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Found 33 results

  1. Dear all, I'm very new to this forum and hope i'll be able to minimise my frustration level by getting some help from you guys here. I am married and from Pakistan. My husband is in Australia and he is a Permanent Resident there. We applied for my Visa in mid-May, received acknowledgement letter and medical requirements after 10 days, completed all medicals and submitted it finally on 9th June. According to the acknowledgement letter the average processing time period for my application given is 6-9 months. I feel so frustrated and helpless as we weren't expecting it to be that long. Does anyone here have any idea about the current processing times of offshore spouse visa applied from Pakistan? Also, my second query is my police clearance certificate was valid for six months. I got it done in Feb and its going to expire in August and my application is still in process. Will I be called again for the Police Certificate? I have no idea if I should have it prepared in advance before it gets expired, as the certificate takes 2-3 weeks for making. Awaiting a reply.
  2. I have a question for a friend. He applied for a partner visa with someone who resides in America but is a citizen of a high risk country. When they first hired their lawyer he told the lady (applicant) to leave off one of her children off the partner visa as she didnt have access to the child and her ex partner. I had a bad experience with the lawyer in the past and I told them not to use him as he gives advice that is borderline illegal. When he did the application for them anytime immigration asked for more stuff the lawyer would request more money to pass on the information to sponsor. He was also found later that some request he had not even passed on. He didnt tell them of the 4 requirements you need to meet (financial ties etc.) A couple of years later immigration denied the visa and it appears the sponsor and applicant believe the (1st) lawyer had something to do with it. they then decided to go to AAT with a new (2nd) lawyer. the new lawyer was worse! 7 months before the 3 year ban was up. the applicant and sponsor asked a new 3rd lawyer to see if a case had been filed at the tribunal. it appears the second lawyer never filed any paperwork BUT he sent the sponsor a acknowledgment of application letter as well as a letter sating the denial for priority request. ALL with the AAT letterhead. A FOI request (filed by a 3rd lawyer) showed there is no case at the tribunal filed and the 3rd lawyer even stated as much. based on this information, is the acknowledgement letter a fraudulent doc? what would be the best course of action for the sponsor and applicant if they choose to do a new application in a couple of months when the 3 year ban is finished? I personally wouldnt do it as I feel it would be waste of $$$$ as they would need a very strong application and they currently dont have that. if anything they have the opposite because with the 2 dodgy lawyers its all hearsay and nothing has been proven.
  3. Hi there everyone, I was wondering if someone could offer me some advice. I came to Australia 2 years ago on a working holiday visa to be with my Australian partner (she is an Australian citizen), since then we have got married and I am now on a spouse visa (I think it is subclass 800 - the temporary partner visa pending the 2 year waiting period to prove the legitimacy of the relationship). My question is - my wife is now pregnant and I still have exactly a year left to wait on this temporary spouse visa until a decision is made on my permanent one - does this change things at all? do I still wait another year until my permanent spouse visa is approved or do I get put on another visa? I am really unsure as to what to do and whether or not I need to get in touch with immigration to let them know of my changing circumstances. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks
  4. Hello guys! I needed a bit of advice I lodged my partner visa application on 15th Jan 2019 for my wife 309/100 and I am currently on Australian PR. We have been married for over a year now got married in Nov 2018.During this time I visited my wife in Pakistan back in March and then invited her on shore on a family sponsored visit visa in July which was valid for months. She stayed here with me from July- Oct. On 5th October we wife got a call from immigration(AHC Islamabad) while my wife was in Australia and she was interviewed the normal spouse interview that happens in which they asked her about her name,DOB,my name ,DOB, marriage date, our future plans,our daily routines etc. After her interview I the sponsor got an RFI for online form 40sp and my updated PCC's.....I fulfilled all requirements and submitted all documents on 20th October....My wife returned back to Pakistan in end of october.....I then re visited her in December 2019 and flew back in January........... then on 10th January my wife again got a follow up interview call from the AHC in which they said that there is an allegation against you and your husband that your relationship is not genuine and continuing(and that is the reason why your case is suffering delays ......like normal applications in our home country get processed in 8-12 months) .....is this claim true? My wife answered that this claim is baseless and definitely there's no truth in it giving all reasons that how she and I have constantly been in touch and visited each other throughout the year and plus we have over 400 photos us together uploaded on our immi account with friends,family of get togethers,social events,birthdays and what not both in Australia and Pakistan with proper dates and even all our wedding pictures. The interviewer assured my wife that yes I have seen all these proofs and we don't really give weightage to these allegations we just wanted to here about your stance....After a gap of 2 hours I also got a call from the AHC and was asked similar questions about our relationship in specific,routines, where my wife is living currently , how I would describe my relationship in one sentence,our future plans etc. Has anyone ever been in a situation similar to ours where someone has levied an allegation against their application and if so then how long did the case took to process? Does anyone have any idea that how long will I have to wait more either for a grant or ultimate refusal even though I believe that we have sufficient proof on our application that our relationship is genuine and continuing(We even purchased a family car,a home on rent in Melbourne, furniture and attached all utility bills of the 3 months me wife was living with me in Australia, bank statements of all the transfers I made when she's in Pakistan,shopping receipts, trips we went on,travel itineraries,and bank statement of our joint account in Australia). Any advice or help will be highly appreciated as both me and my wife are extremely devastated after these interview calls even though no decision has been made on our application but such false accusations on such a genuine relationship are heart breaking.
  5. Hi, I wanted some advice on which visa route to take for myself (British born UK Citizen) to get to Australia soon after Marriage (2nd October 2020) to my Fiance (Australian Citizen). We are both of Indian Heritage, which as a result as meant that we have been unable to live with one another before marriage. We have been together for 14 months of which we have traveled to each others countries and met up in other countries. We have our chat logs, numerous pictures, reciepts, plane tickets and other evidence to support our relationship. We have some main goals Move as soon as possible after marriage (Long distance relationships are hell :( ) For me to start work as soon as possible (I need my sanity and i do love my job) For us to be able to travel and have couple holidays as well as me be able to visit my family in the UK without having to worry about getting back into Australia. And without jeopardizing my work situation We are getting mixed messages around which visa route to take. We know our options are the following 1. Prospective Marriage Visa (Fiance Visa) Our concern here is that we have a wedding date set with so many deposits paid that we are unable to change the date of marriage. What would happen if we apply for this visa and we get married before we are granted it? Also the visa duration time. 2. Partner Visa (offshore) Although we have been reassured that other couples in our situation have been ok with this visa, the fact that we have not lived together or have financial responsibilities together worries us. We will do but at present this hasn't happened due to us living on the other side of the planet. 3. Visitor Visa for 3 months then apply for Partner Visa (Onshore) on arrival to Australia which will issue a bridging gap visa This for us sounds like a gamble, we have read that sometimes bridging visas aren't granted. Also the duration from the bridging visa to the actual partner visa. We know that bridging visa A will not allow me to travel but as a newly married couple adventures will be the 1st thing on our list. We are aware the bridging visa B will be possible but with short periods away from Australia, and that I could have to wait for a 3 month period again on a visitor visa to be granted a bridging visa which will then stop me from working again. This is all so confusing for us and we would appreciate any advice or guidance that has either helped you and your partner in a similar situation or even any legal advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
  6. Hey, I was wondering, How to have a statuary declaration from Indian Friends/Relatives? Is it just a letter needed. to be notarized or its affidavit or on a stamp paper or I can use 888 form only. any specific format for writing an affidavit, special for 309 spouse VISA? Thanks
  7. Hello All I am on a working holiday visa at the moment and weeks away from sending my spouse visa applications off. However I am very settled in a job on my WHV and would like to continue with this job when I go from the WHV to a bridging visa when I apply for my spouse visa. I have read of applying for FORM 1445 to be allowed to work over the 6 mouths working rights. Has anyone done this? Is it possible. I am sending my application of in July and my WHV runs out in December. Thanks
  8. Unleashed786


    Dol: 10 jun 2017 offshore online from pakistan medical: done all documents submitted my status change from assessment in progress to further assessment. What does it mean? Even I didn’t till yet get any call from case officer. Any one have similar stories?
  9. Here goes my story I would love to share with everyone, especially to those who felt like they have lost all hope. First of all, my visa journey was a very very complicated one. I believe some of you guys are on the same boat here. I am from Malaysia, was a civil engineering graduate from UWA in 2014. I was playing and partying around in the whole 2015, working as a salesperson for vodafone(good money and commission), while being too comfortable, I was wasting time instead to look for a job and practise my IELTS to 7 or even 8. Being young and wild and ignorant knowing that my time is up before I know is too late. Mid 2016, I found a job with a dodgy small property development company (didn't know at the time of work), so my graduate visa running out within 1-2 months time, I had to do something so my employer agreed to sponsor me as an engineering technician since it requires only $55k on paycheck as evidence, but I paid all the visa fees ~ $13000 incl agent fees. The company was doing well until I found out my boss were dodgy in the sense that he performs all activities with cash only, no bank ties at all. When the time came, we were asked to provide company financial statements and balance books to the immigration for criteria check for visa grant, he refused to provide as he is worried that they would find out his tax evasion schemes. At that moment, I was thinking to myself What am I still doing here. As predicted, it failed through but fortunately the visa 187 was refused with option to pay $3,500 for AAT tribunal review. I quit the job shortly after and relying on the time bought with AAT review that lasts 14 months before I get called to court for last chance to provide evidence, otherwise within 28 days I have to leave the country. ***Money paid: $9000 (visa 187) + $4,000 (agent fee) + $3500 (AAT review) = $16,500 ***At the time of quitting job, time left: 8 months left to stay Again, after I left the job, I had totally wasting time and lost the opportunity to apply for individual skilled visa as an engineer, my IELTS can't even score all 7's. Even if I did, my EOI will take at least 2 years for invite since I have only gotten 60 pts. Above all, I found my soul mate, a girl who is so good to me, loves and care about me even though knowing I don't have much time left in Australia. Another note, she's a PR with family migration few yrs ago. So I approached an agent to help with me to apply for a spouse visa that allows me to stay and work and live. Most importantly, she agreed to this, it can be a big decision for some partners as it involves their personal life. So now, the complication comes, agent doesn't allow me to apply for visa 820 onshore because my partner is not pregnant or under any circumstances that I have to be onshore to look after her, even if we apply for it, it will be refused anyway and money will be wasted. So, I found out the other way is offshore visa 309/100 where I am required to be out of Australia while application is being processed. Gladly, my AAT review application provided me with a bridging visa where I could continue to stay and work until I got called to court and being decided or visa 309 being granted. Gladly, few days after I quit the job, I have gotten a job offer with a big private engineering company calling me to start the following week, well I had to lie about my visa status so that I could get a job there during interview. They were not too fuss about it after I told them midway, as long as I have gotten full work rights. 3 months after, we got married! Not a lavish one, we only signed the marriage papers in one of the perth marriage office where both families came together to celebrate. This fulfills my requirement to apply the visa as married couple, while she's the sponsoring one. And so, we applied the visa 309 and lodged. *** Money paid: $16,500(part 1) + $7000(visa 309) + $1500(agent fee) = $25,000 *** At the time of applying, time left to stay in Oz : 5 months and 1 week. I have went online everywhere forums and immi website to search for processing time for visa 309, and far out, it was at least 16 months, I was prepared mentally to leave the country away from my loving wife for that long and wouldn't know what would happen due to that separation, and also to leave the good paying engineering job I love. That mentality and thought just got me pulling my skin off thinking about it, all will roll back to square one losing everything. 1 month after lodgement, immi asked me to perform the health check where it's usually come after half a year after lodgment. At the final week of the 5th month, I went back to Malaysia for a wedding and thank god that immi officer called my agent asking me to perform a biometric collection outside of Australia, luckily I was in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur that time and able to find a centre that does that. Few days after, they had granted me the spouse visa 309 before I am due to come back to Oz with my wife!!!! Too, I have withdrawn my AAT review applications and no longer needed that. As you can see, I have quite a few ups and downs in this journey, but I kept my faith strong if I want to stay in Oz forever. If money can solve a problem, it's not a problem, remember this! Don't save and cut corners, nobody can help you except yourself. Things I did that sped up the approval process: 1. We got married and used that status to lodge, instead of DE-FACTO. 2. Whatsapp chat messages, emails, air tickets and phone call records to show them that we are in contact every few days, proving our relationship is real. It's cringy but well, if that helps with the approval then why not? 3. Wrote out clear love stories of both of us, 6 pages long, including future plans. 4. Submit police clearance docs early, overseas usually take longer. 5. Financial aspects, we opened up joint bank accounts straight after we were dating, share meals, groceries and stuff. Talk to your spouse about this, tell her it's your future. 6. Translation and certification of all documents before lodgment. 7. Gather all couple selfie photos and date them in zip folders. 8. Submit a DECISION-READY application !!!! Feel free to ask me any questions and I will advice you best as I can.
  10. Kim Hunter

    PR timeline

    My wife applied for PR via a spouse visa just on 3 years ago and we are still waiting to hear from the immigration dept. About six months ago we both had to go into the immigration dept and were both interrogated but heard nothing since. How long should this process take. Should we chase them and put pressure on or is it best just to wait and let it take its normal long drawn out process. Thank you in advance for any advice. Kim
  11. Warman_sarahlf

    Spouse visa application questions

    Hi all, My partner has started his application for as an unmarried partner and we have a query about one of the questions! 1) passport/ travel document One of the questions are: Are you a national of the country in which you are applying? - He’s Australian so we aren’t sure what to put down as the wording isn’t great. Many Thanks!!
  12. Warman_sarahlf

    Getting married on a Partner Visa

    Hello! I was wondering if anyone has moved to the UK on a partner visa and eventually got engaged/ married whilst living there? Can’t afford to go though the proposed marriage visa way. We are looking to move back to the UK in October this year! TIA ???
  13. Hello, perhaps some of you fine people will be willing to offer advice on this problem for me... I'm an Englishman, late thirties, I met and fell for an Australian divorcee in England 3 years ago (although we never officially lived together). Her father has cancer, so, one year ago she flew back to Australia to stay. She had been in England for a long time and had settled here, married and had kids with another English guy. Anyway, I was talking to Agents about visa applications until she said don't bother, she had spoken to a member of staff at the Embassy in Sydney who told her this: We can apply for a spouse visa while I'm in Australia, all I need is to bring at least $1600 and show that I have been working and have no major character history or health issues. We can then get married later this year. Oh, and I could go into work soon after arriving for her brother's company. (Although I quibbled and doubted all this). Still with me? Cool. ? I'll get to the point, my fiancee said I won't be allowed to stay if the immigration customs border protection people (I'm not sure what to call them!) see that I have not been working regularly and have been moving from one job to another in 2017 (I had held jobs down for years prior to 2017) my trade is in Health and Social Care. It's not on the SOL list. I'm not a nurse or anything, just a support worker/healthcare assistant type of guy. So, my question is...Does every single person entering Australia get stopped and hassled if they come in with a one way ticket? Thanks for reading my long-winded post.
  14. What I Love About Australia Hi there. My name is Fatima Khan, I am a migrant from Pakistan and currently reside in Sydney. I am now a permanent resident of Australia, married and have started a family. Here’s my story! When I was living in Pakistan, I just knew it wasn’t the place where I could pursue my dreams and aspirations. I wanted to improve my education, career and lifestyle. There were many problems living in Pakistan such a transportation, quality of education being delivered, pollution, lack of freedom, economic instability, political issues, etc. I then started to do some research and landed on this website Pomsinoz.com. It gave me all the information I needed to kick-start my future dreams. I browsed through different articles and forums relating to international students in Australia and found many useful resources available to help me migrate to Australia. I chose to live and study in Australia due to the fact that I could acquire quality education from a prestigious institution and live a better life. I then finally applied for my student visa back in 2012 and I got my student visa grant approval. That was certainly one of the best days of my life as I strongly believed that my life was going to change for the better. When I came to Australia, it was absolutely amazing to be part of such a friendly society and culture. Almost everyone here in Australia greets you with a friendly smile and respects diversity. The weather in Australia is so amazing, I mostly can never complain about it. In most of the areas you get to enjoy sunny climates and mild winters which is just perfect for outdoor activities. I was also surprised to see that there are many recycling and environmental initiatives in place to create a more sustainable and healthier atmosphere. When it comes to daily transportation, there are many options available such as the train, bus and ferry services which makes life just so much easier and quicker. I was able to get to university and work right on time. There are also many places to visit such as landmarks, beaches, restaurants, museums, zoos, water parks, theme parks, etc. The first place I visited in Australia was Luna Amusement Theme Park located in the heart of Sydney. It was so much fun and the Park had a Ferris wheel, thrill rides, bumper cars and much more. I also got to see the Sydney Opera House and The Harbour Bridge on the same day. I had such an unforgettable and enjoyable experience. When I went to university all of my teachers and classmates were very welcoming, kind and helpful. This made it much easier for me to adapt to the learning environment, different teaching styles and new curriculum/syllabus. I had a very pleasant journey completing my degree and made lots of new friends along the way which also included meeting my future spouse in Australia. We fell in love and got married in 2014 and I then moved from being on a student visa to a spouse visa! Again Pomsinoz.com came to the rescue for me to gain useful information/insights on how to smoothly transition from being on a student visa to a spouse visa to then becoming a Permanent Resident of Australia! I love Australia as there are just endless options and opportunities for everyone here whether when it comes to finding the right educational course or finding a career that best suits your skills and qualifications. There are also many part-time and casual jobs available around Australia that makes it easier to earn some extra cash. Being a resident, you can gain access to many benefits such as Private health insurance, Government support, Childcare and Medicare, which is such an advantage to have. My husband and I live very close to the beach with our daughter and reside in a beautiful suburb in Northern Sydney. I absolutely am in love with the wonderful beach life culture here in Australia which I just cannot get back in Pakistan. We have many friends from different backgrounds and love how Australia is so multicultural and diverse. We get to attend different events and festival activities from time to time such as Vivid Sydney. In terms of leisure, accommodation, career growth, education, rules, safety, security, stability, healthcare, etc. I would certainly say the standard of living in Australia as compared to Pakistan is much more advanced and improved. There are many facilities and services that we can have access to that improves our lifestyle. I am very fortunate to be part of such a beautiful country and having countless opportunities available that in real talk would be very difficult to attain back in Pakistan and in other countries. In conclusion, I can definitely say that ever since I migrated to Australia, I have experienced a better and positive change in my way of life and would highly recommend others to also experience the wonderful life Australia.
  15. Hi there, just wondering if anyone has any knowledge on divorce or annulment in Australia please? My friend married an Australian citizen in November 2016, she is here on a bridging visa, pending a decision being made for student visa. They separated just after 6 months together, no spouse visa applications were submitted. He says he can have marriage cancelled or arrange divorce and claims if he applies to have it cancelled she will not be allowed to visit Australia again. Surely the only option is wait 12 months and apply for divorce? If anyone can give any help it would be much appreciated. Thanks S
  16. Warman_sarahlf

    ** UK SPOUSE VISA QUESTIONS** Please help ?

    Does anyone know if there's a time limit to arrive in the uk from when the visa is granted? Did anyone ship their furniture before the visa outcome or after?
  17. Hi, I am sponsoring my husband for the 309/100 spouse visa. We are living in Iran at present. We have all the documents needed. I met him in Australia when he was on bridging visa E. He was a refugee. He brought me to his country, Iran and I thought it was a better idea to apply offshore. He is yet to obtain his health and police check. He had been in Australia since 2012, and we have been together since January 2016. We married in Australia and here in Iran. My question is, do you think he has a better chance of being granted the visa due to the fact that he lived in Australia for 5 years already, and we both have documents showing the same address we lived at, proving our relationship.?. Also, with Iran in the news lately, do you think Australian immigration would be bias ?. Thanks in advance for any advice. Nicole.
  18. Hello everyone. I'm a UK man married to an Aussie lady and we thought that it might be of interest or even help to people in a similar situation to ours if we posted the progress of our visa application. We met in 2009, we married in Melbourne in 2012 and now we have lodged an application for me to move to Australia under the Spouse Visa (July 2013). The reason this is not a normal application is that I have a kidney transplant. I have had it since November 2007 (with no complications or rejection issues). Having studied the health requirement for a Spouse Visa, I expect to fail that portion of the application (renal failure being specifically listed). I then intend to ask for the health waiver to be applied. Before starting our application we did as much research as we could. Using places such as this as well as other online forums and information sites. We contacted various Visa agents who supposedly dealt with cases with medical complications. Some were loathe to even take us on as clients. Some were quoting us astronomical prices for dealing with our case. Some just didn't respond to an enquiry email outlining our situation. A couple were willing, for an almost reasonable fee, to take us on. Eventually my wife sat on hold for over 2 hours with the immigration department in Melbourne and got through to a very helpful person. We were advised not to bother with an agent, his reasoning being that 1) With some common sense you can do everything that an agent does in terms of compiling and filling out forms. 2) Your application is not treated in any preferable way if it comes from an agent. and 3) In cases where more information is required (or health checks etc) the agent only acts as a middle man, passing on requests from the Immigration department to you and then charging you for the service. He also emailed my wife the checklist for documents and suggested that we open a joint bank account to help comply with the financial commitment portion of the application. Having discussed it all, we decided to open the joint account and go for it by ourselves. And now, having had the payment taken for our visa application today. We thought that we would share our experience with this community. So, basically, we have lodged: A completed 47SP form A completed 40SP form 3 completed 888 forms filled out by Australian Citizens and witnessed. Notarized copies of: Our marriage certificate, our passports, drivers licenses, birth certificates. Various bits of proof of a genuine relationship including printed photos of us together, proof of the joint bank account. Visa forms posted and received: 8th July 2013 and 9th July 2013 respectively. Sent via special delivery with the Post Office. (£6.95 for approx 100 A4 pages) Fee taken for the visa application: 15th July 2013 Wish us luck, we'll keep coming back and updating this post to let you know how things progress over the next 8 or 9 months (or however long it takes!) :ssign5:
  19. seanm87

    DeFacto Help!

    After reading the DeFacto information on the immi website my understanding is that it is a 12 month relationship and you must be living together but there is no specification on how long you have to be living together. I've heard different things from different people a few saying you have to be living together and have joint bank account and bills for at least 6 months. Can anybody shed some light on this please? thanks, sean
  20. seanm87

    Spouse visa price hike

    I've heard rumours the spouse visa is going up in cost to 6800 as of Jan 1st does anyone know if there is any truth in this?
  21. Hi, I got Australia PR 175 in 2011 and got married in 2012 ( After almost 6 month i got married). I stayed in Australia for 10 days in 2011 and after than i never went to Australia. Now my PR has almost 2 year left and decided to move along with my wife. 1. Can i apply for Partner Visa while i am overseas and not working in australia. 2. I am married since last 2.5 years, no kids. I heard Immi requires "PR sponsor to be usually resident in Australia before sponsoring the spouse"? What is definition of resident in Australia? 3. Is it mandatory Sponsor shall be employed in Australia at the time of filing the application? 4. If i apply in this scenario what are chances of success, as partner visa almost takes 8- 12 months. Many thanks in advance for your help.
  22. Guest

    Spouse Visa Waiting Time 2013

    Hello everyone, After reading as many threads as I could I thought to post my story and hope to read yours. I am French, lived in the UK for the past 20 years. I am married to an Aussie and we have a little girl. We are hoping to move to Perth in the not too distant future. We lodged all our papers at the end of January this year and got our acknowledgement email on the 7th of February 2013. All our papers are up date and nothing more was requested of us. We were told to do my police check and health checks on or after the 5th of May but I got them done around the 12th of April (It was just easier to do) Since then NOTHING- I have asked if they got my health checks back (as the was referred) and they said NO- I had declared PND and recurrent UTI but neither are ongoing nor have I been hospitalised for them. Has anyone experienced the same waiting time? Has anyone got their spouse visa in 2013? Have you got any tips? Thank you everyone and good luck with your application.
  23. Jo Sf

    Spouse details....

    Hi experts, I'm having a query I have applied for state sponsorship, the thing to bother is that my wife and me are living separately for more than a year, is it necessary to provide/give details of her in form 80 while applying to DIAC. The application is made on my behalf only stating that she will not be accompanying. In EOI I have mentioned that I'm married ( since I'm not legally separated from her yet) and I gave her details in form 80 also. Is it necessary to furnish her details? is it necessary to get police Clarence certificate ? is it necessary to take medical checks of her? Please experts provide some information on this .... thankyou all
  24. Hi, I'm an australain permanent resident and planning to marry in dec 2013 and wanted my partner to stay in Australia with me after we get married. My question is can my partner apply for a student visa before getting married (she wants to do a 6 months accounting course) and while student visa is in progress or has been granted ,she gets married to me in december and once she is here on student visa, within a short span of time we apply for onshore spouse visa whilst she holds a valid student visa? If yes then what happens if student visa is about to expire and onchore spouse visa is in progress, will she be elgible for bridging visa? Your kind reply would be much appreciated? Thank You!
  25. Hi guys, In May 2012 I applied for the 309 spousal visa, which was granted in November 2012. In December we went to Australia for Christmas so I activated the visa at that time. My question is, what happens if we don't now move to Australia for, let's say, the foreseeable future? My wife, the Aussie, is pregnant and we are expecting an arrival in August. We are currently earmarking a February move, but I'm curious what would happen at the two year stage, when they come to review the 309 for upgrading to the full visa, 100 if memory serves, and we have not moved. I don't recall seeing anything specific about this when we did the application. Any thoughts, suggestions or links to information would be appreciated. Thanks