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Found 15 results

  1. Hi all, I hope you're having a great day! I couldn't find any posts that match my circumstances, so I'm posting my questions here (listed and numbered at the end). I'm getting my documents together for a Skills Assessment from VETASSESS so I can submit an EOI but I'm stuck. I can't provide all of the payment evidence to support my work experience. I am also missing a Statement of Service letter for two of the jobs. I have plenty of other documentation to prove I worked there for the times stated. For this situation, Section 7 of the Eligibility Criteria page on VETASSESS states that I can provide a Statutory Declaration or Affidavit: https://www.vetassess.com.au/skills-assessment-for-migration/professional-occupations/eligibility-criteria#670 The website provides a template: https://www.vetassess.com.au/Portals/0/Downloads/qualification_assessment/VETASSESS_StatutoryDeclaration_or_Affidavit_template.pdf On the template it says to refer to an Australian Embassy. I did this and they were only willing to help if I could provide the correct, completed document. They won't advise me or take any responsibility if it's incorrectly filled out. So my questions are these: What's the difference between a Statutory Declaration and an Affidavit? Which one should I provide for the Skills Assessment? Where the template says: (Provide any required information you are unable to supply through official documents such as, for example, a description of the tasks associated with a particular period of employment). Do I list out all the documents I'm using to back my claims? And do I list them by file name as they are attachments? Where the template says: To support the claims made in this declaration, I have included the following documents: (list and attach the required evidence to support the statutory declaration or affidavit) Do I simply list all of the required documents (e.g. passport photo, Statement of Service, payment evidence etc.)? And do I list them by file name as they are attachments? Is anyone able to show me an example of what a correct and complete Statutory Declaration / Affidavit (whichever one I need) should look like? (Obviously changing any personal/sensitive information). Thanks in advance for your help with this! Jon
  2. Hello! I'm finishing my 801 application (I obtained my 820 in 2018) and I'm ticking off the list of documents to provide. My question concerns the stat decs. Now with my 820 my partner (the sponsor) and I each wrote a stat dec in "free form": we did not use a form or template, we just wrote a letter explaining the relationship and focusing on the four aspects - social, financial etc - that Immigration requires. But I see there is an official form for the sponsor (https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/form-listing/forms/stat_dec_sponsor.pdf) and I also read somewhere that a stat dec is not required for the applicant for a 801 (is that true?). My question is: is it better to ask my partner to fill the form rather than writing his stat dec, and do I not need to fill mine? Thank you very much!
  3. Hi all I am hoping to be moving out to Aus in the next few months, I have uploaded all the appropriate information - I have submitted my ACRO form and I have a few minor offences from +10 years ago (Non-custodial) I have been requested to organize a statutory declaration for my "previous offences" - In order to ensure I provide the right information in the right manner, can anyone advise a UK lawyer that could view my statement and recommend any necessary changes? Also, once this is finalised/approved by a lawyer - Who should sign this off?
  4. 1) My first query is that I want to apply for VETASSESS skill assessment for Job Code 149212 - Customer Service Manager for sub-class 489 Visa but unable to get roles and responsibilities letter from my employer. If I get statutory declaration written by my supervisor that is notarized from India, do I need to get it for all designations that I hold in the company since joining or only the latest one? For ex- I joined as Domain Expert Trainee and promoted to Assistant Manager (which is my current designation) after 2 years of joining. So should the Stat Dec include only Assistant Manager roles and responsibilities or both Domain Expert and Assistant Manager. If both, then should it be on one letter itself or two different letters? Also, Should the declaration include duration/tenure for both the designations? 2) My second query is that I used to work for a bank in London, UK which I have left about 5 years ago. I tried contacting bank's HR department for the roles and responsibilities letter but they denied stating they don't have any such letter to be issued as per their policy. Now, I am back in India with no contact with my supervisor or any colleagues. I do have supporting documents such as e-mail confirmation by HR that they don't provide any such letter, my appointment letter, pay slips, experience letter, relieving letter, tax statement etc. In such a scenario, should an affidavit with a self written statutory declaration about my roles and responsibilities be accepted by Vetassess? Please suggest
  5. I am Mahmud from Bangladesh. I have been working in a company since 15 May.2012. I want to assess my qualifications and professional experience from Vetassess. but when I am collecting documents such as job statement from My company they strictly inform that they are unable to give such documents. they only give me my job descriptions which includes my task and duties in general word and very short descriptions. In this situations how can I get statutory declaration or affidavit with my appointment letter, job descriptions and letter of introduction from accounts and finance department? is statutory declaration made from Notary public from my country(Bangladesh) or Australian Embassy situated in Bangladesh. I seek kind information from experts.
  6. I entered Australia on a Prospective Marriage visa in April 2017 and got married the following month. I then applied for a Partner visa. At the time the application was submitted, I attached the same statutory declarations that I used for the Prospective Marriage visa (from my mother-in-law and sister-in-law.) They are from April 2016. I have not yet provided any additional statutory declarations. So far, I have received one letter requesting further information (which was supplied) and my husband received another from the Sponsorship Assessment Unit. We supplied the information that they requested. However, on neither occasion did they ask for another statutory declaration. Looking back through the documents I have submitted, I am apprehensive that they may not accept the "old" statutory declarations even though they have not flagged this with us in the two instances they have been in contact. They didn't mention the fact our police checks were more than 12 months old either, but to err on the side of caution I ended up obtaining some new ones in November. Do you think we need to supply more statutory declarations, or should it be fine as is?
  7. Hi, Anyone happy to help me? I need statutory declaration I have 3 colleagues A,B,C 1. Mr. A was my supervisor in my previous company in India but currently he is in Australia in the same company, can he issue SD and send me it's Scanned Certified True Copy via mail, will that be OK? 2. Mr. B was my lead in previous company C1 but he left company in July 14 while I left in Aug 14 (there is one month gap in supervision) now both of us work in company C2. 3. Mr. C was my colleague we joined on same day but different projects. He still works with that company. I can get Statutory declaration from any of them but don't know which one is most appropriate and acceptable 1,2 or 3.
  8. Hi, My current organization does not provide employment letter/ Reference letter. Now I'm left with the option of a Statutory Declaration. Can someone please help me understand: Is Statutory Declaration good enough to convince ACS in order to get a +ve skill assessment? Really appreciate if anyone could share the Statutory Declaration template (w.r.t to Indian standards)? Whom do I need to get it signed from? (apart from my supervisor in the current organization) Do I need to attach any other document with the Statutory Declaration? Thanks in advance for your help and guidance. Cheers, Sandeep
  9. I am applying for skilled 189 visa. I am estranged from my husband for over a year and not in contact with him. I don't know his whereabouts. I cannot apply for a separation agreement or divorce due to this and cannot provide any police or medical checks for him. Will a statutory declaration, witnessed and signed by a notary public suffice? Any advice would be appreciated?
  10. Hi all I have read the guidance book but cannot work this out; Form 888 - to be completed by Australian acquaintances or friends - this needs to be signed by the person who wrote the statement and a notary/JP. Statutory declarations from friends and family - does this need to be signed by notary/JP or just by the person who wrote the statement? Thanks!! VP
  11. G'day, My girlfriend and I are applying for a subclass 461 from within Australia. I've looked around and a lot of people seem to have gotten their parents to simply write a letter etc explaining the relationship, sign it etc and this has been sufficient. It definitely says on my application checklist: Statutory declaration from your or your partners parents... Does anyone have any information regarding this? And if so do they fill out a stat dec in the countries in which they reside? Also in regards to our friends, do they have to be Australian citizens to be able to write supporting evidence or is that only in regards to filling out a statutory declaration? Any info much appreciated. Regards Brad and Lucy
  12. Hi, I seem to have lived my life in a way that I need the maximum amount of statutory declarations possible - clients, former colleagues, accountants, the lot. Does anyone have an example, or a link to an official example please? I have no problem getting these done but with a lot of people I only have one chance to get it right. I'll be sending them from the UK. I read somewhere the UK and Aus ones are different? Cheers, Pete.
  13. Hi there, currently wading through all the material needed for an offshore defacto partner visa - it's quite stressful! :arghh: (I am applying offshore) We've had lots of friends who have offered to write statutory declarations for us but I am a bit confused as to what I should ask them to write! 1) Can they use this form or is this out of date http://www.ag.gov.au/Statutorydeclarations/Pages/Witnessingastatutorydeclaration.aspx The link to the 888 form on the partner migration booklet doesn't seem to work - does anyone have a working link? 2) What should they write? Are details of how they know us, social activities we've done together etc appropriate or are they just meant to write that they confirm that we are a real couple? Thanks for any help you can give!!!
  14. Hi there, just putting the finishing touches to months of draining hard work (820 de facto visa onshore) and I just have one final question: is it ok for my partner and I to submit our (certified) statutory declarations typed or is handwritten favoured more? My fella has truly shocking handwriting, but I've worked so hard on this, I just want to make sure that everything is right! Getting them certified tomorrow, so I'm afraid it is an urgent one...! thanks, emma