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  1. Congratulations! Good luck with the move
  2. My hubbie had permanent leave to remain as well but he then went for the citizenship - he got this a few years ago, not sure how long it took but it’s defo worth it. He applied based on his mother being English rather than being married to a Brit. Can your husband do this?
  3. I have my fingers crossed for you!
  4. Congratulations ! They really are rolling through them this week. Good luck for your future plans
  5. We’ve had some exciting news today. My 309 and 100 visa has been granted! Very excited and champagne already opened. Good luck to everyone else waiting, fingers crossed it’s a short wait now they are rolling through.
  6. YAY great news to everyone getting movement on their visas. Fantastic news and wishing you all the best with the move. It’s really positive for all of us!
  7. Congratulations, this is great news for you and your family! However frustrating for the rest of us especially as most on this thread have the same circumstances. And so we wait.....
  8. Yeah I agree, secretly I think it’ll come through this year but there are no facts to go on for anything. I very rarely login now to check because the whole process is slightly soul destroying. Didn’t someone on another thread submit in April and got their visa granted last month? I’m sure that was mentioned earlier in this thread.
  9. I lodged my application in May 2018 and I had a skype call with Concept Australia in September and he informed us it was likely to be 10 months. Obviously this could be wrong, as no one (not even the migration agents) have any idea on when the visas will be issued, but it’s the only information that we’ve been given so just going on this.
  10. I feel quite positive but then we also have a back up option of me going on an e600 visa as I’m on a career break anyway. Also we have a bit more time than some others on here as we are now waiting till April to go. But we are sold up and renting so ready to go, currently just getting shipping and removal quotes which is blowing my mind! Fingers crossed for you all
  11. No update here. Although we did pay to get advice from a migration agent last month who advised us it would be at least 10 months from point of application - although at that time the processing times were 10-14 months. This may have changed now as the minimum time to be processed has gone up again to 13 months.
  12. We applied in May as well. Also loaded medicals straight away as the system asked us too. We did the form 80 - we just loaded everything possible so not to delay the process any further. Now it’s tge waitung game. I heard through another thread that someone who applied in March just got their visa granted. Fingers crossed.
  13. So there is some light at the end! Fingers crossed. I’ve been trying not to read any more about it or other threads as tbh what will be will be! Just playing the waiting game ? fingers crossed for everyone.
  14. Has anyone on this thread heard anything?
  15. Can I ask how you did this and who advised it? We phoned the immigration office on Tuesday and they told us they were unable to advise. Did you go through an agent or who did you speak to?. We’d like to go by December as my Aussie husbands parents are old and sick. We applied for my visa in May. It’s saying now 21 months. I have no intention of working for a while when we get there so was thinking of going on a tourist visa but not sure of the next steps and if it’s possible. Appreciate anyone’s help here!