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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I wanted some advice on which visa route to take for myself (British born UK Citizen) to get to Australia soon after Marriage (2nd October 2020) to my Fiance (Australian Citizen). We are both of Indian Heritage, which as a result as meant that we have been unable to live with one another before marriage. We have been together for 14 months of which we have traveled to each others countries and met up in other countries. We have our chat logs, numerous pictures, reciepts, plane tickets and other evidence to support our relationship. We have some main goals Move as soon as possible after marriage (Long distance relationships are hell :( ) For me to start work as soon as possible (I need my sanity and i do love my job) For us to be able to travel and have couple holidays as well as me be able to visit my family in the UK without having to worry about getting back into Australia. And without jeopardizing my work situation We are getting mixed messages around which visa route to take. We know our options are the following 1. Prospective Marriage Visa (Fiance Visa) Our concern here is that we have a wedding date set with so many deposits paid that we are unable to change the date of marriage. What would happen if we apply for this visa and we get married before we are granted it? Also the visa duration time. 2. Partner Visa (offshore) Although we have been reassured that other couples in our situation have been ok with this visa, the fact that we have not lived together or have financial responsibilities together worries us. We will do but at present this hasn't happened due to us living on the other side of the planet. 3. Visitor Visa for 3 months then apply for Partner Visa (Onshore) on arrival to Australia which will issue a bridging gap visa This for us sounds like a gamble, we have read that sometimes bridging visas aren't granted. Also the duration from the bridging visa to the actual partner visa. We know that bridging visa A will not allow me to travel but as a newly married couple adventures will be the 1st thing on our list. We are aware the bridging visa B will be possible but with short periods away from Australia, and that I could have to wait for a 3 month period again on a visitor visa to be granted a bridging visa which will then stop me from working again. This is all so confusing for us and we would appreciate any advice or guidance that has either helped you and your partner in a similar situation or even any legal advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
  2. Hi, I'm new to PIO, but have been looking everywhere to try and get this question answered (I think I might as well go insane!) First a bit about our situation; My partner and I were all set to apply for the defacto visa (He's Australia, I'm from the UK) we started going out in August, Moved in together in October at a Pub we were working at - we have letter of confirmation from the boss but we weren't paying rent as he was Deputy Manager and got free accomodation as a priviledge, se up joint bank accounts in Dec and booked our flights together to fly to Oz in Feb, we spent 10 days in Thailant holidaying and then moved over. For the first 5 months we rented a room from his brother (I've got rent receipts from a rent book as evidence), his brother bought a property in July and since then we have taken over the lease (Joint names). We have a joint bank account here in oz. So as evidence I have; A photobook from Sept 2008 - Nov 2009 (90 photos) Letters from my mum and friends Emails from Friends and grandmother cards from friends and family (Joint leaving cards, birthday cards, thank-you cards, easter cards) Joint wedding/engaement invitations Statements from friends and family (both UK and Oz) Our rent agreement and receipts Health check & Police check FLight tickets to thailand, oz and then on hols to airlie beach Receipts from accomodation when we have had weekends away Bank Statements Statutory declarations (Form 888) 47sp and 40sp I'm trying to get back dated phone bills.. I can't believe how stressful it is! To make matters worse we've just got engaged (and although we were initially thrilled we didn't realise the implications of this on our application) Does anyone know if you are still able to able for the defacto visa if you are engaed or do you have to apply for the prospective marriage visa? I've looked into it and if you get the prospective marriage visa you usually have to get married in 9months. I can't organise a wedding in 9months! Not only that but I want to enjoy the process and spend time deliberating over flowers and cake and shoes! I don't want some botch job wedding that I have to quickly organise! Sorry if that sounds really selfish but I've always imagined a fairytale wedding, I have my prince and I want everything to be perfect. Please can someone help explain our options or provide any advice on what else we can provide with our visas to make them water tight. If we arrange an appointment at the visa office and take all of our evidence in, do they say yes or no then or do they just give you advice on what else you need or should include? Sorry for the HUGE post... but I did warn you at the top 'I'm going out of my mind!'
  3. Hi. Myself and my boyfriend (an Australian born and bred resident) have been together for 6 years. For 1 of these years (the first) he was in the UK on a work visa and for the remaining 5 we have been battling distance as I had education to complete and he had used his visa up. We have been engaged for 2 years and are now looking deeper into our marriage options. I am soon to commence my PGCE Primary degree here in the UK (this will take me 2 years to complete and gain teacher status)I want to do this in the UK and take it out with me. At some point within this time, probably a year into my degree, after 7 years of being together and 3 years of being engaged. We would like to get married. Probably here within the UK. We plan to live in the UK for about 2 years before moving to Australia. (I would like to take up permanent residency in Australia, living with him as my husband and working as a teacher). There is so much online i cant gain answers to my questions. Id like to know: 1. What is the process we have to go through to get him here and be married and living together in the UK. 2. The process moving past that, when we plan to emigrate to Australia.
  4. softener

    Married vs Engaged vs De Facto

    [h=1]I just started filling out an application for a long-stay temporary business visa (subclass 457) and am not sure how I should go about it. My situation: My fiance and I are planning on getting married on the 5th of August, 2012. I accepted a job in Australia and expect to go over to start in September. Therefore when we go over we will be married, but we currently are not. [/h] My question: Should I fill out the application with her as my spouse, or as a de facto partner? When selecting relationship status, should I select Engaged, De Facto, or Married? That brings me to another question. Although we're engaged, should I just stick with filling out the Visa as being in a de facto relationship?
  5. Guest

    Warnie and Liz Engaged.

    Congrats to the happy couple.:wubclub: I bet Liz will be keeping an eye on his text messages. :shocked: And at least Warnie will have his misses to be too blame when he accidentally takes some 'fluid retention tablets'.:no::biglaugh::policeman: But congrats to the newly engaged couple, Warnie I dare say will be 'spinning' Liz some lines fairly soon.:cool: But the biggest question of all: Who is going to get to the mirror first to admire their good looks in the mornings, now that I would pay good money to see. PS. Those teeth really should carry a government health warning, not to mention the 'new' hair,:eek::eek: Cheers Tony.:wubclub:
  6. My partner and I have lived together for 16 months and are applying the de-facto visa subclass on-shore in Australia. We spent the last 2 months preparing documentation and waiting for police certs etc. and are planning to lodge our application in mid February 2009. Whilst doing all these, four weeks ago we got engaged! In the 47SP and 40SP application forms for this class, the question about your relationship status is asked. Do we tick the box "de-facto partner" or the box "engaged" or both boxes? I have heard that the engaged box is really for people who are applying for prospective marriage visa and you would be required to provide notice of intended marriage, and other documentation to show the date and exact location you are intending to get married. Is that true? My partner and I got engaged but our wedding date is not finalized yet and will probably be some 12 months away. We just want to apply on the grounds of de-facto partner relationship and do not want to have to get into providing legal/statutory evidence of wedding arrangements as I don't want to have to be rushed into finalizing wedding ceremony venues and getting civil marriage celebrants etc. Wedding preparation is a completely new project in itself! So can we just put down "de-facto" in the response for our relationship status in the forms and not tick the "Engaged" box? In the statutory declarations made by our Australian citizen friends, they affirmed the knowledge of us being a de-facto partner but also did mention they know of us being engaged recently. So I am not sure if we will be seen as not providing the right facts if we do not tick that "Engaged" box. Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks.