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  1. Hi, I am in the process of being offered a contracting job with a UK Company. They’ve told me that when I move to Australia in may 2022 I will be able to continue to work for them. Now I have never been a contractor in the UK before and I’ve heard that Australia has worldwide tax. I don’t plan on doing this job long term. Most likely towards end of 2022 but am unsure if I should take the opportunity (which will be life changing) because of potentially being taxed in both countries. Any advice would be beneficial thank you
  2. @Wonderingaloud thank you, I don’t think they’ve messed up at all. I think I also might be getting confused. They are registered and they are well known in this forum. Think I’ll be all good once I’ve had a discussion with them later on this week. Just reached out to the forum in the interim to see if anyone else was in my situation as I was feeling quite stressed and upset about it.
  3. Thank you @TheWayOfThePony that’s really helpful. I think I might also be getting confused too so have a few questions and a meeting with my agent later on this week
  4. @lubry I’m in a similar situation but I’m british born Indian. I was wondering if you could please let me know what evidence you put forward for the application? Thank you
  5. Hi so first of all I’m working with a migration agent who has been wonderful. But just wanted to ask anyone if they’ve been in a similar situation to me. It’s giving me great anxiety and to be honest just reaching out for some moral support/ guidance on how you collected evidence if you were in my situation. I’m British born And my fiancé is an Australian citizen and due to get married in October 2020. We have had many holidays together but have never lived with one another due to culture (we are indian and it’s a bit of a no no to live with one another before marriage). We were first initially going to apply for the PMV but we are going for the offshore partner visa. I am at the stage where I am collecting my evidence. As you can imagine it’s pretty stressful making sure we have everything we need. I have list of evidence to collate but I’m struggling to piece some together. Like call logs!!! Whatsapp doesn’t save call logs unless it’s within the last 3 months. How do I even prove we have been calling for 16 months. I emailed WhatsApp and they couldn’t help me. I don’t think there’s many people in the same predicament as me. Living 10,500 miles away for 16 months, meeting up every few months with the thought that after our marriage we will be apart again :(. Super sad at the moment and just wondering if anyone can shed any light on what evidence they provided, if you didn’t live together. And if you used WhatsApp for calls was a few months call log history sufficient? Thanks all
  6. Hi, I wanted some advice on which visa route to take for myself (British born UK Citizen) to get to Australia soon after Marriage (2nd October 2020) to my Fiance (Australian Citizen). We are both of Indian Heritage, which as a result as meant that we have been unable to live with one another before marriage. We have been together for 14 months of which we have traveled to each others countries and met up in other countries. We have our chat logs, numerous pictures, reciepts, plane tickets and other evidence to support our relationship. We have some main goals Move as soon as possible after marriage (Long distance relationships are hell :( ) For me to start work as soon as possible (I need my sanity and i do love my job) For us to be able to travel and have couple holidays as well as me be able to visit my family in the UK without having to worry about getting back into Australia. And without jeopardizing my work situation We are getting mixed messages around which visa route to take. We know our options are the following 1. Prospective Marriage Visa (Fiance Visa) Our concern here is that we have a wedding date set with so many deposits paid that we are unable to change the date of marriage. What would happen if we apply for this visa and we get married before we are granted it? Also the visa duration time. 2. Partner Visa (offshore) Although we have been reassured that other couples in our situation have been ok with this visa, the fact that we have not lived together or have financial responsibilities together worries us. We will do but at present this hasn't happened due to us living on the other side of the planet. 3. Visitor Visa for 3 months then apply for Partner Visa (Onshore) on arrival to Australia which will issue a bridging gap visa This for us sounds like a gamble, we have read that sometimes bridging visas aren't granted. Also the duration from the bridging visa to the actual partner visa. We know that bridging visa A will not allow me to travel but as a newly married couple adventures will be the 1st thing on our list. We are aware the bridging visa B will be possible but with short periods away from Australia, and that I could have to wait for a 3 month period again on a visitor visa to be granted a bridging visa which will then stop me from working again. This is all so confusing for us and we would appreciate any advice or guidance that has either helped you and your partner in a similar situation or even any legal advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance