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  1. nickb787

    UK Pension Transfer to OZ SMSF via TorFX

    I used Commbank GBP account in the name of my SMSF, had no issues with the money being released into that account. Just remember the ATO will assume exchange rate on the day you transfer into that account, could be an issue if you transfer a large amount and don’t exchange the day but over time and exchange rate falls.
  2. nickb787

    Shipping - can we pack too?

    Just give them a call, tell them you want to pack all your clothes that you will take, part of the reason they aren’t over happy is insurance on breakable/valuable items. I found them very good, I doubt there will be a problem just put the boxes YOU pack in one location.
  3. nickb787

    Which shipping company??

    I looked up the email I received from them, it doesn't actually tell me what it was for, I know I called them but can't remember exactly where they got that outstanding amount from. Don't forget to factor in port congestion charges A$1000, boat arrived on time in port and I assume unloaded without hassle. Congestion?
  4. nickb787

    Which shipping company??

    March 2021 move date Good side. PSS saved me when another company who were due to pick up my stuff in pulled out 10 day before the move. They were good, packers were friendly and worked fast, I had already wrapped everything myself though. Bad side, I got a £800 bill a few days later "payment surcharges" since they had my goods and unless I paid I would miss the boat AND pay storage I paid...
  5. nickb787

    QROPS for over 55s

    PSS removals sorry, Typo I am happy to supply personal information to corroborate being a legit person and not affiliated with ANY Company or organization.
  6. nickb787

    QROPS for over 55s

    I wanted to bring this up again. I hope people will allow other opinions to be aired on the forum even from a long time lurker.. I would like to thank this forum for all the information it has provided me for my move to Australia from the UK earlier in the year, from what I needed to take or not to how to get a last second container which PPS provided when another company cancelled on me 10 days from being delivered to me. Thanks You. Personal opinion here One of the biggest things for me was moving my UK SIPP to Australia as mentioned due HMRC QROPS rules, it was frustrating with little choice of compliant funds available. After extensive investigation, my personal advise is to look closely at the fund(s) available and more importantly, the transfer and ongoing costs, they will add up, buried in the terms and conditions you might even find somewhere you will be paying for a QROPS transfer and an extra percentage for a number of years! Also check on how much you can transfer, you may get different ideas, ask about transferring over £330,00 interesting that one. If you are considering a larger value transfer, I was blessed with having one, then there are other avenues available consider setting up your own SMSF, if you have the correct documents to begin with, correct support from where ever the documents came from you will be amazed at what you can do. From setting the SMSF up, ASIC, bank accounts, exchange accounts, trading accounts. For me I found the setting up and running the SMSF as extremely rewarding, my biggest reward is the satisfaction of reduced fees, apart from initial QROP company paperwork, ASIG fees, trading fees, very little, and there are other cost, audit ect. so as few low thousands not possible a whole lot more. I could not have done it though without the support of the gentleman who supplied me with the documents required to set up and run the SMSF and support though out the process. I don't wish to name him so as not to fall fowl of any forum rules, but if you just search for QROP compliant SMSF and setting your own up I am certain you will find him. If you go this route, I think you will enjoy it . Nick