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  1. Hi All, I got an RFI yesterday - just a clarification on if I applied for a 300 or 309. Quite frustrating as it was a simple error on my part but thought I'd let you know as it seems I've jumped a few places in the queue. My submitted date (with everything front-loaded) was 18th Nov 18. I've had to reapply for a 309 (which was surprising quick) and email back the case-officer to say my changes were made. UF x
  2. Thanks @CEP @KitCat @W2O for the response/welcome, much appreciated! @LouFerg - thanks so much for the detailed info and I thought that's what I must have done but having dug out my application doc it reads as follows..... Migrating members of the family unit Are there any migrating members of the family unit included in this application? No Non-migrating members of the family unit Does the applicant have any members of their family unit not travelling to Australia who are not Australian citizens or Australian permanent residents? Yes....and I go on to add details for my parents, sister etc. Did yours look like this when it was erroneous? Chilled glass/bottle of something nice coming you way!
  3. Hi there, thanks all for a great read whilst passing the time and for the excellent spreadsheet....really useful and feel free to add me on. I applied myself 18th Nov, medical done 2 weeks later but uploaded all of my evidence, police checks (for both myself and sponsor) around Jan 1st so just playing the waiting game now. My application has 'received' against it, Sponsor has 'submitted' still - sound normal? One thing I can't find an answer to is under my application there's sections to upload documents for my immediate (non-migrating) family, so my mum, dd and sister - does that sound normal to you guys? I'm wondering if I added them into part of the application on the wrong page and they're waiting for docs for them too. It doesn't ask for specific docs (like character reference etc) like for me and my sponsor, just 'other' docs. Hoping it's a smooth process, together for 5 years, joint home-owners 3 years and recently married.....i guess we'll see! UF.