator and am hoping to find some answers from anyone who has been in/knows anyone in a similar situation. I’ve read so many threads about de facto / partner visa applications over the last few months and am now just after some clarification, preferably from people who have un/successfully applied for the 309/100 De Facto Visa in the recent past. My partner and I have been together for over 2 years and are in the process of putting all of our papers together to apply for the 309/100 De Facto / Partner Visa so that we can relocate back to Melbourne (where we met and both lived at the start of our relationship) in early 2014. I am an Australian citizen (by birth) and he is Italian. We are currently living together in London and have been for over 18 months now. Gathering evidence of the duration of our relationship isn’t an issue at all as we have a joint bank account, pay slips, rental agreement, photos etc. Can anyone who has applied for this visa please let me know how long it took for yours to be approved? Did you send police checks / medicals wit the initial application or wait for them to be requested? I’ve read on most places to expect a 5 - 9 month wait but has anyone had it take less/more time? Another major issue is that I’m living here on the Tier 5 (YMS) Visa at the moment but it expires at the end of November. We’re planning on leaving the UK for a few days for a holiday when it expires so that I can come back and hopefully stay here in the UK for a little longer on a general tourist visa (so that we can do a bit more travelling throughout the UK and enjoy a few more weeks here - I obviously wouldn’t be planning on working during this time). However, I’ve also read many forum posts about Australians who have tried to re-enter the UK on tourist visas almost immediately after their Tier 5 Visa has expired and the general consensus seems to be to expect major hassles by Border Control upon re-entry. So, for anyone who has been / or knows someone who has been in a similar situation, I ask... Should I apply for the official 6 month UK tourist visa? Can I even do that from within the UK if I am an Australian citizen and my tier 5 visa is nearly expired? While its not ideal I'll definitely seriously consider flying back to Australia upon my visa's expiration. However, as we're lodging this application off shore, what happens if we haven't received the request for medicals or police checks before my visa expires? From what I've seen, these seem to be occurring around the 4-8 week mark which SHOULD give us enough time before my Tier 5 visa expires but just in case it isn't... I would have to be in the UK, where the visa application was lodged, to do the medical & police check, right? Also, if anyone here knows anyone/or has themself been denied re-entry into the UK after their Tier 5 Visa has expired I'd really appreciate it if you could post your two cents on the situation and maybe tell me a bit about your experience. (Upon re-entry to the UK, I will have a P60 proving my previous work contract has been terminated, proof of purchase of a one way flight back to Australia and proof of funds to support myself... I've read that this evidence helps) Any help with any of my questions will be very much appreciated! Thanks in advance, Jiselle :biggrin:
  6. Hi, I have just lodged my Partner Visa Subclass 309 in Australian High Commission London. I am an Indian living in UK from last 4 years, and my current UK visa expires in 2 months. I am wondering what will happen to my application which I have submitted here. Will it still be valid and reviewed? Also, can I apply for Australian Visitor Visa, so that I can go and see my husband soon ? I am really very worried. Can I please get some advise... Thanks